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Half-elves are rare in Feyworld, but they do breed true and there are some places, usually where ancient forests and human kingdoms meet, that entire half-elven towns exist. Their mixed heritage makes them the object of many racial prejudices, both from humans and even elves.

Personality: Half-elves have the same wide range of personality as do humans, but they often tend to be loners, unwilling to make strong bonds with others. Half-elves who choose to live with their parent race tend to have a personality similar to that race, but seem watered-down versions. They are not quite as passionate as the elves, but not as willful as most humans.

Physical Description: Half-elves carry the tall, thin features of their elven heritage, but it is mixed to varying degrees with the muscular features of humans. Their ears tend to be shorter than elfs, though they still come to a noticeable point with most. Deformed ears are not uncommon among half-elves, and it is often an object of shame for them to have completely non-elven or misshapen ears. Half-elves tend to be about six feet tall and weigh around 180 pounds. Their hair tends to be red and blonde, though brown and even black haired examples exist. They have some difficulty growing beards, and often do not grow anything more than “peach fuzz.” Half-elves reach maturity at age 25 and live for about 200 years.

Relations: Half-elves, being both human and elven, yet neither, tend to have strong, if strained, relations with their parent races. Their relationship with other races tends to be the same as the society in which they grew up.

Half-elven lands: There are few lands that half-elves can claim for their own, but there are a few cities and even a nation, Anclea, that are dominated by half-elves. Half-elven lands tend to be a strange mixture of industry and respect for nature, with crowded streets bordering on wide, open parks. Other races often feel unwelcome in half-elven lands, except hobbits, who could care less about their mixed heritage.

Religion: Half-elves worship the normal range of human deities in their own lands, though they tend towards the few nature-oriented deities. In elven lands, they tend to askew religion, as attaining the same level of understanding as true elves is nigh impossible for half-elves.

Language: There is no half-elven language. They either use the language of their human or elven heritage. It is said that elven spoken with a half-elven tongue has a distinct accent.

Names: Half-elven names mirror the society in which they were born, but in half-elven societies they tend towards having plant names, like their elven ancestors, as well as surnames.

Adventurers: Half-elves often become adventurers due to the fact that adventurers often accept each other based on deeds, not heritage. Being loners, they make excellent survivalists and tend to be very loyal to any group that accepts them for who they are.

Half-Elven Racial Template

Original article: Half-Elven Racial Template
28 points

Attributes: DX+1 [20]

Secondary Attributes: Perception +2 [10]

Advantages: Telescopic Vision 1 [5], Extended Lifespan 4 [8]

Disadvantages: Social Stigma (Minority Group) [-10]

Features: None

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