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Modern English Biblical Names

Male Names from the Bible

These names are all of Hebrew origin unless otherwise stated.
Element Meaning Origin
Bar Son Aramaic
Ben Son Hebrew bin
Dan Judge  
El God  
Jo, iah, jah Yahweh/the Lord Hebrew yah

Female Names from the Bible

Due to the spread of Christianity, Biblical names have become common throughout Europe, Africa, America and Australasia although they take different forms in many languages. The following are from a modern English translation. Most personal names mentioned in the Bible are Hebrew although Aramaic, Greek, Latin and Egyptian are also represented. Hebrew names are used in their original forms by many Jewish people, especially in Israel. One problem for early translators of the Bible was that the name of God (Yaweh, Yahweh) was considered too sacred to be written in full so only the consonants were used. Vowels taken from the substitutes adonay 'my lord' and elohim 'god' were later added, giving the form 'Yehovah' which became 'Jehovah' in European versions. The first element of the name occurs either at the beginning or the end of many personal names (Jonathan, Elijah). In ancient Semitic societies, names were highly individual and a new name would be invented for each child but some famous names such as those of the patriarchs and their families came into general usage. As this could lead to duplication of names within a community, the patronymic system was adopted with the father's name preceded by bar 'son of' for a man or bat 'daughter of' for a woman. Biblical or Christian names were occasionally used in Britain before the Norman Conquest, often for monks or nuns. After 1066, they were still not common but the growing influence of the Roman Catholic Church is indicated by the increased use of the names of saints or Biblical figures towards the end of the C12th. The Council of Trent (1545-63) ruled that these names had to be used at baptism. After the Reformation, the names of saints not mentioned in the Bible were largely rejected by the new religious doctrines and Biblical, especially Old Testament, names became far more common. In the C16th, Puritans not only revived some of the more obscure Biblical names but coined their own Christian names from Latin and English. These names are of Hebrew origin unless stated otherwise. All the alternative spellings listed here have been used in modern times, mostly for children born within the last two decades - for earlier forms, see England - Medieval.

Old Testament


Aaron trad har-on 'exalted one/mountain of strength' but may be of Egyptian origin
Aaran Aaren Aareon
Aarin Aaronn Aarron
Aaryn Aeron Aharon
Ahran Ahren Airion
Aranne Arek Aren
Arian Ariane Arien
Arin Arion Aron
Aronek Aronne Aronos
Arrian Arron Arrunh
Arun Aryn Ayron

Abel hebel 'breath' or ablu 'son'
Abele Abell Able

Abiah 'God is my father'
Abia Abija Abijah

Absalom 'father of peace'
Absalon Aksel Avshalom
Ax Axe Axel
Axell Axil Axill
Axl Axle  

Adam 'red earth/skin'
Ad Adama Adamec
Adas Add Addam
Addey Addi Addie
Addy Ade Adem
Ademir? Adham Adhamh
Adi Adne Adomas

Boaz 'swift/strong'
Boas Booz Bos

Cain 'smith/craftsman' (also Irish surname 'Kane')
Caine Carne Kaan
Kahan Kain Kaine
Kane Kaney Kayn

Caleb 'dog' or 'bold'?'
Caeleb Calab Cale
Caley Calup Caylub
Kahleb Kailop Kalab
Kalb Kale Kaleb
Kaleob Kalev Kalib
Kalob Kalub Kalube
Kaylob Kaylub Kilab

David 'beloved/friend'
Dabid Daevid Dafydd Daivid Daoud
Dauid Daved Davido Davoud Davyd
Dawit Dawud Dayvid Devid Dovid
Dovidas Dowid Javid

Dai Dav Dave Davee Davey
Davern? Davie Davy Dew Dewi
Dewie Dov Dow Tab Tabby
Taff Taffy      

Ebenezer 'stone of help' (placename)
Ebbaneza Ebeneezer Ebeneser
Ebenezar Eveneser Evenezer

Eleazar 'God has helped'
Elazar Eleasah Eleasar
Eliasar Eliazar Elieser
Eliezer Elizar Elizur
Lazar Lazer  

Eli 'high'
Elie Elih Eloi
Eloy Ely  

Elias 'Jehovah is God'
Elia Eliah Eliahs
Eliason Eliasz Eliaz
Elice Elier Ellice
Ellis Elya Elyas

Elkanah 'God created'
Elkan Elkana Elki
Elkin Elkins  

Enoch 'trained/dedicated'
Enoc Enock Enok

Ethan 'strength' or 'perennial'
Eathan Eethan Eithyn
Etan Ethanus Ethe
Ethen Ethyn Eytan

Gershom 'stranger' or 'bell'
Gersham Gersho Gershon
Gerson Geurson Gursham

Hanan 'grace'
Hanael Hanaiah Hananeel
Hananel Hanani  

Hiram 'exalted brother'
Ahiram Hirom Huram

Ishmael 'God hears'
Isamail Ishma Ishmeal
Ishmeil Ishmel Ismael

Jabez 'born in pain' or 'sorrowful'?
Jabe Jabes Jabesh

Jamin 'favoured'
Jamen Jameyn Jamian
Jamyn Jaymien Jaymin

Jairus 'God enlightens'?
Jair Jairo Jarius
Jeiro Yair  

Japheth 'enlargement'
Japeth Japhet Yaphet
Yapheth Yefat Yephat

Jared 'descendant'
Ja'red Jahred Jaired
Jarad Jareid Jarid
Jarod Jarrad Jarradd
Jarrayd Jarred Jarrid
Jarrod Jarryd Jaryd
Jerad Jeread Jered
Jeredd Jerod Jerred
Jerrid Jerrod Jerryd
Yared Yered  

Jedidiah 'beloved of God'
Jed Jedaia Jedaiah
Jedd Jeddy Jedediah
Jedediha Jededish Jedeiah
Jedi Jediah Jedidia
Jedidiah Yedaya Yedidya

Jebadiah variant of above?
Jeb Jebadia Jebediah
Jebi Jebidiah  

Jesse 'God exists' or 'gift'
Jescey Jesee Jesi
Jesie Jess Jessee
Jessey Jessi Jessie

Jethro 'abundance/excellence'
Jeth Jetro Jettero

Joachim 'God will establish'
Achim Ackeem Ackim
Ahkieme Akeam Akee
Akeem Akiem Akim
Akima Arkeem Ioakim
Jakim Jehoiachin Jehoiakim
Jehoichin Joacheim Joakim
Joakim Joaquin Jocquin
Jocquinn Juaquin Juaquine

Job 'afflicted/persecuted'
Joab Joaby Job
Jobe Joben Jobert
Jobey Jobie Joby
Jov? Yoav?  

Jonathan 'God has given'
Donathon Janathan Jhonathan
Joanathon Johanthan Johatan
Johathan Johathe? Johathon
Johnatan Johnathan Johnathaon
Johnathen Johnathon Johnatten
Johnavhon Johniathin Johnithun
Johnnathon Johnothan Johntae
Johntay Johnte Johntez
Johnthan Jonatan Jonatane
Jonate Jonatha Jonathen
Jonathon Jonathyn Jonattan
Jonatthan Jonethen Jonigan
Jonnatha Jonnathan Jonnattan
Jonothan Jonothon Jonshae
Jontae Jontai Jontay
Jonte Jontea Jonteau
Jontez Jounathon Yanaton
Yanton Yehonatan Yonatan
Yonathan Yonathon Yonnafun

Joshua 'God is help/salvation'
Giosia Iosua Jeshua
Joashua Johsua Johusa
Josehua Josh Josha
Joshau Joshaua Joshauh
Joshawa Joshawah Joshe
Joshi Joshu Joshuaa
Joshuah Joshue Joshuea
Joshula Joshus Joshusa
Joshuwa Joshwa Joss
Josse Jossue Jossy
Josu Josua Josuah
Josue Jousha Jozshua
Jozsua Jozua Jozus
Jushua Y'shua Yehoshua
Yoshiyahu Yoshua Yosu?

