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Armenia (Aiyastan/Hayastan)

Capital :Yerevan

Size: 11 500 sq m Popn: 3 677 000


The modern country of Armenia is only the eastern part of the ancient Armenian kingdom which reached from the Euphrates to eastern Anatolia. The inhabitants are descended from several peoples (including the Urarteans, Hayasa-Azzi, Nairi, Hurrians) and may also have Thracian blood. They were established as one people with a common Indo-European language about 600 BC. The word 'Armenia' is of Persian or Greek origin. Armenia became a satrapy of Achaemenid Persia during the C6th BC, under the Orontid dynasty who were related to the Persian rulers. The Persian/Iranian pantheon of gods began to be worshipped in Armenia. This was supplanted by the Greek pantheon when Armenia came under the control of Alexander the Great of Macedon and the Seleucid dynasty of Syria, descended from one of Alexander's generals.

As the Seleucid rule weakened in the C2nd BC, the Armenian Artaxid dynasty gained strength. Tigranes II made an alliance with Mithradates VI of Pontus and briefly established a large Hellenistic empire. The eastern part came under Roman control in the C1st BC, and the western area became part of Parthia. Vologases I of Parthia made his brother Trdat king of Armenia in AD 52. He was recognised by Rome and established the Arsacid dynasty. Armenia was subjected to a long struggle for control between Rome and Persia. The first Persian Sassanid ruler, Ardashir I, invaded in the 220s and it was not until AD 337 that a peace treaty was made, giving the Byzantine Empire control of the west and Persia the east. The Arsacids died out in 428 and a Persian governor was appointed.

Orthodox Christianity became the main religion after the conversion of Trdat (II) in the late C3rd AD and a cathedral was built in the then capital, Vagharshapat, near modern Yerevan. The monk Mesrob or Mashtots developed a 36 letter Armenian alphabet around 400 AD and the country became literate, with many religious and historical works surviving from this era. The Persians tried to impose the Zoroastrian religion on Armenia, defeating a resistance movement led by Vardan Mamigonian in 451 but the Armenians eventually gained religious freedom in 484, helped by Vardan's nephew, Vahan Mamigonian. Arab forces took over the country in the mid C7th and it experienced varying regimes under the Caliphs of Baghdad. In 885, Ashot Bagratuni became king with the support of both the Caliph and the Emperor of Constantinople.

The defeat of Byzantium by the Seljuks at Manzikert in Armenia brought the country under Seljuk rule in 1071. In 1236, Armenia was occupied by the Mongols and as their empire declined, it was subject to raids by nomadic tribes, being overrun by Timurlane's hordes in about 1400. Many Armenians emigrated and the Rubenids, a branch of the Bagratids, established the Armenian kingdom of Cilicia in the Taurus and Amanus Mountains and on the Mediterranean coast. The Cilicians were well-disposed towards the Crusades of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II and of Louis IX of France in 1228 and 1248 and there was intermarriage between the noble classes. This last Armenian kingdom fell in 1375 with the first king, Leo V (Levon VI) dying in exile France in 1393. After the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453, Armenia came under Turkish control and was one of the better treated of the subject peoples with prosperous Armenian communities in many Ottoman cities although the Armenian peasants of Anatolia and the Caucasus were less well off. This domination by foreign powers encouraged the Armenians to migrate northwards.

As Russia expanded into Transcaucasia and eastern Anatolia there was a struggle for independence and in 1836, Tsar Nicholas I gave Russian Armenians some autonomy but Russification increased under Alexander III and Nicholas II. As the Ottoman Empire declined during the C19th, the Christian Armenians were increasingly persecuted. In 1863, the Armenian National Constitution, documenting how the Church and the state were to be governed, was established. The Ottoman backlash led to international concern at the poor treatment of the Armenians, of whom around 1750 000 had been killed or deported by 1915. The Young Turks also wanted rid of the Armenians, and many of those living in Turkey were killed in 1915-16.

Russia conquered Armenia in 1916, but the 1917 revolution led to the collapse of the Russian front in Turkey. Armenia declared itself independent in May 1918 but was occupied by the Red Army and became a Soviet Socialist Republic in November 1920 in order to gain Russian protection against Turkey. With Azerbaijan and Georgia, it became part of the new Transcaucasian Republic in 1922 but this was dissolved in 1936 and Armenia became a constituent republic of the Soviet Union.

The Christian Armenians had lived fairly peacefully with the Muslims who came from Central Asia, Asia Minor and Kurdistan in the early C18th but the problem of Nagorny Karabakh (the territory disputed with Azerbaijan) arose as a result of the Muslim influx. When Azerbaijan came under Soviet rule in 1920 it was proposed to make Nagorny Karabakh, the Azeri enclave of Nakhichevan and Zangezur part of it to help protect the border with Turkey but protests led to the Central Committee deciding not to give the territory to either side. Armenia was not under Soviet rule at this point but it was by the end of the year and the disputed regions were recognised as part of the Armenian Socialist Republic.

It was thought that this would prevent further massacres like that of the Armenians by Turks in 1915. By July 1921, however, Karabakh was given to Azerbaijan in an attempt to bring about peace between the Muslims and Christians. The common border with Armenia was lost in a later reorganisation and although Karabakh was 94.4% Armenian in 1923 it was separated by Armenia by a 10km strip of land. The internal borders of the Soviet Republics were fixed by Stalin's will. Many Armenians left Karabakh to escape the low living standards and lack of prospects for them compared to Azerbaijanis.

Strong feelings about the region were kept hidden until it became clear that the 'glasnost' and 'perestroika' policies were genuine although there was a petition of 50 000 signatures in 1965. In 1987, an 82 000 signature petition and local meetings in Karabakh called for its transfer to Armenia. In 1988 Karabakh sent a delegation to Moscow with the petition but the Politburo did not seem to realise how serious the situation was at first. When it became aware of the demonstrations in Karabakh's capital, Stepanakert, Konavalov, the Party secretary for Azerbaijan, was sent but he did not believe the threat was serious and left. Local Party bosses tried to calm people down. The Karabakh Regional Soviet voted for union with Armenia and a crowd gathered in the main square of Stepanakert and stayed for days being addressed non-stop by speakers. TASS (the USSR news agency) reported unrest and there was a wave of meetings and strikes in Stepanakert and the Armenian capital, Erevan.

In February 20 000 Azerbaijanis marched on the Armenian settlement of Askeran threatening to 'teach them a lesson' but local leaders managed to stop them. The Azerbaijani capital, Baku, refused to consider the possibility of handing over Karabakh. Unrest became worse and it was now dangerous to cross from Karabakh to the main part of Azerbaijan but the Soviet media hardly reported it as they preferred not to be involved in an interracial conflict without guidelines on how to cover it. Leading Armenians wrote to, and met with Mr Gorbachev, but he may not have realised how bad the situation was.

Late in February the situation worsened suddenly. The Azerbaijanis killed 31 people in Sumgait. In March the Regional Committee of the Party agreed that Nagorny Karabakh should be part of Armenia. Azerbaijanis did not like this and many Armenians left Azerbaijan for Erevan in fear of a repeat of Sumgait. Meetings and protests continued but neither side would give in. Troops were sent in to Erevan to control the crowds. By July the Supreme Soviet had still not made a decision. Azerbaijanis and Armenians continued to persecute each other and the numbers of refugees from both sides continued to grow. The outer world now knew of the unrest and it was suggested at first that this might have been the real reason why Gorbachev cut short a visit to the USA to return to Moscow. Soon it became clear that the reported earthquake was extremely serious. The death toll was almost 25,000 and many survivors were homeless.

Despite the problems of the clearing up, there was a continuation of strikes and interracial fighting leading to the 1989-91 civil war which was put down by Soviet troops. Levon Ter-Petrossian and Vazguen Manukyen formed the Armenian National Movement in November 1989 and it and the militant Karabakh Committee headed the nationalist campaign during which almost 200 000 Azeris left Nakhichevan as the Armenians tried to gain full control of it. In the 1990 elections to Armenia's Supreme Soviet, Ter-Petrossian and Manukyan became president and prime minister. It boycotted the USSR constitutional referendum of March 1991 and the property of the Communist Party of Armenia was nationalized.

