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After the Romans left, Britain was open to invasion by the various Germanic peoples from the Baltic area who had already been making raids on the 'Saxon Shore' in the days of the Empire. Invasions started around 400 AD.

The Saxons were a Germanic tribe from the Danish peninsula and northern Germany. Their territories originally reached as far as the Rhine but Saxony was conquered by Charlemagne in 792. Under pressure from the Franks, they migrated to various parts of Europe including Britain and pursued piracy in the North Sea and English Channel. They settled in Essex, Sussex and Wessex.

The Jutes were a Germanic people who may have originated in the Rhineland, rather than Jutland in Denmark, and later settled in Frankish territory. In around 450 AD, they occupied Kent under Hengist and Horsa and conquered the isle of Wight and the Hampshire coast in the early C6th.

The Angles came from the German/Danish border area, now Schleswig-Holstein and may have been united with the Saxons before invading Britain. They settled largely in East Anglia, Mercia and Northumbria.

By the end of the C6th, the tribal settlements had become seven kingdoms (the Heptarchy) and by the first decade of the C7th, Northumbria was dominant with its king bearing the titles of Rex Anglorum and being accepted as the bretwalda or overlord of the others. Although the tendency is to think of the people that the Normans conquered as 'The Saxons', they were actually a mixture of the various groups and the language now known as Old English, was a combination of several Germanic tongues which developed into Middle English after the second Germanic influx, that of the Norsemen. This took place in several stages, with the Danes arriving by 800 AD and the Norwegians in the north-west by about 900 AD. The third wave of Germanic invasion was that of the Normans. They had only been in France for a few generations but their language and naming system were already heavily influenced, with many old Germanic names taking on 'Normanised' forms.

The kingdoms were eventually united under the kings of Wessex. During the reign of King Alfred in the C9th, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle was begun. Written by monks, it provides a record of history from the Roman invasion to 1154 and an illustration of the development of Old English prose.

Anglo-Saxon Rulers

In the Anglo-Saxon period, England was divided into small kingdoms. They are known as the Heptarchy (lit 'rule of seven') as there were usually seven of them although the number varied occasionally due to amalgamations and divisions. They formed a loose confederation under a single king, the most powerful amongst them who was acknowledged as head king or bretwalda and were eventually united under the kings of Wessex.

Bretwaldas (Head Kings)

(According to Bede + later historians)


Aelle Sussex
Ceawlin Wessex
Aethelbert I Kent
Redwald East Anglia
Edwin Northumbria
Oswald Northumbria
Oswy Northumbria
Offa Mercia
Egbert Wessex

Northumbria and Bernicia

The kingdom of Northumbria, the most northern of the Saxon Heptarchy, was formed when Bernicia and Deira were united. Its most powerful period was during the C7th under Edwin, Oswald and Oswy but it declined after the latter's death and became part of the Viking kingdom of York after the last recorded king, Egbert II, died around 878.

Monarch Reign Lineage Spouse
Ida of Bernicia 547-59   Bearnoch
Glappa 559-60 Son of Ida  
Adda 560-8 ''  
Aethelric 568-72 ''  
Theodric 572-9 ''  
Frithuwald 579-85/6 ''  
Hussa 585/6-92/3 ''  
Aethelfrith 593-616 son of Aethelric 1 Bebba

2 Acha daughter of Aelle of Deira

3 ?

Edwin 616-33 Son of Aelle of Deira Aethelburh daughter of Aethelbehrt I Kent
Eanfrith 633-4 Son of Aethelfrith + 1 Pictish princess
St Oswald 634-41 son of Aethelfrith + 2 Cyneburg, daughter of Cynegils of Wessex
Oswy 641-70 Son of Aethelfrith + 3 1 Rhiainfellt of Rheged (Riemmelth)

2 Eanfled of Deira

3 Fina (mistress)


c 651-4 Bernicia

nephew of Eanfrith

Ecgfrith 670-85 Son of Oswy + 2 1 Aethelthryth (Etheldreda) d of Anna of East Anglia

2 Eormenburg

Aldfrith 685-704 Son of Oswy + 3 Cuthburh, sister of Ine of Wessex
Osred I 704-16 Son of Aldfrith  
Coenred 716-8 son of Cuthwine, descendant of Ida  
Osric 718-29 Gs of Oswy  
Ceolwulf 729-37 d 760, a monk brother of Coenred  
Eadbehrt 737-58 d 768 cousin of Ceolwulf  
Oswulf 758-9 son of Eadbehrt Ricthryth
Aethelwald Moll 759-65   Aethelthryth
Alchred 765-74 Desc of Ida of Bernicia Osgyfu d of Oswulf
Aethelred I 774-778/9   2 Aelfflaed, daughter of Offa of Mercia
Aelfwald I 778/9-88 son of Oswulf  
Osred II 788-92 son of Alhred  
Egbert II 876-8    

Monarch Reign Lineage Spouse
Ragnald c 919    
Edgar 957 + Eng, Mercia   1 Aethelflead 2 Wulfthryth

3 Aelfthryth of Devon

Thored c 970    
Waltheof -1006 beyond Tees    
Uhtred 1006-16 son of Waltheof 1 Ecgthryth of Durham 2 Sigen 3 Aelfgifu, daughter of Eththelred II of England
Eadwulf 1016 beyond Tees son of Waltheof  
Aldred -1038 son of Uhtred (1st m)  
Eadwulf 1038-41 beyond Tees son of Uhtred (1st m)  
Siward 1041-55   Aelfflaed, daughter of Aldred
Earl Tostig dep 1065 brother of Harold II of England Judith, daughter of Baldwin IV of Flanders
Morcar 1065-6 dep son of Aelfgar of Mercia  
Gospatric 1068 + Dunbar grandson of Uhtred  
Oswulf 1068 beyond Tees son of Eadwulf  
Waltheof 1072-6 (+ H’don) son of Siward Judith, neice of William I of England


Monarch Reign Lineage Spouse
Yffe/Yffi -560    
Aelle/Aelli 560-88 son of Yffe  
Edwin   Son of Aelle 1 Cwenburg of Mercia

2 Ethelburga of Kent

Osric 632-3 son of Aelfric, Aelle’s brother  
Oswine 644-killed 651 son of Osric  
Ethelwald of Bernicia 651-654 annexed to Bernicia Son of St Oswald  
Ahlfrith 54-664 sub king son of Oswy of Northumbria  
Aelfwine killed 679 sub-king brother Ahlfrith  


This kingdom of the Heptarchy was founded about 527 and annexed to Wessex in 825.
Monarch Reign Lineage Spouse
Aescwine C527-87    
Sledda C587-pre604 Son of A Ricula d of Eormenric of Kent
Saebert Pre 604-616/7 Son of Sledda  


Name unknown

616/7 3 sons of Saebert  
Sigebehrt I 'the Little' 617-pre653 Son of Saeward  
Sigebehrt II 'the Good' 653-60 Son of Sexbald bro of Saebert  
Swithhelm 660-5 Bro of Sigebehrt II  
Sebbi +




