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Medieval English Names

As the spelling of English was not standardized during the Middle Ages, names can be found in many different forms in written records. The French diminutive endings which arrived with the Normans (‘-et’, ‘-in’ and ‘-on’ ) became less common and English forms such as ‘-cock’, and ‘-kin’ took their place. Double diminutives such as ‘Hodgekin’ (Roger) or ‘Simcock’ (Simon) existed. Few of these forms are still used but many are found as surnames as they were current during the surname formation period.

Many documents relating to the medieval period use a Latin written form ending in ‘-us’ for men’s names. It is not always certain what the actual spoken form would have been but it is probable that the Latin forms were not in daily use.

It should be remembered that the Latin feminine ending ‘-a’ was usually added to male names only in the written form so Philippa and Juliana would actually have been called Philip and Julian. (The medieval mystic Julian of Norwich was a woman). The Latin ‘-ae’ (feminine genitive) ending was often reduced to an ‘-e’ in the Middle Ages so forms ending in ‘-e’ are often versions of names which ended in the nominative ‘-a’ in Latin. The letter ‘u’ often replaces ‘v’ in old spellings. Diminutives often take a French form with endings including ‘-ette’, ‘-ina’ or -‘ota’.

Intermarriage for dynastic and political reasons was common amongst European medieval royalty, and the Plantagenet and Tudor monarchs of England followed this rule. As a result, further foreign names arrived with the royal brides and their retinues although many were anglicised rather than coming into common usage in their original form.

Common Names


These accounted for about 70% of the male population in the 13th and 14th centuries.
Adam Geoffrey Gilbert Henry Hugh John
Nicholas Peter Ralf Richard Robert Roger
Simon Thomas Walter William    


These names accounted for about 60% of the female population in the 13th/14th centuries.
Agnes Alice Avice Beatrice Cecily Emma
Isabella Joan Juliana Margery Matilda Rohesia

Medieval English Names of Norman/Germanic Origin

The Frankish names of early medieval France became popular with the Normans who brought them to England in the invasion of 1066. Many are still in use in modern forms today. Some of these names had equivalents in Old English which were in use before the conquest but only became common after the Normans arrived.


Adhémar Audemar Azémar Huidemar?    

Aalart Aalot Adelardus Aderlard Adlard Alard
Alart Athelard Athelardus Aylard Eluard  

Aldous probably short for names beginning with ald old
Aldis Aldo Aldus      

Aimeri Aimeriguet Aimery Almeric Almericus Amaud
Amauri Amaurri Amaury Amer Americ Americus
Amery Aymer Aymeri Emaurri Emeric Emerick
Emericus Emery Emory Heimeri Hemeri Heymeri

Alphonse prob adal noble + funs ready/prompt
Alfan? Alfonce Alphonsins Alphonsus    

Ancelin Ancelot Anscoul? Anselet Ansell Ansellus

Anselm divinity + helmet
Ancelm Ancelmus Anselme Anselmet Anselmus  

Ansfrid divinity + peace
Amfrid Amfridus Anfroi Anfroy Ansfroi  

Ansger divinity + spear
Anchier Ansgot Ansiau Ansout Ansure Auguinare?
Aunger Ausout        

Arnold eagle + ruler
Arnald Arnaldus Arnaud Arnaut Arnet Arnoldus
Arnott Arnould Ernald Ernaldus Ernaut Ernold
Ernoldus Ernoul Ernoulet Ernoullet    

Acelin Acot? Ascelin Ascelyn Asselin Azelinus


Adenot Adri Audouin Audri    


Bardol Bardolf Bardolphus Bardulphus    

Basequin Basuin Batsuen Bausan    

Beneger Benger Berengar Berengarius Berengerius Berengerus
Berengier Béri? Beringer Bernier?    

Bernard bear + hardy
Barnard Barnet Bayard Baynard Bernar Bernardus

Barat Baret Barret Barrett Beroldus Berolt

Bertram bright + raven
Bertaut Bartram Bertin Bertrannus Berteram Bartrem
Bertramus Bertran Bertrand Bertrant Betan? Betin?

Beavis Beuves Beves      

Blavier Blayves        

Botolfe Botolph Botulf      

Charles 'free man'
Carle Challes Charle Charlet Charlot Charlys
Karles Karolus        

Clarembaut Clarenbald Clerebald Clerenbald    

Conrad bold + counsel

Curtis byname 'courteous'
Courtois Curteis        

Degarre Degore Digory      

Drogo OS drog ghost, OHG tragan to carry or Slavic dorogo dear
Dreu Dreue Dreues Drew Drewett Droart
Droet Drouet Droyn Dru Drue Druet
Druettus Drugo        

Ernis Ernest?
Erneis Ernisius Hernais Hernays    

Eude Eudes Eudon Udo Udona  

Eden riches + bear cub (later assoc with garden of Eden)
Edon Edun        

Everard boar + hardy
Aberardus Averardus Averet Averitt Ebrardus Erart
Everardus Evrardin Evrart Evrat    

Euvrouin Evenon?        

Fairman Fareman Faremanne Farman Farmanus Farrimond

Ferand form of Ferdinand 'journey (or peace?) + ready/prepared'
Ferant Ferentus Ferrand Ferrant    

Frank member of the Frankish tribe
Franco Francus Franque Franquet Fraunk  

Frederick peace + power/ruler
Féderic Féderyc Ferri Ferry Fery Frederic
Fredericus Frery Frideric      

Filbert fila much + berht bright/famous
Fulbert Fulbertus Philbert Philibert    

Fulk people/tribe
Fauques Fawkes Folc Folcard Folke Folkes
Foucaud Foucaut Foucher Fouchier Foulk Foulque
Foulqueret Fouquaut Fouque Fouques Fouquet Fowke
Fulchard Fulcher Fulco Fulke Fulko  

Gaillard byname 'dandy'
Gaiallard Gaillart Gale Galeran Galeren Gales
Galot Gaylord        


Geoffrey from ‘Gaufrid’, ‘Walahfrid’ and ‘Gisfrid’ district/traveller/pledge + peace
Galfridus Gaufridus Gaufroi Geffery Geffrai Geffray
Geffrei Geffrey Geffroi Gefroi Gefroy Geoff
Geoffroi Geofridus Geuffroi Geve Gieffrinnet? Giff
Goffridus Goisfridus Gosfridus Jeff Jeffcock Jeffery
Jeffroy Jeffry Jep Jeph Joffridus  

Gerald spear + rule
Geraldus Geroldin Geroldus Gerolt Gerould Giraldus
Giraud Giraudus Giraut Giroldus Girout Guiraud

Gerard spear + brave/hardy
Garit Garrat Garratt Garrett Gerardus Gerrart
Giradin Girard Girardus Girart Guérart Gyrard

Gerbert spear + bright
Gerbald Gerbaut Gerbertus Gerbod Gerbold Gerboud

Gervase spear + ?
Ger Gerfast Gervais Gervaise Gervas Gervasius
Gervassius Gervès Gervèse Gervesin Gervesot Gervis
Jarvis Jervis Vasey      

Gifardus Gifartus Gifford Gyffard    

Gilbert pledge + bright
Gib Gibbon Gibby Gil Gilberd Gilbertus
Gilebert Gilebertus Gilebin Gilibertus Gillebertus Gilpin
Gipp Gislebertus Guibe Guibert Gylbard Gylbarde

Godbert god + bright
Gobert Godebert Goubert Guibour?    

Godfrey god + peace
Godafre Godefray Godefridus Godefroi Godefroy Godefry
Godelot Godet Godfery Godfree Godfreed Godfry

Gunter strife + army
Guntard Gunterius        

Guy witu wood or wit wide
Gui Guiart Guido Guiot Guyat Guyon
Gwydo Gy Wido Wy Wyat Wyon

Haimmon Ham Hamelen Hamelin Hameline Hamelot
Hamen Hamett Hamlet Hamlin Hamlyn Hammond
Hamnet Hamon Hamond Hamonet Hamund Haymo

Hardwin brave + friend
Hardegin Hardi Harding Hardouin Harduinus Houdart
Houdéet Houdin Houdoin Houdouyn    

Harvey Breton haer battle + vy worthy
Haveron Herve Herveus Hervey Hervi Herviet
Hervoet Hervouet Hervy      

Aymon Heimon Hemmet Hemonnet Heymon  

Henry Haimirich and Haganrich 'house/enclosure + power/ruler'
Hal Hank Hankin Hann Hanry Harry
Hary Hawkin Hendereye Hendry Henricus Henriet
Henriot Heriot   Herriot Herry Hurrey?

Herman army + man
Armand Armant Armin Armine Arminel Armundus
Harman Hermannus Hermenion Herment    

Hewerald Howard Huguard      

Hildebrand battle + flaming sword
Heudebrand Hildebrandus Hildebrant Hildebrondus Odibrand  

Hubert heart + bright
Hobard Hubard Hubelet Hubertus Hubie Hugubert

Hugh hug heart/mind/spirit
Hew Hewe Hewelet Hewelin Hewet Hewlett
How Howkin Huchon Hud Hudd Hue
Huelin Huet Hugelin Huget Hugethun Huggett
Huggin Hughoc Hugin Hugline Hugo Hugolinus
Hugon Hugue Huguenin Hugues Huguet Huon
Hutch Hutchin        

Humphrey hun bear-cub/warrior + peace
Dump Dumphey Dumphry Dumpty Henfrey Honfroi
Huffie Humfery Humfredus Humfrey Humfridus Humfrye
Humph Humpherus Humphery Humpty Hunfray Hunfridus
Onfroi Onuphrius Umfray Umfrey Umfridus Umphrey

Aurri Oure Ourri      

Ilbert ? + bright
Ilberd Ilbertus        

Ingram tribe Angle or god Ing + raven
Engeram Engeramus Engerramet Engerran Engerrand Enguerran
Enguerrand Enjorran Enjorren Imgelramus Ingelram Ingelramnus
Ingelrandus Ingelrannus Ingeram Ingerame Ingraham Ingramus
Ingran Ingrannus Yngerame      

Imbart Imbert Imbertus Isambard Isembart Isemberd
Isembert Isenbardus Ymbert Ysembert    

Ives iv 'yew'
Ive Ivo Ivon Ivone Ivote Yvain
Yve Yves Yvet Yvon Yvone Yvonnet

Jocelyn derivative of Gaut, a tribal name (confused with 'Joyce')
Gautzelin Gocelinus Goscelin Goscelinus Gozelinus Jocelin
Jocelyn Joscelin Joscelyn Josclyn    

Job Jobba Jop Joppa    

Lambert land + bright
Lambard Lambekin Lambelin Lambequin Lambertus Lambin

Lance Lanzo 'land' assoc with Fr 'lance' the weapon
Lancelet Lancelin Lancelot Lancelyn Lanslet Launce
Launceletus Launcelot Launselot      