Soon after the coup attempt against Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, Armenia declared its independence after a referendum was held in which 94% voted in favour but did not gain Western recognition. A ceasefire with Azerbaijan was agreed in September and free elections were held in Nagorny Karabakh but the agreement collapsed when the Azerbaijan parliament voted to annul the enclave's autonomous status. Soviet troops were withdrawn and after a referendum and elections in 1991, Nagorny Karabakh declared itself independent, intensifying the conflict. Ter-Petrossian easily won Armenia's first direct election in November and in December 1991, it joined the Commonwealth of Independent States which replaced the USSR and was given diplomatic recognition by the USA. It joined the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe in January 1992, and the UN in March.

Armenian Names

Names in the Armenian alphabet can be spelt in various ways in translation. Russian first names are also quite common.


Abas Abel Abgar
Abik Ablases Abraham
Adel Adolf Aghajan
Aghalo Aghasi Aghavni
Aghestonik Aghvan Aharon
Akper Aksel Albert
Alek Alen Alexan
Alexandr Alexey Alexius
Alfred Alik Alikhan
Aliosha Almast Almir
Alpik Alvard Ambakum
Ambartsum Amirdovlat Amur
Anak Anania Ananias
Anastas Anastasius Anatoly
Andranik Andreas Andrey
Andronik Ani Anik
Anpush Anry Antaram
Anton Anush Anushavan
Anzhel Anzhelo Anzhik
Apres Ara Araik
Arakel Araks Araksi
Aram Ararat Arben
Ardashir Areg Arenik
Ares Arest Arestak
Arev Arevhat Arevik
Argam Argist Arik
Aristakes Arkady Arkhup
Arlen Arman Armand
Armanush Armen Armenak
Armenuhi Armik Arno
Arnold Arnos Arpenik
Arpik Arsaber Arsen
Arshak Arshaluys Arsharuni
Arshavir Artak Artash
Artashes Artavasdus Artavazd
Artaxius Artem Arthash
Arthur Arto Artsrun
Artsruny Artsvi Artur
Artush Artyusha Arus
Arusham Arushan Arusiak
Arusyak Arzhir Arzik
Arzuman Asatur Ashkhen
Ashot Askanaz Askiar
Asoghik Asot Aspourak
Atom Avag Avet
Avetik Avgen Avik
Avrezh Awag Awetik
Awetis Axidares Aykhaz
Aytsemik Aza Azat
Azatuhi Azgush Aziz
Azniv Babken Badr
Baghdasar Bagrat Bahram
Bakhshi Bakhtiar Balasan
Baldwin Bardanes Bardugh
Barsegh Baruhi Basil
Bekur Bela Beniamin
Benik Bertik Betkhehem
Blagidos Bogdan Bohemond
Borik Boris Borya
Byurakn Byuzand Caesar
Calouste Charls Christapor
Chrysocheir Constantine Daniel
Dardel Dariko Darvin
David Davresh Dekart
Derenik Dikrsm Dimitry
Dmitry Drastamat Dshkhui
Edgar Edik Edmond
Eduard Edvard Eghishe
Egor Elbis Eldar
Elmir Emil Emin
Emmanuel Era Eregli
Erik Eriknaz Ermik
Ernest Esayi Esdras
Esmik Euthymius Evrik
Eyler Eytin Ezheni
Eznik Ezr Fadey
Fayzo Fedik Fedor
Felix Fenya Feodor
Ferdinand Fidan Figaret
Firdus Firdusi Fridon
Frik Frunze Frunzik
Frunzk Gabriel Gagik
Gakhtui Galerik Galik
Galust Gamardin Garegin
Garents Garik Garnik
Garsevan Garun Garush
Gastello Gavriil Gavril
Gegham Geghanush Geghetsik
Genady Genik Gennady
Genrikh Genya Georg
Georgy Gerasim German
Gevorg Gevush Ghazar
Ghazaros Ghevond Ghukas
Gnel Gnun Gohar
Goharik Gor Gregor
Gregory Grigor Grigoris
Grigory Grisha Gugark
Gurgen Gusum Habel
Haig Haik Hakob
Hamaspyur Hamaz Hamazasp
Hambardsum Hamestui Hamik
Hamlet Hamo Hanry
Hapet Hapetnak Harry
Harutyun Hasan Hasmik
Hayastan Haykandukht Haykanush
Haykaram Haykasar Haykaz
Haykazun Haykuhi Haykuni
Haykush Hayrapet Hayrik
Hayris Hayro Hektor
Helbin Henrik Henzel
Herald Herbert Hethum
Hetum Hilbert Hmayak
Hoghmik Hombert Homer
Homeros Houhannes Hovakim
Hovard Hovhannes Hovik
Hovnan Hovsep Hovvanush
Hrach Hrachik Hrahat
Hrair Hrant Hranush
Hravard Hrazdan Hripsik
Hro Hunan Husik
Igit Igor Ilich
Ilya Iosif Ira
Iren Isaac Isahak
Isaiah Isaya Ishkhan
Iskuhi Ivan Ivane
Jahan Jalil James
Jani Janik Jirair
Jivan John Jonrid
Jorj Kahanay Kajaberuni
Kajik Kamarnik Kamo
Karapet Karekin Karl
Karlen Karo Karp
Karush Katush Keti
Kevork Khachatur Khachik
Khadik Khalit Khandut
Khanum Khatchatur Khazhak
Khikanos Khikar Khoren
Khosrow Khrimean Khusrau
Kimo Kirakos Kirkor
Klim Kliment Klimenty
Knarik Kolya Komitas
Konstantin Kopernikos Koriun
Koriwn Koryun Kostan
Kostandin Kotak krikor
Kristapor Kyrion Ladik
Laert Lavrent Lavrenty
Lazar Lekdar Lemsik
Lemvel Lendrush Lenor
Lenser Lentush Lenush
Leo Leon Leonard
Leonid Leonty Lermik
Lermont Lernik Lernui
Lev Leva Levan
Levchenko Levik Levon
Lewon Leyli Lianush
Liparit Lorik Lukash
Lukashen Lusik Lusin
Lusntag Lusvard Lyalya
Lyudvig Magar Magarious
Magi Makich Maksim
Malkhas Mambre Mamikon
Mane Manik Manuchar
Manuel Manuk Manuki
Manush Manushak Manvel
Marat Mark Marlen
Marsel Martik Martin
Martiros Martun Martunik
Martuny Martyros Marut
Marzik Matevos Matevosadukht
Maurice Mavrik Meji
Mekhak Mekhitar Melik
Melkizeth Melkon Melkum
Mels Melsik Mersik
Meruzhan Mery Mesrop
Mezhlum Mher Michael
Migran Mihran Mihrdat
Mikayel Mikhail Minas
Mir Mirik Misak
Misha Mitush Mjej
Mkhitar Mkhithar Mkrtich
Mkrtitch Mnatsakan Momik
Moris Moses Moskov
Movses Murad Mushegh
Mxitar Myasnik Mydik
Myud Nagush Nareg
Narek Nargiz Narik
Naris Narses Natan
Nazar Nazaret Nazeli
Nazik Nectanebos Neison
Nektar Nelson Neron
Nerses Never Nicephorus
Nicetas Nicolaos Nikal
Nikita Nikoghos Nikolay
Ninel Noem Norair
Norak Norik Novalis
Novel Nover Novlet
Nshan Nubar Nune
Nvard Nver Ohan
Oleg Onik Ophik
Orbeli Ori Oshin
Osik Osin Osip
Ovanes Pandukht Pap
Papin Parandzem Pargev
Paris Parsam Parthamasiris
Parthamaspates Paruyr Parzik
Patrik Patvakan Pavel
Pavlik Paykar Paylak
Paytsar Perch Peter
Petik Petrag Petronas
Petros Philaretus Philip
Photius Pion Poghos
Pyotr Radik Rafael
Rafayel Raffi Rafik
Rafinad Rahim Raik
Rashid Rasim Raul
Raymond Razhden Razmik
Rem Remik Renik
Revik Rianos Robert
Rodrig Rolan Roland
Rom Roman Romanos
Romanus Romen Romeo
Romik Ronaid Roupen
Rshtun Ruben Rubik
Rudik Rudolf Ruslan
Ruzan Saba Safar
Sahak Sahakanush Sahanush
Sako Sambel Samson
Samuel Samvel Sanasar
Sanatruk Santur Sargis
Saribek Sarik Saro
Sasha Sashik Sasnik
Sasun Satenik Satik
Sayatnova Sebeos Seda
Sedmar Sedrak Semik
Semyon Sen Senekerim
Senik Senorik Sepuh
Sergey Sergo Serik
Sero Serob Serozh
Seryozha Serzh Serzhik
Sevak Sevan Sevil
Seyran Seyranush Shahane
Shahen Shahinar Shahum
Shake Shake-Hakob Shakhnazar
Shakro Shaliko Shamshad
Sharaf Shavarsh Shi
Shirak Shiraz Shmavon
Shmidt Shogakat Shoger
Shoghik Shota Shumavon
Shura Shurik Shushan
Shushanik Shushik Simak
Simavon Simon Sinerik
Sirak Siramarg Siranush
Sirarpi Sirazh Sirazik
Sirunik Sirush Sirvard
Sisak Slava Slavik
Smawon Smbat Soghomon
Sohaemus Sokrat Solomon
Sona Sonik Sos
Sosik Sotskar Spandar
Spartak Srapion Srbuhi
Stanislav Stepan Stepannos
Stepanos Stephanos Stephen
Styopa Sukias Sulamita
Sumbat Suran Suren
Surik Tachat Tadevos
Tagor Taguhi Tagush
Tahar Tariel Tarik
Taron Tatevik Tatevos
Tatos Tatoul Tatul
Tawnakan Telemak Telman
Temur Teodor Terent
Tevos Tey-Muraz Thaddeus
Theodore Thoros Tigran
Tigranes Tiran Tirgen
Tiridates Tiruhi Tital
Tomik Tonik Torgom
Tornik Toros Tosi
Tovmas Trdat Tsatur
Tserun Tsoghik Tsolak
Tsovak Tsovinar Tukhik
Vachagan Vache Vachik
Vadim Vagharsh Vagharshak
Vaghinak Vagho Vahag
Vahagn Vahan Vahandukht
Vahanush Vahe Vahen
Vahik Vahram Vahtan
Vakhtang Valarsh Valarshak
Valentin Valentinius Valerik
Valery Valter Vamik
Vanand Vananush Vandika
Vanik Vano Vanuhi
Vanya Varag Varaganush
Varantso Varazdat Vard
Vardan Vardanush Vardazar
Vardges Varditer Varduhi
Vardush Varlam Varlen
Varsenik Varsham Varsik
Varsken Vartan Vartiter
Varuzhan Vasag Vasak
Vasil Vasily Vazganush
Vazgen Vazgush Vehanush
Vehmir Veniamin Verej
Verush Verzhine Vidok
Vigen Vigo Viktor
Vil Vilen Vilhelm
Vilher Vilik Vilis
Villi Villik Vilya
Vitalik Vitaly Vitush
Vladik Vladimir Vladislav
Voldemar Volodya Vorosh
Voskan Vostan Vram
Vramshapuh Vramshik Vrezh
Vrtanes Vruyr Vsemayr
Vyacheslav Wiliam Wilya
Xacatur Yakob Yakov
Yan Yaroslav Yason
Yefim Yefrem Yeghishe
Yenok Yeranuhi Yeranyak
Yerazik Yerem Yerjanik
Yervand Yervat Yesai
Yevgeny Yezdegird Yovhanes]
Yovhannes Yura Yurik
Yury Zakhar Zakhary
Zaliko Zapyurik Zara
Zare Zarik Zarmik
Zaruhi Zaur Zaven
Zenya Zhan Zhano
Zhasmen Zhirair Zhores
Zhorzh Zhozef Zhudex
Zhyulvern Zograt Zohrab
Zonan Zori Zorik
Zoriy Zurab Zvart