Bro of Sigebehrt I

Son of Sigebehrt I

St Osyth, dau Frithwold, sub-king of Surrey
Sigeheard +


c695-pre709 Sons of Sebbi  
Offa c 709 abd to be monk Son of Sighere Cyneswith, daughter of Penda of Mercia
Saelred 709-46 Son (gs/ggs?) of Sigebehrt II  
Swithred 746-758+ S of Sigemund, s of Sigeheard  
Sigeric 758+-798 Son of Saelred  
Sigered 798-825 submitted to Egbert of Wessex    


This kingdom in central England between Northumbria and Wessex was founded c 585. It declined after the death of Offa in 796 and was eventually absorbed by Wessex. In 873, King Burhred was driven out by the Danes who settled in East Mercia in 877, leaving West Mercia to Ceolwulf, their puppet king. His reign ended about 883 and Ealdorman Ethelred acknowledged Alfred the Great of Wessex as overlord.
Monarch Reign Lineage Spouse
Creoda C585-93    
Pybba 593-c606 Son of Creoda  
Ceorl   Kinsman of P  
Penda 632-54 son of Pybba Cynewise
Peada 654-6 + Mid Ang son of Penda Alhflead, daughter of Oswy of Northumbria
Wulfhere 657-74 Son of Penda Eormenhild/Eormengild d E’behrt of Kent
Aethelred 675-704   Osthryth/Osthryd d Oswy N’bria
Merewala c 700 East Mercia   Eormenburh d E’raed of Kent
Coenred 704-9 abd to be monk son of Wulfhere  
Ceolred 709-16 son of Aethelred Waerburh/Werburg/Werburga
Ethelbald 716-57 Ggs of Pybba  
Beornred 757    
Offa 757-96 Descended from Eawa, son of Pybba Cynethryth
Ecgfrith 796 son of Offa  
Coenwulf 796-821 Descended from Cenwalh, son of Pybba Aelfthryth
Ceolwulf I 821-after 823 Brother of Coenwulf  
Wiglaf 827-40   Aelflead, daughter of Ceolwulf I
Beorhtwulf 840-52    
Burgred/Burhred 852-   Aethelswith, sister of Alfred the Great
Ceolwulf II 873-c83    

Edgar 957 + Eng, N’bria    
Leofwine -c 1023 Ealdorman of Hwicce  
Leofric c 1023-57 earl of M son of Leofwine Godgifu (Lady Godiva)
Aelfgar 1051-7-65 + E Ang son of Leofric Aelfgifu
Edwin 1065-6 d 1071 son of Aelfgar  

East Anglia

The kings of the East Angles were called the Wuffings after Wuffa who probably founded the kingdom. His grandson Redwald is probably the man buried at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk. The last king was St Edmund who was killed by the Danes in 869.
Monarch Reign Lineage Spouse




Son of Wuffa  


Son of Tytila  


Son of Redwald  
Sigeberht 631-4 abd to be monk Stepson of Redwald  
Ecgric 634-5 Kinsman of Sigebehrt  
Anna C635-654 Son of Eni bro of Redwald Saewara
Aethelhere (Aethelric?) 654 Bro of Anna Hereswith, ggd of Aelle of Deira; sister of Hilda of Whitby
Aethelwold 654-663/4 Bro of Anna  
Ealdwulf (Aldwulf) 663-713 Son of Aethelhere/ric  
Aelfwold (Alfwold) 713-49 Son (or bro) of Ealdwulf  
St Edmund 855-69/70    

Monarch Reign Lineage Spouse
Ulfcytel c 1000   Wulfhild, daughter of Eththelred the Unready
Harold 1045 + England and Mercia son of Godwin of Wessex Ealdgyth, daughter of Aelfgar of Mercia
Gyrth 1057-66 died at Hastings brother of Harold  


Before about 449, the founder of the kingdom, Hengest, and his brother, Horsa, were invited to come from Jutland to help the British king, Vortigern, defend himself against the Picts and Scots. The ruling family were called 'Oiscings' after Hengest's son, Oeric Oisc.
Monarch Reign Lineage Spouse


Son of Wihtgils  
Aesc (Oeric Oisc)


Son of Hengest  


Son of Aesc  


Son of Octa  
Aethelbehrt I 560-616 Son of Eormenric Bertha, daughter of Caribert I, King of Paris?

2 name unknown

Eadbald 616-40 son of Aethelbert I 1 stepmother '?'

2 Emma (Ymme) d of Clothacar (Clotaire) King of the Franks

Eorcenberht 640-64 Younger son of Eadbald Seaxburh d Anna of East Anglia
Eormenraed joint king? Elder son of Eadbald Oslafa/Oslava
Egbert I 664-73 son of Eorcenbehrt  




son of Eorcenbehrt

son of Sebbi of Essex

Eadric 674-86 joint king son of Egbert  
Oswini 688-9 joint king    
Wihtred 690-725 son of Egbert 1 Cynegyth

2 Ethelburga

3 Werberga

Aethelbehrt II

Eadbehrt II





Son of Wihtred + 1


Son of Wihtred + 3

Eardwulf c 747-jointly Son of Eadbehrt I  
Egbert II 765-80 Son of Aethelbehrt II  
Ealhmund Fl 784/6 sub king Son of Eafa of Wessex Dau of Aethelbert II?
Eadbehrt II Praen 796-8 Son of Aethelbehrt II  
Cuthred 798-807 bro of Coenwulf + CeolwulfI of Mercia  
Baldred -825 driven out by E III    
Egbert III 825-39 (also Wessex + England) Son of Ealhmund Raedburh/Redburga
Aethelstan 839-51 sub-king + Essex, Surrey, Sussex Son or gs of Egbert III Bro (or uncle) of Alfred the Great  


The kingdom of the West Saxons, founded by Cerdic, expanded to cover most of southern England during the C6th and 7th. Under Egbert (802-39) it also gained control of Northumbria and Mercia. The later kings are also credited as the first kings of all England but Wessex declined after the death of Edgar in 975 and the throne was later lost to Danish invaders.
Monarch Reign Lineage Spouse
Cerdic 519-34 Came to Britain c 495 -
Creoda   Son of Cerdic -
Cynric d 560 son of Creoda or Cerdic -
Ceawlin 560-92 son of Cynric -
Ceol 591-7 son of Cutha, brother of Ceawlin -
Ceolwulf 597-611 brother of Ceol -
Cynegils 611-41 son of Ceolwulf or Ceol -


d 661 sub king

grandson of Ceawlin

Cenwalh 641-72 son of Cynegils Dau Pybba of Mercia

2? Seaxburh

Seaxburh/Sexburga 672-3/4 Widow of Cenwalh  
Cenfus 673/4 Son of Cenferth s of Cuthgils, s of Ceolwulf  
Aescwine 674-6 Son of Cenfus  
Centwine 676-85 Bro of Cenwalh  
Caedwalla 685-8 abd to go to Rome as pilgrim son of Coenbehrt Centhryth
Ine 688-726 abd to go to Rome as pilgrim son of Cenred, desc of Ceawlin Ethelburga
Ethelheard 726-40 Bro of Ethelburga

Desc of Cerdic

Cuthred 740-56 Claimed desc from Cerdic (maybe bro of E)  
Sigebehrt 756-7 dep ''  
Cynewulf 757-86 ''  
Beohrtric 786-802 Bro of Cynewulf? Eadburh, daughter of Offa of Mercia
Egbert 802-39 + England Son of Ealhmund, sub-king in Kent Redburga

