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Bonus Character Points

Generally, players can expect to be awarded 2 to 3 Bonus Character Points per game session, though rewards may be anywhere from 1 to 5 (or, in very rare cases, higher). The GM will be using the following guidelines when awarding Bonus Character Points:

CP Award Event
1 Attending Game
1 Roleplaying
1 Completing a minor or short-term personal goal
2 Completing a minor or short-term group goal
3 Completing a major or long-term personal goal
5 Completing a major group goal
variable Defeating/overcoming an enemy
1 Voted Favorite RP Moment for that session
1 Voted Most Valuable Player for that session


Players are asked to turn in a written Journal for each session they attend. Journals can be as elaborate or as simplified as you wish. Bonus Character Point awards are modified as followed by Journal submissions:

  • Narrative Journal: +1 Bonus Character Point for that session
  • Bullet Point Notes: No bonus or penalty to the Bonus Character Points in that session
  • No Journal/Notes: 50% Bonus Character Points for that session

Other Rewards

Players can also expect to be awarded various Advantages (and possibly, Disadvantages) through play, particularly Social Advantages like Patrons, Rank, Reputation, Status, Wealth, etc. Generally, when these are awarded, they not require expenditure of Character Points to purchase. In some situations, you can use the events in game-play as an opportunity to purchase one or more of these Advantages if the Advantage wasn't awarded for free.

Player Voted Awards

At the end of each session, the players will be asked to submit votes to the GM for Favorite RP Moment and Most Valuable Player for that session. Voting is by secret ballot, players may not vote for themselves and players may not vote for the same player for both awards in one game session.

Favorite RP Moment: Generally, this is for the player whose roleplay particularly impressed you that session. You can use whatever internal criteria you'd like, whether something they did was funny, moving, ingenious or whatever.

Most Valuable Player: This is basically for the player who saved the party from certain demise, got the Critical Success to make a goal more easily achievable or something similar. Again, you can use whatever internal criteria you'd like, whether they were tactically brilliant, got lucky or just happened to know the random skill that was needed that night.

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