The First Age of Man

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The First Age of Man is generally judged to begin with the foundation of the first city, Thenos in Aebasa, 6626 years before the foundation of the Great Empire. The First Age lasted two and a half millennia before the Great Darkness settled over humanity, sending humans on all three continents into their first Dark Age.

Human scholars of the Fourth Age tend to know very little of this time period, particularly of events on Aurea and Duria, though recently some dwarven and even elven scholars have been filling in the vagueness. The First Age was a time of fantastic heroics, tremendous magic and often direct interference in mortal affairs by the gods. Perhaps most importantly, this was the period in which the dwarves were first forced underground by orcish hordes as well as the time where elves were first taught the secrets of immortality.

By the end of the First Age of Man, the gods had grown so frustrated with their attempts to directly manipulate human civilization that they withdrew their blessing altogether. Except in a few regions, humanity collapsed into barbarism and ignorance during the Great Darkness, which lasted almost 2000 years.


Original article: First Age of Man Timeline
Imperial Year Aebasan Year Neptaran Year Event
6626 B.I. 1 A.C. 5874 B.F. Beginning of the First Age of Man with the foundation of Thenos in Aebasa.
6072 554 5321 B.F. The Fall of Kalazar results in the conclusion of the War of Dark Sorrow between the orcs and dwarves. The few remaining dwarves flee into the mountains and caverns near Kalazar.
c. 5951 c. 675 c. 5200 B.F. The Revelation of Amairgen: Amairgen becomes the first druid and is later murdered by priests of the Old Gods. As a result, his disciples go into hiding, initiating The First Anchorage
5707 919 4956 B.F. Danu and her disciples discover the secret of Immortality and being their search for a culture to share it with
5619 1007 4868 B.F. First Age of Elvenkind; Danu and her disciples find the Elves, and teach them the secret of Immortality; by this time, worship of Danu has spread amongst the humans
4726 1900 3975 B.F. Dwarves return to their above-ground homeland, only to discover it ruled by humans. The War of the Sun begins.
4650 1976 3899 B.F. Dwarves are pushed back into their mountain homes by humans during War of the Sun, and the main thrust of the dwarven attack is repulsed. Dwarves still make periodic raids on human settlements, but never again truly threaten human civilization.
c. 4100 c. 2500 c. 3375 B.F. End of the First Age of Man