Age of the Gods

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The Age of the Gods is that nebulous, almost mythological period in which the Old Gods created the world, begat their children, fought amongst one another and created the animals, plants and people. Very little from this period can be tied to a specific date, though the dwarves founded their first kingdom, Kalazar during this period. Generally, humans scholars assign anything that happened before the foundation of Thenos in Aebasa to the misty Age of the Gods.


Original article: Age of the Gods Timeline
Imperial Year Aebasan Year Neptaran Year Event
????? ????? ????? Creation
????? ????? ????? The Siege of Wuldagor
8526 B.I. 1901 B.A. 7776 B.F. Kalazar, first Dwarven nation, founded
7957 1332 7207 B.F. The Earth-War; Dwarves fight over supremacy of Enosigaois (referred to by them as Enos) and Baelthor (Balthor to the dwarves) as patron deity.
7520 895 6770 B.F. The Earth-War ends, with Balthor's followers as victors. The civil war, however, has taken its toll on the Dwarven population.