Ada Adelaida Adelina
Admina Adriana Adrine
Aelita Agaphya Aghata
Agnesa Agnessa Aida
Aksinia Aleko Aleta
Alexandra Alfina Alina
Aliona Alisa Alita
Alla Alvina Amalya
Amasya Anahit Anaida
Anait Anastasia Anelka
Angelina Ani Ania
Anichka Aniuta Anna
Annet Antonina Anzhela
Anzhelika Ara Araksia
Aramayis Aramui Aretta
Argenya Ariadna Arina
Aris Arkadya Armina
Armine Arpine Arsinee
Astghik Astra Asya
Avedis Avetis Azni
Beatriche Beatris Bella
Berta Cladis Dezdemina
Dezdemona Diana Dina
Dolores Donara Dora
Dunya Eba Edessia
Edita Edonis Ekaterina
Elda Elektra Eleonora
Elida Elina Elinar
Elita Eliza Elizabet
Ellada Elma Elmira
Elvina Elvira Elya
Elza Emilia Emma
Eraida Erine Ermine
Erna Ernestina Esfira
Esma Esmeralda Estella
Etel Evelina Evnika
Farida Fenya Fialetta
Fira Flora Florensa
Frida Frina Frunze
Gabriella Galina Galya
Gayane Gengeta Getta
Ginara Greta Grizelda
Grizelta Grunya Gyulnara
Hamla Heghine Henrietta
Hermine Hrachia Hripsime
Ida Idea Iliona
Iluria Inessa Inga
Inguna Inna Iolanta
Ionna Ipatia Iraida
Irina Irita Irma
Isabella Iveta Ivetta
Izolda Jemma Jilda
Julietta Kamilla Karen
Karina Karine Karmen
Karo Karolina Katarine
Katia Kim Kima
Kira Klara Klavdia
Kostancia Kristina Lala
Lamara Lana Larisa
Laura Lena Lendrusha
Leonara Leonora Lera
Leyla Leyli Lia
Lianna Lida Lidia
Lili Lilia Liliana
Lilik Lilit Lilita
Lina Liparit Liza
Lolita Lora Loretta
Loris Louisa Louiza
Louretta Lusia Lusine
Lyova Lyuba Lyubov
Lyudmila Lyudviga Lyuzina
Madlen Madlena Magda
Magdalina Malvina Mania
Manyura Mara Margar
Margarid Margarit Margarita
Margelina Margo Maria
Mariam Marianna Marieta
Marika Marina Marine
Marjik Marlena Marrusia
Marta Marusia Mary
Masis Maya Mayis
Mayisa Medeya Melada
Melanya Meline Melis
Melisa Melsida Merine
Mery Messalina Metaksia
Mileta Minella Mira
Mirsida Mova Nadezhda
Naira Nana Narine
Nata Natalia Natella
Nedda Nelina Nelli
Nellina Nika Nina
Ninon Nona Nora
Norair Norayr Noreta
Nune Nyra Okta
Olga Olivia Olya
Ophelia Osanna Ovsanna
Peprone Polina Rafaida
Rafina Raisa Raya
Rebekka Regina Relemma
Renata Rima Rimma
Rita Ritaleya Roma
Romela Roza Rozalia
Rubina Rubine Ruslana
Ruzanna Sara Seda
Selma Serine Sevada
Sevilla Shahnara Siamara
Silva Sima Sinara
Slava Sona Sonya
Sophia Sophie Stella
Susan Susanna Sveta
Svetlana Svetlanna Syuzan
Syuzanna Tagun Taira
Tamar Tamara Tania
Tanya Taqui Tatyana
Tereza Tigrena Tselestina
Urania Ursula Valentina
Valeria Valya Varvara
Varya Venera Vera
Vergine Verginia Veronika
Vesmira Vika Vikari
Viktoria Vilena Violetta
Viva Vova Yanina
Yeghia Yeghine Yeghisabet
Yelena Yelepsia Yelizaveta
Yeva Yevgenia Yulia
Yura Zaira Zara
Zarine Zemfira Zhaneta
Zhanna Zhannet Zhasmena
Zhasmin Zhasmina Zhasmine
Zhenia Zhenya Zhora
Zhulietta Zhuzhuanna Zina
Zinaida Ziza Zova
Zoya Zubeyda Zulfa


Most Armenian surnames end in -ian or -yan, 'son of' so were originally patronymics although they are now inherited. The Russian endings '-ov' and '-ev' are used by some families.

