Geography of Gallorea

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Western Gallorea
Eastern Gallorea
The vast continent of Gallorea is the largest and warmest of the three known continents on Baltheron. Winds tend to blow southerly and to the west, though wind patterns along the southern shore tend to be very mild at best, making wind-based sailing along the southern shores a dicey proposition at best. Vast, open grasslands tend to dominate the central areas of the continent, with chaparral on the northern shores and deciduous forests giving way to tropical rainforests in the south.

The Eternal Ocean lies to the west of Gallorea, with the Great Southern Ocean to the south, the Endless Ocean to the east and the Betshaban Ocean to the north. The Ygarlsed Sea and the Aebasan Sea lie along the northern coasts of the continent, while the Galek Sea and the Gray Sea dominate the central southern region. The largest swamp in the world, Vagorosh, lies along the southern shore, near the legendary Dragonlands.

The jagged Janos Mountains, the tallest mountains in the world, divide central Gallorea from eastern Gallorea. South of the Janos range, the Hshron Mountains and the Dreadspire Mountains cut off and protect the legendary homeland of the elven race, Elarean. Between the Dreadspire Mountains and the Peaks of the Wyrm lie the only known deserts, The Sands of Dawn and the Sands of Night. Western Gallorea is home to the ancient and mysterious Greenmist Mountains, the orc-infested Peaks of Dreg'nor and the rocky defiles of the Paelusian Mountains.

There are two dwarven nations under Gallorea: Eisenhallen in the west, deep beneath the Paelusian Mountains and Valdal in the east, beneath the Janos Mountains (with a colony on the surface, Valduran).