Josiah 'God saves/heals''
Josa Josaiah Josayh
Joselito Joshia Joshiah
Josia Josiahs Josian

Moses 'drawn out of the water'? or from Egyptian
Moe Moise Moisei
Moises Moisey Moishe
Moisis Mose Mosese
Moshe Mosheh Mosiah
Mosie Mosya Mosze
Motzie Mouises Mousa
Moyses Moze Mozes

Phineas 'snake's mouth' i.e. 'oracle' or Egyptian 'dark-skinned/Nubian'
Phinehas Phinny Pincas
Pinchas Pinchos Pincus
Pinkas Pinkus Pinky

Samson 'child of Shamash' (a sun god)
Sampson Shimshon  

Samuel 'his name is God' or 'God has listened'
Saamy Sam Samael
Samaru? Samauel Samaul
Sambo Sameeh Sameh
Samel Sameul Samey
Samie Samiel Samivel
Samm Sammail Sammee
Sammel Sammey Sammie
Sammuel Sammy Samo
Samouel Samu Samual
Samuello Samuil Samuka?
Samule Samvel Samy
Samyul Sanko Saumel
Schmuel Sem Shem
Shemuel Shmelke Shmiel
Shmuel Shmulks Simuel
Zamiel Zamuel Zanvil

Seth 'appointed' or 'compensation'
Set Sethan Sethe

Shadrach Babylonian 'godlike'?
Shad Shaddy Shadrack
Shadric Shadrick Shederick
Shedrach Shedrick  

Solomon 'peaceful'
Saloman Salomo Salomon
Saulomon Selim Shelmu
Shelomo Shelomoh Shlomi
Shlomo Shlomot Sol
Solaman Solamh Soll
Sollie Solly Solmon
Soloman Sulaiman Sulaimon
Zalkin Zalman Zalmen
Zalmon Zelman Zollie

Tabor Aramaic 'Tavor' - misfortune'
Tab Tabb Tabber
Tabbie Tabby Taber
Taboras Taibor Taver
Tayber Taybor  

Tobias/Toby 'God is good'
Tevya Tobby Tobe
Tobey Tobi Tobia
Tobiah Tobie Tobijah
Tobin Tobit Tobyn
Toubee Tovias Tovin
Tuvia Tuviah Tuvya

Uriah 'God is light'
Uria Urias Urijah

Uziel 'strength of God'
Uzi Uzie Uzziah

Zadok 'righteous/godly/just'
Tzadik Tzadok Zaddik
Zadik Zadoc Zaydok

Zebediah 'God has bestowed'
Zeb Zebadee Zebadia
Zebadiah Zebedee Zebedia
Zedidiah? Zevadia Zevadiah

Zedekiah 'righteousness/justice of God'
Zed Zedechiah Zedekias


Abiah 'Jehovah is my father'
Abbia Abbiah Abia Abya

Abigail - 'father is rejoicing' or 'father of exaltation'
Abagael Abagail Abagaiyl Abagale Abagayle
Abagil Abbegail Abbegale Abbegayle Abbeygayle
Abbigail Abbigale Abbigayle Abbygail Abbygale
Abbygayle Abegail Abegale Abegayle Abgail
Abgale Abgayle Abigael Abigaile Abigal
Abigale Abigayil Abigayle Abigel Abilgail

Abbe Abbee Abbey Abbi Abbie
Abbye Nabby

Gael Gaela Gaelle Gaila Gaile
Gaille Gale Gayle

Adah 'adornment' (also Germanic 'Ada')
Adan? Adda Addia Addie Adia
Adiah Aidah

Aphra placename, 'dust' (or 'fawn'?)
Affery Affrey Affrie Afra Aphrah

Bathsheba 'daughter of Sheva' ('an oath' or 'voluptuous')
Bathshua? Bersaba Bethsabee Bethsheba

Deborah 'a bee'
De'bora Debbora Debborah Debbra Debbrah
Debera Deberah Debor Debora Deboran
Deborha Deborrah Debra Debrah Debrea
Debria Debrina Debroah Zeborah

Deb Debbe Debbee Debbey Debbi
Debby Debee Debi Debie Debs

Dee (also short for Deirdre, or Welsh for 'black/dark)
Dea Deah Dede Dedee Dedie
Dee Dee Deea Deedee Dee-Dee Deette

Delilah 'delicate?'
Delila Delilia Deliliah

Dinah 'judged' or 'law suit' (confused with Greek 'Diana')
Deena Deeyn Dena Denae Dene
Denea Denee Deney Denna Dina
Dine Dinh Dyna Dynah

Elizabeth from 'Elisheva' - 'God is my oath/satisfaction'
Alizabeth Allissabeth Eliabeth Elisabet Elisabeta
Elisabeth Elisabethe Elisabetta Elisabith Elizabee
Elizabet Elizabete Elizbeth Elizebeth Elsabet
Elsabeth Elsbet Elysabeht Ilzzabet Lisabeth
Lisbet Lizabeth Lizbet Lizbeth

Bess Beth Bettina Betsy Betty
Buffy Bessi Betha Bethina Betssy
Betti Buff Bessie Bethe Betina
Bette Buffee Bessy Bethia Betine
Bettye Buffey Bettine Bety Buffye
Tetty Elisa Elise Elisia Elisee
Eliza Elsie Eleesa Eilise Elecea
Elisey Aliza Elsey Elesa Elese
Elesia Elisie Elixa Elsi Eliesa
Elisse Elicia Elyci Eliz Elsy
Eliisa Elize Elishia Elizaida Elisar
Ellice Elisya Ilissa Elizalina Elsa
Elissa Ellise Ellecia Ilyssa Elize
Elschen Ellisa Ellyce Ellishea Elizea
Ellissa Ellyse Ellisia Ilsa Elizette
Elspeth Ellyssa Ellyze Ellissia Ilse
Ellice Elspie Elysa Elyce Ellissya
Ylse Liza Elyssa Elyse Ellisya
Lyza Elysse Elysia Elyssia Elyssya
Elysya Libby Lillibeth Lisa Lisette
Lissy Liz Lib Lilibet Leesa
Liseta Lissey Lizanka Libbey Lilibeth
Leesha Lisetta Lissi Lizanna Libbie
Lillybeth Leeshah Lisettina Lissie Lizina
Leeza Lisseth Lyssye Lizka Loybeth
Leisa Lissette Lizzie Leisha Lizete
Lizzle Leeshia Leishah Lizeth Lizzy
Licia Lesa Lizett Liisa Leshia
Lizette Lisha Lizzete Lise Lissa
Lizzett Litsa Lizzette Liza Lysette
Lysa Lyssa

Esther 'Hadassah' - 'myrtle', Persian 'star', or from goddess Ishtar?
Essie Estee Ester Estera Esthur
Hadasseh Hestea Hester Hestera Hesti
Hestia Hestie Hesty

Eve from Chava 'life'
Eva Evah Evey Evie Iva
Jeva Yeva

Hannah from Chaanach 'gracious' or 'favoured' (Anne). Forms such as Hana, Hanne, originate from Johanna.
Ha'ani Hahnna Hana Hanah Hanan
Haneen Hania Hanicka Hanin Hanja
Hanka Hanna Hannahlya Hannele Hannie
Hanno Hannon Heena Henna Honna

Jael 'mountain goat'
Jaela Jaelee Jaeli Jaelie Jaelle
Jahla Jaila Jailee Jaleigh Jalie
Jayelle Jayla Jaylee Yael Yaeli
Yaella Yeala

Jemima 'dove' or 'bright as day'
Gemima Jamim Jamima Jamimah Jem
Jemimah Jemmia Jemmiah Jemmie Jemmy

Jezebel 'impure/wicked'
Jessabel Jessebel Jez Jezabel Jezabella
Jezebell Jezebella Jezebelle Jezel Jezell
Jezelle Jezzebelle

Judith from 'Yehudit' - 'he will be praised' or 'a Jewess/woman from Judaea'
Ioudithe Judita Juditha Judithe Yodit