Louis fame + warrior
Lewis Lodewicus Looys Lowis Loys Loyset

Louve wolf
Louvel Love Lovel Lovell Lovet  

Ligier? Lijart        

Manfred man or strength + peace
Mainfridus Mainfroi        

Malgerius Margre Maugier Maugre    

Maynard strength + hardy
Mainard Mainardus Manard      

Miles may be Slavic 'grace' (assoc with Lat 'soldier')
Mile Milet Milo Milon Milot Myles

Norman north + man
Normand Normann Normannus      

Hotys Odde Oddo Ode Odinel Odouart
Otebon? Otelin Otes Othes Otho Otis
Otois Oton Ottie Otto Oudart Oudet
Oudin Oudinet Oudinnet      

Holger Odger Oger Ogerius Oggery  

Percival prob Celtic Peredur assoc with Fr pierce + valley
Parsefal Parzifal Perceval Percevale Percheval Percivale
Percyvallus Percyvell Persefall Persivell    

Ralph counsel + wolf
Raaf Radolf Radulf Radulfus Rafe Raff
Ralf Raolet Raolin Raollet Raollin Raoul
Raoulet Raoulin Rauf Rauffe Raulf Raullin
Raulyn Rawkin Rawlin Roule    

Randal/Ranulf rim/edge (of a shield) + wolf
Radulfus Ran Rand Randall Randle Randolph
Randoul Randulfus Randull Randy Rankin Rannulf
Rannulfus Ranulfus Ranulph Ranulphus    

Raymond advice/decision + protector
Raiimond Raimbaud Raimbaut Raimond Raimund Raimundus
Raymundus Reimond Reimund Remi Remon Remondin
Remonnet Remont Rémy Reymnd    

Rayner advice + army
Rainerius Rainerus Rainier Raynerus Régnier Renier

Reynfred advice + peace?
Reimfred Reinfred Reinfrid Reinfridus Remfrey Renfred
Renfry Reynfrey        

Reynard advice + hardy
Rainard Renard        

Reynold/Reginald advice + ruler
Ragenald Raignald Rainald Rainaldus Ranald Raynaldus
Raynoldus Reginalde Reginaldus Reginaldus Reignald Reignolde
Reinald Reinhold Reinold Reinoldus Renart Renaud
Renaudin Renaut Renodet Renoldus Renouart Renout
Rex Reynald Reynard Reynaud Reynold Reynoldus

Richard power/rule + hardy Richer power + army
Diccon Dick Dicken Dickie Dickon Dickory
Dicky Diggin Hick Hicket Hickie Higg
Hitch Hitchcock Hudd Hudde Ricard Ricardus
Ricaud Rich Richal Richarde Richardin Richardus
Richart Richemanus Richeut Richie Richier Rick
Ricket Ricon Rique Riquebourc Riquier Rychard

Robert fame + bright
Bert Bertie Bob Bobbie Bobby Bobs
Dob Dobbin Hab Hob Hobb Hobbie
Hodge Nab Nob Rab Rabbie Rob
Robard Robbie Rober Robertus Robin Robinet
Robion Robyn Rodbertus Rotbert Rotbertus  

Roger fame + spear
Dodd Dodge Hodge Hodgkin Hotch Rogerin
Rogerius Rogerus Roget Rogier Roguelin Rotgerius

Roland fame + land
Rolandus Rolant Roley Rolland Rollant Rollin
Rouland Roulant Rowland Rowley    

Rolf fame + wolf
Rolfe Rolft Rollo Rolph Roulf  

Saer Saerus Sagar Sagard Sagarus Segar

Searl Searle Selle Selles Serell Seri
Serill Serlo Serlon Serrell Serrill  

Sewale Sewallus Sewell      


Tancred thought + counsel
Tancard Tankard Thancred      

Theobald people + bold
Tebald Tebaud Tebbe Tedbaldus Teebald Teodbald
Tetbald Thebaldus Theobaldus Thibaud Thiébaut Thybaudin
Thybaut Tib Tibald Tibaut Tibbott Tibost
Tibout Tiebaut Tuyon? Tybalt Tybaut Tybost
Tybout Tyon?        

Theodoric tribe + power
Dederic Dederick Dedericus Derek Derric Derrick
Deryk Dyryke Tedric Teodric Tericius Terric
Terrick Terricus Terry Theodric Thierri Thierry

Thim Tim        

Vauquelin Walchelim Walchelin Walkelin Walkelinus  

Walter rule + army
Galter Galterius Gauteron Gautier Gawter Gualter
Gualterius Gualtier Gwalter Gwatkin Valter Wally
Walt Walterius Walterus Wat Water Watkin
Watkyn Watt Wattie Watty Wauter  

Warin tribal name or the placename La Varenne, 'game-park'
Garin Garnet Guarin Guarinet Guarinus Guerinnet
Guérin Warinus Warren Warrenus    

Warner 'Warin' + 'army'
Garner Garnier Garnot Garnotin Gernier Guarnier
Guernier Guernon Guernot Wariner Warnerius Warnerus

William will + helmet
Gill Gillet Gilliame Gillotin Gilmyn Gilow
Guilhem Guilielm Guillame Guillaume Guille Guillelmus
Guillemet Guillemin Guillemot Guillot Guillotin Gylaw
Viliame Vilihame Villiame Vvillequin Wilcock Wilecoc
Wiliam Wiliame Wilkie Wilkin Will Willcock
Willelm Willelmus Willet Williame Willie Willmot
Wilmot Wyliame Wylymot      

Guiscard Guischard Gwychardus Wichard Wiscar Wiscard
Wisgarus Wyschardus        

Guillemaque? Guimar Guimart Guimer Guinemar Guymar
Heimart Hemarc Hemart Wimarc Wimark Wymarc
Wymare Wymark Wymer Wymerus Wymon? Wymond?

Guimond Wyman? Wymond      


Adelaide adal noble + heid kind/sort

Adela noble
Ada Ade Adela Adelais Adelena Adelicia
Adelie Adelin Adelina Adeline Adelisa Adeliz
Adeliza Adelysia Adète Adhelina Athelesia Atheleys
Athelina Athelis Athelisa Athelisia Athelyna Edelin
Edelina Edeline Edelinne Edolina Eudeline Odelina?
Odolina? Arlette        

Albray Albree Auberée Aubourc Aubreda Aubrey

Alice derivative of Adelaide
Aalès Aalèz Aalis Aaliz Aeleis Aelesia
Aelis Aelisia Aelizia Ahelis Ahelissa Ala?
Alais Alesia Alicia Alis Alise Aliss
Aliz Allie Alot Alote Alse Alycie
Alys Elicia Elisot Elisota Ellice Elyscia

Aline contracted form of Adelina
Aalina Aaline Aelina Aleneite? Alina Alyna

Alison diminutive of Alice
Alesone Alicen Alisceon Alison Alisone Alisoun
Allison Alson Alyson Alysone Elison  

Acelina Aeschine Asceline Ascelinne Ascelot Ascilia
Asselyna Eschina        

Avelina OG Avila, derivative of Avice
Auelin Auelina Auelyna Avelyn Avila Avilina
Evelina Evelyn        

Avice OG Aveza infl by Lat avis bird
Auic Auice Auicia Auisia Auizia Aveis
Aveline Avelot Averil Avice Avicia Avin
Avina Avis        


Claramunda Claremonde Cleremunda Esclairmonde Esclamonde  


Eleanor Provencal 'Aelienor' ali foreign (or may be from Helen)
Aanor Aelienor Aenor Alianor Alianora Alienor
Alienora Eleanora Elianor Elianora Elinor Elinora
Ellenor Elyenora Heleanor      

Ella ali other/foreign (short for Eleanor, Elvira etc)
Ala Alia Ela Elia Hele  

Elysant Helisende Helisent Helissent Helysoune Helyssent

Emayn Emmony Emoni Emonie Emony Imanie

Emma short form of names beginning with ermen 'whole/entire'
Ammij Ammio Ammy Ema Emm Emme
Emmet Emmete Emmot Emmota Emmote Emota

Emmeline dim of either Emma or Amalia
Amalone Amelina Ameline Amelinne Amelot Amelyn
Emblem Emblema Emblen Emblin Emblyn Emelenine
Emelin Emelina Emeline Emelisse Emelnie Emelot
Emelote Emeloth Emelyn Emelyne Emlin Emlyn
Emmelina Emmeline Emylyna Enmeline Imblen  

Ermina variant of Hermine?
Hemin Hermineite        

Ermintrude whole + beloved

Galiene Galienne Ganleya Gaunlaya Gaunliena Gele
Gelen Gelleia?        

Geua Geue Geuecok      

Giselle gisil pledge
Gisella Gisellee Gisla      

Griselda gris grey + hild battle?
Gresilda Grisel Griseldis Grishild Grissall Grissel
Grissell Grizel Grizzel      

Hadwis Hadwise Haouys Haoys Haueis Havisa
Hawis Hawisa Hawise Hawisia Hawys Hawyse

Elewisa Elewys Eloisa Eloise Elwisia Heilewis
Heilewisa Helevisa Helewis Helewise Helewys Helewyse
Heloise Helouys Heloys Heloyson Helueua  


Harsent Hermessent Hersent      

Husewyf Husewyua        

Hugolina hug heart/mind/spirit (fem of Hugh)
Hugolinae Huguete        

Ida id 'work'

Matilda maht/meht might + battle
Mactilda Mactildis Maghtild Mahald Mahalt Mahaud
Mahault Mahaut Maheut Mahhild Mathe Matheld
Mathila Mathild Mathildis Matild Matilde Matildis
Matill Matilldis Matillis Mattie Matty Maud
Maude Maughtild Mauld Maut Mautild Mawd
Mawde Mawt Mechtild Meraud Metylda Mohaut
Mold Molde Molt Moolde Moude Moulde
Tilda Till Tilla Tille Tillie Tillot
Tillota Tillote Tilly      

Maynild strength + battle
Maghenyld Mahenyld Manel Maneld Manild Mehenilda

Millicent amal labour + swinth strength
Maysant Maysaunt Meisent Melicent Melisant Melisenda
Melisent Melisentia Melissent Milcentia Milesent Milessent
Milicent Milicenta Milisandia Milisant Milisendis Milisent
Milla Mille Millesant Millesenta Missa? Moysant
Moysent Mylecent Mylisant Mylla Mylle  

Auriol Orella Oriholt Oriold Oriolda Oriolt

Richarda fem of Richard
Richardyne Richenda Richenza Richessa Richoard  

Rechemay Richemeya Richmal? Rikmai    

Richolda power + battle?
Richil Richild Richildis Richill Ricolda Rikild
Rikilda Rikilde Rochilda Rokilda Rychyld Rykeld

Rohesia hros horse or hrod fame
Roes Roese Roesia Roheis Roheisa Roheisia
Rohese Rohez Roisia Roos Rosa Rose
Roseia Rothais? Royce Roysa Royse Roysia

Rosalind horse + tender or serpent
Rosalinda Rosaline        

Rosamund horse + protection
Rosamond Rosamunda Roseaman Rosemond Rosemunda Rosomon
Rossamond Rozeman        

Saloua Salove Sela Seloua Seloue Seluue

Sueta Sueteluue Sweteloue Swetelove Swethyna Swetiue
Swetyene Swetyne        

Williamina fem of William
Guibourc? Guillemete Guillote Guiote Mott? Motte?
Wilmetta Wilmot        

Yvonne fem of Yves
Ivetta Ivette Jivete Yvette    

Medieval English Names of Biblical Origin

Although Biblical names were sometimes used during the Middle Ages, they did not become really popular in England until after the Reformation and is likely that at least some of the occurrences in written records were the names of Jewish people.