Abaghian Abajian Abasian
Abazian Abeghian Abelian
Abgarian Abgariants Abgarov
Abovian Aboyan Abrahamian
Abramov Abramova Abramyan
Abroyan Abuyeva Abyan
Ackramovskaya Adalian Adamian
Adamova Adbashyan Adibekian
Adilkhanian Adimosian Adonts
Adoyan Adunts Afanasyan
Afanasyeva Afanesian Afian
Afrikian Agafonova Agbashyan
Agenbegyan Aghababian Aghababov
Aghababova Aghabalian Aghabalov
Aghabashian Aghabekian Aghadanian
Aghagyulian Aghajanian Aghajanov
Aghakhanian Aghalarian Aghalian
Aghalovian Aghamalian Aghamian
Aghamirian Aghaniants Aghasarian
Aghasian Aghavelian Aghayan
Aghayeva Aghbalian Aghekian
Aghgashian Aghinian Aghlintsian
Aghuzamtsian Aghuzumtsian Aghvanian
Agopian Aharonian Aharonova
Aidinian Aivazian Ajabian
Ajibekian Akalian Akheian
Akhoyan Akhperjanian Akhverdov
Akopov Akopova Akopyan
Aksenovskaya Akunts Alahverdian
Alanakian Alaverdian Alaverdova
Alayan Alchujian Alebian
Alekhina Alekian Alexandrian
Alexanian Alexaniants Alexeyevsky
Alikhanian Alikhanov Alikhanova
Alimian Allahverdian Allahverdiev
Allaverdian Almasian Almazian
Alojiants Aloyan Altman
Altounyan Altshuler Altunian
Alumian Alvandian Alvanjian
Alvrtsian Amadian Amalian
Amanian Amarian Amasian
Amatuny Ambakumian Ambardjanian
Ambartsumyan Amian-Durinian Amiirian
Amirbekian Amirian Amirikian
Amirjanian Amirkhanian Amirkhanova
Amiyan Amroyan Amzian
Ananian Ananikian Ananiyev
Ananova Anapiosian Anastasian
Andranikian Andreasian Andrian
Andriasian Anisimova Anjelian
Anmeghikian Antabian Antablian
Antaranian Antcharakian Antinian
Antonian Antonova Antosian
Anumian Apatian Apelian
Apetiants Apian Apikian
Apinian Apiyan Apoyan
Apresian Aprikian Arabajian
Arabekian Arabian Arakelian
Arakelov Arakelova Arakelyan
Araktsiyan Aramian Aransiyan
Araratian Arazian Ardaghanian
Areshian Arevshatian Aristakesian
Aristakisian Arkelatian Armaganian
Armaghanian Armaghanova Armanjian
Armenakian Armenian Arminian
Aronov Arsenian Arsentiyev
Arshakian Arshakuni Artemian
Artemova Artsruni Aruniants
Arushianian Arustamian Arustamova
Arutunyan Arvanov Arzakanian
Arzangulian Arzanunts Arzumanian
Arzumanov Asatiani Asatrian
Asaturian Asbeyan Aschiyants
Ashirian Ashotian Asikian
Asirian Askichian Aslamazian
Aslanian Aslanov Aslizadian
Asmangulian Asmarian Asmayeva
Asoyan Asrian Asriev
Assadouryan Astabatian Astabatsian
Asteyan Astsatrian Astvatsatrian
Astvatsaturian Astvatsaturov Atabekian
Atabekov Atajanian Atajanov
Atanesian Atashian Atasunts
Atayan Atcharian Atchemian
Atnalian Atomian Atoyan
Attarian Aturian Avagian
Avagimian Avagimiants Avagova
Avakian Avakov Avakova
Avakyan Avalian Avanesian
Avanesov Avanesova Avanesyan
Avanian Avchian Avdalbekian
Avdalian Avetian Avetikian
Avetikova Avetisian Avetisov
Avetisova Avetisyan Avetova
Avinian Avjian Avoyan
Avtandilian Ayanian Aydinian
Aylamazian Aynajian Ayrikyan
Ayrumian Ayunts Ayvazian
Ayvazov Ayvazova Azarian
Azatian Azgaldian Azhdaharian
Azizbekian Azizian Azlivian
Aznaurian Aznavourian Azoyan
Babajanian Babajanidi Babajanova
Babakhanian Babakhanov Babakhanova
Babalian Babaliants Babanova
Babasian Babayan Babertsian
Babiyan Babloyan Babujian
Baburian Babushian Badalian
Badaliants Badalov Badanian
Badasian Badeyan Badunts
Badurian Bagaturova Bagdasarian
Bagdoyev Baghboudarian Baghdagulian
Baghdasarian Bagherian Bagramyan
Balaian Balayan Balayants
Balbabian Balian Balinian
Baloyan Baltayan Bandurian
Bantikian Baratian Barbarian
Bardanyan Bareghamian Bareyan
Barikian Barishev Barkhudarian
Barlezizian Barnasian Baroyeva
Barsamian Barseghian Barseghova
Barsegian Barsegyan Barseliants
Bartenev Bartikian Bartyan
Basentsian Bashinjaghian Basmajian
Basnachian Batikian Bayakhchiants
Bayandurov Bayatian Bayaztsian
Bayburtian Baykov Bayramian
Bayunts Bazayev Bazbazian
Bazhanova Bazian Bazikian
Baziyan Bchemian Bdoyan
Bedirian Beginian Begiyan
Beglarian Begloyan Begoyan
Begzhanov Bejanian Bekarian
Bekchian Beketovskaya Beketovski
Bekgulian Bekian Bekmezian
Beknazarian Bekoyan Beleckaya
Beliakov Belokon Belubekian
Benayssa Berbyan Berezentsova
Berezovicki Berhnatosian Beshlotsian
Beyburtian Beybutian Beylerian
Bezhunian Bezirganian Bezoyan
Bilian Bisharian Bistritskaya
Biyan Bjikian Blavatskaya
Blbulian Bleyan Bobrov
Bobrova Bogdanian Boghossian
Bondarenko Borian Borisenko
Borodina Boroyan Boshian
Boshkezenian Boshnaghian Boshniakov
Boyajian Boyakhchian Boynagrian
Bozinian Brodgandel Broyan
Brutian Bubikian Bubloyan
Bubushian Buchnev Budaghian
Budagova Bulanikian Bulbulian
Bunatian Buniatian Burhnachian
Burhnazian Burnusuzian Buryakin
Butayev Butayeva Buyukian
Buyuklian Bznuni Chachoyan
Chakatian Chakhalian Chakhmakhchian
Chakhoyan Chakirian Chakmazian
Chakrian Chalabian Chalabov
Chalachian Chalarian Chalian
Chalikian Chaltikian Chanakhchian
Charchian Charchoghlian Charents
Charhifalakian Charian Chatalbashian
Chatilian Chatinian Chaton
Chatrchian Chavushian Chelepian
Chemeris Cherkezian Chialian
Chibukhchian Chiflikian Chikova
Chil-Hakobian Chilian Chilingarian
Chirkinian Chitchian Chituni
Chizmejian Chmishkian Chobanian
Cholakhian Chplakhian Chshmaritov
Chtchian Chtian Dabaghian
Dabayeva Dadalian Dadasian
Dadayan Dadayanova Dadikian
Dadivanian Dadurian Dalalian
Dalian Dallakian Damazian
Danagulian Daneghian Danghian
Daniel-Bek Danielian Danieliants
Danilenko Danilov Danilova
Danoyan Daragulian Darbasian
Darbinian Darian Daronian
Dashian Dashtoyan Dastakian
Daturian Davidian Davidiants
Davidov Davidova Davoyan
Davtian Deghtsunian Demiokhina
Demirchian Demirchoghlian Demirkhanian
Demurchian Demurian Derkachev
Deroyan Dertsian Der-Zaranian
Devejian Deyrmenjian Diarian
Dilanian Dilbandian Dilbarian
Dildarian Diloyan Dimaksian
Dimarskaya-Babalian Dindinian Dingtshian
Divania Djandjapanian Dobrovolsky
Dodorian Dokhikian Dokholian
Dolenian Dolganov Dolian
Dolmazian Dolukhanian Dolzhenko
Donskikh Doroshenko Dorunts
Dovlatian Doydoyan Dpirian
Drampian Drnoyan Dsvyatin
Dulian Dumanian Durgarian
Durian Durinian Duvalian
Dvoryanchikov Dvoyan Dyakov
Dyan Cher Dyomin Dzagurova
Dzmejian Eboyan Edilian
Edoyan Efendian Eghiazarian
Eghishe Egibian Egoyan
Ekelekian Ekimian Ekmalian
Ekmekjian Eksyuzian Elarian
Elbakian Elchibekian Elchujian
Elgujian Eliazian Elizbarian
Elmoyan Eloyan Emian
Emin Eminian Emmiyan
Enferjian Erastova Ertevtsian
Etmekchian Evikian Evoyan
Eynatian Eyramjian Fahradian
Fahramazov Faivush Fanarjian
Fanian Farakhova Faramazian
Farmanian Farmazian Farshian
Fatalov Fedorov Fedorova