Earl Godwine


Father of Harold II of England

Gytha, daughter of Jarl Thorgils


The kings of Wessex became overlords of all the Saxon kingdoms and were later recognised as kings of all England with the other kingdoms remaining as earldoms. Princes of the royal family were called 'Athelings' because they descended from Aethelwulf.
Monarch Reign Lineage Spouse
Aethelwulf 839-58 (England) Son of Egbert 1 Osburga d of Oslac

2 Judith d of Charles the Bald King of The Franks

Aethelbald 858-60 1st s of Aethelwulf + 1 Judith, his stepmother
Aethelbehrt 860-5 2nd s of Aethelwulf + 1  
Aethelred I 865-71 3rd s of Aethelwulf + 1 Wulfthryth
Alfred the Great 871-99 Son of Aethelwulf + 1 Ealhswith d Ethelred Mucil of the Gaini (Mercia)
Edward the Elder 899-924 son of Alfred the Great 1 Ecgwynn/Egwina

2 Aelflead/Elfleda

3 Eadgifu

Athelstan 924-39 son of Edward + 1 dnm
Edmund I 'the Magnificent' 939-46 son of Edward + 3 1 Aelfgifu (St Elfgiva)

2 Aethelflead of Darmerham

Eadred 946-55 son of Edward + 3 Dnm
Eadwig/Edwy 955-59 son of Edmund I + 1 Aelfgifu, his cousin (illegal)
Edgar 'the Peaceful' 959-75 son of Edmund I + 1 1Aethelflead/Ethelfleda d Ordmaer


3 Aelfthryth/Elfrida d of Ordgar of Devon

Edward the Martyr 975-78 son of Edgar + 1 -
Ethelred II the Unready (Redeless - 'lacking counsel') 978-1016 son of Edgar + 2 1 Aelflead (Elfgiva?) of Northumbria

2 Emma dau Richard I of Normandy

Edmund II Ironside 1016 son of Ethelred + 1 Ealdgyth/Edith, widow of Sigeferth s of Earngrim
Canute (Cnut) the Dane 1017-35 son of Sweyn Forkbeard 1 Alfgifu of Northampton

2 Emma of Normandy

Harold I Harefoot 1035-40 2nd son of Canute + 1 dnm
Hardicanute (Harthacnut) 1040-42 Son of Canute + 2 Dnm
Edward the Confessor 1042-66 2nd s of Ethelred II + 2 Edith, sis of Harold II
Harold II 1066 defeated at Hastings by William the Conqueror 2nd son of Godwin of Wessex Ealdgyth d Alfgar of Mercia

Eadgyth Swan-neck

Anglo-Saxon Religion


The Germanic deities who figure in the Old Norse pantheon were also followed by most of the peoples who settled in England although Christianity soon took over. There is literary evidence for many of the same stories and beliefs amongst them although the legend of Ragnarok is exclusive to Scandinavia.




Woden (Grim) chief, sky   Frig
Thunor Thunder    
Tiw originally sky god    
Wayland/Weland smith son of Wada/Wade, father of Widia  
Hama (ON Heimdall) Watchman    






Frig/Freo/Frija mother of gods   Woden
Wyrd/Wurd destiny (orig one of three fates)    
Metod another possible 'fate' meaning measurer.    
Waelcyrge Valkyries    
Nerthus earth goddess?    

Descendants of Woden

Early historians including Bede and Florence of Worcester trace the descent of the various Anglo-Saxon kings back to Woden.
Wecta Baeldaeg   Casere Saexneat Waegdaeg Wihtlaeg Winta
Witta Brand   Tytmon Gesecg Siggar Wermund king of Angel c 350 Cretta
Wihtgils Frithugar Benoc/Bernic Trygils Antsecg Swebdaeg Offa Cweldgils
Hengest Freawine Aloc Hrothmund Sweppa Sigegeat Angeltheow Caedbaed
Kings of Kent Wig Angenwit Hryp Sigefugel Saebald Eomer Bubba
  Gewis Ingui Wilhelm Bedca Saefugl Icel Beda
  Esla Esa Wehha Offa Westerfalca Cnebba Biscop
  Elesa Eoppa Wuffa Aescwine Wilgisl Cynewald Eanferth
  Cerdic Ida Kings of East Anglia Kings of Essex Uxfrea Creoda Eatta
  Kings of Wessex Kings of Bernicia + Northumberland     Yffi Kings of Mercia Ealdrith fl 786-96
          Kings of Deira    

Middangeard Middle Earth
Indo-European sky father Djevs or Deivos
Sanskrit Dyaus
Greek Zeus
Latin Jovis
North West Europe Tiwaz?
Germany Ziu
Scandinavia Tyr
England Tiw

Supplanted by:
Western Europe Wodenaz
German Wuotan
Old Saxon Wodan
Old Norse Voden, Odinn
Old English Woden


The year began on 25th December. Boxing night was called modra nect or ‘mother's night’ after the ceremonies that Bede says were performed then.
12 + 1 Giuli last month of old and first of new year
2 Solmonath ‘when cakes were offfered to the gods' says Bede
3 Hretha -
4 Eostre Easter
5 Thrimilci cows milked three times a day
6 + 7 Litha possibly 'moon'
8 Weodmonath 'weedmonth'
9 Halegmonath 'holy month' (harvest festival?)
10 Wintirfyllith 'winter full moon' (first full moon of winter?)
11 Blotmonath 'blood month' (sacrifice of animals that would not survive winter)

Anglo-Saxon Names

Dithematic Names

Only a personal name was given. This was often made up of two elements, often linked in some way with the parents' names. For instance, Aldred and Edith might call their daughter Aldith as some elements were suitable for males and females. These dithematic names did not necessarily have any link in meaning between their two elements. They were more popular with the later Anglo-Saxons with the monothematic, or single element, names acquiring a lower-class association.

As the various permutations produced a large number of different names, few duplications would have occurred in a particular settlement. Surnames were not necessary for identification purposes although bynames were sometimes used. It was also considered that a name contained a person's spirit and using it for a new-born child could drain that spirit from him. Although there was no inherited surname, some families (usually aristocratic) were identified by collective name taken from a famous forebear such as the Athelings, Gumeningas, Besingas, Baducings, Guthlacingas, the final ‘-ing’ element signifying ‘people of’.

