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German Names

As in Britain, Biblical names are popular, and versions of classical names also exist. Roman influence was less strong, with many of the old Germanic names being retained. In ancient times these were often compound names made up of two different elements which made sense together, but as the custom of naming a child with elements taken from both parents became common, the meanings were no longer so important. Prior to the adoption of inherited surnames, a family could indicate their relationship by using the same first element for all the children.

Under Nazi rule, a list of names was compiled and it was illegal to use any other names. Nicknames were not allowed and if a child was given two first names the parents had to record which was going to be for daily use.

Many Germanic names have now become common in other countries but it was only in recent years that foreign names began to be popular in Germany. French name forms are widely used in the western part of the country and Slavonic influence is apparent in the eastern regions with names such as Wenzel and Stenzel and diminutives like Anja, Anke and Annuschke being common. In southern Germany and Austria, pet names ending in -l and -i are very common, hence Gretel (Grete) and Poldi (Leopold), and the influence of the Catholic church has led to many saints' names being retained.

Naming Patterns

In the C18th, a child was often given two baptismal names, the first one being that of a saint or having religious connotations. This might be the same for each child in the family. It was the second, secular name by which the person was known. This custom was also followed by German communities in America. It was also common to name children according to a pattern which honoured specific relatives and some families adhered strictly to this, although some only went as far as the grandparents. If a name was duplicated, the next in the pattern was used instead.

Child Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3
Eldest son paternal grandfather same as 1 for boys paternal grandfather
Second son maternal grandfather   maternal grandfather
Third son father   father's eldest brother
Fourth son paternal grandfather's father   father
Fifth son maternal grandfather's father    
Sixth son paternal grandmother's father    
Seventh son maternal grandmother's father    
Eldest daughter maternal grandmother paternal grandmother paternal grandmother
Second daughter paternal grandmother maternal grandmother maternal grandmother
Third daughter mother mother mother's oldest sister
Fourth daughter paternal grandfather's mother maternal grandfather's mother mother
Fifth daughter maternal grandfather's mother paternal grandfather's mother  
Sixth daughter paternal grandmother's mother    
Seventh daughter maternal grandmother's mother    

Top Ten Names of the 1980s

  Boys   Girls
1 Christian 1 Stefanie
2 Michael 2 Christine
3 Daniel 3 Julia
4 Stefan 4 Sabine
5 Andreas 5 Melanie
6 Sebastian 6 Nadine
7 Matthias 7 Kathrin
8 Markus 8 Katherina
9 Alexander 9 Nicole
10 Thomas 10 Anita

German Names of Germanic Origin


Given Name Diminutives Meaning
Adal, Adel   noble
Adalbert, Adelbert, Albrecht, Olbrich, Albert Berti noble + bright
Adalrich, Adelrich, Uadalrich   noble + power
Adalstan, Edelstein   noble + stone
Adolf   noble + wolf
Alarich, Alerk?  

ala all or ali stranger + power


alb elf + power

Alfons, Alphonse    
Alwin   elf + friend
Archibald Archi OE genuine + brave
Arnfried, Ehrenfried?   eagle + peace
Arnold Arndt, Arnd, Arne, Arno eagle + ruler
Balduin   bold + friend
Baldur   brave/strong
Bardolph   bright? + wolf
Barend, Berend    

bern bear

Bernhard Berni, Bern, Bernd, Berne bear + hardy
Berthold, Bartold   bright + ruler
Björn   ON bear

bod 'tidings/messenger'

Brandt   flaming sword

brun brown

Burkhard   ? + hardy
Detlef, Detlev, Deitleib   people + descendant
Dietbold, Dietpold, Dewald?   people + bold
Dieterich, Dietrich, Dieter, Derek, Dierck, Dirk, Dietz? Tilmann, Till, Tillo, Thelonius people/tribe + power
Dietfried   people + peace
Dietmar, Ditmar   people + famous
Eberhard, Evrard Ebbe, Eber, Ebert wild boar + hardy
Eckbert, Egbert   point + bright
Edgar   OE riches + spear
Eduard, Edward   OE riches + bright
Eginhard, Eckehard, Einhard?   point + hardy
Egon, Eino  

ek/eg point (of a sword)