Jodee Jodi Jodie Jody Jude
Judi Judie Judy Yuta

Kezia 'cassia tree'
Ketzi Ketzia Kezi Kezia Keziah
Kezie Kizzie Kizzy

Leah 'gazelle/wild cow' or 'la ah' - 'weary/languid'
Lea Lee Leea Leeah Leeya
Lehi Leia Leigh Leigha Leya
Lia Liah Liea Liya

Mahalia Aramaic 'marrow/fat'? (mix of male names Mahali & Mahalah)
Mahala Mahalah Mahalar Mahaliah Mahalla
Mahela Mahelea Maheleh Mahelia Mahila
Mahilia Mahlah Mahlaha Mehala Mehalah

Marah 'bitter
Mahra Mara Marra

Naomi 'my joy/delight' or 'pleasaunce'
Naeomie Naiomi Naoma Naomee Naomia
Naomie Naomy Neoma Neomi Niomi
Noami Noemi Noemie Noemy Nohemi
Noma Nomi Nyome Nyomi

Peninnah 'coral/pearl/ruby'
Penina Peninah Penini Peninna Penna

Rachel 'ewe'
Rachael Rachaela Rachaele Rachal Rachalle
Racheal Rachela Rachele Rachelena Racheli
Rachell Rachella Rachelle Raechel Raechele
Raechelle Raechyl Raeshelle Rahale Rahel
Rahela Raschele Rashel Rashele Rashell
Rashelle Raychel Raychell Ray'chell Raychelle
Rayshell Rechel Recheli Richel Richelle
Rochel Rochell Rochelle Roshelle Ruchelle

Racha Rache Rachie Rae Raesha?
Raske Ray Raye Rey

Raquel (Spanish form of 'Rachel')
Rackel Racquel Racquell Racquella Racquelle
Rakel Rakhil Rakhila Raqueal Raquela
Raquella Raquelle Rickquel Ricquel Ricquelle
Rikell Rikelle Rockell

Rebecca 'heifer' or 'ribbqah' - 'noose/snare'
Rabecca Rabecka Rabekah Rebbecca Rebbekah
Rebeca Rebeccah Rebeccea Rebeccka Rebecha
Rebecka Rebeckah Rebecky Rebeka Rebekah
Rebekha Rebekka Rebekkah Rebeque Revecca
Reveka Revekka Viveca Vivecka Viveka

Becca Becky Reba Reva Rimca?
Becka Becke Rabah Reeva Bekah
Becki Rebbie Reva Bekka Beckie
Rebe Revia Rebi Revida Reby
Riva Ree Rivi Reeba Rivvy
Reebie Rheba

Ruth 'companion/friend'??
Rutha Ruthe Ruthi Ruthie Ruthy

Sarah 'princess'
Darah? Sahra Saira Sairah Sara
Sarha Sarra Sarrah Seara Sera
Serra Zara

Diminutives and elaborations
Sadie Sally Sadee Sahl Sareeka
Sarolta? Sady Sal Sareka Sorale?
Sadye Sallee Sarika Sorali? Saedy
Salley Saidee Salli Sarene Sayde
Sarina Saydie Salesha Zadie Salitha
Saretta Salletta Sarette Sadae Sallette
Saritia Sadah Sarotte Sadarah Sadella
Sass Sadelle

Seraphina 'seraphim' - 'burning ones' (a type of angel)
Fina Phina Sarafina Saraphina Serafina
Serafine Seraphe Seraphim Seraphin Seraphine
Seraphita Serapia Serofina

Susan/Susanna 'lily/rose'
Azusena? Sawsan Suesan Suesanna Suisan
Susana Susanah Susann Susannah Susanne
Susen Suson Suszanne Suzan Suzana
Suzane Suzann Suzanna Suzanne Suzzane
Suzzann Suzzanne Zuzanna

Shoshanah (Hebrew form)
Shosane Shosha Shoshan Shoshana Shoshanha
Shoshann Shoshanna Shoshannah Shoshauna Shoshawna
Shoushan Slosh Sosana Sosanna Sosha

Sue Sukey Susie Zanna Soo
Sukie Siouxsie Zana Su Suky
Susey Zanella Suella Susi Zanette
Suette Susette Sussi Zannah Sueva
Susetta Sussy Zannette Suzetta Suze
Susanka Suzette Suzi Suzy Swoosie

Tabitha Aramaic 'gazelle/doe'
Tabatha Tabbatha Tabbetha Tabbitha Tabetha
Tabiffa Tabithia Tabotha Tabtha Tabutha

Tabbe Tabbey Tabbi Tabbie

Tamar 'date palm'
Taima Tama Tamaa Tamah Tamer
Tamor Tamour Thama Thamar Thamer

Tamara Russian form
Tamaira Tamarah Tamarra Tamera Tamira
Tammara Tammera Tammra Tamora Tamra
Tamrah Tamura Tamyra Temara Thamara
Thamarra Timara Timera Tomara Tymara

Tamala Tamari Tamaria Tamariea Tamarria
Tamarrian Tamary Tamerai Tameria Tamerias

Tammy (also dim of Tamsin/Thomasine)
Tamaiah Tami Tamia Tamiah Tamiya
Tamma Tammie Tawmi

Tirzah 'delight/acceptance' or a placename
Tearza Thersa Therza Thirsa Thirza
Thirzah Thursa Thurza Thyrza Tierza
Tirsa Tirshka Tirza Tirzha Tyrzah

Zillah 'shade'
Zila Zilla Zylla

Zilpha Zylpha

New Testament


Artemus Greek from 'Artemis' goddess of the moon and hunting
Artemas Artemio Artemis
Artimas Artimis Artimus

Barnabas Aramaic 'son of exhortation'
Barna Barnaby Barnebas
Barnebus Barney Barnie

Carmine Italian male form of Carmel 'vineyard' (title of Virgin Mary 'Our Lady of Carmel)
Carman Carmello Carmen
Carmon Karmel

Christian Latin 'christianus' a follower of Christ
Chriseny Christain Christen
Christensen Christiaan Christianos
Christin Christino Christion
Christon Christyan Chritian
Cretien Cristhian Cristian
Cristino Criston Kerstan
Khristian Khristin Khrystiyan
Krischan Kristian Kristjan

Christopher Greek 'bearer of Christ'
Chirstopher Chrisopherson Christafer
Christaphe Christepher Christerfer
Christfur Christhoper Christifer
Christipher Christofer Christoffer
Christoforos Christopfer Christoph
Christophere Christopherr Christophor
Christophoros Christophorus Christorpher
Christpher Christphere Christphor
Christpor Christrpher Chrsitopher
Cristaph Cristofer Cristofir
Cristophe Cristopher Khristiphier
Khristopher Khrstophe Krisofer
Kristapher Kristef Kristfer
Kristfor Kristof Kristofer
Kristoffer Kristoforo Kristoph
Kristophe Kristopher Kristophor
Krystopher Krystupas Kryztopher
Krzyystof Qristopher

Chris Christal Christy
Kester Kit Topher
Chriss Cristle Christai
Kitt Tofer Chrissie
Christe Kristar Kitts
Tophor Chryss Crystek
Cristy Krister Topo?
Cris Kristek Christa
Khris Krystek Kris

Forms of 'Christ'
Christ Christos Cristo
Kristus Khristed Crist
Cristos Kristo Krists
Krist Khristos Krisus
Khrishar? Kristos

Cleopas Cliofas Clopas

Emmanuel 'God is with us'
Eammanuele Eman Emanual
Emanuale Emanuel Emanuell
Emek Emmaneuol Emmanle
Emmanueal Emmanuil Imanol
Imanuel Immanuel Immanule
Immunueal Maco Manaole
Mango Mani Manni
Mannie Mannuel Manny
Mano Manoli Manolon
Manual Manue Manuel
Manuelli Manueolo Manuil
Manyuil Minel

Jesus Greek form of OT Joshua
Heeso Heesoo Jecho
Jessus Jisu Josu

Lazarus Greek form of OT Eleazar
Lazar Lazaro Lazaros
Lazarusie Lazavia

Nicodemus Greek 'victory people'
Nicodem Nikodema

Pascal Latin paschalis 'of Easter' from Heb pesach 'passover'
Pascale Pascalle Paschal
Paschalis Pascual Pascuale
Pasquale Pasquel