Name Elements

Some of these were only used as the first or second element of a name but others could occur in either position.
Old English and variants

Modern English

Alf, aelf, alfr elf
Aethel, al, adal, ayl, ethel noble
Ard hard
Beald, bald bold
Bard beard
Bed command
Bert, beraht, beorht, bright bright, famous
Brun brown
Burh, bur, burg, borrow fortress
Cwen, quen woman?
Dar dear
Ed, ead prosperity, fortune
Eald, ald old
Est, east grace?
Flead, fled beauty
Frea, fre, frew free
Frith peace
Gar, ger spear
God good
Here, her, heri army?
Hug, hugu heart, mind, spirit
Hild battle
Ken bold, royal
Lam land
Lea, liffe leof, lef, leav, lew, life, liff, loe beloved, dear
Lee, ley, leah clearing, wood
Lilley, lili little
Lit bright
May servant
Maer, mar, mer, more fame
Mil mild/gentle
Mund, munt peace, protection
Os god
Rad, red, raed, rath counsel, wisdom
Ric, rich power, ruler
Rod, hrud, hreod fame
Sig, sieg victory
Stan, ston stone
Trum, trun strong?
Ulf, ulfr, olf, olph, wulf wolf
Wald, walt rule
Ward, weard, wart guard
What brave
Whit elf, wight
Wig war
Win, wine, wyn friend
Yon, yong young


