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Capital : Paris

Size: 213 000 sq m Popn: 57 372 000


Ain, Aisne, Allier, Alpes de Haut Provence, Alpes Maritime, Ardèche, Ardennes, Ariège, Aube, Aude, Aveyron, Bas Rhin, Bouches du Rhône, Calvados, Cantal, Charente, Charente Maritime, Cher, Corrèze, Corse du Sud, Côte d'Or, Côtes d'Armor, Creuse, Deux Sèvres, Dordogne, Doubs, Drôme, Essonne, Eure, Finistère, Gard, Gironde, Haut Alpes, Haut Corse, Haute Savoie, Hautes Pyrenées, Haut Garonne, Haut Loire, Haut Marne, Haut Rhin, Haut Saône, Hauts de Seine, Haut Vienne, Herault, Ille-et-Vilaine, Indre, Isère, Landes, Loire Atlantique, Loiret, Lot, Lot et Garonne, Lozère, Manche, Marne, Mayenne, Meurthe et Moselle, Meuse, Morbihan, Moselle, Nièvre, Nord, Orne, Pas de Calais, Puy de Dôme, Pyrenèes Atlantiques, Pyrenèes Orientale, Rhône, Sarthe, Savoie, Seine et Marne, Seine Maritime, Seine St Denis, Somme, Tarn et Garonne, Val de Marne, Var, Vaucluse, Vendée, Vienne, Ville de Paris, Vosges, Yonne, Yvelines, Polynésie Francaise (French Polynesia)


By the C6th BC, the Celts had spread from Germany into Gaul (which became France) superseding the Middle Bronze Age cultures already there. The Greeks founded a colony at Massilia (Marseilles) in 600 BC and there is evidence of commercial links between the two groups. The Mediterranean part of Gaul was a Roman province by the C2nd BC. Gallia Comata ('Long-haired Gaul') incorporated modern France, Belgium and the part of Holland south of the Rhine. There were two other provinces under the Republic, Gallia Transalpina (the French side of the Alps) and Gallia Cisalpina (the Italian side of the Alps).

A series of campaigns by Julius Caesar gave Rome control of the western Celtic world as far as the English channel by 50 BC. Gaul was divided into three parts under the early Empire: Lugdunensis, Aquitania and Narbonnensis. After the fragmentation of the Empire it was overrun by German tribes. The kingdom of Toulouse was founded by the Visigoths around Aquitaine in AD 418, the Franks and Alemans infiltrated across the Rhine, Britons settled the area that is now Brittany and Vandals, Alans, Sueves and Burgundians also gained territories.

Initially pagan, the Franks were converted to Christianity in 497 and their kingdom was to form the core of the Catholic Christian expansion into Asia. This kingdom had expanded under Clovis (d.511) and his sons to include Neustria (northern France), Austrasia (Netherlands, Austria, northern Germany), Burgundy and Provence by 714. The country became divided under Clovis' successors, the Merovingians, but was reunified by Pepin (ruled 751-68), who founded the Carolingian Dynasty. His son, Charlemagne, made France the centre of the Holy Roman Empire and his lands covered all of France except Brittany, all of Germany, much of Eastern Europe and the Kingdom of Lombardy in northern Italy by 814.

Although Viking and Magyar invasions weakened royal power in western Europe, kingship did survive with the help of Roman law to lend authority. In 912, the province of Normandy was granted to Rollo, leader of the Norse invaders who had settled there. Charlemagne's weaker successors had allowed the great nobles to become virtually independent and the Capetian kings, who established their rule in Paris and the neighbouring district, were surrounded by vassals who were stronger than they were. The French royal domains were virtually restricted to the Île de France and the Orléannais under Louis VI (1108-37). The conquest of Normandy in 1204 effectively destroyed the Angevin Empire (the Anglo-Norman dominions in France). The English were eventually expelled from France by Charles VII, helped by Joan of Arc, at the end of the Hundred Years' War (1337-1453). The land regained from the English was not under crown control until several confiscations and deaths of dukes added Burgundy (1477), Anjou (1481), Brittany (1491) and Bourbon (1527) to the crown. This left a few independent fiefs but many of these came to the crown when Henry of Navarre became Henry IV in 1589.

There was a series of civil wars towards the end of the C16th after a group of nobles, the Huguenots, adopted the Protestant faith for political reasons. Henry IV restored peace by establishing religious tolerance and introduced absolute monarchy. The Italian Wars of Charles VIII began a struggle for supremacy with Spain that lasted for two centuries (1503-1697). Like most of Europe, France gained colonies in America, Africa and India during the C17th and was so influential by the reign of Louis XIV that it was feared that he would establish a French hegemony over the whole of Europe and oust the Habsburgs from their traditional position of elected Holy Roman Emperor. However, in 1696 he withdrew from Italy which had been one of the main concerns of the powerful politicians/cardinals Richelieu and Mazarin and strengthened his borders by strategic exchanges of territory.

Although the French economy was strong, the division between classes was huge and the country was controlled by the aristocracy and clergy with the lower classes having virtually no share in its power and wealth. Attempts to reform the medieval taxation system in the later C18th failed and in 1789 the Estates General or parliament met for the first time since 1614. This introduced the Third Estate to more political power and a National Assembly was proclaimed. By 1791 a new state and constitution was created but it caused such divisions between the members of the new political class by 1799 that the Revolution was almost abandoned. France was at war with Austria, Prussia and Britain by 1793 and Louis XVI and the constitution that still allowed him power were replaced by a Republic under which many aristocrats were killed (including the Royal family) or exiled. Napoleon Bonaparte, a Corsican, took power as a military dictator in 1799 against the wishes of many people and there was much resistance culminating in that of Spain (1808-13). The French set up 'sister republics' in Italy, Spain, western Germany and the Netherlands but they collapsed after Napoleon's defeat in 1814.

The Bourbon monarchy returned, with limited powers, under Louis VIII. In 1830, another revolution caused by Charles X's attempt to return to absolute monarchy, made his cousin, Louis Philippe, king. He was overthrown by the revolution of February 1848 and the Second Republic was set up with Louis Napoleon, nephew of Napoleon I, as president. In 1852, he restored the empire and took the title of Napoleon III. He followed an expansionist foreign policy defeat in the Franco-Prussian war led to the founding of the Third Republic in 1870.

France expanded its African territories and colonized Indochina and parts of the South Pacific but was occupied and fought over during the First World War. In 1936-7, a radical-socialist-communist Popular Front alliance brought in many social reforms. Between the wars, France's power was limited by the USA, USSR and Nazi Germany and there were many problems with the overseas territories in Africa and Indo-China. France entered the Second World War in 1939 and was invaded by Germany in 1940. The political extreme right set up a puppet dictatorship, under P¾tain, in Vichy but resistance was continued by the maquis and the Free French under Charles de Gaulle. The country was liberated from the Nazis in 1944 but France, like most of Europe, was economically and politically weakened by the war.

The republic was re-established under a provisional government headed by de Gaulle, and a new constitution was drafted and adopted for the Fourth Republic in January 1946. There were 26 governments formed between 1946 and 1958 and real power passed to the civil service. After increased problems with nationalism, Indochina was de-colonized in 1954, followed by Morocco and Tunisia in 1956 but at home there was a period of rapid economic reconstruction and France joined the European Economic Community as a founder member in 1957. A political and military crisis over Algerian independence threatened to lead to an army revolt and de Gaulle was recalled from retirement to lead a government of national unity. He supervised the framing of another new constitution for the Fifth Republic which gave more power to the prime minister and president. De Gaulle became president in 1959 and undertook the decolonization of the remaining French territory in Africa, including Algeria in 1962 but retained close economic links with the former colonies. Under his regime, France withdrew from NATO in 1966 and developed an autonomous nuclear deterrent force. There was large-scale economic growth and migration to the cities but censorship was strict and there was strong centralization which led to a reduced majority in 1967.