Adame Adcock Addie Addy Ade Adecock
Adeite? Adekin Adie Adinet Adkin Aitken
Atkin Adequin        

Anderewe Andreas Andreu Andri Andriet Andrion
Andriu Androu Androuet Andruche Andry Andryr
Dandi Dandy Tancock Tandy    

Barnabe Barnaby        

Badcock Bart Bartel Bartelemi Bartelmeu Bartelot
Bartholomeus Bartle Bartlet Bartly Bartolomeus Barty
Bat Batcock Batkin Batty Bertelemi Bertelemy
Bertelot Berthellemy Bertol Bertylmew Tholy Tolly


Christie Christofarus Christofle Christofre Christofur Christopherus
Christouer Christy Crestiennet Cristal Cristall Cristoffle
Cristoforus Cristofre Cristole Crystall Crysteffor Crystoll
Kester Kit Kitt Topher    


Dane? Daniau? Dannet Danyau? Danyel Danyell


Dafydd Daue Dauid Dave Davi Davie
Davit Davy Daw Dawkin Dowd Taff

Elies Élie Eliot Elis Elyas Elye
Elyes Elyot Elys Helias Helie Helies
Helyas Helyes Helyot Hély    

Gabel Gabell Gabrien? Gabryell    

Isac Isake Izaak Ysaac Ysac  

Gemmes Iame Iames Iamys Iemes Jacob
Jacobus Jacominus Jacomus Jacomynus Jacquelin Jacquemin
Jake Jame Jamettus Jamys Jaque Jaquemart
Jaquemin Jaquemon Jaques Jaquet Jeames Jem

Jaspar Jesper        

Jed Jeremiah Jeremias Jermyn    

Gereminus Geronim Geronimus Jeremimum Jereminum Jeronim


Han Hancock Hanecock Hanekin Hanequin Hankin
Hann Ihon Ihone Iohannes Iohn Iohne
Jack Jacke Jackie Jacky Jak Jake
Jakke Jan Janequin Jankin Janot Janyn
Jeacock Jeanin Jehan Jehanel Jehannequin Jehannin
Jehannot Jehanson Jehen Jenkin Jock Joe
Johannes Jon Nib Tib Yon  

Iordanus Jordanus Jourdain Judd? Jurdan Jurdanus

Jessop Josep Joses      


Mial Micahel Michel Michelet Michell Michiel
Miel Mighel Mighell Mihel Mihill Mikael
Myghchaell Myghell        

Moise Moss Mosse Mosseus Mousse Moyse

Col Colart Cole Colet Colin Colinet
Colinus Collett Colley Colyne Nichol Nicholaus
Nichole Nick Nicky Nicol Nicolas Nicolaus
Nicolet Nicolin Nycolas      

Noe Noes Noy      

Paule Paulin Pawelinus Pawlin Powel Powle

Peares Pearse Peirce Pereret Peres Perez
Perinnet Perote Perrin Perrot Pers Peterkin
Petrus Petur Petyr Pierce Pierres Pierrot

Sam Samm Samson Sanse Sanses Sanson
Sansonnet Sansum Saunsum      

Seemannus? Sim Simcock Simkin Simmond Simond
Simonnet Simpkin Sym Symkyn Symme Symon
Symond Symonet Symonnet Symounde    

Salaman Salamon Salemon Salmon    

Estevenot Estève Estevot Étienne Stefanus Sten
Stephanus Steuan Steven Stevyn    

Mace Macey Tam Tamas Tammie Thom
Thoma Thomasin Thomasinus Thomass Thomassin Thome
Thomelin Thomlin Thomme Thoumas Thoumassin Tom
Tomas Tomkin Tommie Tommy    

Tobey Tobin Toby Tobye Tobyn Topaz


Anilla? Ann Anna Annet Annie Annot
Annote Anny Anot Anote Nan Nance
Nancy Nanette Nanny Nanss Nina Ninette
Ninon Nota Notekyn      

Afra Aphra Auphrey Ayfara    

Barsabe Bathshua Bersaba      

Bathia Betha Bethia      

Chrestienne Christaire? Christian Christiana Christiania Christin
Crestienne Crisly Crislye Cristan Cristeane Cristene
Cristian Cristiana Cristiane Cristina Cristine Cristinia
Cristy Crystina Kristyan Kyrstyan Xristiana  

Bess Besse Besseta Bessie Bessy Bet
Beth Bethan Betsy Betta Bette Betty
Elezabeth Elisa Elise Eliza Elizabet Elizabetha
Elizabethe Elizabetht Elizabez Elizey Elizibeth Elizibetht
Elsa Elsie Elspat Elspet Elysabeth Elyzabeth
Libbe Libet Lisa Liza Lizbeth Lizzie
Tatsy Tatty Tetty Tibby Tibota  

Eua Euot Euota Eve Evelot Evelune
Evette Evota Ewe      

Gabella Gabriela        

Hosannah Hosianna Osane Osanna Osanne Osenne
Ossenna Ozanne        

Bela Bele Beleite Belet Bèle Bella
Belle Belon Belot Belsant Belsante Bibbey
Bibby Bibel Bibele Bible Biby Ebbot
Ebeta Ebett Ebota Esabel Esabell Esobel
Ezabell Hibbot Ibbe Ibbet Ibbot Ibbota
Ibot Ibota Isa Isabeau Isabel Isabele
Isabell Isabelle Isabelot Ishbel Isobel Isobella
Isopel Issabell Issabella Issobell Issobella Libby
Nibb Sabelina? Sabeline? Tibb Tibby Ybelote
Ybot Ysabel Ysabell Ysabella Ysabelle Ysabelon
Ysabelot Ysabiau        

Jacobina James Jimme      

Jacket Jacklin Jaclyn Jacquelle Jacquetta Jakelina
Jakemina Jaketta Jakolina Jaquelinne Jaquelot  

Gennat Ioetta Iohane Iohanna Ione Jahan
Jana Janat Janet Janeta Jannet Jean
Jeane Jeanette Jeanna Jeanne Jeene Jehane
Jehanne Jehannete Jehannette Jehannote Jehenne Jenet
Jennet Jenny Jhone Jinny Joane Joanette
Joanna Joetta Johamma Johan Johana Johanna
Johna Johne Johnnett Jone Jonet Joneta
Jonetam Jonete Jonett Jonette Jyne  

Lillian derivative of Elizabeth or form of Lily
Lilian Lilias Lilion Lilla Lillias Lily

Madallaine Madeleine Madelina Madlen Madlin Madlyn
Magdalene Magdalin Magdelne Maudeleyn Maudelyn Maudlin

Maaline Maalot Maleta Malie Malina Maline
Malkin Malkyn Mall Malle Malleta Mallkin
Mallot Mally Malot Malota Malt Maly
Malyn Malyna Mare Marekyn Mareona Mareoun
Marian Mariana Mariel Marina? Marion Marione
Mariora Mariorie Mariot Mariota Mariote Marioth
Marioun Marioziota Mariun Marote May Merione
Merzone Minnie Moll Molle Mollie Molly
Poll Pollekin Polly      

Sapphira form of Zipporah?
Sapphire Sefare Sephare      

Sadie Sairey Sal Sallie Sally Sara
Sarey Sari Sarra Sarre Sulley Sully

Simmonete Simone Symonne      

Shusan Shusanna Sosanna Sukie Suky Susan
Susane Susanna Susanney      

Teffan Teffania Teffany Tephania Tephna Theffania
Theffanie Theofania Thiphania Thyphainne Tifaine Tiffan
Tiffania Tiffany Tiffonia Tiphina Tyfainne Tyffany
Tyffayne Typhainne Typheinne Typhenete Typhenon  

Macée? Masota? Masse? Tamasine Tamsin Thamasin
Thomas Thomasia Thomasin Thomasine Thomasse Thomassete
Thomeson Tomson        


The names of Christian festivals or holy days were used for children born on those days from medieval times. They could be either boys’ or girls’ names.
Christmas Easter Loveday Midwinter Pentecost  

Pasques (m)
Paques Paquier Pascal Paschal Pasche Pascoe
Pascow Pask Paskell Pasquier    

Loveday (f)
Daylof Dayluue Leuare Leudedai Leue Leued
Leuedaei Liuedai Loue Louedai Loueday Lovdie
Love Lovedaia Lovedaya Loveta Lovota Lowdy
Luueday Luuedei Luveday      


On entering the cloister, many people took a new Christian name to symbolise their new life. Whilst these were often taken from the Bible or a Christian saint, they could also be chosen for their holy or virtuous meaning. Some of these were also used as given names.
Adeodatus Angel Bonaventure Deodat Deodatus Deodonatus
Desideratus Desiderius Deusdedit Dieudonne Dominic Fidelis
Homobonus Humilis Pantaleon Vitalis    

Medieval Names of Celtic Origin

The Normans took some names from their Breton neighbours in Northern France but most Celtic survivals in Medieval England were the names of Christian saints or borne by people living near the Scottish or Welsh borders. A few names from the Arthurian legends also occur.


Alain Alainon Alane Alanus Alcock Alein
Aleyn Aleyne Allan Allen Alleyn Helain?

Acur Arter Arther Artheur Arthurius Arthurus
Artor Artos Artur Arturus Artus Azer
Azorius Azur        

Balan Balian Belin      

Brianus Brien Brienus Bruiant Bryan Bryant

Bricet Briceus Bricot Britius    

Conandus Conanus Conayn Conon    

Donaldus Doneuuald        

Gauvain Gavienus Gavin Gavinus Gawayne Gawen
Gawin Gawn Gawne Gawyn Gawyne Goin

Gerente Gerontius Geruntius      

Goce Ioco Jasce? Joce Jocet Joceus
Joçon Jodocus Josce Joss Josse Josson

Jewell Joel Jowell Juel    

Malcolinus Malcolum Malculinus Malculms Malculmus Maucolyn

Marmaduc Marmaducus Marmedoke Melmidoc Mermadak  

Neal Neale Neel Neil Nel Nele
Nell Niel Nigelle Nigellus Nigs Nygell

Oenus Ouein Ouen Ouin Owain Owayne
Oweyn Owin Owine Owini Owun Owyne
Uwen Ywain        

Drest Drust Drystan Tristan Tristian Triston
Trustram Trystrem        

Uranius Urianus Urien Uryene    


Anchoret (Angharad?)
Anachorita Anchoretta Ancret Ancreta Ancrett Angaret
Ankerita Ankharet Ingaret Ingaretta    

Bragwayn Brangwayna Branwyne Braya?    