Acwald Acwuld Acwulf Adalbert Adelard Adulf
Aedbald Aedilbert Aedilhum Aedilhun Aednoth Aedwulf
Aefic Aegelric Aegenwulf Aegheard Aelbehrt Aelbert
Aelffrith Aelfgar Aelfgeat Aelfgiest Aelfheah Aelfhelm
Aelfhere Aelfhun Aelfmaer Aelfnoth Aelfred Aelfric
Aelfsi Aelfsige Aelfstan Aelfwald Aelfwaru Aelfwear
Aelfweard Aelfwin Aelfwine Aelfwold Aelred Aelwin
Aembriht Aenheri Aescwig Aescwine Aethelbald Aethelbehrt
Aethelbeorht Aethelbert Aethelbricht Aetheldred Aethelfrid Aethelfrith
Aethelgar Aethelhard Aethelheah Aethelheard Aethelhelm Aethelhere
Aethelhun Aethelmaer Aethelmod Aethelmund Aethelnoth Aethelred
Aethelric Aethelsige Aethelstan Aethelulf Aethelwald Aethelwalh
Aethelweah Aethelweald Aethelweard Aethelwig Aethelwin Aethelwine
Aethelwold Aethelwulf Aethilheard Aethilwald Agilbert Ahlfrith
Ailmar Ailnoth Ailred Ailwin Albold Alcfrith
Alchere Alchfrid Alchfrith Alchred Alcred Alcuin
Alden Aldfrid Aldfrith Aldhelm Aldhere Aldhun
Aldred Aldwulf Aldwyn Alfar Alfgar Alfric
Alfwaerd Alfwine Alfwold Algar Alhfrith Alhhere
Alhmund Alhstan Alhwald Alkmund Allnut Allric
Alnod Alnoth Aloc Alphege Alred Alric
Aluuard Alward Alwin Alwold Alwyn Alwyne
Andhere Andhun Angeltheow Angenlaf Angenmaer Angenwit
Anlaf Anselm Ansfrid Archibald Arnulf Ascferth
Aschere Ashwin Asulf Athelheah Athelmod Athelric
Aylward Aylwin Badanoth Badulf Baegloc Baeldaeg
Baerbald Baerwald Baldhere Baldred Baldric Baldthryth
Baldwin Baldwine Baldwulf Balther Bardolph Barduwulf
Beadumund Beadured Beaduric Beadwheard Beagmund Beagnoth
Bealdwine Beanburh Beanstan Bedfrith Bedgeat Bedhelm
Bedric Bedwig Behrtferth Behrtwald Beorcol Beorhtel
Beorhtfrith Beorhthelm Beorhthere Beorhtmaer Beorhtmund Beorhtnoth
Beorhtric Beorhtsige Beorhtstan Beorhtweald Beorhtwig Beorhtwulf
Beornfred Beornfrith Beornheard Beornhelm Beornmod Beornmund
Beornnoth Beornoth Beornred Beornric Beornstan Beornwald
Beornward Beornwulf Beorthelm Beorthmaer Beorthwulf Beorward
Beothuk Beowulf Bercthun Berenwald Berhtric Berhtwald
Berhtwulf Beric Berihert Bermund Bernulf Bernwini
Berthelm Berthun Bertram Bertred Bertulf Bertwald
Berwulf Berwyn Bilfrith Bilheard Billfrid Billfrith
Birstan Blacwin Blaecman Blithhere Blithweard Bothelm
Botolph Botsige Botulf Botwine Botwulf Bregowine
Brictric Bridferth Brifard Brihteah Brihthere Brihtnoth
Brihtsige Brihtwald Brithnoth Brithun Brocwulf Brunheard
Bruning Brunloc Brunweard Brunwulf Brychan Bryning
Brynstan Burchard Burghal Burgheard Burghelm Burghred
Burgred Burgweard Burgwine Burgwulf Burhhelm Burhred
Burhtred Byrhtferth Byrhtnoth Byrnhorn Byrnstan Byrnwold
Byrtferth Caedmon Caedwalla Calemund Calunoth Cameleac
Cantwine Carileph Cathwulf Ceadwalla Ceadwealla Ceafor
Ceawlin Cenbeorht Cenberet Cenfirth Cenfrith Cenfus
Cenhelm Cenhere Cenred Centweald Centwine Cenwalch
Cenwalh Cenwulf Ceolbald Ceolbeald Ceolfrid Ceolfrih
Ceolfrith Ceolheard Ceolhelm Ceolhere Ceolmaer Ceolmund
Ceolnoth Ceolred Ceolswith Ceolwald Ceolweald Ceolweard
Ceolwulf Ceonred Ceowald Cerdic Ceredig Clarembald
Coelfrid Coenbehrt Coengilsus Coenhelm Coenred Coenwalh
Coenwulf Coleman Colman Condede Conewalch Cuichelm
Cuthbald Cuthbeorht Cuthbert Cuthburg Cutheard Cuthen
Cuthert Cuthfrith Cuthgils Cuthheard Cuthhelm Cuthhere
Cuthman Cuthred Cuthsige Cuthwin Cuthwine Cuthwulf
Cwenburg Cwichelm Cynebald Cynebehrt Cynebil Cyneburg
Cynefrid Cynegels Cynegils Cynegisl Cyneheah Cyneheard
Cynehelm Cynehere Cynelaf Cynemaer Cynemund Cynered
Cynesige Cynestan Cyneswith Cynewald Cyneweard Cynewulf
Cynferth Cynfrith Cynhelm Cynibert Cynidr Cynred
Cynreow Cynric Cynsige Cynwulf Daedheah Daegheard
Darwin Delwyn Deneheard Denewulf Deorlaf Deorling
Deormod Deormund Deornoth Deorsige Deorwine Deowuc
Derman Digoth Domgeat Dreamwulf Drithelm Dryhthelm
Drythelm Duceman Dudemaer Dudeman Dunnere Dunstan
Dycgbeorht Eadbald Eadbeald Eadbehrt Eadbeorht Eadbert
Eadda Eadfrid Eadfrith Eadger Eadheard Eadhed
Eadhelm Eadhere Eadlac Eadmaer Eadmer Eadmod
Eadmund Eadnod Eadnoth Eadred Eadric Eadsige
Eadstan Eadulf Eadwacer Eadwald Eadward Eadweald
Eadweard Eadwig Eadwin Eadwine Eadwold Eadwulf
Eadwyn Eahfrid Ealda Ealdbehrt Ealdbeorht Ealdfrith
Ealdhelm Ealdhere Ealdred Ealdwine Ealdwulf Ealfled
Ealgmund Ealhelm Ealhheard Ealhhere Ealhhun Ealhmund
Ealhred Ealhsige Ealhstan Ealhswith Ealric Eambald
Eanbald Eanbeorht Eanfrid Eanfrith Eanhere Eanlac
Eanmaer Eanred Eansige Eanulf Eanwine Eanwulf
Earcanwald Earconbehrt Earconbert Eardnoth Eardwul Eardwulf
Earnmund Earnwulf Earpwald Easterwine Eastorwine Ebrard
Ecgbald Ecgbehrt Ecgbert Ecgfrith Ecgheard Ecghere
Ecgmund Ecgred Ecgric Ecgtheow Ecgwald Ecgwine
Ecgwulf Edric Edward Edwy Eegelwin Egbert
Egbin Egbryht Egelbert Egelwin Egferth Egfrid
Egfrith Egred Egric Egwine Eilmund Einhard
Ekbert Ekkehard Elfstan Elphege Elstan Eluard
Eluric Elwin Elwyn Engelard Engelram Eoforheard
Eoforich Eoforweald Eohhere Eohric Eomer Eorcenbehrt
Eorconbeald Eorconbehrt Eorconweald Eored Eorkonweald Eormenraed
Eormenread Eorphere Eorpwald Eosterwine Erconbert Eric
Ermenred Erminus Ernulf Erwald Erwin Esegar
Estmar Estmund Ethbin Ethelred Ethelric Ethelsige
Eumer Everard Ewald Eward Ewias Farman
Feleogild Felgild Feologild Feolomaer Feolugeld Feolumaer
Flodwig Folcheorht Fordwin Forthhere Forthred Forwin
Frealaf Freawine Fremund Freodhoric Freola Freomund
Freothul Freothulaf Frigedag Frithebert Frithegod Frithestan
Frithowulf Frithugar Frithugeorn Frithugis Frithulaf Frithuwald
Fromund Fulbert Fullofaudes Gaenbald Gaenbeald Gaenburh
Gaerwulf Ganulf Garbeorht Garmund Gebmund Geldfrith
Geldhere Geldwine Gerbert Germund Gernebern Gladwin