When demonstrations by students and workers paralysed the country in 1968 and threatened the government, de Gaulle called an election and won a landslide victory but resigned in 1969 after being defeated in a referendum over proposed Senate and local government reforms. His prime minister, Georges Pompidou, was elected president, following Gaullist policies until his death in 1974. The next president, Val¾ry Giscard D'Estaing, was the leader of the centre-right Independent Republicans. He brought in domestic reforms and took a more active part in the EC but there were problems with the worsening international economy and he was opposed by his 'right coalition' partner, Jacques Chirac, prime minister from 1974-6. France managed to retain a stronger economy than many of its European competitors, saving on energy imports with a new nuclear power programme introduced by the president and adopting a new 'freer market' economic strategy under Raymond Barre, prime minister from 1976-81. Several centre-right parties joined to form the Union for French Democracy (UDF) but the high unemployment figures led to Giscard being defeated by Socialist Party (PS) leader, François Mitterrand, in the 1981 presidential election. This was followed by a landslide victory for the PS and French Communist Party (PCF) in the 1981 elections to the National Assembly.

Many reforms, decentralization and nationalization were brought in but financial problems led to more conservative policies by 1983. The economic u-turn included the replacement of Prime Minister Pierre Mauroy with Laurent Fabius, leading to the resignation of the communist cabinet members. The rise in unemployment and increase in racial tension led to more support for the extreme right-wing National Front, under Jean-Marie Le Pen, which gained seats in the National Assembly elections of March 1986. The decline of the PCF led to the loss of the left coalition's majority but the PS emerged as the most popular party. In 1986, Mitterrand was obliged to appoint opposition leader Chirac as prime minister, the first time since 1958 that both president and prime minister had not belonged to the same coalition. Chirac became the dominant force in the 'shared executive' and introduced a radical 'new conservative' programme of denationalization. His reforms were strongly opposed by militant students and striking workers and embarrassing policy concessions had to be made.

The socialists had the most votes in the National Assembly elections of June 1988, and Mitterrand appointed the moderate social democrat, Michel Rocard, as prime minister at the head of a minority PS government which included several centre-party representatives. His progressive programmes helped to revive France's economy and focused attention on quality of life, with the Green Party gaining 11% of the national vote in the European Parliament elections of June 1989. The NF pressed the government for a hard line against illegal immigration and continued to do well in elections. Religious and cultural tensions increased and in 1991, a commission set up to investigate the problems of immigrant integration reported that although France had a foreign population of 3.7 million, there were 10 million citizens of 'recent foreign origin', mostly Muslims from Algeria, Tunisia and other former colonies.

France had had close ties with Iraq, including arms sales, but sent 5000 troops to Saudi Arabia after the French ambassador's residence in Kuwait was violated by Iraq in September 1990. French forces played an important role in the US-led coalition during the 1991 Gulf War, causing defence minister Jean-Pierre Chevenement to resign in protest although the majority of the population supported them. In 1991, a formal election pact was made by the neo-Gaullist Rally for the Republic and the UDF, France's main right-of-centre opposition parties. Mitterrand replaced Rocard with Edith Cresson in May 1991 after economic disagreements, and became the longest-serving French president in September. He was losing popularity due to economic recession, racial tensions, discontent amongst the farming community, public-sector militancy and financial scandals within the SP. Cresson's popularity rating at the end of 1991 was the lowest for any Fifth Republic premier and national support for the SP was only 21%. It gained only 18% of the vote in the regional council elections of March 1992. Mitterrand appointed Pierre B¾r¾govoy as prime minister in April. As finance minister, he had been blamed by Cresson for the country's economic problems but was respected by the financial community. The referendum of September 1992 narrowly endorsed the Maastricht Treaty on European union, despite opposition from the Gaullists.

French Rulers


Name Reign Family Spouse
Pepin the Short 751-68 Frankish Emperor  
Charlemagne 768-814 son of Pepin  
Louis I the Pious 814-846 son of Charlemagne  
Charles I the Bald 843-77 HRE 4th son of Louis I  
Louis II the Stammerer 846-79    
Louis III 879-82 son of Louis II  
Carloman 879-84 son of Louis II  
Charles II the Fat 884-8 HRE 881-7    
Eudes 888-93    
Charles III the Simple 893-922    
Robert I 922-3    
Rudolf 923-36    
Louis IV d'Outremer 936-54 son of Charles III  
Lothair IV 954-86 son of Louis IV  
Louis V le Faineant 986-7 son of Lothair IV  


Name Reign Family Spouse
Hugh (Hugues) Capet 987-96 elected Duke of Francia Adélaïs of Aquitaine
Robert II the Pious   son of Hugh Berthe of Blois
Constance d'Arles
Henri I 1031-60 son of Robert II Anne of Russia
Philip I 1060-1108 son of Henri I Berthe of Holland
Louis VI the Fat 1108-37 son of Philip I Adelaide of Savoy
Louis VII the Younger 1137-80 son of Louis VI Eleanor of Aquitaine
Constance of Castile
Philip II Augustus 1179-1223 son of Louis VIII Isabella of Hainault
Louis VIII the Lion 1223-6 son of Philip II Blanche of Castile
Louis IX Saint Louis 1226-70 son of Louis VIII Margaret of Provence
Philip III Le Hardi/the Bold 1270-85 son of Louis IX Isabella of Aragon
Philip IV Le Bel/the Fair 1285-1314 son of Philip III Queen Juana of Navarre
Louis X the Quarrelsome 1314-16 son of Philip IV Marguerite de Bourgogne
John I   son of Louis X -
Philip V Le Long/theTall 1316-22 2nd son of Philip IV Jeanne de Bourgogne
Charles IV the Fair 1322-8   Blanche de Bourgogne
Marie of Luxembourg


Name Reign Family Spouse
Philip VI 1328-50 neph Philip IV Blanche of France
John II The Good 1350-64 son of Philip VI
Charles V the Wise 1364-80 son of John II Jeanne de Bourbon
Charles VI the Mad 1380-1422   Isabeau de Bavière
Charles VII the Victorious 1422-61 son of Charles VI Marie of Anjou
Louis XI 1461-3 son of Charles VIII Mary, dau James I of Scotland
Charlotte of Savoy
Charles VIII the Affable 1483-98 son of Louis XI Jeanne de France
Anne of Brittany
Mary of England
Louis II Father of the People 1498-1515 cousin of Charles VIII 1 Joanna daughter of Louis XI
2 Anne of Brittany
3 Mary, sister of Henry VIII of Eng
Francis I 1515-47 nephew of Louis. XII Claude of France
Eleanor, sister of Charles V HRE
Henri II 1547-59 son of Francis I Catherine de Medici
Francis II 1559-60 son of Henri II Mary, Queen of Scots
Charles IX 1559-74 son of Henri II Elizabeth of Austria
Henri III 1574-89 son of Henri II


Name Reign Family Spouse
Henri IV 1589-1610 Navarre Margaret, sister of Charles IX
Marie de Medici
Louis XIII 1610-43 son of Henri IV Anne of Austria, daughter of Philip III of Spain
Louis XIV Le Roi Soleil 1643-1715 son of Louis XIII Maria Theresa, daughter of Philip IV of Spain
Louis XV 1715-74 greatgrandson of Louis XIV Maria Leczinska of Poland
Louis XVI 1774 exec.1793 grandson of Louis XV Marie Antoinette of Austria
Louis XVII 1793-5 in prison 2nd son of Louis XVI  

Revolution and Empire

Name Reign Family Spouse
Napoleon I 1799-1814 Emperor Bonaparte 1. Josephine 2. Marie Louise
Napoleon II 1815 (5 days, aged 4) son of Napoleon + 2 d 1832

Bourbon Restoration

Name Reign Family Spouse
Louis XVIII (Stanislav Xavier) 1795-1814-24 brother of Louis XVI Louise of Savoy
Charles X 1824-30 dep grandson of Louis XV Maria Theresa of Savoy
Henri V (Pretender) 1836, 1870 grandson of Charles X  
Louis Philippe, the Citizen King 1830-48 dep son of Duc d'Orleans Marie Amelie, daughter of Ferdinand III of the Two Sicilies