Fedunina Fel Feldman
Felekian Feofanova Fidanian
Filina Filosian Finjibashian
Finkeleshteyn Fljian Fokina
Fradkina Frangian Frangulian
Frunjian Gaboyan Gabrielian
Gabrielyan Gabuzian Gadukian
Gagarian Gagian Gaginian
Galachian Galechian Galekian
Galoyan Galptchian Galstian
Galstyan Galustian Galustian
Gamoyan Ganadian Ganalanian
Ganapetian Ganayan Gaponenko
Gapoyan Garakian Garakwv
Garaseferian Garasferian Garayan
Garbyan Gardishian Gareginian
Gareyan Gargaloyan Gariaka
Garoyan Gasparian Gasraryan
Gassler Gatrjian Gavalian
Gaybakian Gayvoronskaya Gazazian
Geboyan Geghamian Geletsian
Gemilian Geodakian Gerasimian
Geravetova Germanian Gevorgian
Gevorkov Gevorkova Gevorkyan
Gezalian Ggzirian Ghafadarian
Ghahramanian Ghalachian Ghalfayan
Ghaltakhchian Ghalukian Ghalumian
Ghambarian Ghambarov Ghamburian
Ghandevosian Ghandilian Ghantarjian
Ghapantsian Ghaplanian Gharabaghtsian
Gharagebakian Gharagez Gharagulian
Gharagyozian Gharajian Gharakashian
Gharakeshishian Gharamanukian Gharaseferian
Gharibian Gharibiants Gharibjanian
Gharibov Gharibova Ghasabian
Ghasabov Ghasabova Ghasumian
Ghayfajian Ghayfejian Ghazakhetsian
Ghazanchian Ghazanjian Ghazarian
Ghazariants Ghazarosian Ghazian
Ghazinian Ghaziyan Ghazumian
Ghevondian Ghorkhmasian Ghubasarian
Ghukasian Ghulghazarian Ghulian
Ghuliyan Ghuloyan Ghushchian
Ghuyumchian Gigoyan Gilavian
Gimoyan Gindoyan Ginosian
Ginovian Girshgorn Girunian
Gishian Gizhlarian Glazova
Glechian Gljian Glushenko
Gndoyan Gnuni Gobelyan
Gochunian Goginian Gokhtuni
Golendukhin Golovikov Golovleva
Gomktsian Gomtsian Gonchar
Gonchoyan Gonian Goorjian
Gorgiev Gorodnov Gorovits
Goroyan Gortsakalian Gortsunian
Gotsiridze Grabska-Barbarian Grabski
Gracheva-Barkhudarian Grakanutyun Grdzelian
Grgearian Grigorian Grigorian-Khakatsian
Grigoriants Grin-Abrahamian Grkasharian
Gubatyan Gukasyan Gulakian
Gulamirian Gulbenkian Gulianova
Gulikeokhvian Gulikian Gulkanian
Gulunian Gurgenian Gurjinian
Gurvits Gurzadian Gusakova
Gushakchian Gyanjumian Gyarakian
Gyodakian Gyokchian Gyoletsian
Gyozlbudaghian Gyulamirian Gyulbekian
Gyulbudaghian Gyulkhandarian Gyulkhasian
Gyulmisarian Gyulnazarian Gyulumian
Gyulzadian Gyunashian Gyurdjinian
Gyurjetsiuan Gyurjian Gyurjinian
Gyurzadian Gyuzalian Gzgzian
Gzrarian Hagopian Hajkazian
Hajoyan Hakhinian Hakhnazarian
Hakhumian Hakhverdian Hakobian
Hakobiants Hakobjanian Hakobov
Hakwbian Halajian Hamamchian
Hamayakian Hamazaspian Hambardsumian
Hambarian Haneyan Harents
Hareyan Haroyan Harustamian
Harutyunian Harutyunova Hasanian
Hasmikian Hasratian Hatsagortsian
Haykazian Haykuni Hayrapetian
Hayrapetov Hayrapetova Hayrian
Hayrikian Hayriyan Hayrumian
Hayruni Haytian Hegelian
Heruny Hose Hovakanian
Hovakimian Hovakimova Hovanesbekova
Hovasapian Hovesian Hoveyan
Hovhanesov Hovhannesian Hovhannisian
Hovivian Hovnanian Hovsepian
Hovsepyan Hovumian Hovvian
Hrachian Hunanian Husikian
Hyusian Igitian Igitkhanian
Ignatian Ignatosian Imodian
Indjikian Injeyan Ioannesian
Iohannesian Iohannisian Ionnisian
Iosifian Ipekchian Iradian
Isabekian Isafatov Isahakian
Isajanian Isakhanian Isakhanov
Isakhanova Isakov Isayan
Isayeva Ishkhanian Ishkhanov
Iskandarian Iskanian Iskenderian
Iskoyan Iskudarian Ispirian
Israyelian Istamian Ivanian
Ivleva Izmahilian Izmahlova
Jabejian Jagharian Jaghatspanian
Jaghinian Jahukian Jalalian
Jalatian Jalile Janazian
Janbariants Jandjulian Jangirian
Janian Janibekova Janikian
Janinian Janjugazian Janoyan
Janpoladian Janvelian Jarakian
Jauari Javadian Javakhian
Javuktsian Javushian Jenderejian
Jeyiranian Jeyranian Jhangirian
Jidarian Jidjian Jidoyan
Jighanian Jilavian Jilazian
Jingozian Jivanian Jivanshirian
Jmejian Jotian Jrbashian
Juhanian Juharian Julakian
Julfalakian Kabalian Kachachurian
Kachberuni Kafian Kagramanian
Kagramanov Kajian Kajoyan
Kakalian Kakhkedjian Kakoyan
Kalajian Kalantar Kalantarian
Kalantarov Kalantarova Kalashian
Kalayjian Kaldrikian Kalenchian
Kaleshian Kalinina Kalloghlian
Kalpakian Kamalian Kamanian
Kamsarakan Kanayan Kandalian
Kandanova Kanetsian Kankanian
Kapanaktsian Kaplanian Kapriyelian
Kaputikyan Karabashian Karabegova
Karabekian Karabekov Karachentsev
Karachentseva Karagian Karagyozian
Karajian Karakhanian Karaliova
Karamian Karanian Karapetian
Karapetyan Karaustayan Karazian
Kareyan Karganian Karian
Karibian Karimian Karmenian
Karmirian Karoyan Karpenko
Karslian Kartashian Kashin
Kasian Kasparian Kasparova
Kasuny Katchatourian Katourian
Katsakhian Katvalian Kavalov
Kaykova Kaytsakov Kaytsuny
Kazanjian Kazarian Kazarov
Kazarova Kazaryan Kazazian
Kechechian Kechek Kechian
Kechiants Kegamian Kekukian
Kenderian Keoshkarian Kerian
Kerobian Kertmenjian Keshishian
Kesoyan Kevorkian Khachalova
Khachatrian Khachatryan Khachaturian
Khachaturov Khachaturova Khacherian
Khachian Khachikian Khachikoghlian
Khachiyan Khachkalian Khachkavanktsian
Khachoyan Khachunts Khachvankian
Khacianov Khain Khalapian
Khalatian Khalatov Khalpakhcian
Khamoyan Khanalian Khanamirian
Khanamirova Khananian Khanbabian
Khanbekian Khangeldian Khangulian
Khanikian Khanikiants Khanjian
Khankikian Khanoyan Khanumian
Khanumova Khanzadian Khanzadyan
Kharatian Kharazian Kharmandarian
Khasapetian Khathatryan Khazhakian
Khcheyan Khchoyan Khechumian
Khechumov Khemchian Kheranian
Kherobian Kheruntsian Khingoyan
Khizantsian Khlghatian Khlichian
Khnkoyan Khoang Khojabekian
Khojamirian Khojayants Khojumian
Khomizury Khomutova Khondkarian
Khorasanjian Khorenian Khorkhoruny
Khosrovian Khostikian Khoyetsian
Khrimian Khrimlian Khristaphorian
Khrlopian Khtrian Khublarian
Khudabashian Khudanian Khudaverdian
Khudoyan Khurkhurov Khurshudian
Khzarjian Khzmalian Khzrjian
Kilichian Kilimjian Kinosian
Kinoyan Kiprian Kirakosian
Kirakosova Kirakozova Kiramijian
Kirkur Kishoyan Kisin
Kistorian Kitbalian Kizokian
Klian Klorikian Knarian
Knyazian Kochar Kocharian
Kocharov Kocharova Kochikian
Kochinian Kochkanian Kochoyan
Kodjabashian Kodjanian Kogan
Kokanian Kokhlikian Kolchayan
Koleyan Koloyan Kolozian
Kolupaev Konkova Konobeyeva
Konstantinian Korchagin Korchagina
Kordonskaya Korjun Korkhmazian
Korkotian Korukhchian Kosakian
Kosayan Kosemian Koshetsian
Koshkarian Koshtoyan Kosian
Kosoyan Kostandian Kostanian
Kostikian Kostina Kotanian
Kotanidy Kotanjian Kotikian
Kotoghian Kotolian Kotsinian
Koukeyan Kouzouyan Koval
Kovalenko Kozak-Harutyunian Kozliner
Kozmanian Kozmoyan Kozorovitsky
Kralefsky Kramer Krbekian
Krishchian Kristosturian Kritsian