Gleawfrith Godbert Godefrid Godfred Godfrid Godfrith
Godhelm Godhere Godhold Goding Godmaer Godman
Godmann Godmund Godred Godric Godwald Godwin
Godwine Godwulf Godwyn Goldwin Goldwine Goodwin
Gosbeorht Gosfrid Graham Grimbald Grimbeald Grimcytel
Grimwold Gudram Gumbeorht Gumweald Gundulf Gunuert
Guthfrith Guthhere Guthlac Guthlaf Guthmaer Guthred
Haeferic Haemgils Haemgisl Haethbeorht Harding Hardred
Hardulph Hardwin Harhold Hariulf Harold Hathcyn
Hathweald Heahfrith Heahhbeorht Heahmund Heahred Heahstan
Healfdene Heardbehrt Heardinc Heardred Heardwulf Heferth
Helmhead Helmheard Helpric Hengest Heorrenda Heorstan
Heorulaf Heorulf Heorured Heoruweald Heoruwulf Herbert
Herebeald Herebeard Herebehrt Herebeorht Herebert Hereferth
Herefrid Herefrith Heregeard Heregeorn Heregils Heregod
Herelaf Hereman Heremod Herered Hereric Hereward
Hereweald Herewulf Heribert Heriburg Herimann Hering
Herrig Herward Hethin Hethor Hewald Hibald
Higbald Hildebeorht Hildwulf Hincmar Hiroc Hleogar
Hlothere Hlothhere Holbert Hondscio Horik Hothere
Hreodbeorht Hrethbeorht Hrethric Hringhere Hrothbeorht Hrothgar
Hrothlaf Hrothmaer Hrothsige Hrothwulf Huaetberct Hubert
Hughoc Humbeald Humbert Humberth Hunbald Hunbeald
Hunbehrt Hunbeorht Hundine Hunferth Hunfirth Hunfrith
Hunlaf Hunsige Hunstan Hunwald Hwaetbert Hwaetmund
Hwaetsige Hwitmann Hybald Hygbald Hygebald Hygebehrt
Hygebeorht Hygelac Hygered Hylpric Hynsige Hythwalda
Iaenbeorht Idhelm Idmaer Ielfgar Ielfred Iestyn
Ilfred Ilhelm Indulf Ingeld Ingilram Inguburh
Ingulf Ingulph Ingwald Ingweald Ingwulf Instio
Inwaer Irminric Itermon Ithamar Jaenbeorht Jaenbert
Jambert Jaruman Jurmin Kenelm Kennald Kenward
Lambert Lambin Lanfranc Leavold Leodbriht Leodhere
Leodwald Leofard Leofgeat Leofgiest Leofheah Leofhere
Leofing Leofnoth Leofred Leofric Leofsige Leofstan
Leofwig Leofwine Leovenath Letard Leuthere? Liliwin
Lindhard Litwin Liudolf Lulling Madulf Maegenfrith
Maerec Maerheard Maerleswein Maethelgar Maldred Mansige
Mearcred Medwin Mensige Merchelm Merefin Merehwit
Merewala Merewald Meriet Mervin Mildred Morcar
Morkere Norbert Nordman Norman Northman Nothelm
Nothhelm Nothwulf Odalric Odard Odbehrt Odoacer
Oelfwine Oeric Oethelwald Oftfor Ohthere Oidilwald
Ongentheow Ordbehrt Ordgar Ordheah Ordlaf Ordmaer
Ordric Ormar Orped Osbald Osbeohrt Osbeorn
Osbryht Oscytel Osegod Osfrid Osfrith Osgar
Osgood Oshern Oslac Oslaf Oslafa Osmaer
Osmer Osmod Osmund Osred Osric Osulf
Osweald Oswin Oswine Oswiu Oswold Oswudu
Oswuff Oswulf Oswy Oswyn Osyth Oughtred
Pechthelm Pecthelm Peohtgils Peohthelm Peohtred Peohtric
Peohtwine Pilheard Plechelm Pleghelm Plegmund Radbod
Raedfrid Raedwulf Raegenhere Ragener Rahere Randal
Randwulf Ranulf Redwald Regenbald Regengar Regenhere
Regenmaer Regenweald Reginald Regnheah Regnhere Rendel
Ribald Ricbert Richeard Ricmaer Ricmann Ricsig
Ricsige Robert Roderic Roderick Rodney Rodolph
Roger Romund Rumbald Rumwald Rumwold Ryhrtwold
Sabehrt Sabeorht Sabert Saebald Saebehrt Saebeorht
Saefugl Saegar Saegeat Saeward Saeweard Saewig
Saewine Saewulf Saward Sawin Scenwulf Scirheah
Scirheard Seaxwulf Seeman Selewine Selred Selwyn
Sentwine Sexbald Sexfred Sexhelm Sexmund Sexwulf
Sibert Sibwine Sideman Siferth Sigbert Sigebald
Sigebehrt Sigebert Sigebryht Sigeferth Sigegar Sigegeat
Sigehaeth Sigeheah Sigehelm Sigehere Sigelac Sigered
Sigeric Sigeweard Sigewine Sigewulf Sighard Sighere
Sigstein Sired Siward Sledda Snaroc Sperling
Stidolph Stigand Stithbeorht Stithwulf Stronglic Strongric
Swaebhard Swaefheard Swartcol Swatreband Sweartling Swefred
Swetman Swidbert Swidhelm Swithbert Swithin Swithulf
Swithun Swithwulf Tancred Tatfrid Tathere Tating
Tatuini Tatwine Tatwulf Teoweald Teowulf Thanchere
Theabul Theobald Theodbald Theodbeald Theodbeorht Theodgar
Theodlac Theodoric Theodric Theodulf Thingfrith Thorweald
Thraesfrith Thruidred Thrydwulf Thrythbeorht Thunor Thurstan
Tidfrith Tidhelm Tidhere Tidsige Tidweald Tidwulf
Tilbert Tilhere Tilman Tilmund Tilwald Tondbehrt
Tondbert Tondhere Torhtsige Torold Torphin Torthred
Tostig Trumbehrt Trumhere Trumwin Trumwine Trygil
Tunbehrt Tunbeorht Tunbert Tunfrith Turbert Turec
Turoc Turold Turstan Uchtred Ufegeat Ulfbehrt
Ulfcytel Ulfric Ulfrid Ulger Unferth Unlaf
Unwona Urien Uscfrea Uxfrea Vadir Vifil
Waegdaeg Waegmund Waegstan Waerbeald Waerferth Waerheard
Waermund Waernoth Walahfrid Walden Waldere Waldhere
Waldwin Walhhere Wallding Walstan Wardlaw Wardric
Wathsige Watman Wayland Wealdhere Wealdthaf Wealdtheof
Wealhhere Weidrek Weland Weohstan Weohtgar Weonard
Weorcgyth Weorchaeth Werferth Werhard Werheard Wermund
Werwulf Westerfalca Wicbeorht Wictgils Wictred Widmund
Widreth Widsith Widuc Widukind Wiergils Wiermund
Wigbeald Wigbeorht Wigbeorn Wigbert Wigestan Wigferth
Wigfrith Wighard Wigheard Wighelm Wighere Wightgar
Wiglac Wiglaf Wigmaer Wigmund Wigod Wigred
Wigric Wigstan Wigthegn Wihtgar Wihtgils Wihthere
Wihtlac Wihtlaeg Wihtred Wihtric Wilbehrt Wilbeorht
Wilbrord Wilfram Wilfrith Wilgils Wilgisl Wilheard
Wilhere Willehad Willibrord Wilmaer Wilmund Wilsiga
Wilsige Wimund Winebald Winebeald Winefrith Winegar
Winelac Winemaer Winfirth Winfrid Winfrith Winnibald
Winsige Winstan Winston Wiohthere Withergild Withermund
Wlencing Wolfeius Wolnoth Wolstan Wraecwulf Wuldric
Wuldwine Wulfbeald Wulfestan Wulfferd Wulffrith Wulfgar
Wulfgeat Wulfhad Wulfheah Wulfhelm Wulfhere Wulflaf
Wulfnoth Wulfred Wulfric Wulfrid Wulfrun Wulfsige
Wulfsin Wulfstan Wulfthere Wulfweard Wulfwig Wulgan
Wulmar Wulpher Wuscfrea Wusfrea Wyard Wynbald
Wynfrid Wynfrith Wynhaeth Wynsige Wynstan Yonwin