Second Empire

Name Reign Family Spouse
Napoleon III 1848-70 nephew of Napoleon I Eugenie de Montejo



Name Reign Family Spouse
Rudolf / Rodolph I c 888-912    
Rudolf II 912-37 son of Rudolf I (father of St Adelaide)  
Rudolf III 993-1032 grandson Rudolf II  


Name Reign Family Spouse
Richard the Justiciar      
Raoul 921-3    
Hugh the Black 915-52 son of Richard  
Conrad 937-93    
Rudolf III 993-1032 King    
Henry Duke -1002    
Robert -1075 brother of Henry  
Frederick 1178 HRE    
Henry VI HRE     Constance of Sicily
Otto IV 1295-1315    
Joanna 1315- daughter of Otto IV 1 Philip V France 2 Eudes
Duke Eudes IV     Joanna daughter of Otto IV


Name Reign Family Spouse
Philip the Bold -1404 4th s John II FR Margaret of Flanders
John the Fearless 1404-19 son of Philip the Bold  
Philip the Good 1419 -77 son of John the Fearless  
Charles The Bold 1467-77 son of Philip the Good 1 Catherine daughter of Charles VII of France 2 Isabella Bourbon 3 Margaret sister of Edward IV Eng
Mary   daughter of Charles the Bold Maximilian I HRE


Name Reign Family Spouse
Hrolf/Rollo the Ganger (Duke Robert) d 931 Conqueror of Normandy # Popa or Papie
1 dau Charles the Simple of France
William Longsword d 942 Son of Rollo + Popa  
Richard I 'the Fearless' 942- 996 Son of William 1 a wife
# Gunnor
Richard II 'the Good' 996-1026 son of Richard I  
Richard III 1026-7 son of Richard II  
Robert II the Devil, the Magnificent 1027-35 son of Richard II Herleva, dau Fulbert (a tanner)
William I the Conqueror 1027-87 illeg son of Robert I + H Matilda d Baldwin V of Flanders
Robert III 1087-1106 eldest son of William Sibylla of Conversano
Henry I 1106-35 + England brother of Robert II 1 Matilda of Scotland
2 Adeliza of Louvain
William the Atheling 1119-20 Son of Henry I Matilda (or Alice) d Fulk V of Anjou


Name Reign Family Spouse
Ingelger -888    
Fulk I the Red 888-938 son of Ingelger  
Fulk II the Good 938-58 son of Fulk I  
Geoffrey I 958-87 son of Fulk II  
Fulk III Nerra 987-1040 son of Geoffrey I  
Geoffrey II Martel 1040-60 son of Fulk III  
Geoffrey III the Bearded 1060-8 nephew of Geoffrey II  
Fulk IV Rechin 1060-1109 nephew of Geoffrey II  
Fulk V le Jeune 1109-29   Melisande, daughter of Baldwin II of Jerusalem
Baldwin III Jerusalem 1143-63 son of Fulk + Melisande  
Geoffrey Plantagenet -1151 Anjou + Maine   Matilda, daughter of Henry I of England
Henry II of England 1151-   Eleanor of Aquitaine
7 English kings      
Louis I -1384    
Louis II 1384- son of Louis I  
Louis III 1417-34 son of Louis II  
Rene II the Good 1434-80    

Counts of Blois

Name Reign Family Spouse
Stephen -1102   Adela d Wm the Conquerer
Thibaut IV 1102- Son of Stephen  
Stephen (+ England) 3rd son of Stephen Matilda heiress of Eustace III of Boulogne

Counts of Boulogne

Name Reign Family Spouse
Eustace III      
Eustace IV   Son of Stephen  
William 1154-9 3rd son of Stephen Isabel d William de Warenne
Mary 1159- Dau of Stephen Mathieu of Alsace son of Thierry Count of Flanders
Ida   Dau of Mary  

French Names

In 1803, Napoleon made a law which obliged all babies to be given French names (mostly those of saints or people from history) in French forms. In 1957 a list of French names and their French spellings was compiled. This has had some additions including optional spellings, some foreign names, nature and flower names and mythological names but the registrar can still refuse to record a child's birth if it is not being given a recognised name. Biblical and saints' names are very popular and many names show Latin and Germanic influence. Most people have a first name and a middle name which often shows some religious influence and is intended to place the child under the protection of a saint. It is not unusual for such names to be transferred from one gender to another (Marie for a boy, Joseph for a girl). Diminutives are usually formed from the second half of the name (Gustave/Tatave) or by attaching a different ending to the original name (Charles -Charlot).

Top Ten Names of the 1980s

  Boys   Girls
1 Nicholas 1 Marie
2 Guillaume 2 Caroline
3 Thibaud 3 Charlotte
4 Thomas 4 Sophie
5 Pierre 5 Aurelie
6 Edouard 6 Camille
7 Antoine 7 Pauline
8 Alexis 8 Emilie
9 Matthieu 9 Claire
10 Benjamin 10 Stephanie

French Names of Germanic Origin


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Origin and Meaning
Adalard, Alard, Allard   Noble + hardy
Adalbert   Noble + bright
Adhemar   Noble + fame
Adolphe   Noble + wolf
Albéric Albe Elf + power
Albert, Aubert   Noble + bright

Ald old or adal noble

Alfred   Elf + counsel
Alphonse   Noble + ready

Amal work

Aymar, Aymer, Aymeric, Amar, Amaury    
Anselme, Anthèlme   Divinity + helmet
Archembault   Genuine + brave
Armand, Armond, Amand    
Arnaud, Arnaut, Arnold, Arnould   Eagle + ruler
Baudoin, Baudouin, Baldwin   Brave + friend
Béranger, Bérenger    
Bernard, Barnard Bernardin, Bernon Bear + hardy
Bertrand, Bertram   Bright + raven
Berthille   Swe, Bright
Brice, Brieux, Briac   Lat Bricius, from Gaulish 'speckled'
Bruno, Bruny   Brown
Charles Charlot, Charley, Charly Free man
Curtice, Curtis   OF curteis 'courteous'
Dagobert   Day + bright
Edgar, Edgard   Prosperity + spear
Edmond   Properity + protection
Édouard, Eduard Eddy Prosperity + hardy
Égide, Giles, Gilles    
Egmont   Edge (of a sword) + protection
Éric   ON 'always' or 'alone' + ruler
Ermengild   Whole + sacrifice
Ernest   Seriousness, battle
Esmond   Grace + protection
Évrard, Evraud   Boar + hardy
Ferdinand, Fernand    
Frédéric   Peace + ruler
Gaston, Gatien  

gast stranger

Gautiér, Gualtiére   Rule + army
Geoffroi, Geoffroy, Jeoffroi   District, traveller or pledge + peace
Gérald, Girauld   Spear + rule
Gérard, Géraud, Girard, Giraud, (Gellért, Hungarian)   Spear + hard

Gisil pledge

Godefroi, Godofroi   God or good + peace
Guilbert, Gilbert   Pledge + bright
Guillaume   Will + helmet
Gustave Tatave ON Gautr (a tribe) + staff
Guy Guyon

Witu wood or wit wide

Henri   Home + ruler
Herbert   Army + bright
Hubert   heart/mind + bright
Hugh, Hughes, Hughues, Hugo, Hugues   Heart/mind/spirit
Joscelin   From Gaut (tribe)
Lambert   Land + bright
Lance   Land
Léger, Léodegar   People + spear
Léo, Léon Lionel lion
Léonard   Lion hardy
Léopold   People + brave
Lothaire   Fame + army
Louis, Clovis, Ludovic   Fame + warrior
Norbert   North + bright
Nordine   North +
Odilon   Form of Otto from od riches
Olivier   Cognate of Olaf (or olive tree)
Onfroi   Warrior + peace
Rainier, Raynier   Advice + army
Raoul   Counsel + wolf
Raymond   Advice + protection
Renaud, Rénauld, Renald, Reynald, Reynaud, Regnault, Regnaut   Advice + hard hardy and wald ruler
Richard Riquet Power + hardy
Robert Robin Fame + bright

Hrok rest

Roderic, Rodrigue   Fame + power
Rodolphe   Fame + wolf
Roger   Fame + spear
Roland   Fame + land
Thibaud, Thibault, Thibaut, Thebault   People + bold
Thièrry   People + power
Yves, Yve Yvon

Iv yew


As with male names, diminutives are usually taken from the last part of the name Josèphine/Fifine. Common endings include -ette, -otte and -ine.