Krizhanovsky Krkasharian Krmoyan
Kropovitskaya Kroyan Kruchkian
Krukova Ksipteridis Ksuserian
Kteyan Ktikian Ktoyan
Ktsoyan Kubatian Kuchkulian
Kuchukian Kukulev Kukulian
Kuloyan Kumkumajian Kupelian
Kurbanian Kurghinian Kurisko
Kurkchian Kuroyan Kurtikian
Kurtsens Kushkian Kutoyan
Kutoyants Kuyumchian Kuzanian
Kuznetsova Kuzukian Kwntakchian
Kyalian Kyaloyan Kyandarian
Kyanjuntsev Kyapanaksian Kyarkchian
Kyoseyan Kyuchikiants Kyureghian
Kyurenian Kyurkchian Lachinian
Lalabekian Lalafarian Lalayan
Lalayants Lalazarian Lambarjian
Lansberg Lavchian Lavrentieva
Lazarev Lazarian Laziyev
Lebedev Lebedeva Leshtchenko
Levchin Leverova Levonian
Liberovskaya Lisitsian Loretsian
Lorikian Lulukian Lusparian
Lutonian Lutsenko Luzina
Lvov Lyamin Lyubimova
Madakian Madantsian Madatian
Madatova Madoyan Maghakian
Maghalian Maghdesieva Maghradze
Magorian Mahtesian Makanova
Makarian Makarova Makhatadze
Makhchanian Makhmudian Makhmudova
Makhmurian Makian Makichian
Makrikian Maksapetian Maksudian
Makvetsian Malakian Malatian
Malayan Malerian Malgosheva
Malian Malikoyan Malikyan
Malkhasian Maloyan Malumian
Mamajanian Mamajanov Mamasakhlisov
Mambreyan Mamian Mamijanian
Mamikonian Mamoulian Mamulian
Mamunts Manakian Manasarian
Manaserian Manaserova Manasian
Mandalian Mandalyan Mandrikian
Maneshin Manjian Mansurian
Mantashian Mantashova Manucharian
Manucharova Manucharyan Manuki
Manukian Manukyan Manushakian
Manushian Manuylenko Manvelian
Manvelov Manvelova Marabian
Maranjian Mardanian Mardoyan
Margarian Marguny Marian
Marikian Marjanian Markarian
Markarov Markarova Markosian
Markosiants Markova Marshavina
Martikian Martirian Martirosian
Martirosov Martirosyan Martoyan
Marukhian Marukian Marutian
Marzpanian Mashur Mashurian
Matevosian Matevosova Matghashian
Matinian Matnishian Matosian
Matoyan Matsakian Mavisakalian
Mayilian Mayrapetian Maysurian
Mazhinian Mazmanian Mazoyan
Mdivanian Mednikian Medoyan
Meghrian Meghroyan Mehrabian
Mehunts Mejlumian Mekhakian
Mekinian Melian Melik-Bakhshian
Melik-Barkhudarov Melikbekian Melikian
Melik-Israyelian Melikjanian Melik-Khachatrian
Melik-Martirosian Melik-Musian Melik-Nubarov
Melik-Nubarova Melik-Ohanjanian Melik-Pashayan
Melik-Sarkissian Meliksetian Melik-Shahnazarian
Melik-Shahnazarov Melik-Vardanian Melik-Yolchian
Melkonian Melkumian Melkumiants
Melkumov Melkumova Melkumyan
Melnichenko Meloyan Meltonian
Melumian Mergelian Meroyan
Meschian Meshkova Mesropian
Mestrolyan Metanjian Metsbotian
Meytarjian Meytikhanian Mezhlumian
Mezhunts Mhoyan Miansarian
Midian Midoyan Migirdicyan
Migranian Mijiferdjian Mikayelian
Mikayelyan Mikhayelian Mikhayeliants
Mikhaylova Mikilian Mikoyan
Milerian Militosian Minalian
Minasbekian Minasbekyan Minasian
Minasiants Minassian Miniailo
Mirakian Mirijanian Mirimanova
Mirjaferjian Mirumian Mirza-
Mirzabekian Mirzakhanian Mirzoyan
Mirzoyants Mirzoyeva Misarian
Misirian Miskarian Miskarov
Mitoyan Mkheyan Mkhikian
Mkhitarian Mkhitarov Mkhitryan
Mkhoyan Mkrian Mkrtchian
Mkrtchian-Lalayan Mkrtchyan Mkrticheva
Mkrtumian Mkrtychan Mnatsakanian
Mnatsian Mnjoyan Moghnian
Mogrovian Mokatsian Mokoyan
Mokrousov Momjian Monakhov
Morgenshtern Morikian Morlian
Morozov Mosesian Mosesov
Mosian Mosoyan Movsesian
Movsessian Movsisian Moyseyenko
Mstoyan Mughdusian Mughnetsian
Mukhayelian Mukhsikhachoyan Mulkijanian
Muradian Muradkhanian Muradov
Muradova Muradyan Murazian
Muroyan Murza Musakhanian
Musatov Musayelian Musayelov
Muselimian Musheghian Musinian
Musoyan Mutafian Nadirian
Nadoyan Naghdalian Nagorsky
Nahapetian Najarian Nalbandian
Nalchajian Nanagulian Nanagyulian
Nanasian Nanian Nanijanian
Nanumian Nanushian Nargizian
Narimanian Narimanov Narimanova
Narinian Nasibian Nasilian
Naskulian Navasardian Navoyan
Nazanian Nazaretian Nazaretyan
Nazarian Nazarov Nazarova
Nazinian Nedolian Nerkararian
Nersesian Nersesiants Nersesov
Nersesova Nersessian Nersikian
Nersisian Nesunts Nigiyan
Nigoyev Nikighosov Nikighosova
Nikitshenko Nikiyan Nikoghosian
Nikoghosova Nikolaidis Nikolayeva
Nikolian Nikoyan Ninoyan
Nioradze Nisanian Niyazian
Nonezian Noramirian Norashkharian
Noravian Norekian Noreyan
Novikov Novikova Nshanian
Nuralov Nuralova Nurbekian
Nurijanian Obosian Odabashian
Oganesova Oganesyan Oganezian
Oganezov Oghnikian Ohanessian
Ohanian Ohanian-Telman Ohanjanian
Ohanov Ohanova Oksuzian
Oktanian Olina Onanassian
Orbelian Ordian Ordoyan
Ordukhanian Orduyan Ormanian
Osepian Osian Osipian
Osipov Osipova Osipyan
Oskanian Otarian Oundjian
Ovanesyan Ovchiyan Ozmanian
Pahlavian Pahlevanian Pakhalov
Pakhaniants Pakhchanian Palanjian
Palian Palikian Pambukhchian
Panajian Panchenko Panchulezian
Pandikian Panian Panosian
Papanian Papayan Papaz
Papazian Papian Papikian
Papinian Papovian Papoyan
Papukhian Paravian Paremuzian
Pargevian Parikian Paronian
Paronikian Parsadanian Parsamian
Parseghian Parsian Partamian
Partev Partizpanian Partizuni
Parunakian Pashayan Pashikian
Pashinian Pashyan Patrikian
Patvakanian Pavlenko Payaslian
Paytian Pehrizian Penesian
Pepanian Pepoyan Perikhanian
Perikhanov Pervishina Peshtimalian
Peshtimaljian Peshtmaljian Petanova
Peteotian Petoyan Petrosian
Petrosiants Petrosov Petrosyan
Petsanian Pidjan Pikichian
Piliposian Pilosian Piloyan
Pingirian Piotrovsky Pipoyan
Pirenian Pirijanian Pirjanov
Piroyeva Pirumian Pirumov
Pirumova Piruzian Pirverdian
Pitsakian Pivazian Pizhov
Pkhrikian Pluzian Podlovchenko
Podolskaya Podolsky Podosian
Poghikian Poghosbekian Poghosbekov
Poghosbekova Poghosian Poghosov
Poghosova Pogosyan Pokhsrarian
Poladian Polarian Postogova
Postoyan Potikyan Prazian
Pribilsky Prokhorenko Prokhorov
Proshian Puchinian Putnin
Pyuskulian Rafayelian Rafayelov
Rahanian Raisian Ramazian
Rapian Rashidian Ravinovich
Razina Regentova Reniger-
Revazian Revazova Rikhter
Rilov Roslin Rostomian
Rshtuni Rubanovich Rubenian
Rukhkian Runichan Rusanovich
Rusian Rustambekian Saakyan
Sabko Sabourin Sabrian
Sachian Sadian Sadikhian
Sadoyan Safarian Safarov
Safaryan Safonova Safrastian
Safrazbekian Safrazian Saghatelian
Saghian Sahak Sahakian
Sahakov Sahakova Saharian
Saharonian Sahian Sahinian
Sahoyan Sahradian Sakanian
Sakapetoyan Sakhkalian Sakulian
Salatinian Salnazarian Samarjian
Samodurova Samsonov Samsonova
Samuyelian Samvelian Sanaghian
Sanamian Sandukhchian Sanghalian
Sanjian Sanosian Sanoyan
Santadze Santoyan Santrian
Santrosian Saparov Saponjian
Sarafian Sarajev Sarajeva
Sarajian Sarapian Saratikian