Saxon names were still widely used after the Norman conquest and are found in various forms in written records. In many cases, variant spellings occur, often with the letter ‘v’ represented by ‘u’.
Adellufu Adney Aedilburh Aegthryth Aelfgifu Aelfgyth
Aelflead Aelfrun Aelfthryth Aelfwyn Aelfwynn Aelgifu
Aengifu Aeschild Aethelberga Aethelburh Aethelgifu Aethelhild
Aethelhun Aethelind Aethelswith Aethelthrith Aethelthryd Aethelthryth
Aethelu Aethelwaru Agenilda Akelda Alburga Alchflead
Alchfrid Aldreda Alfild Alfilda Alfrun Alfwen
Alhburg Alkeld Alkelda Aluburg Aluhburg Arild
Athilda Aylild Aylyld Baldehuia Baldeth Baldethiva
Baldguia Baldhild Baldith Balethiva Balthildis Bathild
Beadohild Beaduburg Beaduthryth Bealdthryth Begild Begilda
Beorhtwynn Beornthryth Beornwynn Berchthild Bertrade Beyhild
Bilswith Birghiva Botild Botilda Botill Bregeswith
Breguswith Bricheve Brichheve Brichterith Brichtled Brichtrede
Brichtrethe Bricteva Bricthiua Bricthled Brictiua Brictiva
Brictled Brictuia Brictwen Brigthwyna Brihctiua Brihteue
Brihtgiua Brihtiua Brihtiue Britheue Britheva Brithiva
Brithreth Brithrethe Brithwen Burchwen Burghwenna Burgwenta
Burgwynn Burwena Burwenna Cengifu Ceolburh Ceolfrith
Ceolwynn Coenberg Coenburg Coenburga Cuthburga Cuthburh
Cuthfleda Cwenburg Cwenburh Cwenthryth Cyneburh Cynedeall
Cynehild Cyneswith Cynethryth Cynewise Cyniburg Cynwise
Denegifu Denegyth Derehild Domneva Eadburg Eadburh
Eadgifu Eadgyfu Eadild Eadwine Eadwynn Ealdgifu
Ealdgyth Ealhburg Ealhhild Ealhswith Ealhswuth Eanburg
Eanflaed Eanflead Eanfled Eanswida Eanswith Eanswitha
Eanswyth Eanwin Earcongota Ecgwynn Edild Edilda
Ediltrudis Edoma Edusa Edwen Egefride Einilda
Elfilda Elfswitha Enfleda Engeled Engeleis Engeleisia
Engelieth Engelise Eorcengota Eorcongota Eormenburh Eormengard
Eormengyth Eormenhild Eormenhilde Ercongota Erkengota Ermenburga
Ermenhilda Estrid Estrith Ethelhild Eudelme Everild
Everildis Freawaru Frethesant Freware Frigyth Fritheswith
Frithugyth Frithuswith Garwynn Gertrude Gethwine Godehese
Godelina Goderun Godgifu Godgyth Godlefe Godrun
Godwyna Goldberga Goldcorn Goldcorna Goldeburga Golderon
Goldhen Goldrun Goldyna Guthild Haunild Heagyth
Heahburg Heahgyth Heahthryth Heathuburg Hehilde Hendina
Herburga Hereburg Heregyth Herelufu Hereswith Herewynn
Hermynhild Hildeburg Hildeburh Hildelida Hildelith Hildilid
Hiltrude Hounild Hounilda Hringwynn Hrodwyn Hrotsvitha
Hugeburc Hunburg Juthwara Lefsued Lefsuet Leofgifu
Leofrun Leoftaet Leofwaru Leofwynn Maerwynn Mildburh
Mildgyth Mildoina Mildthryth Mindred Modthryth Osburga
Osburh Osgifu Osgyth Oslafa Osthryd Osthryth
Quendreda Rafenild Rimilda Rimilde Ronilda Roswitha
Rowena Saeburg Saegifu Saethryd Saethryth Saewara
Saewynn Saxleue Sexhuie Sidelufu Sidwell Sigegifu
Somerhild Somerild Stanfleda Stanflede Stangyth? Stanhild
Sunngifu Sunnild Theberga Thedlef Thedware Theorigitha
Thurrieua Tidhild Tonild Tortgith Tortgyth Touild
Touillda Touilt Turgiua Uuordgiue Vluerona Waerblith
Waerburh Waerhild Wealhburh Wealhtheow Wendreda Wenfleda
Wengeua Wengewe Wenyld Weynild Wicthiue Wictieue
Wictiue Wifrun Wigburg Wigswith Wihtburh Wilcum
Wilthryth Winfred Winfrith Witburh Withburga Wiuerona
Wlanchild Wlankild Wlfrun Wrtheve Wrthiue Wuderoua
Wulburg Wulfgifu Wulfhild Wulflead Wulfrun Wulfthryth
Wulftrudis Wulfwaru Wulfwyn Wulfwynn Wychtleth Wyneue
Wynflead Wynyeue Wyverun      

Monothematic Names

Many of these originated as bynames or nicknames and were not always complimentary. They seem to have had a more low-status association than the dithematic or two element names. Forms ending in ‘-el’, ‘ela’ and ‘-la’ are usually diminutives, probably taken from one element of a dithematic name.