Given Name and Variants Diminutives Origin and Meaning
Adélaïde, Adèle, Adèline, Aline, Adette, Alette, Alice, Alida, Alison, Aliz  

Adal noble


Ald old

Alphonsine   Fem of Alphonse
Amalie, Amélie  

Amal work

Arlette, Arette  

Arn eagle

Armande   Fem of Armand
Auberte   Fem of Aubert
Aubine   Fem of Aubin
Audrey Auda, Aude OE Noble + strength
Avice, Aveline, Eveline, Evelyne    
Bérengère   Fem of Berenger
Bernadette, Bernette   Fem of Bernard
Berthe   Bright
Bertille   Fem of Bertil
Carole, Caroline, Charlotte, Carlette   Fem of Charles
Clothilde   Famous + battle
Edith   OE riches + strife
Edwige   Riches + war
Élodie   Spain/VG ali other + od riches
Éloise, Héloise    
Elvira, Elvire   Spain/VG ali other/foreign + wer true
Gilberte, Gigi    
Gisèle, Giselle, Ghislaine, Guylaine    
Henriette Riquette  
Huette, Huguette    
Joceline, Jocelyn, Josseline    
Mathilde, Maude    
Olive, Olivia    
Ottilie, Ottoline, Odile, Odette    
Rosalind, Rosaline, Roseline    
Rosamond, Rosemonde    
Yvette, Yvonne    

French Names of Latin Origin


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Origin and Meaning
Aimable, Aimé, Esmé    
Anadée, Anado    
Antoine Antonin  
Aurèle, Aurélien    
Bénédict, Benöit    
Blaise, Blaize    
Claude, Claudius    
Colombain, Columbain    
Constant, Constantin, Constantine, Contantin    
Dominic, Dominique    
Donat, Donatien    
Émil, Émile, Émilien    
Fabian, Fabien, Fabrice    
Florent, Florentin    
François Franchot, Franck  
Germain, Jermaine    
Grégoire, Grégory    
Julien, Julius    
Juste, Justin    
Léonce   Leontius
Marcel Marcellin  
Maxim, Maxime    
Maximilien, Maximillien Max, Maxence  
Octavé, Octavien    
Patric, Patrice    
René, Renato    
Sébastien Bastien  
Sylvestre, Silvestre    
Sylvian, Sylvain, Silvain    
Valère, Valérian, Valéry    
Victoire, Victor Victorien, Victorin  
Virgil, Virgile    


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Origin and Meaning
Aimé, Aimée, Amé, Amée    
Aurélie Aure  
Bénédicte, Benôite    
Cécile, Ceciliane    
Céleste, Célestine    
Célia, Célie    
Célina, Céline    
Clair, Claire Clarice, Clarisse  
Claude, Claudie Claudette, Claudine  
Clémence, Clémentine    
Émilie, Émilienne    
Ésmée, Edma, Edmée  

esmer 'to love' (Lat aestimare)

Fabienne, Fabiola    
Felice, Félicie, Félicite    
Fleur, Fleurette, Flora, Flore, Florence, Florette    
France, Frances, Francine, Françoise, Fanchon, Fanette, Fanny    
Julie, Julienne Juliet, Juliette, Julitte  
Laetitia, Lettice    
Laure, Laurelle, Laurence Laurentine, Laurette, Lauriane  
Léonie, Léonne    
Liliane, Lillianne Lili  
Ludivine   'divine light'
Luce, Lucie, Lucienne Lucette, Lucille, Lucinde  
Marcelle, Marcille Marceline, Marcelline  
Marjolaine, Marjorie    
Mignonette Mignon, Minette  
Milène, Mylène    
Nadia Nadine, Nadette  
Natalie, Nathalie Natacha  
Patrice, Patricia    
Régine, Reine    
Rose Rosine, Rosanna  
Sidonie   Lat Sidonia 'from Sidon'
Solène, Solenne, Solange   Lat Sollemnia
Sylvaine, Sylvanie, Sylviane, Sylvianne    
Victoire Victorine  
Violaine, Viole, Violette    

French Names of Greek Origin


Given Name and variants Diminutives English form
Achille   Achilles
Alexandré Alix, Sacha, Sandre Alexander
Aloïs, Aloys   Aloysius
Ambroise   Ambrose
Anastase   Anastasius
Anatole   Anatolius
Appolos, Appolinaire   Apollo
Arcadius, Arcady   Arcadius
Aristide   Aristides
Arsène   Arsenios
Athanase   Athanasius
Basile, Bathylle   Basil
Côme, Cosmé   Cosmo
Cyprien   Cyprian
Cyrille   Cyril
Damien, Damyon   Damian
Denis, Denys    
Dimitri   Demetrius
Eneé, Enné   Aeneas
Erasmé   Erasmus
Ercole, Hercule   Hercules
Eugéne, Eugène    
Eustache   Eustace
Fébo   Phoebus
Géorges Géorget George
Hipolyte, Hyppolite   Hippolytos
Hyacinthe   Hyacinthos
Icare   Icarus
Ignace   Ignatius
Isidor, Isidore    
Jérôme   Jerome
Léandre   Leander
Macaire   Gk Makarios
Narcisse   Narcissus
Nicodème   Nicodemus
Philippe   Philip
Télésphore   Telesphoros
Théophile   Theophilus


Given Name and variants Diminutives English form
Agathe   Agatha
Agnès, Inès   Agnes
Alexandra, Alexandrina, Alexandrine Alix, Sandrine, Sasha Alexandra
Alexia, Alexine, Alexis, Alexy    
Anastacie, Anastasie    
Apolline, Appoline    
Arianne, Ariane   Ariadne
Artèmise   Artemis
Barbara Barberine, Barbe, Babette, Babine  
Cala, Callia    
Calanthe   Calantha
Calliste   Callista
Cassandre   Cassandra
Catherine, Karine, Carine Kathy, Katia, Katherine
Chloé, Cloé   Chloe
Cleanthe   Cleantha
Clélia   Cloelia
Cléo, Cléonie    
Coralie, Coraline    
Corinne   Corinna
Cyrille   Fem of Cyril
Denise   Fem of Denis
Diane, Dianne   Diana
Dionne   Fem of Dion
Doré   Dora
Dorothée Dorette Dorothy
Éléonore, Léonore   Eleanor
Éliane, Liane    
Eugénie   Eugenia
Eulalie   Eulalia
Euphèmie   Euphemia
Eutrope   Eutropia
Georgette, Georgine   Georgina
Hélène, Elaine   Helen
Iréne, Irène, Irénée   Irne
Jacinte, Jacinthe, Hyacinthe   Hyacinth
Lydiane, Lydie   Lydia
Marguerite Margot, Rita Margaret
Mélaine, Mélanie    
Olympe   Olympia
Ophélie   Ophelia
Oriane   Oriana
Pélagie   Pelagia
Phébé   Phoebe
Philippine   Phillippa
Philomène   Philomena
Sophie Sonia  
Sybille, Sibille, Sibylle    
Thérèse   Theresa
Véronique   Veronica
Zéphyrine Zézette  

