The Great Darkness

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The Great Darkness, the first and longest of the Interannae, lasted almost two thousand years. While it is known that the Elder Gods receded from the world at the end of the First Age of Man, whatever event or series of events that caused it to occur has long since been lost. By the end of the Great Darkness, worship of the Tuatha de Dannan had spread throughout much of the world and druids had become the spiritual leaders of much of humanity. The end of the Great Darkness, ironically, was marked by the rebellion of Math Mathonwy and the war that tore across the known world some 3,500 years ago, sparking the dawn of the Second Age of Man.


Original article: The Great Darkness Timeline
Imperial Year Aebasan Year Neptaran Year Event
2752 B.I. 3874 A.C. 2001 B.F. Ogma becomes ruler of the Tuatha de Dannan as Danu steps down