Paul Latin paulus 'small'
Pable Pablo Paolo
Pasko Paublo Pauley
Pauli Paulia Paulie
Paulis Pauls Paulus
Pauly Pavlos

Silas Aramaic 'asked for'? or Latin Silvanus?
Si Sy Sylas

Stephen Greek stephanos 'crown/garland'
Staffan Staffon Steafean
Steevan Steeven Stefan
Stefane Stefano Stefanson
Stefaun Stefawn Steffan
Steffen Steffon Stefon
Stefone Stefos Stefphan
Steiven Stepfon Stephan
Stephane Stephano Stephfan
Stephin Stephon Stephone
Stephun Stepven Stevan
Steven Stevin Stevon

Stefanos Stefans Stepanos
Stephanas Stephanus

Steve Stevie Steenie
Steave Stevy Steeve
Stevey Ste Steph

Timothy Greek, 'honouring/honoured by God'
Timithy Timmathy Timmethy
Timmothy Timofey Timontheo
Timonthy Timote Timothe
Timotheo Timotheos Timothey
Timothi Tymithy Tymmothy
Tymoteusz Tymothee Tymothy

Tim Timick Timkin
Timmy Timmie

Magi/Wise Men/Three Kings

They are not mentioned by name in the Bible but these are their traditional names.

Balthazar Chaldean 'Bel/Baal protect the prince/king'

Badassare Balta? Baltazar
Balthasaar Balthasar Baltsaros
Belshazar Belshazer Belshazzer
Belteshazzar Boldiszar

Jaspar Persian 'genashber' - 'treasure-master'?
Caspar Gaspar Jas
Jasper Jazper Jespar
Jesper Jetsper Kaspar
Kasper Kaspero

Melchior Persian 'king of light' or 'king + city'?
Meilseoir Melker Melkior


The twelve original disciples of Jesus

Andrew/Andre Greek andreios 'manly'

Aindrea Ander Anders
Anderw Andery Andra
Andrae Andras Andreas
Andreau Andrecito Andree
Andrei Andreis Andres
Andrez Andries Andris
Andrius Andriy Andros
Andru Andrue Andrus
Anndra Aondro Audrew
Aundre Endre

Andy Andino Bandi
Drew Tandie Andie
Anden Dru Tandy
Andje Andes Andis
Andor Anker

Bartholomew 'son of Talmai' ('hill/mound' or 'abounding in furrows') Byname of Nathaniel?

Barthelemy Barthelmy Bartholomaus
Bartholome Bartholomieu Bartimous
Bartolommeo Bartome

Bart Bartie Bartel
Bartek Barrt Barty
Barthel Bartho Bat
Bartz Bath Bartlet

James the Great (son of Zebedee) + James the Less (son of Alphaeus?)
Jaime Jaimes Jaimz
Jamese Jamis Jaymes
Jayms Jaymz Jemes

Jamie Jamey Jamesie
Jem Jim Jimbo
Jaeme Jameyei Jamesy
Jemmie Jimi Jimiyu?
Jaimee Jami Jemmy
Jimmee Jaimey Jamiee
Jimmey Jaimi Jammie
Jimmie Jaimie Jammy
Jimmy Jaimito J'amy
Jimy Jamai Jayme
Jame Jaymee Jamee

Judas Iscariot form of Judah Judas Thaddeus (Jude) 'Thaddaios' maybe from 'Theodore' or Aramaic 'praised'
Taddeus Taddeusz Taddius
Tadio Tadious Tadzi
Tadzio Thaddaeous Thaddeaus
Thaddeo Thaddiaus Thaddius
Thadeaou Thadeous Thadeus
Thadieus Thadious Thadius

Tad Tadd Taddy
Tade Tadek Tadey
Thad Thaddy Thadee

John (see Evangelists)

Matthias (Matthew) took the place of Judas as one of 12 (see Evangelists)

Nathaniel 'gift of God'

Natanael Nataniel Nathanae
Nathanael Nathanal Nathaneal
Nathaneil Nathanel Nathaneol
Nathania Nathanial Nathanie
Nathaniel Nathanyal Nathanyel
Nathanyl Natheal Nathel
Nathinel Nattiel Netanel
Netania Netaniah Netanya
Nethanel Nethanial Nethaniel

Nat Nate Natt
Natty Thaniel

Peter Greek petrus 'rock' translation of Aramaic 'Cephas' (Simon son of Jona)
Panayioi Panayiotis Panayoti
Pangiotis Panos Pearce
Pears Peat Pedraam
Pedrom Peerce Peers
Peet Peiare Peirce
Peirre Perion Perka
Perom Perren Petar
Pete Peteris Peterke
Peterus Petey Peti
Petie Petro Petros
Peyt Piaras Pierce
Piercy Piere Pierre
Piers Piet Pietro
Pit Piter

Philip Greek 'lover of horses'
Feeleep Felipe Felipino
Felo Fil Filip
Filipp Filippo Filips
Fillip Flip Phil
Philipe Philipp Philippe
Philippo Phill Phillepe
Phillip Phillipant Phillipos
Phillipp Philly Philp

Simon (Zelotes) 'heard' or 'obedient' (or Greek 'snubnosed')
Cymon Saimon Samein
Semon Shimon Sim
Simen Simmey Simmon
Simmy Simonas Simone
Siomonn Symon Szymon

Thomas Aramaic 'twin'
Tamas Tameas Tammas

Tam Tom Tommy
Tama Thom Thomy
Tammie Tome Tammy
Tomcio Tomey Tomcy
Tomi Tavish? Tommey
Tevis? Tomo Tommi
Tomoe Tommie Tomy


The writers of the four Gospels

Evangelistos Greek 'bringing good news'

Evagelos Evaggelos Evangelo

Luke may be from Latin 'lux' - 'light' or Greek 'man from Lucania'
Lius Liuz Loukas
Luc Lucais Lucan
Lucanus Lucas Lucassie
Lucca Luce Lucian
Luciano Lucianus Lucias
Lucien Lucio Lucious
Lucius Lucjan Luckas
Luckie Luckson Lucky
Lucus Luk Luka
Lukas Lukash Luken
Lukes Lukianos Lukus
Lukyan Lusio

Mark Latin 'Marcus' from Mars, the god of war

Marc Marcky Markee
Markey Marque Marx
Marciano Marcilka Markov

Matthew/Mathias 'mattithyah' - 'gift of God'
Maitias Matalino Mathew
Mathi Mathia Mathian
Mathie Mathieu Mathieux
Mathiew Mathis Matias
Matitia Matitiah Matityahu
Matt Mattathias Matteao
Mattehew Matthia Matthias
Matthieu Matthiew Mattia
Mattias Mattie Mattieu
Mattieux Mattmias Matty
Matus Matya

John Yochanan 'God is gracious' Borne by John the Baptist, a disciple of Jesus, and the author of the fourth gospel
J'on Jan Jen
Johnlee Johne Jon
Jone Jonn Joon

Jack Jock Johnny
Jackie Jockie Jhonny
Jacky Jocko Johnee
Jak Johney Johni
Jacell Johnell Johnie
Jaco Johnier Johnnae
Jacot Johnsie Johnney
Jacori Johnni Johnnie
Johny Joni Jonni
Jonnie Jonny Jony

Jackson son of John (surname adaptation)
Jacson Jakson Jakson
Jax Jaxom Jaxon


St John given in honour of Saint John

Sinjin Sinjon Sinjun
Sjohn Stjohn

Zane Modern form?
Zahn Zain Zaine
Zan Zanis Zannis


Anne/Anna from Chaanach 'gracious' or 'favoured'
Aana Ahna Anah
Ane Anh Ona

Annette Annie Anita
Nan Nancy Nanette
Anya Anet Anahi
Aneeta Nani Nainsi
Nanete Annya Aneta
An-Ernee? Aneetah Nanice
NanC Nannette Ania
Anetha Anh-Nhi Aneethah
Nanine Nance Netta
Anaiah Anett Anni
Anitha Nanna Nancee
Nettia Anetta Anny
Anithah Nannie Nancey
Nettie Annella Anette
Anitia Nanny Nanci
Annelle Anneth Anitte
Nanon Nancie Annett
Nita Nancine Anona
Annetta Nina Nancsi
Ansella? Ninna Nancye
Ninnette Nanncey Nanncy
Nansee Nansey