French Names of Biblical Origin


Given Name and Variants Diminutives English Form
André   Andrew
Ange   Angel
Avit   Avital
Axel   Absalom
Baptiste, Batiste Baptistin  
Barnabé   Barnaby
Bartholomé, Bartolomé, Barthélémy Bartholet, Barthel Bartholomew
Chrétien, Christian   Christian
Christophe   Christopher
David, Davide    
Éloi   Eli
Eloys   Elias
Emannuel, Emmanuel    
Esdras   Ezra
Etien, Étienne, Stéphane, Stéphanne Tiennot Stephen
Ezéchiel   Ezekiel
Gaspar, Gáspárd   Caspar
Gédéon   Gideon
Isaak   Isaac
Isaie   Isaiah
Jacques Coco James/Jacob
Jean, Jan, Yvan Jeannot John
Jérémie   Jeremy
José, Josephe   Joseph
Jourdain   Jordan
Lazare   Lazarus
Lévy   Levi
Luc, Lucas   Luke
Marc Marlon Mark
Mathias, Mathieu, Matthieu   Matthew
Michel Miquet Michael
Nazaire   Nazareth
Nicolas Nicollon, Colin Nicholas
Noë   Noah
Pascal, Pascale, Paschal, Pasquier    
Paul, Paulin    
Pierre Pierrick, Pierrot Peter
Salomon   Solomon
Samuel Samy  
Siméon, Simon    
Timothée   Timothy
Zacharie   Zachary


Given Name and Variants Diminutives English Form
Andrée   Andrea
Ange, Angèle, Angeline, Angélique Angie Angela
Anne, Hannah Anita, Annette, Annick, Annie, Anny, Anouchka, Anouck, Anya, Nina Anne
Axelle   Fem of Axel/Absalom
Benjamine   Fem of Benjamin
Christiane, Christine Christelle Christina
Danièle, Danielle Dany Fem of Daniel
Élisabeth, Elizabeth, Isabeau, Isabelle Élise, Élisée, Elisa, Bettine, Bettrice, Betty, Lise, Lisette Elizabeth
Emmanuelle   Fem of Emmanuel
Ève Evette  
Gabrielle   Fem of Gabriel
Jacqueline, Jacquette   Fem of Jacques
Jeanne, Janine, Yvanne Jeannette, Jeannine, Jeantiane Fem of John
Joëlle   Fem of Joel
Jordane   Fem of Jordan
Josée, Josèphe, Josèphine Josette, Josiane, Fifi, Fifine Fem of Joseph
Léa   Leah
Madeleine, Madeline, Madelon, Marlène   Magdalene
Marie, Mariamne, Myriam, Marianne Maïté, Manon, Marielle, Mariette, Marion, Maryse, Mimi, Nancy, Nanette, Nanon, Ninette, Ninon Mary
Marthe   Martha
Michèle, Michèlle Michèline, Michèlline, Miquette Fem of Michael
Natanaëlle   Fem of Nathaniel
Nicole, Nicolle Nicolette, Nicollette, Colette, Collette Fem of Nicholas
Noëlle   Fem of Noel
Noémi, Noémie   Naomi
Pascale, Pascalle   Fem of Pascal
Paule, Pauline   Fem of Paul
Pierrette, Perinne, Perrine   Fem of Peter
Sara, Sarah    
Séraphine Rus. Sima, Simah 'seraphim'
Simone   Fem of Simon
Stéphanie, Étiennette   Fem of Stephen
Susanne, Suzanne, Suzette   Susannah

French Name Combinations


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Origin and Meaning


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Origin and Meaning
Marie-Josée, Marie-Josèphe    
Marie-Laure, Marie-Laurie    
Marie-Line, Marylène, Maryline    

French Names of Foreign Origin


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Origin and Meaning
Alain, Allain Celtic 'rock'    
Cathel   Gaelic Cathal, battle + rule
Gabin   Gavin
Gonzague   St Aloysius Gonzaga
Hervé   Breton battle + worthy
Vivian, Vivien    


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Origin and Meaning
Brigide, Brigitte    
Candace, Candice    
Monique Monette  
Roxane, Roxanne    
Viviane, Vivianne, Vivienne, Vivean Viette, Vévé  

Langue d'oc

This is a Romance language spoken in parts of France. It has recently been recognised as a 'regional language' by the French government and is now taught in schools.

Occitan Names

Many of these are the equivalents of medieval Norman French names.


Aamaneus Acostant Adehémar
Aimeric Aimerics Aimerigatz
Aimeriguet Aimes Alas
Alazais Albarics Aldrics
Alfans Alfonzenc Alias
Aliazars Allard Amaldric
Amaldrics Amalvis Amaneus
Amerig Ancelmes Ancelmetz
Anfos Araimfres Arbert
Arguis Armans Arnaud
Arnaudos Arnaut Arnautz
Arsius Audegers Austor
Azalbertz Azemar Baset
Baudois Bausas Beranger
Berengiers Bernart Bernat
Bernatz Bertrans Borel
Bovert Burcan Cadmar
Chatbert Chinon Crespi
Daire Dalmatz Danain
Dragan Dragonetz Drogos
Ebratz Elad Emeric
Enricx Espanel Espas
Estaci Esteve Estotz
Exuperi Fanjaus Feris
Ferrandos Filipot Focaut
Foilan Folquets Fortaner
Frezols Fricor Gaidon
Gailhard Galters Garnier
Gaston Gastos Gaucelis
Gaudifer Gaudis Gautiers
Gervais Gilabert Gilabertz
Girauda Giraudetz Girauds
Girautz Girvais Girvaitz
Gobert Godafres Gontrand
Gualhartz Gui Guigo
Guilabert Guilabertz Guilelmes
Guilhamos Guilhelmes Guilhelmet
Guilhelms Guilhem Guilheumes
Guion Guios Guiotz
Guiraud Guiraudos Guiraut
Guis Haylon Hugues
Imbert Inard Isarn
Isarts Isoartz Isodard
Izarns Jacques Jaques
Jaufre Jaufres Jean
Joan Joans Johan
Johans Jordas Joris
Josselin Joudain Lambert
Lamberts Lanval Lozoïc
Lozoïs Lucatz Luzia
Mamert MartisAlgais Michels
Milon Milos Miquel
Nicolas Otes Otz
Patrice Peire Perrin
Peyre Pons Quinault
Raimon Rainaut Rainautz
Rainers Rainiers Ramon
Ramons Raolf Raolfs
Raüli Reiambalts Remi
Ricals Ricartz Richart
Riquers Riton Roberts
Robertz Rogers Rogerx
Rogier Rostains Rostans
Rotger Rotgiers Rotlans
Sauson Savarics Segui
Serin Sevin Sevis
Sicard Sicart Simo
Simos Sornehan Tecin
Tezis Thibaud Thosa
Tibal Tibaut Tibout
Titbaut Uc Ucs
Ug Ugos Ugs
Ugues Valeray Vezias


Abonde Aelienor Aenor
Aimersent Alazais Alpais
Amada Azalais Baussana
Bethilie Blandine Carelia
Constansa Dias Elena
Elianor Elionor Esclarmonde
Ethaine Felise Galiana
Hansine Heloise Liaze
Lilianne Mabile Mantie
Raisende Saissa Salaberge
Sibille Ursanne Verrine


Traditional Provençal names and forms of names are used in the South of France. They are often very similar to the Catalan names of North-East Spain.


Baldomar Barthomieu Bénézet
Blasi Donat Estève
Gil Jori  


Magali Mireio  

Old French Names

These names were used in the areas of France which had been influenced by the Germanic languages unlike the pure Romance language of Langue dOc. Many of the names brought to England by the Norman conquest were from this area.