Sardarian Sargisian Sargsian
Sarian Saribekian Sarikian
Saringulian Sarinian Sarkhoshian
Sarkijan Sarkisian Sarkisov
Sarkisova Sarkisyan Saroyan
Sarsian Sarukhanian Sarukhanyan
Sarukhyan Sarvasian Satian
Satin Savilov Savtalian
Savvidi Sayadian Sayamian
Saygushkina Sdatchinov Sedgarian
Sedrakian Seferian Sefilian
Seghatchian Seghbosian Sehinian
Sekoyan Selvinazian Semerjian
Semyonov Semyonova Senekerimian
Sepetchian Serebryakova Sereda
Sergeyeva Sergoyan Serih
Serobian Sevacharian Sevian
Sevinian Sevoyan Sevumian
Sevunts Seylanov Seyranian
Shaboyan Shaghamian Shagoyan
Shahapuni Shahatuni Shahazizian
Shahbagian Shahbatian Shahbazian
Shahgeldian Shahian Shahinian
Shahkhatuny Shahmuradian Shahnazarian
Shahnazarov Shahnubarian Shahparian
Shahparonian Shahramanian Shahsuvarian
Shahverdian Shahzadova Shakarian
Shakariants Shakhkian Shakhoyan
Shakian Shaljian Shalunts
Shamakhian Shamamian Shamilova
Shamirian Shamirkhanian Shamlian
Shamlikian Shamoyan Shamtsian
Shapaghatian Shaposhnikova Sharabian
Sharabkhanian Sharanbekian Sharanbeyan
Sharian Sharimanian Sharkhatunian
Sharonov Sharova Sharoyan
Sharurian Shashikian Shataghian
Shatirian Shatverian Shatverova
Shatvorian Shaumyan Shavarshian
Shbib Shcherbakova Shchetinskaya
Shekhoyan Shekian Shekoyan
Sherdukalova Shermazanova Sheyranian
Shikhliarov Shinakanian Shindian
Shirinian Shiroyan Shirvanian
Shiyanovsky Shkhangirian Shkhangulian
Shkhikian Shkulev Shmavonian
Shogherian Shperling Shtikian
Shukhian Shukurian Shur-Bagdasarian
Shushanian Sianozova Sidorova
Silvanian Simavorian Simonian
Simoniants Simoyan Sinanian
Sinanova Sinoyan Sinyavsky
Siradeghian Siradetyan Sirakanian
Siranosian Sirekanian Sirunian
Siruniants Sisakian Skhtorian
Sklyarova Skobeleva Slepakov
Slkuni Slobodsky Smbatian
Snegirev Sngrian Snkhchian
Snuni Sobko Soboleva
Sofian Soghomonian Soghoyan
Sokhakian Sokhorian Solomina
Soovajian Sosian Spitsina
Sprigin Sprojetskaya Srapian
Srapionian Stakian Stamboltsian
Stamboltsyan Stambultsian Stepanian
Stepanova Streltsova Stroykina
Sujian Sukhova-Petrosian Sukhudian
Sukiasian Sukiasov Sukiaya
Sukoyan Suleymanian Sulian
Sultanian Surenian Suvarian
Svasian Svazian Svazlian
Svyatetsky Syulaghian Syulayan
Tabirian Tadevosian Taghakchian
Tagvorian Tajirian Takmazian
Talalian Talian Taliashvily
Tamamian Tamamsheva Tamanian
Tamanyan Tamarian Tamazian
Tambiyan Tamoyan Tamrazian
Tamrazova Tanashian Tangamian
Tantushian Taplashvily Tarabov
Taranian Tarasian Tarasova
Tarayan Tarjimanian Tarjumanian
Tarkhaneva Tarkhanian Tarlamazian
Tarontsi Taroyan Tarumian
Tarverdian Tarverdiyeva Tashian
Tashjian Taslakhchian Taslakian
Tatalian Tatarian Tatian
Tatikian Tatinian Tatintsian
Tatkalo Tatosian Tatoyan
Taturian Tavadian Tavakalian
Tavrizian Tayan Tayirian
Tchshmaritian Tchughurian Tchugurian
Telian Telumian Temrazian
Temurjian Tepoyan Ter-Abrahamian
Ter-Antonian Ter-Arakelian Ter-Astvatsaturov
Ter-Avakimova Ter-Avetisian Ter-Azarev
Ter-Baghdasarov Ter-Davtian Terebidj
Ter-Gabriyelian Ter-Gevorkian Ter-Ghazarian
Ter-Ghazariants Ter-Ghevondian Ter-Ghukasova
Ter-Ghulanian Ter-Grigorian Ter-Hakobian
Ter-Hakobianova Ter-Hakobova Ter-Harutuinian
Ter-Hovannesian Terian Ter-Isahakian
Ter-Israyelian Ter-Karapetian Ter-Kasparova
Terlemezian Ter-Markosian Ter-Martirosian
Ter-Martirosov Termenjian Ter-Mikayelian
Ter-Minasian Ter-Minasova Ter-Mkrtchian
Ter-Movsesian Ter-Ohanian Ter-Petrosian
Ter-Petrosyan Ter-Poghosian Ter-Sahakian
Ter-Sargsian Ter-Simonian Ter-Stepanian
Ter-Stepanov Ter-Tadevosian Terterian
Ter-Vardanov Ter-Zakarian Terzian
Terzikian Tevikian Tevosian
Tevosiants Thommassian Tifenbakh
Tigranian Tigranova Tikunov
Tioyan Tirabian Tiragian
Tiratsuyan Tiraturian Tirayan
Tiroyan Titanian Tititsian
Titov Tkhruny Toganian
Tokhian Tokhiyan Tokhmakhian
Tokmadjian Tokmajian Tokmedzhan
Tonakanian Tonalian Toneyan
Tonian Tonikian Tonoyan
Topchian Topian Toplaghatsian
Topuzian Toramanian Torchian
Tordjian Torgomian Torikian
Toroyan Torunian Toshian
Tosunian Totoyan Tovmasian
Tozalakian Travajian Trchunian
Trian Trifonov Troshenkova
Trozian Truni Tsaghikian
Tsakanian Tsakanov Tsarukian
Tsatinian Tsatrian Tsaturian
Tsaturov Tsaturova Tseretian
Tserunian Tsikaridze Tsirunian
Tsitsikian Tsovian Tsugunian
Tsulikian Tumajian Tumanian
Tumanov Tumanova Tumasian
Tumasov Tumasova Tumian
Tunian Tunibekian Tuniev
Turovtsev Turshian Turshudian
Tutunjian Tvankchian Udumian
Uloyan Ulubabian Uluochian
Urganjian Urikhanian Urutian
Utujian Uzanchikian Uzliyan
Uzunian Vabischev Vagharshakian
Vagharshian Vaghian Vahanian
Vahradian Vahramian Valasanian
Valesian Vanetsian Vanian
Vanikian Vantsian Vanuny
Varagian Vardanian Vardanov
Vardanova Vardanyan Vardapetian
Vardapetov Vardarian Vardazarian
Varderesian Vardevanian Vardgesian
Vardian Vardikian Vardumian
Varduni Varian Varjapetian
Varosian Varpetian Varshamov
Vartanyan Vartikian Varuzhanian
Vasilian Vasinyuk Vatinian
Vehuny Vekilian Velijanian
Verdian Verdieva Vermishev
Vermishian Vinagradov Vinagradova
Virabian Vladimirov Vladimirova
Volchinski Volyukh Vorberian
Vorskanian Voskanov Voskanyan
Voskerchian Vozny Vrezh
Vrtanesian Vukhrer Yablokov-Khndsoria
Yachshinian Yacobian Yacoubian
Yadoyan Yaghian Yaghjian
Yaghubian Yagubian Yan
Yapoyan Yapunjian Yaralov
Yaralova Yaroshenko Yashvily
Yaskorsky Yatsenko-Chmelevski Yatsino
Yavrian Yavroyan Yavrumov
Yavruyan Yayloyan Yedigarian
Yedigarova Yedoyan Yeganian
Yeganov Yeghanova Yeghian
Yeghiazarian Yeghiazarova Yeghikian
Yeghishian Yeghoyan Yegiyan
Yegorian Yekmalian Yelanian
Yelchian Yelian Yeliseyev
Yengibarian Yengoyan Yenokian
Yepiskoposian Yepiskoposyan Yepoyan
Yepremian Yeramian Yeranosian
Yeregian Yeremian Yeremiants
Yerevanli Yeribekian Yerijanian
Yeritsian Yerknapetian Yerndjiakian
Yeroyan Yerusalimsky Yervandian
Yerzinkian Yerznkanian Yerznkian
Yesadjianian Yesayan Yesaybegian
Yesoyan Yetenikian Yevseyeva
Yezekian Yezoyan Yolian
Yondem Yucht Yurin
Yusif Yuzbashian Zadoyan
Zakarian Zakeyan Zakharian
Zakharkin Zakharyan Zakian
Zakieva Zakoyan Zakutov
Zalinian Zaminian Zaplishny
Zapolsky Zaprosian Zapunian
Zarafian Zaraktsian Zaratsian
Zarbabian Zarbadjy Zardarian
Zargarian Zarobian Zaslavsky
Zatikian Zavarian Zavgorodnaya
Zazian Zelenko Zeynalian
Zeytagian Zeytnagian Zeytunian
Zhamagortsian Zhamharian Zhamkochian
Zhirova Zilfian Zilfugarian
Zilman Ziroyan Zohrabian
Zolian Zolotova Zoranian
Zorian Zoroyan Zozanian
Zulalian Zulumian Zurabian
Zurabov Zurnachian  