Bethany place name 'house of figs'
Bethan Bethane Bethanee
Bethaney Bethanie Beth-Ann
Beth-Anne Bethani Bethania
Bethann Bethanne Bethanney
Bethannie Bethanny Bethena
Betheny Bethney

Candace hereditary name of the queen of Ethiopia, mentioned in the Bible
Cace Caddy Canace
Candas Candase Candes
Candias Candice Candies
Candis Candise Candiss
Candus Candyce Candys
Candyse Cyndyss Kandace
Kandas Kandess Kandice
Kandis Kandise Kandiss
Kandus Kandyce Kandys

Carmel 'vineyard/orchard/garden' (title of Virgin Mary 'Our Lady of Carmel')
Carma Carmalia Carmela
Carmelia Carmella Carmelle
Carmellia Carmesa Carmi
Carmia Carmie Carmiel
Carmil Carmila Carmilla
Karmel Karmela Karmelia
Karmella Karmelle Karmiella



Carmaletta Carmelit Carmelitha
Carmelitia Carmelittia Carmellit
Carmellita Carmellitha Carmlit
Karmeita Karmita

Carmen Latin 'song' used as Spanish form of 'Carmel'
Carman Carmene Carmin
Carmina Carmon Carmynn
Karman Karmen Karmencita
Karmin Karmina Karmine
Karmon Karmyn Karmyne

Magdalene 'of Magdala', a coastal town (from 'Mary Magdalene')
Magdalen Magdalena Magdalina
Magdaline Magdalyn Magdelana
Magdelane Magdelene Magdeline
Magdelyn Magdlen Maudlin

Madeleine French form
Madailein Madalaina Madalayne
Madaleine Madaline Madalyn
Madalynn Madalynne Madel
Madelaine Madelayne Madelena
Madeliene Madelin Madeline
Madelne Madelon Madelyn
Madelyne Madelynn Madelynne
Madilyn Madilynn Madlin
Madline Madlyn Madoline
Madolyn Maighdlin

Lena Maddie Madella
Magda Maida Mala
Lenah Maddi Madelle
Makda Mada Malaine
Lene Maddy Madelia
Mahda Madeena Malena
Lenea Mady Maidel
Lenee Maidie Maudie
Lenette Mayda Maudine
Leni Maydena Lenka
Maydey Lina Linah

Marnie 'Marnina' - 'rejoice', short form of Marianne or form of Latin 'Marina'
Marna Marne Marnee
Marney Marni Marnja

Martha Aramaic 'lady/mistress'
Martaha Marth Marthan
Marthena Marthina Marthine
Marthy Marti Marticka
Martita Martuska Mattie

Mary 'longed-for child', 'lady of the sea', 'sea of bitterness' or 'rebellion
Maree Mari Mariae
Marie (Fr) Marrie Mayoree
Mayree Myrie

Maisie Mamie Mia
Minnie Molly Polly
Macey Mame Mea
Mini Molle Paili?
Macie Maymie Meah
Minie Molley Pollee
Macy Mimi Miah
Minna Molli Polley
Maisey Mya Minne
Mollie Polli Mayzie
Minnette Mollissa Pollie
Mazie Minni Pollyanna
Minnita Minny

Maressa Marietta Maris
Marissa Mariesa Maretha
Marice Marisa Mariessa
Maretta Maries Marisha
Merisa Marita Marise
Marishenka Merissa Marrietta
Marisse Marishka Miressa
Marris Mariska Morissa
Marys Maritsa Maryse
Maritza Marella Meris
Mariza Mariova Marrisa
Marrissa Marrissia Maryisa
Marysa Maryssa

Maria Latin form
Maira Maraia Maraya
Marea Mareah Mariah
Mariha Marija Mariya
Mariyah Marja Marriah
Marya Mayariya Mayra
Meriah Miriah Myriah

Miriam Hebrew form
Mariam Mariama Mariame
Maruja Maryam Maryama
Meryem Mimi Miram
Mirel Mirele Mirham
Miri Miriain Miril
Mirit Mirjana Mirra
Mirriam Mirrian Miryam
Miryan Mishke Miyana
Miyanna Myriam Myriame

Salome 'shalom' - 'peace'
Saloma Salomey Salomi

Samantha Aramaic 'listener'? or a fem. form of 'Samuel'
Samanath Samanatha Samanitha
Samanithia Samanta Samanth
Samanthan Samanthe Samanthi
Samanthia Samatha Sammanth
Sammantha Sammatha Semantha
Simantha Smanta Smantha
Symantha Tamantha

Sharon 'a plain' This Biblical place-name has become popular as a girl's name, originally in Jewish families, but Sharon Turner was a C19th male historian.
Chareneka Charron Char-Ron
Cheiron Saronna Shaaron
Sharaine Sharan Sharanda
Shareen Shareena Sharen
Sharian Shariann Sharianne
Sharin Sharine Sharna
Sharona Sharonda Sharone
Sharonia Sharony Sharran
Sharren Sharrin Sharron
Sharrona Sharronda Sharronne
Sharryn Sharyn Sharyon
Sheren Sherenn Sheron
Sherona Sheronda Sheronna
Sherrhonda Sherron Sherronna
Sherronne Sherryn Shirona

Talitha Aramaic 'young girl'? or Hebrew 'tal' - 'dew'
Taleetha Taletha Talethia
Taliatha Talita Talithia
Telita Tiletha

Rare Biblical Names

Some of these occur only in genealogies and have never been commonly used in England.