Abelard Adhémar Aleaume Amélien Amiel Amils
Amyon Archambaud Aribert Arnald Arnaud Arnould
Aubry Aurel Aymeri Aymon Ayol Baldewyn
Beaudonnier Begon Begue Bernier Berthomieu Beuve
Brantome Bretonnet Bruyant Caschin Doolin Dreu
Durand Elie Ernaut Eustache Fallard Faure
Fiebras Fluvant Forsard Fouchier Foulque Fouqueret
Fromondin Fromony Gahariet Gaidon Gaillard Galafre
Galien Gaumardas Geoffroi Gerner Gilles Girars
Girbers Godefroi Gontier Gralam Gris Guarnier
Gueri Guibert Guichard Guilhabert Guillot Guinemant
Hamund Harde Hardouin Helgot Herluin Hernaudin
Hernaut Hervisse Hugues Huidemar Huon Isore
Jacquelin Jakelin Jehan Jourdain Julien Landri
Loup Mainet Malbert Malger Maugis Mercadier
Milon Naimes Namus Orable Oriabel Oriabiaus
Othon Piccolet Ponce Prades Rabel Renier
Renouart Tancrede Turpin Varocher Vivien Wigayn


Aaliz Adaliz Adeline Aelis Aicelina Aiglante
Alais Alazaïs Alesta Algaia Alissende Aliz
Allemande Amalone Ameline Andreva Ansere Arnaude
Aude Audiarda Austorga Ava Aye Bartholomette
Bellisente Bérengère Bernadette Blonde Bonassias Brune
Brunehaut Brunisente Brunissende Clarisse Condors Eglantine
Emersende Ermbourg Ermengarda Ermengarde Ermengart Ermessenda
Esclamonde Esclarmonde Esperte Esquiva Fabrisse Flore
Florence Fredegonde Gaillarde Galienne Gaude Gauzia
Genevieve Gentile Grazide Guiborc Guillemette Helissente
Hermengart Honors Huguette Ide Jacotte Jehanne
Joie Josiane Louve Lubias Lutisse Marquise
Mathena Maura Mengarde Mirabelle Montagne Oriabel
Passerose Pernelle Petrona Petronille Rixenda Rixende
Roese Roheis Rosemonde Rousse Rubea Serena
Sybille Thomassa Thomassia Vuissance Willelma  

French Surnames

Names and titles derived from places are often preceded by 'de' or 'de la'. Descriptive and trade-related names occur in a similar way to English, which was very deeply influenced by the Norman French naming system after the Conquest. Recently there has been quite a lot of immigration from former French territories in North Africa and some of the names listed may be from this area.