Antipater, ruler of Lesser Armenia/Armenia Parva on the Pontic side of mountains became subjected to Mithridates VI of Pontus in the C1st A.D.



Name Reign Descent
Spouse Artavasdes Tigranes
95-85 BC son of Artavasdes Cleopatra, daughter of Mithridates VI, Pontus
Artavasdes -31 BC Artaxias
c 18 AD    


Tiridates I (Trdat ) AD 52- brother of Vol II of Parthia
Artashes c 110 Kosrov
c 230 Tiridates II -342
Vramshapuh c 400  


Ashot I Bagratuni -890 Smbat
890-914 Ashot II 914-28
Abas I 928-52 brother of Ashot II
Ashot III 952-77 Smbat II
977-89 Gagik I 989-1020
brother of Smbat II kingdom divided by Gagik's sons Roupen
c 1080 Lesser Armenia Thoros
1156-68 Roupen II 1168-86
son of Thoros Leo II 1186-1219
Hethoum c 1254 Leo VI
1375-93 last king  



Armenian Name Attributes Persian/Greek Equivalents
Aramazd father of gods Ahura Mazda, Zeus
Mihr light, justice Mithra, Hephaestus
Vahagn war, sun, consort of Astghik Verethrangna, Ares
Tir scribe recorded men's deeds, science, rain, star Sirius Tishtrya, Apollo, Hermes
Barshamin Syrian  


Anahit/Anahita fertility, wisdom Artemis
Astghik love, sister of Anahit Ishtar, Venus
Nane Syrian Athena

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