Abagtha Abda Abdi
Abdiheba Abdon Abednego
Abiasaph Abiathar Abida
Abidan Abiel Abiezer
Abihail Abihu Abijam
Abimael Abimelech Abinoam
Abiram Abisha Abishai
Abishalom Abishua Abitub
Abner Abram Achan
Achbar Achbor Achior
Achish Adaih Adal
Adbeel Addi Adialbon
Adin Adina Adlai
Adna Adonijah Adonikam
Adoniram Adoram Adriel, Adrial 'flock of God'
Aduel Agag Agee
Ahaasuerus Ahab Aharhel
Ahaz Ahaziah Ahban
Aher Ahiam Ahian
Ahiezur Ahihud Ahijah
Ahikam Ahikar Ahimaaz
Ahiman Ahimaz Ahio
Ahira Ahisamach Ahishahar
Ahithophel Ahitub Ahlai
Ahumai Ahuzzam Ahuzzath
Ai Aiah Akan
Akkub Alemeth Aliah
Alian Alihud Almodad
Alvah Alvan Amalek
Amasa Amasai Ami
Ammiel Ammihud Amminadab
Ammishad Ammizabad Amnon
Amon Amram Amraphel
Anael Anah Anamim
Anani Ananiel Anath
Anathoth Aner Aniam
Anodi Anthothijah Anub
Aphiah Appaim Apphus
Arah Aram 'height'? Araunah
Ard Ardon Aredi
Arioch Armoni Arna
Arnan Arpacshad Arza
Asahel, Asael, Asuhel Asaiah Asaph
Asarel Asddan Asharelah
Ashbel Asher Asshur Ashkenez
Ashvat Asiel Asnah
Asriel Asshurim Assir
Ataroch Ater Athlai
Attai Avaran Azalel
Azariah, Azarius Azgad Aziraphale?
Aziza Azmareth Azmaveth
Azrikam Azzan Baalhanan
Ba-ana, Baanah Baasha Baiterus
Bakbakker Bakbuk Balak
Bani Barabbas Barak
Barhadad Bariah Barkos
Barsabbas Baruch Barzillai
Bazlith Bazluth Bealiah
Bebai Becher Becorath
Bedad Beeliada Beeroth
Bela Belial? Belal Bellal Benaiah
Benammi Benhadad Benhail
Benhanan Benhesed Benhur
Beno Benoni Benzoheth
Beon Beor Bera
Berechiah Bered Beri
Beriah Besai Bethel
Bethgader Bethlehem Bethrapha
Bethshemeth Bethuel Bethzar, Bethzur
Bezalel Bigtha Bigvai
Bilhan Bilshan Bimhal
Binnui Birsha Birzaith
Bishlam Biztha Bocheru
Borith Bozrah Bukki
Bukkiah Bunah Buz, Buzi
Caiaphas Cainan Calcol
Canaan, Canann Caphtorim Carkus
Carmi Casluhum Cathua
Chabris Charea Charmis
Chedolaomer Chelal Chelub
Cheluhi Chenaanah Chephirah
Chepirah Cheran Cherub
Cherubai Chesed Chibni
Chislon Chuza Conaniah
Cosam Cush Cushan-rishathaim
Cutha Dabria Daieul
Dara Darda Dathan
Dedan Delaiah Diblaim
Dibon Dibri Diklah
Dishan, Dishon Dodanim Dodavahu
Dodo Dositheus Dumah
Ebal Ebed Ebedmelech
Eber Ebiasaph Eddinus
Eder Egypt Ehi
Ehud Eker Ela
Elah Elam Elazaphan
Eldaah Eldad Elead
Eleadah Elealeh Elhanan
Eliab Eliada Eliahba
Eliakim Eliam Eliasaph
Eliashib Eliathah Elidad
Eliehoenai Eliel Elienai
Elihoreth Elihu Elika
Elioenai Eliphal Eliphaz
Eliphelet Elishah Elishama
Elishua Elkiiah Elmadam
Elnathan Elon Elonbethhanan
Elpaal Eluzai Emadabun
Enan Enos 'man' Enosh
Ephah Ephan Epher
Ephod Ephraim Ephron
Eran Erastus Eri
Esarhaddon Escol Esdras
Eshban Eshtamon Eshtaol
Eshtemoa Eshton Etam
Ethbaal Ethnan Ethni
Evi Ezbai Ezban
Ezri Gaal Gabael
Gabatha Gabrias Gaddi Gadi
Gaddiel Gaham Gahar
Galal Gamaliel Gareb
Gas Gatam Gazez
Gazzam Geba Gedaliah
Gedor Gehazi Gemalli
Genubath Geshan Gether
Geuel Gibbar Gibea
Giddalti Giddel Gideoni
Gilead Ginnethon Gog
Gomer Guni Haahashtari
Hacahliah Hadad Hadadezer
Hadar Hadariah Hadoram
Hagab Hagabah Haggiah
Hagri Hakkoz Hakupha
Halohesh Hammedatha Hamor
Hamul Hanamiel Hanniel
Hanoch Haran Harbona
Hareph Hariph Harhas Harhur
Harim Harnepher Haroheh
Harum Haruz Hasadiah
Hashabiah Hashem Hashum Hashubah
Hasrah Hassenuah Hasshub
Hassopherath Hasubah Hasupha
Hathath Hatita Hattil
Hattush Havilah Hazael
Hazarmarveth Hazo Heber 'enclave'
Hebron Heglam Hel
Heleb Helek Helem
Helez Heli Helon
Heman Hemdan Hepher
Heresh Herod Hesbbon
Hezekiah Hezio Hezion
Hezron Hiddai Hiel
Hilki Hilkiah Hillel
Hirah Hizkiah Hod
Hodaviah Hodid Holofernes
Homam Hophni Hori
Hosah Hoshama Hothir
Huppim Hur Hurai
Hushai Husham Hushim
Ibhar Ibneiah Ibri
Ibsam Ibzan Idbash
Iddo Iezer Iga
Igal Ikkesh Ilai
Iliadun Imlah Immer
Imna Imnah Iob
Ir Irad Iram
Irnahash Iru Iscah
Ishbaal Ishbak Ishbosheth
Ishhod Ishi Ishma
Ishmaiah Ishmerai Ishvah
Ishvi Ismachiah Ithamar Ithmar
Ithrah Ithream Ittai
Ittiran Izhar Izliah
Izrahiah Izziah Jaakan
Jaalah Jaareoregim Jaasiel
Jaazaniah Jaaziah Jabal
Jabin Jacan Jachin
Jada Jaddoz Jahath
Jahaziel Jahdai Jahzeel
Jair Jalam Jalon
Jamin Jamlech Jannai
Japhia Japhlet Jareshiah
Jarha Jarib Jashen
Jashobeam Javan Jaziz
Jazor Jeatherai Jeconiah
Jediael Jeduthun Jehaziel
Jehdeiah Jehoaddah Jehoahaz
Jehoash Jehoiada Jehoiarib
Jehonadab Jehoram Jehosephat Josafat
Jehozadak Jehu Jehubah
Jehur Jeiel Jekuthiel
Jelameam Jemuel Jephtah
Jephumeh Jeraah Jerahmeel
Jereboam Jered Jeriah
Jeribai Jericho Jerimoth
Jeroham Jerubbaal Jerubbesheth
Jeshaiah Jetheth Jetur
Jeuel Jeush Jeuz Jezaniah
Jezer Jezrael Jezreel
Jidlaph Joab Joah
Joash Jobab Joelah
Joezer Jogli Jokshan
Joktan Jonadab Joram 'God is high'
Jorkeam Josech Josephat
Joses Joshaviah Joshbekashah
Joshebbasshebeth Josiphiah Jotham
Jozabad Jozacar Jubal
Jushabhesed Kadmiel Kallai
Kana? Kareah Kareh
Kedamah Kedar Kedemah
Keilah Kelaiah Kelita
Kemuel Kenan Kenaz
Keros Kilan Kiriatharim
Kiriathjearim Kish Kittim
Kohath Kolaiah Korah Kore
Koz Laadah Ladan
Lael Lahad Lahmi
Lamech Lappidoth Lebanah
Lecah Lehabim Lemuel 'devoted to God'
Lemule Letushim Leummim
Libni Likhi Lod
Lotan Lozon Lud
Ludim Maai Maaseiah
Maaz Maccabeus Machair
Machbannai Machi Machir
Machnadebai Madai Madmannah
Magbish Magdiel Magog
Magpiash Mahalaleel Mahalel
Maharai Mahath Mahazioth
Mahershalahhashbaz Mahlah Mahli
Mahlon Mahson Malcam
Malchiel Malchijah Malchiram
Malchishua Mallothi Malluch
Mamre Manaen Manahath
Manassah Manhath Manoah
Maoch Maon Mareshah
Masaseiah Mash Masiah
Massa Mattan Mattaniah
Mattenai Matthan Matthat
Matthatha Mattithiag Mebunnai
Medad Medan Mehajael
Mehir Mehuman Melchiel
Melchizadek Melea Melech
Memucan Menahem Menhath
Menna Meonathai Mephibosheth
Meraioth Merari Mered
Meremoth Meriabbaal Merodach
Mesha Meshach Meshech
Meshelemiah Meshillimeth Meshullum
Methusaleh Methushael Meunim
Mezahab Mibsam Mibzar
Micaiah Michmas Midian
Mijamin Mikloth Miniamin
Mirmah Mishael Misham
Mishma Mishmannah Mispar
Mithredath Mizzah Moab
Moeth Molid Mordecai 'devotee of Marduk'
Moza Muppim Mushi
Naam Naaman Naarai
Nabal Naboth Nadab
Nadeb Naggai Naharai
Nahath Nahbi Naheth
Nahor Nahshon Naphali
Naphish Naphtalim Neariah
Nebaioth Nebat Nebo
Nebuzaradan Neco Nedabihah
Nehemiah Nekoda Nemuel
Nepheg Nephisim Ner
Nergalsharezar Nethamel Nethanel
Netophah Netophath Neziah
Nimrah Nimrod Nimshi
Nobah Nogah Nun
Obal Obed Obaid Obededom
Obil Ochran Oded 'upholder'
Og Ohah Ohel
Oholiab Oholibamah Omar
Omri On Onam
Onan Onias Ono
Ophir Ophrah 'fawn' Oreb
Oren Ornan Osnappur
Othniel Ox Ozem
Oziel Paarai Padon
Pagiel Pahathmoab Palet
Pallu Palti Paltiel
Parnach Parosh Pasach
Paseah Pashhur Pathrusim
Pedahel Pedahzur Pedaiah
Pekah Pekahiah Peleg 'division'
Pelet Peleth Peresh Perez
Peruda Pethuel Phicol
Pildash Pilha Pinon
Pithon Pochereth-hazzebaim Puah
Put Putiel Puvah
Raamah Rabshakah Raddai
Raguel 'friend of God' Raham Rakem
Ram Ramah Reba
Rechab Reelaiah Regem
Regiel Rehob Rehum
Rei Rekem Remaliah
Rephah Rephaiah Rephaim
Resheph Reu Reuel 'friend of God'
Rezin Rezon Rhesa
Ribai Rinnah Riphath
Rizia Rohgah Romantiezer
Rosh Sabtah Sabteca
Sachia Sallai Sallu
Salma Salu Samgarnebo
Samlah Sanballat Saph
Sarasadai Sarea Sarsechim
Sathrabuzanes Saul 'asked of God' Seba
Sebam Segub Seir
Seleb Seled Selemia
Senaah Sennacherib Seraiah
Sered Serug Sethur
Shaalbim Shaaph Shagee
Shahai Shaharaim Shallum peace
Shalmai Shalmaneser Shamgar
Shamlai Shamma, Shammah Shammai
Shammua Shapha Shaphan
Shaphat Sharai Sharezer
Shashak Shaul Shavsha
Shealtiel Shebna, Shebhah Shecahiah
Shechem Shedeur Sheehem
Shehariah Shelah Sheleph
Shelomi Shelomith Shelumiel
Shema Shemariah Shemeber
Shemed Shemer Shemida
Shemiramoth Shenazar Shephatiah
Shephi Shepho Sherebiah
Sheresh Shesai Sheshai
Sheshan Sheshbazzar Shetharbozenai
Sheva Shilhi Shillem
Shimea Shimeah Shimeath
Shimei Shimri Shimron
Shiphtah Shipni Shishah
Shishak Shitrai Shiza
Shobab Shobach Shobal
Shomer Shuah Shuai
Shubael Shuhah Shuppim
Shuthelah Sia Siaha
Sibbecai Sihon Sinab
Sirach Sisinnes Sismai
Sithri Soco Sodi
Sotai Suah Susi
Tabbaoth Tabeel Tabrimmon
Tahan Tahash Tahath
Talmai Talmon Tanhumath
Tarea Tarshish Tattenai
Tebah Tebaliah Tehinnah
Telah Telem Telharsha
Telmelah Tema Teman
Temeni Terah Teresh
Thaddeus Tad Thady Tharra Thassi
Tidal Tikvah 'hope' Tiras
Tirhanah Tiria Toah
Togarmah Tohu Toi
Toknath Tola Tubal
Tubalcain Uel Ulam
Ulla Unno Uri Uuri Urie 'light'
Urim Uthai Uz
Uzal Uzzah Uzziah 'power of God' Uzzi Uzi 'power/might'
Vaniah Vophsi Yehiel, Jehiel 'God lives'
Yislah Zaavan Zabad
Zabbai Zabdi Zacchai, Zakkai
Zaccur, Sachar, Zacha, Zakhar, Zakir Zaham Zalaph
Zalmon Zalmunna Zanoah
Zaphenathpaneah Zarius Zattu
Zaza Zebah Zeeb
Zelek Zelophehad Zemirah
Zephi Zepho Zerah
Zerahiah Zereth Zeror
Zerubbalel Zeruiah Zethan
Zia Ziba Zibeon
Zibia Zicgri Ziha
Zillethai Zimmah Zimram
Zimran Zimri Zina
Ziph Ziphion Zippor 'bird'
Zobebah Zohar Zophah
Zuar Zuph Zur
Zuriel Zurishaddai