Biddy Bride Brigette Brigida Brigit Brigitta

Genevote Gennevote Gennon      

Gaenor Ganor Gaynore Gonore Guanor Gueanor
Guener Guenevere Gunneuare Gwenhevare Gwenore Gynuara
Jenefer Jeneuer Vanora Wander Wannore Wannour

Emayn Emoni Gismon Hismena Hyssmaye Idemay
Imagantia? Imaigne Imania Imanie Imayn Imayne
Imeyna Imme Immine Imyne Isamaya Isemay
Isemeine Ismanna Ismeina Ismena Ismenia Ismey
Jesmaine Jesmond Jessimond Jismond Ymanie Ymanya
Ymanye Ymeisna Ymenia Ysemay Ysmay Ysmeina
Ysmena Ysmene        

Isolda fair aspect?
Essylt Hysode Isard Isata Isaut Iseldis
Iselota Iseuda Iseult Iseut Isold Isolde
Isolt Isot Isota Isott Isotta Isouda
Issat Isylte Izett Izot Yseult Yseulte
Ysolt Ysoude Ysout      

Joyce fem of Josce, Breton 'lord'
Jocea Jocey Jocosa Jodoca Josse Jossy
Joyse Juicea        

Eluned Lina Linette Linnet Linniue Linota
Linyeve Linyive Luned Lunet Lunete Lynette
Lyneue Lyonnete        

Merewen Merewina Merwenna      

Maryell Merhild Meriall Meriel Merilda Meryall
Meryld Miriald Miriel Miriela Mirield Mirielda
Mirielis Miriella Miriild Mirils Murie Muriele
Muriella Murienne?        

Wantliana Welsh 'Gwenllian'?
Wantelien Wenthelen Wentiliana      

Winifred Welsh 'Gwenfrewi', altered to look like OE 'joy + peace'
Wenefreda Winefred Winnifred Wynifreed    

Medieval English Names of Greek Origin

Some of the early Christian saints were of Greek origin and their names, and those from Greek history and mythology, were sometimes used in Medieval England.


Alec Aleck Alesaunder Alex Alexandir Alick
Alisander Alisandre Alisaunder Alistair Alixandre Alizaunder
Alsandre Alysandir Eck Ecky Elexander Elshender
Elysandre Sander Sanders Sandre Sandrin Sandy
Saunder Saundre Sawney Sawnie    

Basilius Basill Basyle      

Chrisogon Chrysogonus Grisigion Grisigon    

Cyriack Syriack        

Deenes Deenys Denes Denisot Dennet Dennie
Dennis Denny Denyse Denysot Dionisius Dye
Dyonisius Tenny Venyse      

Eustache Eustachius Eustacius Eustas Ewstace Stace
Stacey Stacius Stacy      

Dod Doddie Doddy Geordie Georgie Georgius
Georgus Georgy        

Greg Grege Gregorius Gregour Grigge  


Epowlett Ipolitus Ippolitus Ippollitt Ypolit Ypolitus

Eneco Enego Ignace Inigo Jenico  

Felippe Felippot Phelipe Phelipot Phelippe Phelippot
Phelyp Phelypp Phil Philcox Philiot Philipon
Philipot Philippot Philippus Philkin Phillipus Philpot
Phipp Phylypp Pip Potkin    


Agatha agathos good/honourable
Agace Agacia Agacie Agas Agase Aggie

Agnes hagnos pure/holy
Agnesot Agneta Agnetis Agnus Agote Anese
Anesot Anès Angnes Angnet Anis Annais
Annas Anneis Annes Annestas Anneyce Anneys
Anneyse Annice Annis Annise Annot Annys
Anyes Nest Nesta Taggett Taggy  

Alexandra fem of Alexander
Alexandria Alisaundre        

Amfelice Amfelisia Amflis Amflisa Amflisia Amphelice
Amphelicia Amphillis Amyfelyse Anfelisa Anfelise Aunflis
Aunphelice Felice Felicia      

Anastasia anastasis resurrection
Anastas Anastase Anastatia Anestasia Annestas Anstes
Anstey Anstice Anstis Anstiss Stacia  

Antigone anti against/contrary + gen/gon born

Appoline fem of Apollonius, derivative of Apollo
Abbelina Apeline Aplin Apoline Applin Appolina

Barbara barbarus 'foreign'
Bab Babbe Babcock Babel Babeth Babitt
Bable Babs Bar Barbary Barbata Barbe
Barberella Barberry Barbery Barbeta Barbetta Barbie
Barbot Barbota        

Basilia fem of Basil
Basilea Basilie Basill Basilla Basille Bassilly

Cassander Cassandre Cassandry Casse    

Chrisoogone Grisegond Grisigion Grisogonia Grissecon  

Cressida Khryseis khrysos 'gold'
Chryseida Chryseis Cresseid Cressid Criseida Criseyde

Denise fem of Denis
Denis Dennet Denote Deonisia Deonysia Dionis
Dionisia Dionycia Dionysia Diot Diota Dyonisia
Dyonisya Dyot Dyota      

Dorothy 'gift of God'
Dodie Dodo Doll Dolly Dora Dorate
Dorathea Dorathia Doreen Dorée Dorette Doria
Dorothea Dorthy Dorythye Dot Dothy Dottie

Gilia fem of Giles

Eunice good + victory
Eunisia Unice Younice      

Eulalia good + talk/chatter

Euphemia good + speak
Effam Effemy Effie Effim Effum Epham
Eufamie Eufemia Eufemie Eufemma Eufemme Eufemmia
Eufiama Eufrata Eupham Euphame Eupheme Evemy
Ewfame Femmota Phemie Yfame Eppie  

Helen helios 'sun'?
Elaine Élainne Elana Elayne Elen Elena
Elene Eleyn Eleyne Elin Ellen Ellene
Ellie Ellin Ellot Ellota Ellyn Elota
Elyne Helena Helene Heleyne Nell Nellie

Katherine katharos pure
Catarine Catel Catelin Cateline Catelot Caterina
Caterine Catering Catharine Catherine Catherne Catin
Catlin Caton Catrina Cattern Cattle Kaithren
Kat Kate Katelin Katelina Kateline Katerin
Katerina Katerine Katering Kateryn Kateryna Kateryne
Katharina Katharine Katherin Katherne Katheryn Katheryne
Kathren Kathrine Katrina Katrine Katring Katryne
Katte Kitt Kitty Kytte    

Margaret 'pearl'
Greta Grete Madge Mag Mage Magg
Magge Maggie Maggot Maggote Magot Magota
Magote Magott Magy Maisie Margareta Margarete
Margarett Margarette Margarit Margarita Margat Marget
Margetta Margoret Margot Margrat Margreit Margret
Margue Marguerin Marguerite Margueritte Marguerot Margyt
Markaret Meg Mege Megge Meggot Megy
Merget Mergret Mog Mogg Mogge Mogota
Peg Peggy Pogge Poggy    

Margery derivative of Margaret
Margar Margaria Margeria Margerie Margerye Mariora
Mariorie Mariory Marjer Marjeria Marjoria Marjorie
Marjory Marrory        

Nicola fem of Nicholas
Colecta Coleite Colet Coleta Colète Colett
Coletta Colina Colleite Collette Kalotte Nichola
Nicholaa Nichole Nicholina Nicol Nicolaa Nicole

Phyllis 'foliage'
Fillida Philles Phillice Phillida Phillida  

Philippa fem of Philip
Fillon Phelipote Philip Philippe Phillip Philota
Pipa Pippa Pypa      

Sybil/Sibyl prophetesses inspired by Apollo
Sib Sibb Sibba Sibbe Sibbet Sibbly
Sibbot Sibel Sibeli Sibell Sibella Sibely
Sibil Sibile Sibilia Sibilie Sibilla Sibley
Sibli Sibly Sibota Sibri Sibry Sibyll
Sibylla Sybbly Sybby Sybell Sybil Sybill
Sybilla Sybyle Sybyll Sybyly    

Medieval English Names of Latin Origin

Early Christian saints and leaders were often of Roman origin or had Latin names and some names from Roman history were also used. Vocabulary words denoting Christian qualities also occurred.


Adranus Adrianus Adrien      

Ambroise Ambrosius Ambroys      

Aime Amatus Ame Ames Amias Amiot
Amis Amisius Amyas Aymie Esme?  

Antoinne Antonius Antoynel Antyaume Thonyn  

Astin Augustinus Austin Austinus Austyn  

Ben Bendy Benedick Benedictus Benedicus Beneoit
Beneoite Benéoit Benet Benett Beneyt Bénezet
Bennet Benoet Benoiet Benoist Benoit  

Blaise Blasius Blaze      

Boneface Bonifacius Bonyface      

Clair Clairac Claren Clarin Clarus  

Clem Clemens Climençon Climent Clymençon Clyment

Constans Constantinus Costaine Costan Costane Costetine

Cornelys Corney        

Crescentius Cressant Cressin      

Crépin Crispianus Crispin Crispinian Crispinianus Crispinus

Domenyk Dominick Dominicus Dominy    

Donat Donnet        

Durandus Durant        

Fabianus Fabyan        

Feliz Felyse Pheliset      

Firman Firmine Firminus Fyrmyn    

Florant Florence Florencius Florent Flori Florian
Floris Florivet Flurry      

Franceis Franceys Fraunce      

Germain LL germanus 'brother'
German Germanus Germayne Jerman    

Giles from Gk Aigidios 'kid/young goat'
Aegidius Egidius Gelis Gide Gidie Gile
Gilet Gilius Gilles Gillet Gillius Gillot
Gilon Gilonem Gilot Giregilo Gylis Gylmyne?