Abeille About Abrassart
Adam Agarand Aguilar
Alacoque Alard Albert
Albouraie Alembert Alexandre
Allard Allaro Alloncle
Allut Alphand Althape
Althusser Amable Amann
Ambre Amélineau Amelotte
Amiez Amiot Amoudry
Ampère Ancel Anciaux
Andreu Andrieux Anelka
Angloma Angrand Anouilh
Arata Arbelet Arbez
Arcand Ardant Arguelles
Arnaud Arpinon Arquette
Arquilière Arrablay Arrau
Arron Arzel Asquebord
Asselineau Assouad Astruc
Attilio Aubarat Auber
Aubert Aubertin Aubon
Aubry Aucagne Audiard
Aufort Augendre Auger
Augier Auneil Auradou
Aurenche Auric Auriol
Autain Authie Auzias
Ayarai B¾ n¾ gui Bacha
Bachelin Badeau Badinter
Badre Baijot Baille
Baillieu Baix Balandier
Balanque Balibar Ballanger
Ballerat Balleroy Ballou
Ballu Baluze Bangue
Banquet Barat Baratte
Barbier Barbusse Bardot
Bardou Bareau Bariani
Barres Barret Barthez
Bartholdy Barthou Bartolone
Bary Bassiere Bastiani
Bastide Batiffol Baudart
Baudelaire Baudet Baudouin
Baudry Baumont Bautain
Bazille Bazire Beauchaud
Beaumarchais Beaumont Beauregard
Beaus¾ jour Beautell Beauvais
Beauvallet Becart Becot
Bedard Beineix Belchat
Belcour Belgraver Bellot
Benazi Benetton Benichou
Benoit Benth Berangere
Berbizier Berchet Berge
Berger Bergerat Beriou
Berlinguer Bernadaux Bernadis
Bernadotte Bernard Bernat
Bernier Berthome Bertillon
Bertin Berton Berty
Besaçon Besanceney Bescanceny
Besonhé Bessette Besson
Bessy Beteille Beul¾
Bevis Beylier Bezace
Biez Bigeard Bigeois
Bilencourt Billerey Bimbenet
Binoche Bisaillon Blacque
Blanc Blanchard Blanche
Blanco Bleneau Blevigne
Bliche Blondeau Blondel
Blouin Bluteau Bobot
Bocande Bochette Bodart
Body Boeuf Boileau
Boirot Bois Boisellier
Bonacieux Bonaly Bonamy
Bondoufle Bonet Bonfrere
Bonnard Bonnat Bonnefroy
Bonneville Bonnissel Bonnot
Bontin Bontoux Bonvoisin
Bony Bopurgin Borain
Bordeaux Bordelon Bordieu
Bordreuil Bordurin Bore¾
Borély Borot Boscardin
Bosquet Bossicar Bossoire
Bottanet Bouchard Bouchet
Bouchez Bouchier Boudin
Boudouani Boughé Bouic
Bouillon Boulais Boulange
Boulez Boulianne Boulineau
Boulot-Tolle Bourassa Bourdieu
Bourdin Bourdy Bourel
Bourelly Bourgeat Bourgeau
Bourgeoys Bourget Bourgoing
Bourgonje Bourgouin Bourlet
Bourneuf Bourque Boursier
Boursin Boussac Boussod
Boutard Boutellier Bouteyre
Boutiette Boutin Boutron
Boutter Bouvard Bouvron
Boyer Boyette Bozon
Br¾ ton Braconnier Bracquemond
Brassard Brasseur Braud
Braudel Brébeuf Brechu
Bregmestre Brehaut Brenet
Breton Bréton Brezin
Briane Brindal Brion
Briot Briquet Brissaud
Brissault Brisson Broc
Brocard Brochard Brochet
Broissia Brosseau Brouset
Broussard Brouzet Brucy
Brulois Bruneau Brunet
Brunius Bruyas Buchon
Budé Buisson Bujold
Bunul Buque Burtin
Burty Burville Buzaine
Cabal Cabanel Cabaner
Cabannes Cachemaille Cadart
Cadeloro Cagnat Caillebotte
Caillet Caillot Cailloux
Cailteux Cali Califano
Callier Calmes Calmette
Cals Cambarabero Camdessus
Camelot Camoin Campiche
Campouyre Camus Candela
Capelle Carala Carbonneau
Cardin Cardone Caree
Carnot Caron Carpeaux
Carpentier Carrard Carrat
Carraz Cartier Casabou
Cassard Cassatt Cassel
Castagnary Castaignade Castang
Castel Castelnuovo Caster
Castets Catellier Catteau
Caubere Causier Causs¾
Caussinade Cavagnoud Cavour
Cazalet Cazalis Cazenave
Cazenove Censier Ceran
Cevaer Cézanne Ch¾ reau
Chabert Chaboche Chabon
Chaboteaux Chabrier Chabroux
Chaigneau Chailly Chambon
Chambriard Chamorin Champollion
Chanteur Charbonneau Charbonnier
Chardon Charisse Charlier
Charmant Charpentier Charrieres
Charriol Charron Charteris
Chartier Chartoire Chartrand
Charzat Chastagnol Chastel
Chatard Chatas Chatelet
Chatellain Chaumeau Chaussinand
Chauveau Chauvelier Chauvet
Chavasse Chenal Cheniaguine
Chennault Cherel Cherier
Chesnais Chesneau Cheval
Chevalier Chevenement Chevillon
Chevit Chevrier Chirot
Choiseux Choquet Chretien
Chuillier Cincebeaux Cinelu
Citte Cixous Clairmonte
Claret Clarico Clarissie
Clavell Cleach Cleda
Clemenceau Clémencet Clement
Clerc Clerico Cleutinx
Clevenot Clouet Clouseau
Cloutier Clouzot Cochetel
Cocheteux Cocteau Coeur
Coeuroy Coffier Cohendet
Collard Collbras Collignon
Collonville Collopy Comay
Combe Combes Comeau
Commandeur Comtois Conil
Conte Contencin Corot
Coste Coté Cottard
Cottaz Cottins Couderc
Cougelet Coulette Couperie
Couperin Couprie Courbet
Courshesne Courtois Cousin
Cousteau Cousteix Coutela
Coutourier Couture Couve
Crasson Cremer Crespy
Cretier Criville Cros
Crossette Cuattrin Cueff
Cugnon Cupidon Curtayne
Curutchet Cusson Cuvier
d'Aigreville d'Aubec d'Espivant
d'Orsay d'Orty Daboussier
Dabry Dacier Dacourt
Dagort Daladier Dalle
Dallons Dampier Dandieu
Danel Danfrie Danville
Daoustd Daranluz Darragon
Dary Daubigny Daubresse
Daudet Daumier Daumoinx
Daunay Dautane Dauvergne
Daux De Berthellemy De Carneillon
De Chalunac De Colville De Coubertin
De Crignis De Genis De La Brosse
De La Chaize De Lavergne De Leon
De Lonval De Lucien De Man
De Margelasse De Masse De Meligny
De Merode De Pougy De Rollebon
De Roquelaure De Saulcy De Sauveterre
De Silguy De Thibault De Vertuil
De Vigny De Villeneuve Dealavallade
Debavelaere Deblock Deboos
Debove Debusse Debussy
Decaux Dechanet Dechaume
Dechy Declercq Decoteau
Decugis Deferne Degas
Degert Deglau Dehaene
Deharo Delacave Delacroix
Delaigue Delair Delaitre
Delalande Delamere Delaroux
Delaune Delecoeur Delevoye
Delluc Delnatte Delong
Delorm Delpech Delporte
Delvaux Demercastel Demilly
Demongeot Demy Deneriaz
Deneuve Deneye Deniau
Denis Denizot Denon
Denot Deprez Déprez
Derain Derame Deroulade
Desailly Desanlis Desbiens
Desboutin Deschamps Deshors
Desire Desjardins Desmares
Desneux Despatie Dessaigne
Dessum Destatte Destine
Destot Detchenique Devaluez
Devantier Dewees Deylaud
D'hauterive Dhenin Dhinnin
Diderot Didier Dietou
Diligent Dimier Diole
Diomede Dionne Dispagne
Distel Docquier Doillac
Doleuze Dolige Domenche
Donciuex Donnadieu Dor
Doreau Dorsile Doublet
Doucet Douie Doumen
Doumer Dourthe Drafondre
Droette Drouet Du Plat
Dubernel. Dubertret Dubosc
Ducat Duchatelet Duchesneau
Duclos Ducoton Ducret
Ducros Dudevant Duellet
Duèse Dufaux Duffet
Dufoix Dufourcq Dufournet
Dufrene Dufresne Dugarry
Dugas Duguay Dumas
Dumay Dumesnil Dunand
Duphot Dupin Duplan
Dupouey Dupray Dupuiche
Duquenoy Duran Durand
Duranty Duret Durieux
Durot Durufl¾ Duthuit
Dutoit Dutronc Dutruel
Duval Duvall Duvillard
Duvivier Ega Elby
Elien Emery Emperaire
Entremont Eparvier Ephrussi
Ereau Erignac Eriq
Erler Ermenault Erondelle
Escoutou Escude Esprit
Evigan Evrard Fabre
Faby Faille Falcon
Falcoz Fallières Fammeree
Fantin Farner Farry
Fasquelle Fauche Fauchlevent
Faure Fauvel Favour
Favre Favreau Fébre
Fénéon Férat Ferga
Ferga Feroulet Ferques
Ferr¾ ol Ferrier Ferttet
Fevre Feydeau Ficher
Fiere Fieveris Filion
Finance Fioupou Fiquet
Fivet Flambeau Flaubert
Flavigny Fleury Flor
Floray Florent Flory
Flotard Focquet Foletier
Fondaire Fontang Fontenay
Fonteyre Foray Foree
Foreville Forgeard Forget
Forissier Forneris Forquaist
Forqueray Forquest Fostroy
Foubert Foucan Foucault
Foucher Foucras Foulon
Foulques Fouques Fouquet
Fourier Fournier Foury
Foy Fraigneau Franchet
Francillon Franquemont Frechette
Fremont Frequesse Friquest
Frondeville Fruquest Frutaz
Fuchs Fumon Furnon
Gabriel Gachet Gachot
Gagnon Gaigneur Gaillard
Galfione Gallet Galliene
Gallieni Galliott Gallois
Galthie Gamelin Ganteaume
Gantois Gaounon Garaudy
Gardenne Gareau Gariel
Garinet Garnerin Garnier
Garreau Gasnault Gaspard
Gasquet Gassou Gatien
Gatignol Gatteaux Gaubil
Gaudernet Gaudet Gaudibert
Gaudry Gauliet Gauliot
Gaultier Gauthier Gauthiot
Gautier Gautreau Gay
Gayrard Geffroy Gene
Genevie Geney Géromé
Gervex Gery Ghil
Gibernau Gilbert Gill
Gillard Gillardin Gillaumin
Gillemet Gillenormand Gillet
Gillette Giner Giot
Giradou Girardin Giraud
Gireaud Giron Giroux
Gleyre Gobert Gobinet
Godard Goddard Goddat
Godet Godignon Godin
Goffin Gogny Golmard