Abi Abijah Abishag
Abra, Abrah Achsah Agia
Ahinoam Asenath, Assenath Ashtaroth
Atarah Athaliah Azubah
Baara Basemath Beulah
Bilhah Bithiah Cozbi
Damaris Dorcas Edna
Eglah Ephah Ephrath
Ephrathah Gomer Hagar
Haggith Hammorlecheth Hamutah
Hazzelponi Helah Hephzibah, Eppie 'my delight is in her'
Herodias Hodesh Hodiah
Hoglah Huldah 'weasel' Hushim
Jecoliah Jedidah Jehoiaddin
Jehosheba Jerioth Jerusah
Jochebed Kerenhappuch, Kerena, Keren 'horn of eyepaint' Keturah 'incense'
Lilith 'night monster' or 'screech owl' Lois Maacah
Mahala Mahalath Mahlah
Matrad Mehetabel, Mehitabel 'God makes happy' Merab
Meshullemeth Micaiah Michal 'brook'
Milcah Naamah Naarah
Nehushta Noah Oholah
Oholibah Oholibamah Orpah
Puah Rahab Reumah
Rizpah Sarai Serah
Shalisha Sheba Sheerah
Shimeath Shiprah 'beauty/grace' Shua
Taberah Taphath Timna
Vashti Zebidah Zelah 'side' (placename)
Zeresh Zeruah Zeruiah Zibiah
Zipporah 'bird'

Biblical Patriarchs

Abraham 'father of many' and Abram 'father is exalted'
Abarran Abbie Abby
Abe Aberham Abey
Abhiram Abie Abrahamo
Abrahan Abrahm Abram
Abran Abrao Abreham
Abrham Arram Avraham
Avram Avrom Avrum
Babrahim Braheem Braheim
Brahim Brahima Brahm
Bram Braneim Habram
Ibraham Ibrahem Ibrahim

Esau 'hairy' or 'blind'

Isaac trad. 'he will laugh'

Aizik Icek Ike
Ikee Ikey Ikie
Isaak Isaakios Isac
Isacco Isack Isaic
Isak Ishaq Isiac
Isiacc Issac Issca
Issiac Itzak Itzik
Ixaka Izaac Izaak
Izac Izak Izasak
Izeke Izik Izsak
Izzy Yitzak Yitzchak
Yitzchok Yitzhak

Israel 'contender with God' or 'may God prevail'
Isael Isra Isreal
Isreel Isrrael Isser
Izrael Yesarel Yishai
Yisrael Yisroel

Jacob aqob may be 'supplanting/seizing by the heel' (akev heel)
Jachob Jackub Jacobb
Jacobe Jacobi Jacobis
Jacobo Jacobs Jacobus
Jacoby Jacolby Jacop
Jacquob Jacub Jacube
Jaekob Jakab Jakeb
Jakeob Jakiv Jakkob
Jakob Jakobb Jakoby
Jakov Jakovian Jakub
Jakubek Jaycob Jekebs
Jocoby Jocolby Shahob

Akiba Coby Jake
Kiva Cob Jakie
Cobe Jayk Cobey
Jayke Cobie Jeks
Kobe Koby Koebe

Noah 'rest' or 'long-lived'
Noache Noe Noeru

Sons of Jacob

These were the traditional ancestors of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Asher 'happy/blessed'

Ashar Ashor Ashur
Yasar Yaser Yashar
Yasir Yasser

Benjamin 'son of the south/right hand
Behnjamin Bejamin Bemjiman
Benejamen Beniam Benjaim
Benjamaim Benjaman Benjamen
Benjamine Benjamino Benjamyn
Benjemin Benjemon Benjermain
Benjiman Benjimen Benjjmen
Benyamin Veniamin

Ben Benjy Benny
Behn Benj Bene
Benno Benn Benji
Benne Benio Bien?
Benjie Benni Bennie


Issachar 'hireling'

Joseph 'God shall add'

Iosefo Joeseph Joesph
Johzev Joosef Josef
Joseff Josif Jozef
Jozsef Jozzepi Juzef
Yosef Yoseff Yoseph
Yosif Yosyf Yousef
Yuosif Yusif Yusuf

