The Dark Times

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With much of the world attempting to recover from the wars of the Mage King and an unknown puppetmaster on Gallorea, the Elder Gods suddenly receded from the world, again leaving the connection with their priests severed. The Crimson Plague raced across Gallorea and, eventually, into Aurea and Duria. The power vaccuum left in the Great Empire by the death of the Mage King lead to the bloody Fourth Succession War, which saw many of the Empire's formerly subject states wage war on one another. When the Crimson Plague struck Aurea, the Empire did not have the strength of arms or will to defend against the chaos inflicted upon them as the Valtang barbarians raged unfettered across their once glorious Empire. Meanwhile, on Duria, the orcish horde assembled to defeat the Mage-King turned on its former allies, first defeating the elves of the Sapphire Wood, then ravaging Koramia itself.

With the return of the dwarves to the surface world and the rise of orcish hordes on Aurea and Duria, many considered this to be the final death kneel of humanity. The Interannum, however, was only to last a little more than a generation.


Original article: The Dark Times Timeline
Imperial Year Aebasan Year Neptaran Year Event
1312 I.C. 7939 A.C. 2062 N.C. The Dark Times abruptly end with the return of the Old Gods.