Hilary hilaris cheerful
Hilarie Hilarius Hillarius Hillary Yllarius  

Julian nomen 'Julius'
Jolanus Jolin Jollan Jollanus Jolyon Jules
Julianus Julien Julyan      

Laurence Laurentius 'man from Laurentum'
Larance Larenz Larkin Laurencius Laurent Laurentius
Lawrence Lorence Lorencin Lorens Lorent Lorenz
Lori Lorrenz Lowrens Lowrie    

Lucian lux 'light'?
Lucianus Lucien        

Mark Marke Marque Marques    

Martin ‘of Mars’
Martel Martelet Martinet Martinus Martlet Martyn

Maurice 'a Moor'
Mauricius Maurie Maurin Mauris Maury Merick
Meuric Meurik Meurisse Mor Morcock Mores
Moricius Morin Moris Morise Moriset Morrice
Morris Morry Morys Moryse Mourice  

Oliver olivarius olive tree or OG, derived from Olaf
Holiver Noll Nolly Oliva Oliverus Olivier
Ollier Olly Olver      

Paen Pagane Paganel Paganus Pagen Pain
Pannet Payn Payne Paynel    

Patrick 'a patrician'
Pat Pate Paterick Patey Paton Patrice
Patricius Patriz Patrycke Patsy Pattin Pattrik

Peregrin 'foreigner/stranger'
Peregrine Peregrinus        

Pons nomen Pontius 'five?'
Poince Poincet Ponce Poncet Ponche  

Quentin 'fifth'
Quintin Quintinus        

Romain Romanus 'a Roman'
Romainne Romayne Roumain Roumiet    

Silvester 'of the woods'
Sevestre Silvestre Sylvester      

Valentine valens healthy/strong
Valantinus Valentinus        

Valerian nomen Valerius valere to be healthy/strong

Vincent vincere to conquer
Viennet? Vince Vincenot Vincent Vincentius Vincey

Vitalis vita 'life'
Fitel Fitellus Phitelet Veitel Viel Vital
Vitel Vyell        

Vivian vivus 'alive'
Bibianus Fithian Phytheon Phythian Vivianus Vivien


Amabel lovable
Amabil Amabili Amabilia Amabilis Amabilla Amabillia
Amable Amelia Amellia Amiable Amilia Mab
Mabbe Mabel Mabell Mabella Mabet Mabil
Mabila Mabile Mabileite Mabilete Mabiley Mabilia
Mabilie Mabill Mabilla Mabillae Mabillia Mabin
Mable Mabley Mably Mabot Mabota Mabs
Mabyle Map Mopp Moppe    

Amice amicitia friendship
Ameis Amic Amica Amicabilis Amicia Amicie
Amis Amiscia Amisia Amycia    

Ameria Amira        

Amy beloved
Aimie Amata Amee Amia Amie Amiot
Amya Amye        

Annabel form of Amabel
Anabel Anabell Anabella Anabill Anabilla Anabille
Anabul Annabele Annabell Annabella Annabelle Annable

Arabel form of Annabel altered by Lat orabilis 'invokable' (of a saint)
Arabella Arable Arbell Arbella Orabell Orabella
Orabilia Orabilis Orabla Orable Oriabel  

Beatrice orig Viatrix 'voyager through life' altered by beatus 'blessed'
Bea Beaten Beatricia Beatricie Beatricis Beatrix
Béatriz Beattie Beatty Beautrice Becok? Bee
Bete Beton Betrice Betrys Betryse Betteresse
Bettrice Bettris Bettrys Betune Biétris Biétrix
Biétriz Biétron Trissie Trixie    

Benedicta fem of Benedict
Benet Bennitt Benoite      

Blanche white (i.e. pure)
Bianca Blanch Blanchette Blanchia Blaunche Blench

Bona good
Bonajoia Bonne Bonoque      

Cecily fem of Cecil
Cecely Cecelya Cecelyna Cecil Cecili Cecilia
Cecilie Cecille Cecillia Cecy Celia Cicely
Cicilia Cicily Cisse Cissie Cissota Cycalye
Cycly Secile Sela Sely Sicillia Siscella
Sisilla Sisley Sisse Sissota Sycily Sysley

Clare clarus famous
Clara Clarae Clarcia Clarell Clariandra Claribel
Clarice Claricia Claricie Clariscia Clarissa Clarisse
Claritia Clarrie Clarry Clarugge Cler Clericia

Clemence fem of Clement or 'mercy'
Clamancia Clemencia Clemency Clemenicia Clemens Clementia
Clementine Climence Clymence      

Constance fem of Constantius or 'constancy'
Constancia Constantia Constanza Cus Cuss Cussata
Cust Custa Custanc Custance Custancia Custans
Custe Custins        

Donata 'given' (by God)
Donada Donnet        

Doucebelle dulcis 'sweet' + beautiful
Douce Doue Dousabel Dousable Douset Dousin
Douze Dowsabel Dowse Dowzable Duce Dulcia
Dulcibella Dulcie Dulcinea Duleia Dusa Dussabel
Dussabele Duszabell Duua Duva Duze  

Eglentyne flower name 'sweetbrier'?
Aiglente Aiglentine Eglentina Eglentine    

Emily nomen Aemilius may be aemulus 'rival'
Emelye Emerlee Emilia Emulea    

Felicia fem of Felix
Felica Felice Felis Felise Felisia Filisia
Fillys Phelis        

Florence florens 'blossoming/flourishing'
Fleurie Flo Flora Florencia Florentia Floria
Florie Florion Florymonde Floss Flossie Flour
Flourie Flur Flurekin Fluri    

Frances fem of Francis
Francesse Francis Franqueite      

Gracia Gracye Graeca Grece Grecia Grecie

Hilaria hilaris cheerful
Eilaria Elaria Ellaire Eularia? Hillaria Ilaria
Illaria Ylaire Ylaria Yllaria    

Hodiern Hodierne Odiern Odierna Odierne  

Honora 'honour'
Annor Annora Anora Honnor Honor Honorata
Honorée Honorète Honoria Nora Onora  

Joy OF joie LL gaudia 'joy'
Johi Joia Joie Joiha Joya Joye

Juliana fem of Julius/Julianus
Gileite Gilète Gilia Giliana Giliane Gill
Gille Gilleis Gilleite Gillian Gillie Gillot
Gillota Gilly Gylle Gyly? Iuetta Iuette
Iuliana Iuotte Jeliana Jelyan Jill Juelina
Juet Juete Juetta Juheta Juhota Juicia
Julian Juliane Julie Julienne Juliet Juliote
Julitta July Julyan Juwete Juye?  

Laurencia fem of Laurence
Lall Lally Laura Laurana Laurente Laurentia
Laureola Lauretia Lauretta Lora Lore Lorencete
Loreta Lorete Loretta Lorie    

Laua Lavena Lavin Lavina    

Leonia fem of Leon
Leolina Leonina Lion Lioness    

Letitia 'happiness'
Laetitia Lece Lecelin Lecelina Lecenta? Lecia
Lecie Leitz Lete Letia Letice Leticia
Letoys Lett Lette Lettice Lettie Letty
Letyce Licia? Liecia      

Lucia fem of Lucius
Luce Lucete Lucette Lucey Luciana Lucie
Lucina Lucque Lucy      

Mirabel mirabilis 'wondrous/lovely/admired'
Marabel Maribella Mirabell Mirabella Mirabelle Mirabilis
Mirabillla Mirable        

Munday Mundy        

Oliva fem of Oliver
Olif Oliff Oliua Olive Olivet Olivia
Ollett Olyff Olyffe Olyve    

Horenga Orenge Orengia      

Oriana ‘oriri’ - ‘to rise’ or 'gold'?
Arianna? Oriande Oriante      

Pavia (from the place/battle name??)
Pauee Paui Pauie Paveya Paveye  

Petronella nomen Petronius
Parnel Parnell Paronel Penne Pereite Pernel
Pernella Pernelle Peronel Peronele Peronell Peronelle
Perrete Perronele Perronnele Perronnelle Perrote Peryna
Peternel Peternell Peternella Petronel Petronilla Petronille
Petronyl Purnelle Purnle      

Placencia Pleasant Pleasaunce Plesance Plesancia Plesantia

Pertesia Protezy Prothasey Prothesia    

Prudence prudens 'provident'
Prudencia Prudentia Prudie Prue    

Regina 'queen'
RayneReine Reinne Renilla?
Reyna Reyne        

Sabina 'Sabine woman'
Sabbe Sabin Sabine Saby Sabyn  

Sanchia 'holy'
Saintisme? Saints Sanceline Sancha Sanche Sanctia
Sayntes Science Sciencia Scientia Sence Sens
Sense Senses        

Scholace Scholast Scolacia Scolastica    

Sedille Sédillon Sedilon      

Selina derivative of Celia or Greek mood goddess?
Celina Selinah Sillina Zelina    

Sidony 'from Sidon' or Gk sindon winding-sheet'
Sedaina Sedania Sedehanna Siddon Sidney Sidonie

Tace 'be silent'
Tacey Tacia Tacye Tece Tice Tiece
Tiecelin Tièce Tiecia Tyecelin Tyeceline Tyèce

Ursula 'she-bear'
Hursell Ourse Urcy Ursaly Ursel Urseley

Viola violet
Hyolent Joleicia Jolenta Jolicia Violante Violet
Violetta Violette Yolande Yolant    

Viviana vivus 'alive'
Vivian Vivien Vivienne      

Medieval English Names of Norse Origin

The Viking invasions brought many names of Scandinavian origin to England but few survived in general use after the Conquest. They were more common in the north of England where most Vikings had settled.


Anchitel Anketel Anketil Anketin Anquetil Anquetin
Anschetillus Anschitillus Ansketil Anskettell Anstill Archel
Archetel Archil Aschetel Aschetil Aschetin Askell
Asketel Asketin Astell Oskell Osketel  

Ericus Hérique? Yric      

Gamelin Gamelinus Gamellus Gamelus Gammell Gemmel?

Acun Hacon Hacun      

Canute Canutus Note Nott Nute Nutkin

Terrell Thorald Thorold Tirrell Turold Turoldus

Thirkell Thorkill        

Thore Thrustanus Thrystan Thurstan Thurstanus Thurstin
Trustan Turstan Turstanus Tursten Turstin Turstinus


Gunhild strife + battle
Cvenild Gonilda Gonnild Gonnilda Gumhild Gunel
Gunild Gunilda Gunne Gunnell Gunnild Gunnilda
Gunnilde Gunnildes Gunnilla Gunnilt Quenell Queneua
Quenild Quenilda Quenill Quenilla Queniua Quenyeve
Quenylda Quynel Qwinhild      

Gunnor strife + cautious
Gonnora Gonora Gundrea Gunnora Gunnore Gunnota
Gunnote Gunora Gunwar Gunware    

Idonea goddess Idunnr, work? (assoc with Lat idoneus suitable)
Edney Edonea Edony Ideny Idone Idonia
Idony Ydany Ydeneye Ydenia Ydon Ydonea

Ingrid god Ing + fair
Ingerith Ingrede        

Sigrid battle + fair
Sierida Sigerith Sirida      

Medieval English Names of Saxon Origin

Anglo-Saxon names are found in the Domesday Book but most had died out by the C12th/13th although some saints’ or kings’ names were retained in the central stock. Many of these were revived during the nineteenth century as a result of the Victorian interest in early history.