Abba Abbo Abo Acca Adda Addi
Aebba Aebbe Aecci Aed Aeddi Aedh
Aeffa Aega Aegel Aegla Aelf Aelfa
Aella Aelle Aelli Aellin Aemela Aemele
Aesc Aesca Aescla Aesica Aethel Aetla
Aetta Aetti Aettin Afa Ailef Ailsi
Alca Alda Alsi Alweo Ambr Amma
Anna Anneca Anno Anta Asa Assa
Asser Atta Autti Babba Bacca Bacga
Bada Badda Badeca Badela Baecci Baecga
Baeddel Baeddi Baega Baegi Baelli Baerla
Baessel Baetti Baga Bagga Bana Banna
Bara Basa Bass Bassa Basuca Bata
Beac Beada Beadda Beaga Beage Beagga
Beald Bealda Bealga Beard Bearda Beaw
Beawa Bebba Bebbe Beca Becca Beda
Bede Bedel Bedla Beffa Belgr Beli
Bemma Benca Benesa Benna Bennca Benoc
Beoba Beocc Beocca Beoda Beoduca Beofa
Beohha Beonna Beora Beorma Beorna Beotta
Bera Betla Betti Bibba Bica Bicca
Biccel Bidda Biddi Bieda Bil Billa
Binta Bionna Biora Bise Bisi Bita
Bitel Bitta Biutta Blac Blaca Blaecca
Blaedla Blanca Blecca Bledda Blesi Blicla
Blitha Blocc Blocca Blunt Bobba Bocca
Boda Boet Bofa Boga Boia Boisil
Bola Bolla Bosa Bosel Bota Bracca
Brada Braegd Braenci Brand Brant Branta
Breahha Breca Breid Breme Bret Bretta
Bridd Broca Brocc Brorda Bruna Bryda
Brynca Bryni Bucc Bucca Buda Budda
Buduc Bueth Bula Bulca Bulla Buna
Buntel But Buttel Byddi Byni Bynna
Byrla Byttel Byttic Cada Cadda Caecca
Caefca Caega Caege Caegel Caegi Caegin
Caegla Caelci Caeli Caelic Caelin Caerda
Caetti Cafa Cafna Cafnoth Calli Calwa
Cana Canta Carda Catta Ceabba Ceacca
Ceadd Ceadda Ceaddi Ceadel Ceadela Cealfa
Cealin Cealli Cearl Ceatta Ceatwe Ceawa
Cebba Cebbi Cedd Cedda Ceh Celli
Cempa Cena Ceobba Ceofa Ceofel Ceol
Ceola Ceolla Ceomma Ceonna Ceorl Ceorra
Cerda Cerne Certa Cetta Ciaba Cibba
Cic Cica Cicca Cidd Cidda Ciedda
Cifa Cilda Ciolla Ciorra Cippa Cissa
Cissi Citta Clac Clacc Clip Cnapa
Cnebba Cnotta Cnytel Cobba Cocca Coccede
Coda Cofa Cofsi Cohha Cohhede Coifi
Cola Colla Coppa Cora Corra Cort
Cortel Cossa Cota Cott Cotta Crada
Cradda Craeda Craeddi Crebba Creda Credan
Creoda Cretta Crida Criddi Cridel Cridela
Croc Cropp Cryda Crympel Cubba Cuc
Cuca Cucola Cucu Cuda Cufa Cufel
Cufna Cugga Cuha Cula Cuma Cumbra
Cumma Cunda Cuppa Curra Curta Cusa
Cussa Cutha Cuthsa Cwic Cwida Cybba
Cybbel Cyda Cydda Cyddesi Cyddi Cydela
Cyfa Cyfel Cyhha Cylla Cylli Cylp
Cyma Cymen Cymesa Cymi Cyna Cyne
Cynel Cyppa Cyppel Cyrtla Cysela Cyssi
Daecca Daeccel Daeda Daedca Daeddel Daeddi
Daegel Daegga Daegla Dafa Dalla Dealla
Deaw Dene Denic Deor Deora Deore
Dica Dicca Diccel Diccin Dicel Dicla
Dida Diuma Docc Doda Dodda Dodde
Dodinc Dogod Dola Dreama Dremca Dremic
Ducc Ducca Duccel Ducel Dudd Dudda
Dudde Duddel Duddela Duduc Dull Dulla
Dunn Dunna Dunnuca Dunt Duve Dydda
Dyddi Dylla Dylli Dynne Dyttel Eabba
Eabbe Ead Eada Eafa Ealda Eama
Eamma Eana Earcna Earda Earn Eastra
Eata Eatta Eawa Ebba Ebbe Ecca
Eccel Ecci Ecga Ecgel Ecgi Echa
Edda Eddi Edla Eega Effa Ehta
Elave Eleasa Elesa Elesea Eli Ella
Elli Elsin Elta Embe Embre Empa
Eni Enna Eofor Eoppa Eorcna Eorma
Eorp Esa Esi Esla Esne Facca
Fadda Faela Faele Falca Falta Fealca
Fealcna Fecca Feolma Feoluca Filica Fina
Fingra Fitela Fobb Fobba Focca Folca
Fraeta Fram Frameca Framela Franca Frea
Freca Frecla Fremi Fresa Frithel Frithela
Frithona Frithu Frod Froda Fugol Fulca
Fulla Fygla Gabba Gadd Gaega Gaegi
Gaena Gaera Gaete Gafa Gamal Gamel
Gamela Gara Garth Geac Geana Geat
Geatela Geddi Gede Gedel Gedla Gegn
Geofa Geord Georna Gerla Getla Gewis
Gicsa Giedda Giga Gilla Gille Gilli
Gimma Gip Gipe Gisla Gisllica Glor
Goda Golda Gosa Gouti Graega Graeme
Granta Grante Grendel Grenta Grente Grentel
Gudule Gumela Gunda Guppa Gutha Gycsa
Gydda Gyddi Gydel Gyldi Gylla Gymi
Gymma Gyppa Gyppi Gyrd Gyric Gyrth
Gysla Gyssa Gyssi Gythi Gythla Gyxa
Haca Hacca Hada Hadd Haeccel Haecci
Haeccin Haeda Haedda Haeddi Haefer Haegel
Haele Haep Hafoca Hagena Hagona Halda
Halnath Hama Hamela Hamgisl Hana Haneca
Haseca Hasu Heabba Headd Headda Heald
Heall Hearda Hebba Hebbi Heca Hedda
Hedde Heddin Hedena Hefa Hega Helma
Help Hemeda Hemede Hemele Hemma Hemmi
Heorot Heortla Here Hereca Herel Herela
Heresa Hicel Hicela Hidda Hiddi Hiddila
Hilla Hlappa Hlossa Hlud Hluda Hluppa
Hnaef Hnotta Hnydda Hoc Hoca Hocca
Hocga Hod Hoda Hofa Hogg Hola
Holti Horn Horsa Hova Hraefn Hrathra
Hrethel Hroc Hroca Hroda Hrof Hrolla
Hroppa Hror Hrotha Huca Hucca Hucel
Hucela Huda Hudeca Huder Hugga Huhha
Humma Huna Hund Hunta Hussa Hwaessa
Hwaetel Hwala Hwicca Hwita Hycca Hycga
Hydica Hydla Hyht Hymel Hynca Hynci
Hyntel Hytha Hythla Hyttin Ibba Ibbi
Ica Icca Icel Ida Iddi Iella
Ifa Igil Illa Illica Imma Immin
Immine Ina Inee Ing Inga Ingin
Ingui Inguo Iola Ipa Ipela Ippa
Ira Irma Iwi Laca Ladda Laeppa
Laesta Lafa Landa Lawa Lealla Leana
Leaxa Led Lelli Lendca Leoda Leof
Leofa Leofeca Leofede Leofel Leofsa Leppa
Lida Lill Lilla Limpa Liofa Lissa
Lod Loppa Lorta Lott Luba Lubba
Luca Luda Ludeca Lufa Luffa Luhha
Luhhede Lull Lulla Lullede Lulluc Lullus
Lylla Lyrel Lyrti Maca Macca Maccus
Mada Maecea Maegen Maegla Maera Maerla
Maersa Maessa Maetta Malla Malti Mana
Mann Manna Mannus Matta Mealla Meapa
Mëappa Mearna Mearth Mearthel Mede Melda
Mensa Menta Meoc Metti Milda Milred
Milret Mocca Mod Moda Mogga Moll
Monn Mort Morta Muca Mucca Mucel
Mucga Mul Mula Muli Mull Munda
Mundel Mynda Myndel Mynta Myntla Myrsa
Nethel Nunna Oca Occa Ocga Octa
Oda Odda Odo Ofa Offa Offede
Oftfor Ohta Oiddii Ola Olef Olla
On Ona Onlaf Onna Orda Ordla
Orri Osa Osla Ota Otta Paca
Pacca Padda Paecc Paecca Paeccel Pæccel
Paecga Paegna Paelli Paetta Paettel Paetti
Paga Pagga Palla Palloc Pamp Pant
Papa Passa Patta Peada Peadda Pearta
Peatta Peden Pefen Penda Penta Peoda
Peofa Peofel Peoht Peohtel Peohtla Peola
Peot Peota Peotla Pertel Pete Peufa
Pic Pica Pice Picel Pidda Pil
Pila Pileca Pinna Pinnel Pippa Piuda
Plesa Plucca Pocel Pocg Pohha Pohhel
Porca Port Poss Possa Possel Praen
Preed Prim Pruda Pubba Puca Pucela
Puda Pudel Pulloc Pulta Pun Puna
Purta Pusa Pussa Puta Putta Pybba
Pybbi Pylcca Pylta Pymma Pyppa Pytta
Pyttel Qita Raeda Raedel Raedla Read
Reada Regna Rica Ricel Ricela Ricola
Ricole Ringer Risa Rota Rotel Ruffin
Rum Runa Salsa Sceafa Sceaft Sceaften
Scebbi Scef Sceld Sceldwa Scene Sceobba
Sceot Scobba Scrobb Scytta Searu Seassa
Seaxa Seaxel Sebbe Sebbi Secca Secg
Secga Sele Sellen Seofeca Serlo Sessa
Sibba Sibbi Sica Sicel Sicela Sicga
Sifel Sige Skotte Sledda Snoc Snot
Snytra Socca Soppa Sprot Sprota Sprow
Stan Stealla Steapa Stofn Strenge Stubba
Stuf Stunta Stut Stybba Styfic Sucga
Sumor Sunna Swaefa Sweord Sweppi Sweta
Swift Swiftel Synnel Tada Taebba Tael
Taeppa Taesa Taeta Taetel Taetwa Tala
Tata Tatel Tatta Tatuc Teitri Teobba
Teoda Teodec Teorra Teotta Theoda Throca
Thrymma Thymel Thymli Tibba Tibbi Tica
Ticcea Tida Tidhe Tidi Tidin Tidna
Tila Tilla Tilli Tima Timan Tippa
Tira Tissi Titel Titta Titten Tiwa
Toa Toat Toca Tocca Toki Topp
Toppa Torhta Tota Totta Trost Trosta
Trota Trott Trump Trumpa Trymma Trympa
Tryppa Tubba Tucca Tucga Tuda Tudca
Tudda Tudeca Tuf Tuffa Tuisco Tulla
Tumma Tunna Tutta Twicca Twicga Tydda
Tydi Tydic Tyfel Tylli Tynne Tynni
Tyrdda Tyrhtel Tyssi Tytta Tyttla Ubba
Ucca Ucga Ufa Uffa Ufic Ugga
Uggeca Uggi Ula Ulf Ullaula Utta
Uttel Uttoc Waca Wacca Wacer Wacol
Wada Wadda Wade Waeba Waeccin Waeddi
Waels Waendel Waer Waerla Waerna Wafa
Walo Walsa Want Wanta Warin Wat
Wata Wathsa Wealaca Wealda Wealh Wecta
Wemba Wendel Wendla Wenna Weoca Weohha
Weola Weorc Weosa Wera Werca Werel
Werna Wibba Wicg Wicga Widda Widga
Widia Wifa Wife Wifel Wig Wiga
Wihta Willa Wilma Win Wina Wincel
Wine Wineca Winel Winela Wini Wintra
Winuc Wiobba Wippa Wipped Wirc Wirca
Wiro Wisa Wita Witi Witta Wittel
Wittin Wittuc Wlanc Wlenca Wocc Wocca
Wolcen Womar Wonta Worr Worta Wrabba
Wrenna Wrenta Wrobba Wroc Wrota Wrott
Wrybba Wudiga Wuffa Wulda Wulf Wulfa
Wulsi Wunna Wurth Wydo Wyga Wynna
Wyrm Wyrma Wyrtel Ybba Yccel Yffi
Yppe Yra Ywi      


Acha Aebba Aude Beaga Beage Bebba
Bebbe Begu Bercta Berta Bertha Bette
Blida Bucge Bugga Bugge Eabae Ebba
Ebbe Eda Edda Edde Eng Erth
Ethel Fara Flaede Frieda Gerd Gerta
Goda Gode Golda Golde Haedde Heiu
Helga Henna Hild Hygd Leva Lilla
Lioba Milda Milde Oayth Pega Quena
Quene Ran Ricula Seild Tata Tetta
Tette Theda Thieda Thryth Thuna Tibba
Torfi Tova Truda Tunnok Tunnoke Werca
Werce Willa Witta Ymme    

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