The Second Age of Man

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The Second Age of Man is dominated by the wars of the Tuatha de Dannan, a group of human alchemists who had attained godhood during the First Age of Man. 4416 years after the foundation of Thenos and over two millennia before the rise of the Great Empire, Math Mathonwy withdrew from the Tuatha and violated their sacred pact not to share the secret of immortality with the entirety of humanity. The subsequent wars raged for over four hundred years before Math was finally defeated by Cuchulainn, one of the youngest of the Tuatha. At the conclusion of the wars, one of the original Tuatha known as Ogma inflicted the Curse of Tongues on all of humanity to ensure that it could never rise up again to challenge the powers of the gods. The curse left most of humanity unable to speak the same language as one another and the resulting chaos sent humanity spiraling into their second Dark Age (called the Second Interannum in modern times).

Ironically enough, it was also during this time period that the first peace between dwarves and humans was established, at a place called Gundagor. It would last some six hundred years, well into the Second Interrannum, before the Goblet of Gundagor was stolen and the peace broken.


Original article: Second Age of Man Timeline
2210 B.I. 4416 A.C. 1459 B.F. The Heresy of Math Mathonwy: The Second Age of Man begins as Math Mathonwy withdraws from the Tuatha
2150 4476 1399 B.F. Peace between dwarves and humans founded at Gundagor on the Divian Peninsula on the continent of Duria. The War of the Sun formally ends.
1798 4828 1047 B.F. End of the Second Age of Man; Cuchulainn defeats Math Mathonwy