Elmer Ethelmar        

Achestan Adestan Adstan Aistan Alestan Athelstan

Ailbert Ailbric Ailbriht Alberi Alberic Albericus
Albertus Albrict Aubelet Auberi Aubert Aubertin
Aubery Aubin Aubinnet Aubour Aubray Aubri
Aubry Auveré Auvrai Averay Aylbricht Elbert
Ethelbert Hab Habbie Hob Hobbie  

Aeldredus Aeldret Aldredus Aldret Ealdred Eldred

Aldin Alduin Aldun Aldyn Audoenus Ealdwine

Aelgar Aelger Algar Alger Algor Eylgar

Alfred (Aelfraed)
Alfredus Aluer Aluerad Aluerd Alueredus Alured
Aluredus Aluret Alvar Alvere Alvery Alvredus
Auveray Auvere Avere Averey Avery Elured
Eluret Aelfraed          

Alfrid (Ealdfrith)

Arcebaldus Arcenbaldus Erchambaut Erchebald Erchembaut Erchenbaldus
Erkenbaud Herchembaut        

Aylmer (Aethelmaer)
Aegelmaer Aeilmar Aelmar Aelmer Aethelmaer Ailmar
Ailmer Almer Aylmer Aylmerus Aymar Eilmer
Elmar Elmer        

Aylwin (Aethelwine)
Adeluin Aeluin Aeluuin Ailuin Ailwin Ailwinus
Alewyn Aluuin Aluuine Alwinus Alwyn Alwyne

Badouim Baldewin Baldewyn Baldewyne Balduin Baldwyn
Baudet Baudkin Baudoin Baudouin Baudoyn Baudry
Bawden Beaudouin Bodkin Bodwine    

Cudbert Cudbriht Cuddey Cuddie Cuddy Cuthbrid

Donestan Donestan Donston Dunestan    

Edgar Etgar Edmund
Eadmund Edmod Edmond Edmundus Emond Ewmond

Aeduuard Eaduuard Eduard Eduuard Edward Edwardus
Ned Neddie Ted Teddie Teddy  

Aeduin Aeduuin Eaduin Eduin Eduinus Eduuin

Esmond Estmond        

Adelredus Adred Aethelraed Ailred Alret Edred

Godard Godart Godeheard      

Gaudinus Godewinus Godin Goduin Goduine Godun
Godvynus Goeuuin        

Goldin Goldine Golding Golduin Goldwyn Joldewin

Grimaldus Grimbaldus Grimbaud Grimbol Grimbold Grimold

Arold Eral Hairud Harald Haraldus Haroldus
Heral Herald Herold Herolt Herould  

Harbert Hebert Heibert Herbelot Herbertus Herebert

Hereuuard Herewardus Herewart Heruuord    

Haluin Helouyn Heloynet Heurle    

Chenric Kendrick Kenewrec Kenric Kenricus Kenwrec

Kenard Keneweard Kennard Kenweard    

Leferich Lefric Lefrich Lefricus Leofricus Leoric
Leouric Leuric Leveridge Loverich Loverick  

Leffeyne Lefuuinus Lefwinus Lefwyne Leofuuin Leofuuinus
Leouuinus Leuuin Leuuine Levin Lewin Lewine

Lennard Leo Leon Leonardus Leonel Leonidem
Liellus Lienart Lion Lionet Lyell Lyon
Lyonel Lyonell Lyonis      

Liulf Lyolf Lyulf Lyulph    

Hosbertus Hosebert Osbertus Osebertus    

Osbarn Osbern Osbernus Oseberne    

Oscar Osgarus        

Hosmundus Hosmunt Omont Osman Osment Osmon
Osmond Osmont Osmundus      

Osewold Osuuald Osuualdus Osuuol Osuuold Osuuoldus
Oswall Oswell Oswold Ozwell    

Oswinus Oswyn        

Seaward Seuuard Seuuardus Seward Siwardus Syward

Swithun Swithin Uchtred
Uchered Uctred Ughtred Uhredus Uhtred Wihtred

Ulricus Uluric Wlfric Wlfriche Wlvricus Wulfric

Waldef Waldeof Waldeve Waldew Waldief Waldive
Wallevus Wealdtheow        

Galefridus? Galfridus? Wilfred Wilred    

Wigstan Wistan Wistanus      


Ailith Aethelgyth noble + war?
Aelgytha Ailda Ailed Aileth Ailhiet Ailid
Ailiet Ailith Ailitha Ailleda Ailleth Ailletha
Alid Alith Ayled Ayleth Aylett  

Aldith Ealdgyth old + war?
Adelid Aeldid Aeldiet Aeldit Alded Aldet
Aldeth Aldgid Aldgyth Aldid Aldiet Aldieth
Aldietha Aldis Aldith Alditha Aldiva Aldiytha
Aldus Aldusa Alduse Aldyet Aldyt Eldid

Averil Eoforhild 'boar + battle'
Averell Averill Avril Everild Everilda Everildis

Cyneburg + fortress
Cyneburga Cyniburg Kimbery Kinborough Kinburga Kineburga
Kyneburg Quenburga        

Eadburg rich + fortress
Eadburga Edborough Edburga      

Edith rich + strife
Aeditha Aediva Ead Eadgyth Eadgytha Eadida
Eadie Eadita Eadu Eda Edan Edda
Edde Edden Eddiva Eddiz Eddusa Ede
Eded Edekin Edelot Eden Edeua Edeva
Edged Edgida Edgidia Edgyth Edgyue Edhida
Edhiva Edid Edied Ediet Edihe Edine
Edit Editha Edithe Ediua Ediva Ediz
Edon Edus Edy Edytha Edyva Eidita

Elfleda Aethelflead, noble + beauty and Aelflead, elf + beauty
Aedelflete Aelffled Aelfled Aelfleda Aethelfleada Ailfled
Alfled Alfleda Alflet Alfleta Alfreda Alhflaed
Alhflead Athelflead Eflead Elflet Etfled?  

Elfreda Aelfthryth, elf + strength
Aelfryth Alfreda Elfleta Elfred Elfrid Elfrida

Elgiva Aethelgifu, noble + gift and Aelfgifu, elf + gift
Aeileua Aeilgyuu Aelfgiuee Aelfgiva Aelfgyd Aelive
Aelueua Aileua Aileve Ailiue Ailiva Ailliva
Ailova Ailufa Aleire? Algyva Aliua Aliva
Alueua Alueue Aluina Aluinnia Aluiua Alveua
Alveva Alviua Alviva Alyva Ayliua Aylofa
Aylufa Aylyetta Eileua Eileue Eileve Eilieue
Eleua Elfgifu Elgiva Elueua Eluiua Eluiue
Eluyua Elveva Elvina      

Ermenburg whole + fortress
Erembour Erembourc        

Ermengarde whole + enclosure
Emengar Emenjart Eormengard Ermegarde Ermenjart Ermingard

Ermengild whole + sacrifice
Armigil Eormengild        

Estrild Eastorhild goddess Eastre + hild 'battle'
Estrelda Estrilda Estrildis Estrill Estrilld Estrilda

Etheldreda noble + strength
Adeldreda Aetheldreda Aethelthryth Aildreda Aude Audrey
Audry Audrye Awdrie Ethel Etheldred Etheldritha
Ethelia Theldred Theldry      

Ethelinda noble + tender or serpent
Aethelind Aethelinda Athelinda Athelyna Earthelinda Ethelenda

Frideswide peace +
Freadeyweed Frediswitha Fridayweed Frideswid Fridiswed Fridiswid
Fridswed Frithswith Fryswyde      

Gertrude spear + strength
Garthrite Gartrett Gartrite Gartrude Gatty Gert
Gertie Gertrud Gertruda Gerty Gethrude  

Godeleva Godleof? God + dear
Godeleve Godelif Godeliva Godelive Godleue Godleva

Godith Godgyth, god + strife
Godid Godise Godit Goditha Godusa Goduse
Godyf Goodeth Gudytha      

Godiva Godgifu, god + gift
Godefe Godeue Godeva Godgeua Godgiua Godgiva
Godiuia Goduia Goodeve Goodife    

Goldiva Goldgifu, gold + gift
Goldeheve Goldgeofu Goldgeve Goldhuie Goldyeua Goldyeue
Goldyva Goldyve        

Hilda Hild, battle
Hida Hilde Hildeth Hildeyerd Hildiard Hilditha
Hildithe Hildyard Hiliard Hilith Hillda Hylda
Hylde Hyldeiard        

Langliva long life?
Lagliua Laguia Langhuie Langiva Langlaua Langlif

Leofflead? Dear + beauty
Leffeda Lefled Lefleda Leveva    

Leofgifu dear + gift
Leogife Leueiua Leuerun Leueua Leueue Leuieua
Leuiua Liobgytha? Liuete Liueua Liuiua Livid
Livith Lyveva        

Leofrun dear + secret lore
Leurona Leurun Leuruna Loverun    

Leofwynn dear + friend
Leffquen Lefquen Lefquena Lefquene Lefquenn Lefqwen
Lefwen Lefwenna Leofwena Lewana Lewen Lewena

Livilda dear + battle
Chydleluve Lefchild Leuild Liffild Liuilda Liuitha
Luffechild Luilda Luuechild      

Mildburg mild + fortress
Milborough Milburegh Milburew Milburga Milburh Milbury

Mildred mild + strength
MeldredMildthryth Mydrede

Osgyth god + strife
Osith Ositha Osyth      

Osthryth god + strength
Osthryd Ostryd Ostrythe      

Saethryth ? + strength
Saethrith Saethryda Sageua Sageue Saieua Saiua
Sayeua Sayeva Sayua Seghuie Seheve Seiua
Seuar Seuare Seyiua Seyua    

Sedemai Sedemaiden Sedemode      

Sexburga Seaxburh ? + fortress
Seburg Seburga Seburuh Sexburg    

Stanburh stone + fortress
Stamburc Stanborw Stanburch      

Stangyth? Stone + strife
Stangiva? Stanguie Stanuie Stanyue    

Stanhild stone + battle
Stanhilda Stanild Stanilde Stonild Stonilda Stonildi

Sunniva sun + gift
Sungyve Sunngifu Synnove      

Erth Heiritha Heriht Heryeth Herygh Hierytha

Wakerilda ? + battle
Wackrill Wekerild        

Walburga bold? + fortress
Wealdburg Wealhburg        

Werburga guard? + fortress
Waerburg Werburg Werburga Werburgh Werbyrgh Wereburga
Wiburge Wyberg Wybir Wybur Wyburgh  

Wulfgifu wolf + gift
Ulveva Wlfeuua Wlueth Wluiaa Wluiua Wluyua
Wlveva Wolueua Wolueue Woluiua Wulfiue Wulfrueua
Wuluefa Wuluethia Wulueua Wuluiua Wuluiue Wulveva
Wulveve Wulviva Wulwiua      