Jody Joe Jose (Sp)
Josean Jodey Jo
Josee Josecito Jodi
Joey Josey Joseito
Jodie Jojo Josie
Joselito Jodiha Joedy

Judah/Judas 'God leads' or 'praise'?
Jud Juda Judd
Jude Judson Jusdas
Yechudi Yechudit Yehuda
Yehudah Yehudi Yehudit

Levi 'joined/pledged'
Leavi Lebi? Leevi
Levey Levie Levin
Levitis Levy Lewi

Napthali 'wrestling'

Reuben 'behold, a son!' or 'renewer'

Reuban Reubin Reuven
Revin Rheuben Rouvin
Rube Ruben Rubey
Rubin Ruby Rueben

Simeon 'heard' or 'obedient' (or Greek 'snubnosed')
Shimeon Simion Simyon

Zebulun 'honourable dwelling' or 'exaltation'
Zabulan Zeb Zebulen
Zebulon Zebulyn Zev
Zevulon Zevulun Zubin

Sons of Joseph

Ephraim 'very fruitful' or 'meadow'
Efraim Efrain Efrayim
Efrem Efren Efrim
Efrum Ephraen Ephrain

Manassah 'one who causes to forget'
Manasseh Menashe Menashi
Menashia Menashya Menassah

Biblical Prophets

Amos 'to carry'?

Daniel 'God is my judge'

Dan'l Danal Daneal
Daneel Daneil Danial
Danieal Daniele Daniell
Daniels Danielson Danielus
Danil Danila Danilka
Danillo Daniyal Daniyel
Dannel Danniel Danniell
Dannil Danyal Danyale
Danyel Danyele Danyiel
Danyl Danyle Danylets
Danylo Darniel Deniel
Doneal Doniel Donyell

Dan Danny Danno
Daan Dani Dano
Dahn Danjai Danh
Danne Danek Dans
Dannee Danierian Dannie
Dannon Dannye Danya
Dany Dacso? Dasco?

Elijah 'Jehovah is God'
Elajah Eliahu Elihu
Elija Elijaha Elijahwaun
Elijha Elijuo Eliu
Eliyahu Ellihu Ellija

Elisha 'God is salvation'
Alishua Elijsha Elisee
Eliseo Elish Elisher
Elishia Elishua Elisjsha
Elisyo Lisha

Ezekiel 'God strengthens'
Chaskel Chatzkel Esquiel
Exequel Ezechiel Ezechiele
Ezeck Ezeeckel Ezekeial
Ezekial Ezell Ezequiel
Ezer Eziakah Hesiquio
Keskel Zeke Zhekai

Ezra 'help'

Habakkuk 'embrace'

Hosea 'salvation'

Hose Hoseia Hoshea
Hosheah Hosheia

Isaiah 'God is salvation'
Aysaiah Isai Isaia
Isaias Isaid Isaih
Isais Isaish Isaya
Isayah Isia Isiah
Isiaha Isiaih Isias
Isiash Isshiah Issia
Issiah Izaiah Izaih
Izhar Iziah Iziaha

Jeremiah 'God will uplift' or 'appointed by God'
Jaramia Jemeriah Jemiah
Jeramiah Jeramiha Jereias
Jeremaya Jeremias Jeremija
Jeriah Jerieh Jerimiah
Jerimiha Jerimya Jermiah
Jermieh Jermiha Jermija
Jermiya Yirmaya Yirmeyahu

Geramey Geremy Jerahmeel Jerahmeil Jerahmey
Jerahmy Jarame Jeramee Jeramey Jerami
Jeramie Jerammie Jeramy Jereamy Jaremay
Jereme Jeremee Jeremey Jaremi Jeremie
Jeremii Jaremy Jeremry Jeremye Jereomy
Jeriemy Jerme Jermee Jermeial Jermell
Jermere Jermery Jermey Jermie Jeromey
Jeromie Jerremy Jerromy Jhermie Yaremi

Joel 'Jehovah is God'
Joell Joelle Joely
Jole Yoel

Jonah/Jonas 'dove'
Joenah Jonelis Jonukas
Jonus Jonutis Joonas
Yonah Yonas

Malachi 'my messenger'
Malachia Malachie Malachy
Malchija Malechy

Micah 'mikhayah' - 'who is like God?'
Mica Micaiah Micha
Michah Michiah Miika
Mika Mikah Mikaiah
Myca Mycah

Nahum 'comforter'
Nachom Naham

Nathan 'gift'
Naethan Natan Nathann
Nathanni Nathean Nathen
Nathian Nathin Nathon
Nathyn Natthan Naythan

Nehemiah 'consolation of the Lord'
Mehmiah Nahemiah Nechemya
Nehemias Nehmies Neyamia

Obadiah 'servant of God'
Obadias Obediah Obie
Ovadiah Ovadya

Zechariah 'remembrance of God' (also NT father of John the Baptist)
Zacahreah Zacariah Zaccaria
Zaccariah Zacharia Zacheria
Zacheriah Zachzaria Zackariah
Zakareeyah Zakaria Zakariya
Zakariyya Zakariyyah Zecharia
Zecharya Zekeriah

Sakeri Zacari Zacary
Zaccari Zaccarri Zaccary
Zaccury Zachare Zacharee
Zacharey Zachari Zacharie
Zachaury Zacherey Zacherie
Zachery Zachgary Zachory
Zachre Zachrey Zachri
Zachry Zachury Zackari
Zackarie Zackary Zackeri
Zackery Zackhary Zackorie
Zackory Zac'kory Zackree
Zackrey Zackry Zacory
Zagrye Zakarai Zakari
Zakarie Zakary Zakeri
Zakerie Zakery Zakkaray
Zakquary Zakree Zakri
Zakry Zauchery Zeggery

Zacaras Zacarias Zacarious
Zacarius Zacharian Zacherias
Zacherius Zachiryus Zakarias
Zakris Zekarias

Zaccaeus Zaccea Zacceus
Zacchaeus Zaccheus Zachaios

Zac Zacc Zach
Zackie Zak Zake
Zaki Zako Zaks
Zaquero Zecky

Zephaniah 'protected/hidden by God'
Zaph Zaphania Zeph
Zephan Zephram Zephran


Highest order of angels. (Thrones, Principalities, Powers, )
Azrael Chamuel Israfel
Jophiel Uriel Zadkiel

Gabriel 'God is my strength'
Gaberal Gaberial Gaberiel
Gabreil Gabrial Gabriele
Gabriell Gabrielli Gabriello
Garail Garbriel Gavrel
Gavriel Gavril Gavrilo
Gebereal Ghabriel

Gabbi Gabbie Gabby
Gabe Gabi Gabie
Gabri Gaby Gavi
Gavri Riel


Michael mikha'el 'who is like God?'

Machael Mahail Maichail
Maikal Makeal Makell
Meikel Mekal Mekhail
Mhichael Micael Micahel
Mical Miceal Michaele
Michaell Michail Michal
Michale Micheal Micheil
Michel Michiel Michoel
Mickael Migael Migeel
Migel Miguel Miguelly
Mihaly Mikaele Mikal
Mikale Mikeal Mikel
Mikhael Mikhail Mikhalis
Mikhial Misael Mishal
Mychael Mychal Mykal
Mykale Mykel

Mick Micky Mike
Myk Michee Mikey
Michaud Mikhos Mickey
Mikie Miche Milko
Mickie Micho Mique
Miki Michon Miska

Mitchell surname form
Mitch Mitchael Mitchall
Mitchel Mitchele Mitchelle
Mitchem Mytch Mytchell

Raphael 'God has healed'
Falito Rafael Rafaelle
Rafaello Rafaelo Rafal
Rafeal Rafee Rafel
Rafello Raff Raffael
Raffaelo Raffeal Rapha
Raphaello Raphale Rapheal
Raphel Raphello Refael

Seraphim 'burning ones' (a type of angel)
Saraf Saraph Serafim
Serafin Serafino Seraphimus


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