The Fourth Age of Man

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Despite the chaos of the final century of the Third Age of Man and what seemed to be the final destruction of human civilization, much of humanity struggled to maintain what it had gained in the Third Age. Only forty years after the Sack of Zeth, the withdrawal of the gods and the dawn of the Dark Times, the gods suddenly returned. Those priests who had remained faithful again regained their powers and humanity began to rebuild the civilizations that were destroyed. Unlike previous ages however, which saw either the Old Gods or the Tuatha de Dannan predominant, both pantheons of deities began calling to their faithful.

This was a generation ago. Humanity stands now at the dawn of the Fourth Age of Man. No one seems to know just what event heralded the Fourth Age or why both pantheons are active in mortal affairs. This time, the dwarves seem intent on working with humanity to build this new age and even the reclusive elves have unprecedented contact with humanity. Reports also suggest that darker powers are on the rise deep beneath the surface of Creation and that the orcs have also become more active of late. Just what will define the Fourth Age of Man is for its heroes, villains and people to decide.


Original article: Fourth Age of Man Timeline
Imperial Year Aebasan Year Neptaran Year Event
1352 IC 7977 AT 2102 NC The Neptaran War begins as the Freecity of Neptaris declares war on Daredonia.
1354 IC 7979 AT 2104 NC Present year.