Wulfhild wolf + battle
Ulfhild Wulfhilda Wulfhildis Wulvela Wulvella  

Wulflead/Wulfthryth wolf + beauty or strength
Wofled Wolfleda Wulfled Wulfleda    

Rare Medieval English Names


Abelard Absolon Achard, Achart Adalbero Agu Aignen, Agnien
Alaire Alarge Alazaïs Albin, Albinus Alcher Aldebrand
Aldemund Alderan Aleaumin, Aliaume, Alyaume Alerot Alodet Aloysius
Alured Amadeus Amalric Amalvis Amanieu Amigart
Araimfres Arbert Arnulf Arsieu Arvide Augebert
Avenel Baderon Baldric Bangin Bardin Barnier
Baut Biche Billebaut Bochard Bon-Ami Bouchard
Burnel Buselin Centule Chartain Chatbert Claudien
Colbert Coumyn Cyon Cyprian Daimbert Dalmas
Daluce Damian Darius Delion Digne Doete
Dolfin Duche Dudic Éléazar Emambe Emont
Engelard Engenouf Enion Erengier Ertaut Esdelot
Espan Estène Estout Fabien Famète, Fameite Fangeaux
Fiebras Flambard Floouen, Fluellen Fortin Fourcaut Foursi
Fray Fremin Freskin Ganelon Garsille Gascot
Gaubert Gauchier Gaude Gauguein Gembert Gentian, Gentien
Gerland Gildon Giriaume Gobin, Gobelin Godebert Godichal
Golias Gonfroi Gontier Goumelet Gourdet Gracien, Gracyen
Granville Grefin Grenville Grifon Gringoire Guermont
Guigue Guineboud Habreham Haguin Haiete Halebran
Halinard Haquin Harchier Hascouf Hecelin Henseus
Herbrand Herchier Herculles Hernouet Hesdin Hétouyn
Heude Hique Hocequin Honoré, Honot Huard, Huart Huebald
Huidelon Huitace Humbert Hunout Huoul Huroin
Ianto Ilbert Isore Japhet Jeharraz Jehaue
Jessamy Jevan Jolis Jollivet Jonas Jonathas
Jorin Jude Jumel Juste Kerrich Lagot
Léal Leavold Leigh Leofard Letard Lie, Lièce
Maillart, Maillet Mainnet Malise Marcel Marin Maulore
Meriet Merigot Mervin, Mervyn Mittainne Morel Néapolion
Névelet, Nivelet Nicaise Noeë Noël Norbert Obert
Odard Omerus Ondart Orderic Orland Orrick
Othuel, Otuel Papin Parcin Pariset Pepin Petruche
Philbert Picot Platiau Popin, Popiniau Porchier Poufille
Pricion Quabin Quenall Raguenel Raguet Rahere, Rahier
Rasequin Ratier Rauve Redway Renonys Renost
Renouf Resse Ribald Ringerus Rionet Roderick
Rodney Rodolph Roncin Roscelin Rocelin, Rocelinus Rosser Rostand
Rotrou Roucaud Ruald Ruaud Rufier Rufin Rufus Russell Roussel Sadun
Saillot Sainte Santin Samer Sanguin Savaric Savary Seguin
Sehier Syhier Senebaut Sequin Sernays Sevrin Sicard Sicho Sicre
Sigan Sigismund Sirion Sivis Sohalet Soolet Sohier
Souni Sonnet Taillefer Taillemache Talon Tassart Tassot Tassin Tevenot
Thouche Tiessot Torphin Turbertus Turquan Tutain
Ulger Vane Vannes Vézian Victor Waleran Waleron
Wynkyn Ydevert        


Ababilia Abbatissa Abelota Achethe Admiranda Aicusa
Akelda Alainne Alba Aleusa Alma Alsneta
Andrie Angelet Anthoinette Argentina Atilda Avoca
Badelota Bausanne Bauteut Bedeluue, Biedeluue Bencelina Benigna
Berte, Bertha Blissot Blitha Boime Brise Caesaria
Calla Camilla Ceday Celestine Celestria Chloe
Chuna Coulombe Dameta, Dametta Damisona Decima Deloys
Desdemona, Disdemona Desiderata, Desirata Diamanda Diana, Dyana, Dinae Dinah Dolichena
Dominica, Dominy Dorcas Drusilla, Drueta Durilda Elaisse Ellerete
Emeria Emery Enota Epicelena Esa Eschiva
Esdeline Estienne Estrangia Eugenia Eustachia, Eustacia Extranea
Fina, Finepopla Fortunata Fousafia Gemma Gerbaga Germainne
Gersendis Ginnade Giraude Gladuse Golla  
Helmech, Helmet, Helmeth Helvynya Hextilda, Hesse? Houdée Ilene Imedia
Italia Jeromia Jervaise Jessamine Josiane, Josina Jourdenete
Justina Keina, Kiena Kemma, Kima, Kymme Kinna Leda Legarda, Ligarda, Lige
Lena Letselina Lia Libourc Lictina Lota
Maronne Marsilia Martine Maxencia Mazelina Melodia, Melodie
Melusine Michièle Minna, Minnota Mique Mitri Moder
Modesty Nicia, Nycaise Noblete Nog, Nogga, Nogge Norma Olimpias
Optata Oreute Organa Ottilia Pacchild, Pechel Pandonia, Pandwyna
Parise, Parisete Pasques Paulina Pentecost, Pentecouste Philomena Plente
Popelina Preciosa, Precious Primaveira, Primeveire Pronèle Rametta Roana
Roberge Rogerete Salerna Sewenna Souplice Splendora
Sreda Swale Thangustella Udelina, Udeline Ulia Urie
Watcelina Wimarca, Wimarc Ynstauncia Ysane Ysenda Ysopa

Early Modern England

Although most of these names had been in existence for many years, they did not become popular or were not found at all in Britain before the 17th century. Biblical names did not become really common until after the Reformation. Classical Greek and Latin names became popular during the 18th century, especially for girls. Fanciful adaptations of existing girls’ names, often with the addition of ‘-bel’ or ‘-inda’ were made. The Latin forms of male names which had only been found in written form during the Middle Ages were revived as spoken forms (Phillippa, Juliana) and the practice of adding ‘-ine’ or ‘-ina’ to a male name to form a female one resulted in many new girls’ names. In the 19th century, there was a revival of interest in the Saxon and Norse mythologies which resulted in many long disused names being used, sometimes in Anglicised forms. Surnames began to be used as first names quite frequently, many of them those of noble families (such as Sidney, Neville).


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Origin and Meaning
Alberic   Lat form of Aubrey (OG elf + power)
Algernon Algy 'with moustaches'
Aloysius   Lat form of Louis?
Angel   Gk angelos 'messenger'
Aquila   Lat 'eagle'
Augustus Gus, Gussie Lat great/magnificent
Aurelian   Lat aureus 'golden'
Baptist   In honour of John the Baptist
Benezer   From Ebenezer
Bonamy   Lat 'good friend'
Clarence Clarrie, Clary  
Cosmo   Gk kosmos order/beauty
Erasmus   Gk Erasmos eran 'to love'
Ernest Ernie OHG eornost 'seriousness'
Eubule, Ewball    
Euseby   Gk Eusebios 'respectful, pious'
Horace, Horatio   Etruscan?
Hosanna   Heb?
Justinian   Lat 'just/fair'
Percy   Lat Persius
Sacheverell   Norman placename Saute-Chevreuil 'roebuck-leap'
Sholto   Gaelic Sioltach 'sower'
Sidney   Nor/FR surname Saint Denis or OE 'wide meadow'
Theophilus   Gk god + friend


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Origin and Meaning
Albertine   Fem of Albert
Albina, Albinia   Lat albus white (nomen)
Alethea, Alethia, Aletha, Aletea, Alithia, Althea, Alatheia, Aletea, Aletheia, Alethia, Alithea   Gk aletheia 'truth'
Allegra   It allegro 'gay/jaunty' (a daughter of Byron)
Alma   Lat almus 'nourishing/kind' (infl Battle of Alma)
Aloisia   Fem of Aloysius
Althea   Gk Althaia
Amanda   Lat 'lovable'
Ancilla, Annzella   Lat
Angel   Gk angelus 'messenger'
Anthea   Gk antheios 'flowery'
Aquila   Lat 'eagle' (cognomen)
Armine, Armin, Arminel   Ger Herman
Artemisia   Gk Artemis
Augusta   Lat fem of Augustus
Aurea   Lat aureus golden
Aureola, Auriol    
Aurora   Lat 'dawn'
Berenice   Gk Pherenike 'bringer of victory'
Brilliana   For a girl born in Brill?
Carina   From Cara or Karin
Delia   Gk 'from Delos' (name for Artemis)
Dillian, Dilliana    
Dorinda   From Dora
Douglas   surname
Elizabella   Eliza + Bella
Elma   From Guglielma?
Frusannah   Form of Susannah?
Jacinth   Hyacinth
Lucasta   Fem of Lucas?
Mariabella   Maria + Bella
Philadelphia   'brotherly love' (US placename)
Saranna   Sarah + Anne?
Ulalia   Form of Eulalia
Urania   Fem of Uranus
Venetia   From Venice?
Zenobe   Gk 'Zeus + life'

Puritan Names

Although many C16th and C17th Protestants were content with Bible-sanctioned names, the more extreme Puritans did not consider even these pure enough. They invented their own abstract ‘virtue’ or ‘slogan’ names, some of which entered the common stock. Most of these could be used for either sex but the few modern survivals (Charity, Joy, Mercy etc.) are usually feminine.


Abstinence Accepted Amity Arise Ashes Assurance
Belief Charity Clemency Comfort Confidence Constancy
Constant Continent Delivery Desire Diffidence Diligence
Discipline Discretion Donation Dust Eart Earth
Elected Experience Faith Faithful Fear Felicity
Forsaken Fortune Given Godly Grace Gracious
Handmaid Helpless Honesty Honour Hope Hopeful
Humble Humiliation Humility Increased Joy Just
Justice Lament Lamentation Love Meek Mercy
Obedience Patience Peaceable Perseverance Piety Providence
Prudence Purify Redeemed Reformation Rejoice Remember
Renewed Repentance Resolved Return Salvation Steadfast
Temperance Thankful Tribulation Troth Truth Verity
Virtue Wrestling        


Be-courteous Be-faithful Be-thankful Faint-not
Faith-my-joy Fear-not Fear-the-Lord Fight-the-good-fight-of-faith
Fly-debate Fly-fornication Freegift From-above
God-reward Hate-evil Help-on-High Hope-for
Hope-still If-Christ-had-not-died-for-thee-thou-hadst-been-damned* Jesus-Christ-came-into-the-world-to-save Job-raked-out-of-the-ashes
Joy-again Kill-sin Learn-wisdom Love-well
Make-peace More-fruit More-trial Much-mercy
No-merit Praise-God Safe-deliverance Safe-on-high
Search-the-scriptures Seek-wisdom Sin-deny Small-hope
Sorry-for-sin Stand-fast-on-high The-Lord-is-near The-peace-of-God
Weep-not What-God-will Zeal-for-the-Lord Zeal-of-the-land

* Known as 'Damned' Barebone!

Medieval English Surnames

The Norman invasion of 1066 introduced a large stock of continental Germanic and French names. Although the Normans, or Norsemen, had only been settled in northern France for about two generations, they retained little of their original language and the naming pattern was altered. French influence had reached Britain already through Edward the Confessor who was brought up by his mother Emma's relatives in Brittany, although this was limited almost exclusively to court circles. (Canute the Dane had defeated Edward’s father, Ethelred, and married Emma.)