Goncourt Gonse Gossett
Gottignie Goubert Gougot
Goulancourt Goulet Goupil
Gouron Gouteyron Gouvenou
Gouverne Goyette Grand
Grandet Grandin Grandjean
Grandmont Grandon Granet
Grataloup Gratien Grava
Gravel Gravier Grébaut
Grelot Grignion Grignon
Grillon Grimault Grimmette
Groisard Grony Gros
Grosbelhomme Grosjean Groulx
Grumiaux Gruson Guenier
Guepy Guérard Guerbois
Guerin Guerin. Guerrier
Guesdon Guichard Guidry
Guihard Guilbert Guillaut
Guillemani Guillemet Guillermin
Guillon Guillot Guims
Guiomar Guiraud Guisset
Guitry Guivarch Guizet
Guizot Gumy Gusmeroli
Guys Habig Hainault
Halard Hamoncourt Hanchard
Hanequart Hanotel Harend
Harnoncourt Hasse Hebert
Heinis Helleu Hennecart
Herbaut Herbaux Herlemont
Hermant Herment Hervé
Higounet Hilaire Homo
Hormel Hoschedé Hostache
Houllier Houssaye Houssin
Hout Hubert Huet
Hugo Huguenard Huillet
Huont Huriet Hurtis
Hyères Impetraz Ingres
Ingroville Isaac-Sibille Iserbyt
Issorat Jacquelin Jacquemin
Jacquet Jadin Jadot
Jalabert Jambart Janin
Janquin Jarnet Jarre
Jarry Javert Jean-Aubry
Jeanmaire Jeanniot Jeannot
Jeanteaud Jeune Jeunet
Jillette Jobert Joffre
Jogues Joilcoeur Jolivet
Jolves Jondet Jospin
Josselin Joubert Jourdonnais
Juillet Julia Jurassien
Kampe Karembeu Kert
Kiffer Killy Kucheida
La Berche La Pérouse La Rochenoire
La Touche Labande Labaye
Labbé Labit Labourdette
Labouré Labre Labrousse
Labyorteaux Lachaille Lacharriere
Laclau Lacombe Laconi
Lacroix Lafenestre Laffon-parias
Lafitte Laforet Lafrenière
Lagouarde Lagoutte Laguilhon
Laigle Lalande Lalanne
Lama Lamache Lamaison
Lamarre Lambert Lamiel
Lamine Lamy Lanctot
Landrain Landre Landry
Lang Langey Langlois
Lapasset Lapointe Laporte
Lapôtre Laprade Larbaletrier
Largillière Larguier Larosière
Larroquette Larrouse Larue
Laskine Lassucq Lastex
Latarjet Latcherie Lathuile
Latour Latreille Lauga
Laune Laurent Laurier
Laussacq Laussucq Lavagne
Lavalliere Lavanchy Lavandais
Lavergne Lavicq Lavigne
Lavignen Laviniere Lavoie
Layard Lazaro Le Braz
Le Brocq Le Chanony Le dauphin
Le Goyet Le Jeune Le marquand
Le moigne Le Nain Le Nôtre
Le Petit Le Sueur Lebel
Leboeuf Lebouc Lebretton
Lecadre Leccia Leconte
Lecouvé Lecroix Lefebre
Lefevre Leflamand Leflon
Lefou Lefranc Legendre
Leger Legout Legros
Lejosne Lellouche Lelong
Lelouch Lelu Lemaire
Lemer Lemercier Lemerre
Lemonnier Lemorne Lempereur
Leonard Leotard Lepercq
Leplat Lequiller Lesaché
Lesbordes Lesbros Lesclide
Lesein Lestonnac Letheran
Letice Letoute Lettiere
Leveaux Leveille Levet
Levicq Levienaise Leydier
Lézine L'Heureux Liegeois
Lievremont Ligier Limouzylise
Liotard Lise Lit
Lizarazu Lizerand Loit
Lombard Lomont Lonard
Longeserre Longin Longuet
Loquinaire Lorcy Lorelliere
Loret Lorgnon Loria
Lorrain Lorraine Lortie
Louagie Loubens Louet
Louppe Luart Lubin
Luçay Lucre Lumet
Luquet Mably Macaque
Maccaux Madalle Madrelle
Magliorie Magne Magre
Maillard Maissoneuve Malassis
Malaurie Malcher Malecot
Malenfant Malherbe Malhuret
Mallarmé Mallen Mallet
Malleville Malmert Malraux
Maminot Mandeville Manet
Manoury Marais Marat
Marceau Marcelin Marchand
Marchés Marconnet Marfaing
Marguin Marielle Mariette
Marin Marion Marliere
Marnet Marot Marquand
Marrone Marrot Marrou
Marseille Martel Martelot
Martin Martineau Martineaud
Martinet Masdeu-Arus Maspero
Massenet Massoni Matagne
Mateau Mathou Mathy
Matisse Mattier Matton
Maupassant Mauresmo Maurois
Maxse Mazan Mazarin
Mazas Mazerolle Mazin
Meillet Meissonier Melennec
Meley Ménard Mendès
Mendiburu Mendy Menjou
Mennesson Menou Menuel
Mercatel Mercie Mercier
Merguillier Merivel Merle
Merleau Merrien Mertillot
Merville Mesmin Mesnard
Mesnier Metman Métraux
Meunier Meurent Meurice
Meurisse Meyer Meystrell
Micaux Michelet Michon
Miere Mignard Millin
Millot Mingeon Minie
Mionnet Mirabeau Mirbeau
Mitterand Modeste Moinard
Moirin Mollais Mollaret
Mollat Mollet Monami
Moncassin Moncel Moncelle
Moncey Monchaty Monciaux
Moncoutie Monet Moniotte
Montand Montet Monteux
Montillet Montminy Montrosier
Moreau Morier Morillon
Morin Morisot Morvoisieux
Mosse Mothron Mouffe
Mouligne Moulu Mouly
Mourge Mouschard Moushine
Mousson Mouterde Muche
Murat Muscat Muselier
Musset Nadeau Nargeolet
Nattier Nautin Navarre
Naveau Naville Nazon
Negret Nélaton Nerciat
Nestoret Nicollet Niquet
Nivard Nivel Nivelon
Nizan Noirault Noiret
Nordin Noriac Olleris
Ollivier Oreille Oresme
Othon Oudant Oudet
Oudinot Ougier Ouimette
Ouvier Pacaut Pacome
Pagnol Paillard Pain
Paix Palairet Paléologue
Pallegoix Paneloux Panis
Papon Paradis Parillaud
Parmentier Parrottin Pasquier
Pastor Pastoral Pasturei
Paton Paty Pauli
Paulot Peizerat Pelchat
Pélissier Pellissier Pelloutier
Pelous Peloux Penaud
Pencreach Pepin Perec
Perie Perreau Perrer
Perrey Perrier Perrin
Perrot Perroy Perteau
Pertuiset Pescheux Peslier
Petiot Petit Petitclerc
Petrou Pettit Peugniez
Peyrot Philibert Picard
Pichois Pichot Picollet
Picotin Piédalu Pierpoint
Pigeonnier Pigorel Pilar
Pilon Pinard Pincemail
Pinette Pingaud Pinochet
Pinon Pinot Pinquier
Pinte Pioline Piquereau
Pires Piroth Pitteaux
Planche Planchenault Plasait
Plaziat Pleshette Plesseraud
Plouviez Pluchet Poidebard
Poilblan Poiret Poitevin
Poitier Pomarès Pons
Pontillon Ponty Poret
Portefait Portenier Pouchet
Poudrier Pouget Poujade
Poujoulet Poujouly Poulet
Pouqueville Pourchet Pouzade
Prat Preaux Presle
Prevot Priaulx Prideaux
Primeau Prins Privat
Prolat Proriol Prost
Proust Provins Puget
Pulle Queneau Quenhenerve
Quentin Quesnel Quilleboeuf
Rabbi Rambert Rameau
Ramelle Ramet Rampal
Rannequin Rantaine Raoux
Raphanel Rapnouil Rappeneau
Rastignac Ratel Rault
Rault Ravel Ravon
Reaume Regnault Remesey
Remesy Remond Remusat
Renan Renaud Renaudas
Renaudie Renault Renier
Renoir Renouard Renouf
Restencourt Retel Revel
Revol Rey Ribot
Richard Richelieu Richemont
Richepin Richert Richir
Rieux Rigaudias Rigaudiere
Rimbaud Rimbert Rimeaux
Riu Rivette Riviere
Roachant Robert Roblou
Rochant Roche Rochebloine
Rochefort Rochon Rodin
Rog¾ Roger Roig
Rollin Rollinat Romançon
Romary Rondeaux Ronet
Roquentin Roty Rouaix
Rouard Rouart Roubel
Roufosse Rouget Rouille
Rouleau Roumet Roupardin
Roussel Rousset Rouvière
Roux Ruel Rufin
Ruinart Saby Sadourny
Saglier Saint-Andre Saisset
Salerou Salles Sangier
Sartain Sartre Sastre
Saunier Saurine Saury
Sauvaigo Seguro Seigner
Seigre Seillier Sene
Senue Serrault Serrou
Serusclat Sérusier Severand
Seydoux Sidot Signoret
Silhouette Simenon Simenton
Simond Simoneau Simonet
Sinnette Sireyjol Siries
Slima Soisson Solari
Soleil Soleuze Solves
Sonnes Sorel Soula
Soulary Soulette Soulice
Soulie Soulis Spagnol
Suchet Suguenot Sulis
Surin Syvret Tabarant
Tahon Tailbot Taillard
Taillez Taillon Tanlay
Tardivel Tarnaud Tarrou
Tauziat Tavernier Tellier
Temay Temry Tenaillon
Teppe Terblanche Terhune
Ternien Terrier Terrot
Tessier Testud Teza
Thenardier Thereson Theriot
Theron Theroux Thevenet
Thibaudet Thibaut Thibedeaux
Thibourst Thiebaud Thiers
Thillot Thiry Thomassin
Thonon Thulliez Thuram
Tihon Tiolier Tiphaine
Tissot Tistounet Tobel
Toché Tortelier Tortellier
Tour¾ Tourette Tournachon
Tourneur Tourret Toussaint
Toutain Toyé Trantinon
Traore Trappette Trebert
Tremblay Trenet Trentin
Treveiler Trezeguet Tribes
Triep Trintignant Troubal
Troussier Turgeon Turquet
Vachon Valabrègue Valadon
Valenod Vallet Valois
Vanel VarÀ se Varlet
Vasselle Vasseur Velines
Vénard Vendele Veniard
Verbist Verchoux Verdier
Verdoux Verguet Verlet
Vernon Veron Verret
Versois Vertefeuille Veuillet
Veyron Vezelize Vial
Vianney Viars Vibert
Vidal Vidler Vien
Vigne Villars Villehardouin
Villeneuve Villepreux Villeret
Villevieille Vinet Vinoy
Violet Viollet-Le-Duc Vion
Virenque Virieux Visse
Vittoz Vivant Voisenon
Voisin Vollard Vollonville
Voltaire Vuillard Vuitton
Vulliamy Walleme Wambergue
Warusful Watteau Wavelet
Wilmart Xavier Yverneau

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