Ehren, Ehre   honour
Ehrhart, Erhard, Erchard   honour + brave
Emmerich, Emerich Emery, Emory, Emmo  
Engelbert Enno? Angle + bright
Erich, Eric, Erick, Erik, Errick   ON ever or alone + ruler
Ernest, Ernst, Arnst   OHG eornost seriousness, battle
Etzel, Edsel  

adal noble


eo law + wald rule

Falk, Falko   falcon
Ferdinand   Journey + risk
Folke, Folker, Folko, Fulko   ON people/tribe
Folkhard   people + hardy
Friedemann   peace + man
Friedhelm   peace + helmet
Friedrich, Friederich Fritz, Freidel, Friedl, Fredi peace + power
Garek, Garrick    
Gebhard   gift + hardy
Gerhard, Gerhardt, Gerhart Gerrit, Gerd? spear + hardy
Gerlach   spear + play
Gernot   spear + need or crush
Geroldt   spear + rule
Giselbert, Gilbert   pledge + bright
Gottfried Götz god + peace
Gotthard   god + hardy
Gotthelf, Gotthilf, Helfgott   god + help
Gotthold   god + lovely?
Gottlieb   god + love
Gottschalk   god + servant

gild sacrifice

Günther, Gunter, Gunnar   strife + army
Gustav, Gustaf   ON Gautr (a tribe) + staff
Hagan, Hagen   ON horse or high + son/descendant
Harald Harri, Harro OE army + ruler
Hartmann, Erdmann   hardy + man
Hartmut, Erdmut, Erdmuth   hardy + spirit
Hartwig   hardy + battle
Hartwin   hardy + friend
Heinrich, Hinrich, Hendrik Heinz, Hinz, Heike, Heiko, Hein, Heine, Heiner, Heino, Heinecke, Henke, Henning home + power;
Helfrid   help + peace
Helmfrid, Helmfried   helmet + peace
Helmut, Helmuth   helmet + spirit
Herbert, Heribert   army + bright
Hermann, Armin   army + man
Hildebrand   battle + flaming sword
Hjalmar   ON helmet + warrior
Holger   ON island + spear
Horst   wooded hill or horse?
Hubert, Hugibert   heart + bright
Hugo   heart/mind
Humfried   warrior + peace
Kari   ON curly-haired
Karl, Carl, Karol, Karlmann   free man
Knut   ON knot
Konrad, Conrad, Kuhnrat Kurt, Konni? bold + counsel
Korbinian Körbl  
Lamprecht, Lambert, Landbert   land + bright
Leberecht   live + right
Leonhard, Leonhardt   lion + hardy
Lothar, Luther   fame + army
Ludwig, Ludovic Lutz fame + warrior
Luitgard   people + protection
Luitger, Ludger, Leodegar   people + spear
Luitpold, Leopold, Leupold Poldi people + brave
Manfried, Manfrid, Manfred   man + peace
Meinard, Meinhard Meinke, Meino strength + hardy
Meinrad   strength + counsel
Norbert   north + bright
Oliver   elf + army (Alfihar) or may be Lat/Fr olivier 'olive-tree'
Osvald, Oswaldo   OE god + rule
Othmar, Otmar, Ottmar   prosperity + fame
Otto, Odo,Udo  

od/ot prosperity

Ottokar   prosperity + wacar watchful
Rainer, Reiner Reineke? Advice + army
Ralf, Ralph, Rafe, Raul   Counsel + wolf
Randolf   (shield)rim + wolf
Reimund, Reinmund, Raimund  