The Normans brought both servants and ordinary fighting men whose sphere was far outside that of the nobles and the linguistic structure that was to become English began to be formed. Literacy became more widespread and a classical influence became apparent, especially in girls' names. Some Saxon and Norse names were retained along with their Norman counterparts but they gradually became less common. Anglo-Saxon and Norman French names can be similar due to the common Germanic roots of the Angles, Saxons and Vikings.

 Formation of Surnames

The Anglo-Saxons used only personal names, sometimes with nicknames and patronymics, so it was not until after the Norman Conquest that inherited surnames were adopted. Originally these were only borne by nobles and were likely to be restricted to the place of origin, preceded by ‘de’ as in modern French, or the father’s name preceded by ‘Fitz’ (from French fils 'son').

Later, sources included:
Norman French family names and nicknames brought by the Normans (see below)
Old English/Saxon family names taken from personal names, usually male
Linknames common first names and patronymics
Nicknames descriptions of appearance or character (Short, Brown, Redhead)
Trade names indicated what trade a person or his ancestors followed
Localities where in the village/town one lived (Hill, Green, Church, Field, Townsend)
Placenames place of origin (North, York, Southey, Lancaster)


Achard Addinell Adeney Aguilon Albelin Alevi
Alis Altard Ansgot Anzeray Arundel Aschuill
Asselin Auber Aubert Auffrye Aungier Auvray
Azor Bachiler Baignard Bailleul Bainard Baliol
Ballard Barkentin Basnage Basset Baudry Baujot
Bauldry Bauquemare Bavent Beaumanoir Beaumarchais Beaumont
Beauvallet Becdelièvre Bele Belet Bellecote Belmis
Benoist Beringar Berners Bernières Bertran Bigot
Blancbaston Blangi Blosbeville Blouet Bohon Boisivon
Boislevesque Boissel Boivin Bolam Bolbec Bondeville
Bonel Bonenffant Boneth Bonvalet Bordel Bosanquet
Bosc Bosiet Bossard Bostel Boteler Boterel
Botin Bouchard Bourchier Bourdekin Bourdet Bourneville
Bradwardine Brai Braund Brebeuf Brereton Bretel
Breteuil Bretteville Brèvedent Brimou Brinon Briouse
Briqueville Brix Buci Budi Bulli Burci
Burguet Buron Bursigni Busnois Busquent Caen
Cailli Caillot Cairon Calmette Cambrai Campion
Canaigres Canouville Caradas Carbonnel Cardon Cardonell
Carnet Carteret Castillon Caunter Cavelier Ceauce
Cely Challenge Chandos Chartres Chauncy Cheney
Cherbourg Cioches Claville Clerinell Clinchamps Coliar
Colleville Colombelles Colombieres Comyn Conteville Corbet
Corbière Corbon Cormeilles Corneilles Corviser Cosin
Couci Couer Courcelle Courcelles Courci Courcon
Courcy Courseume Craon Crevecoeur Croc Cruel
Cugey Cul de Louf Culai Cumin Curteys d’Ouilli
d'Adreci d'Aguillon d'Albert d'Alencon Dalyngridge d'Amboise
d'Ambray Damours d'Andeli d'Andre d'Angers d'Angerville
d'Angleville Danneville d'Ansleville Danvers Darcy Darell
d'Argentan D'Argouges d'Argues d'Armentieres d'Arques d'Athenous
d'Aubernon d'Auberville d'Audrieu d'Aufai d'Aumale Daunger
d'Aunon D'Auvay D'Auvrecher d'Avranches d'Avre de Bailleul
de Balon de Bans de Bapaumes de Barbes de Beauchamp de Beaufou
de Beaumais de Beaumont de Beauvais de Bellehache de Bellemare de Bellièvre
de Belmeis De Berchelai de Bercheres de Bernai de Bernieres de Berranger
de Berville de Bethencourt de Bienfaite de Biville de Blays de Blundville
de Bouilon de Bourgueville de Breos de Cahaihnes de Calmesnil de Caulmont
de Caux de Challon de Chefderue de Civille de Corbeil de Cormeilles
de Coucy de Courseilles de Croismare de Faicterau De Felius De Fry
de Genville de Gosbeck de Grieu de Hanivel de Hattes de Herle
de Ireby de La Champagne de La Hay de La Mare de La Noue de La Place
de La Porte de La Reue de La Roche de Lampérière de Lombelon de Lorraine
de Malhortye de Maromme de Massard de Mesniel de Mesnildo de Monchy
de Monluc de Montchrestien de Montfault de Montgomery de Moustiers de Moy
de Munchesney de Pardieu de Perronet de Pinchemont de Recusson de Rely
de Reymes de Roncherolles de Salynges de Saussay de Savage de Seguzzo
de Servian de Seyssel de Tanie de Tocni de Toeni de Valles
de Vandes de Vaux de Vesci de Villy de Viuepont de Vymont
d'Ecouis d'Engagne d'Eresby des Moutiers des Vaux d'Escalles
Deschamps Desmares d'Espagne Destain d'Eu d'Evreux
d'Helion d'Hericy d'Houdetot Digby d'Incourt Ditton
Dive Beugelin d'Ivri Dol Hugue d'Olgeanc d'Orbec d'Orglande
d'Ornontville Douai Dreux Droullin Druel du Bec
du Bois-Hebert du Bosc-Roard du Breuil Du Buisson Du Gouey du Merle
Du Moucel du Perche Du Perron du Quesnai du Saussai du Theil
du Tilleul Dubosc Dufay Dufour Duhamel Dumont
d'Unepac Dupasquier Duquesne Durandal Durerie Durjardin
Durville Duval Dyel Ecouland Elers Emory
Engerrand Erquemboure Espec Esteney Evelyn Eveque
Faceby Faintree Falaise Fantosme Faucon Fecamp
Fergant Ferrieres Feu Fitzalan Fitzherbert Fitzhugh
Fitzroy Flambard Folet Foliot Fonnereau Fontemai
Fossard Fougeres Fourneaux Framan Fresle Fribois
Froissart Fromentin Furnival Gael Gand Garin
Gaveston Gibard Giffard Gillain Gilpin Giscard
Glanville Godart Godefroy Gomboult Gouel Goulaffre
Gournai Grai Grancourt Grentemesnil Grenteville Greslet
Griffin Grimoult Grouchet Groulart Guéribout Guernon
Gueron Guideville Guiffart Guildersleeve Guinand Gurney
Guyot Hachet Halacre Hallé Hamage Harcourt
Haute Hauville Hédiart Hendry Herbard Heriet
Heuzé Hewse Hodenc Holland Hotot Hue
Hugonin Hynde Ide Jolland Jubert la Berviere
la Bruiere la Cleve la Foret la Guierche la Mare la Pommeraie
la Riviere La Vache La Verrier Labbé Laci l'Adoube
l'Aigle Lallement l'Ane Lanquetot l'Appeville l'Archer
l'Aune Le Barge le Berruier Le Blanc le Blond le Bouguignon
le Breton Le Chandelier Le Clerc Le Conte Le Cordier Le Cornu
le Despensier Le Doulcet le Flamand le Gaucher Le Goix Le Grant
Le Gras Le Jumel Le Lieur Le Maistre Le Marchant le Marechal
Le Marinier Le Masson Le Paulmier Le Pelletier Le Pesant le Poitevin
Le Prévost le Roux Le Roux Le Seigneur le Senechal Le Sueur
Le Tellier le Vicomte Lefebre l'Estourmi Letre Levasseur
Lhuillier Libourg Ligonier L'ile Linesi Lisieux
Loges Lorz Loucelles Louet Louvet Lovet
Lucy Ludel Lynom Machault Machel Maci
Maignart Malet Mallebisse Malleville Mallilie Mallory
Malvallet Malveisin Maminot Mandeville Manneilli Mansel
Mantel Marchés Marchmain Marci Marescot Margas
Mariage Marillac Marisco Martel Mathan Maubenc
Maudit Mauduit Maunsell Maurouard Mautravers Maynet
Medley Mercier Meri Merteberge Mesnage Meulan
Meules Meverel Middleton Mobec Moion Monceaux
Montacute Montaigu Montbrai Mont-Canisi Montfiquet Montfort
Montgomery Montgommeri Moron Morphew Mortagne Mortain
Mortemer Mortmain Moyaux Mucedent Munneville Murdac
Musard Musart Mussegros Mustel Nelond Neot
Nesdin Neufmarche Neuville Noyers Omand Orlebar
Ormond Osmond Osmont Ouistreham Painel Paixdecouer
Pancevolt Pantoul Papelion Papon Paris Parry
Parthenai Paschal Pasquier Pastforeire Patris Paumera
Peccoth Peche Peis Pennant Perci Péricard
Perroy Petremol Peveril Pevrel Picard Picot
Picvini Pierrepont Pinel Pipin Pippery Piquiri
Pistres Pithou Plucknet Poer Poignant Poillei
Pointel Pont Pont de l'Arche Pontchardon Port Postel
Poussin Prestcote Puchot Quesnel Quièvremont Quincarnon
Raimbeaucourt Rainecourt Raleigh Rames Raoullin Rassent
Ravenot Rennes Renold Restault Reviers Riebou
Rivière Roard Rocque Roger Romé Romenel
Ros Rosai Rou Roussel Runeville Sacquerville
Saint-Clair Sainte-d'Aignaux Saint-Germain Saint-Helene Saint-Leger Saint-Ouen
Saint-Quentin Saint-Sanson Saint-Valeri Saint-Waleri Saisset Sauvigni
Scolland Séguier Senarpont Senlis Sept-Meules Simnel
Sollers Somneri Sourdeval Strivelyn Stukely Tabraham
Taillebois Taillepied Talvace Tessel Thaon Theroulde
Thibault Thiboust Thorel Tibon Tilly Tinel
Tirel Toclive Torteval Touchet Tourlaville Tourmente
Tournai Tournebulle Tournebut Tourneville Toustain Tranchant
Trelli Tulles Urry Valance Valognes Vastel
Vatteville Vaubadon Vauville Vaux Vavassour Veci
Venois Ventris Ver Verdun Vernold Vernon
Verrall Vesci Vesli Veteripont Vieuxpont Villehardain
Villon Vipont Vis-de-Louf Vis-de-Loup Vitalis Vivers
Viville Voisin Wadard Warci Watteau Werables
Willoughby Wissant Ygou      

 Noble Families

These surnames all occurred amongst the nobility during medieval times. Some titled families still bear them today. Historically, a duke or earl often tended to be known by his title (Warwick, Northumberland, Suffolk, Norfolk, Gloucester, York, Lancaster, March, Leicester) but would have a family name as well. Sometimes, the heir to an estate would change his name to that of the original family if he was not in the direct line.
Beauchamp Bigod Bohun Boleyn Cecil Courteney
Dacre de Braose de Burgh de Clare de la Pole de Lacy
de Montfort Devereux Dudley Fairfax Ferrers Fiennes
Fitton Herbert Howard Lovell Montague Mortimer
Mowbray Neville Percy Quincey Russell Sidney
Stafford Stanley Talbot Umfraville Vane Vaughan

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