Ragin advice/deciision + protector

Reinhard, Rainhard, Rainart   Advice + hardy
Reinhold, Reinwald, Reinald   Advice + ruler
Richard   Power + strong
Roch, Rochus  

Hrok rest

Roderich, Roderick, Rurik   Fame + power
Roland   Fame + land
Rubert, Rudbert   Fame + bright
Rüdiger, Roger, Rotger, Rutger   Fame + spear
Rudolf, Rodolf Rudi, Rolf Fame + wolf
Ruprecht, Rupert, Huppert, Hupprecht, Robert, Robar   Fame + bright
Siegbert   Victory + bright
Siegfrid, Siegfried, Seifrid, Sigefrid, Sigfrid   victory + peace
Sieghardt   victory + hardy
Siegmund, Sigismund, Sigmund Sigi victory + protection
Sigiswald   victory + ruler
Sigo, Sikko, Sicco    
Sigurd   ON victory + guardian
Sven   ON boy/lad
Theobald Theo people + bold
Thorsten, Torsten   ON Thor + stone
Traugott   true + god
Ulrich, Ullric Uli, Utz prosperity + power
Uwe, Ove   ON ag weapon edge or awe
Volker, Voker   people + army
Volkmar   people + famous
Waldemar, Walder   rule + famous
Waldo, Waldi, Walden   rule
Walther, Walther, Valter, Waiter? Welti? rule + army
Werner, Verner, Wernhar, Warnar Wetzel tribe Warin + army
Werther   worthy + army
Wieland   Wayland
Wilfried   will + peace
Wilhelm Wilm, Willi, Wim will + helmet
Willibald   will + bold
Willigis   will + pledge
Winfried   friend + peace
Witold   wood + ruler
Wolf, Ulf   wolf
Wolfgang   wolf + going
Wolfram   wolf + raven
Wolkold   wolf + ruler?


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Meaning
Ada, Adda, Addie, Adele, Adelina, Alina  

adal noble

Adalgisa   noble + pledge
Adelheidis, Adelheid, Adalheid, Adelaide Aleida, Aleit, Alke, Elke, Elki, Heidi noble + kind/sort
Adelinde Alinda noble + tender
Adeltraud, Adeltrud, Edeltraud, Edeltrud   noble + strength
Alberta, Elberta, Elbertina, Elbertine   noble + bright
Alfreda, Alfrida   OE elf + counsel
Alwine   OE elf + friend
Amalea, Amalia, Amalie, Amelia, Amelie, Amilia  

amal work

Anselma, Anselme   divinity + helmet
Arnhilda   eagle + battle
Astrid Asta ON god + fair
Aveza, Avila, Avilina, Aveline, Eveline, Evelyn  

av ?

Bernadina, Bernadine, Bernardina, Bernardine Berdina, Berdine, Berenda  
Berta, Bertha, Birte?   bright
Brunhilde, Brunhild, Brünhilde, Brünnhilde   armour + battle
Clothilda   famous + battle
Dagmar   ON day + maid
Diederike   fem of Dietrich
Dietlinde   people + tender

eber wild boar

Edith   OE fortune + strife
Elfriede, Elfreda, Elfrida Elfi, Elfie, Effi, Frida, Freda, Frieda, Friede, Friedel OE elf + strength
Elgiva Elga  

ermen entire

Erdmute, Erdmuthe   hardy + spirit
Erica, Erika   fem of Eric
Ermentraud, Ermentrud, Ermentrude, Ermintrude Irmtraud, Irmtrud Erma entire + beloved
Ernesta, Ernestine, Ernsta, Ernstine Erna fem of Ernest

frau lady/woman

Frederika, Fredrika, Frederica, Federica, Friederike Fritzi fem of Friedrich
Friedelinde   peace + tender
Geralda, Geraldina, Geraldine   fem of Gerald
Gerda, Gerde, Garda, Gerdie, Gerdi   ON enclosure/stronghold
Gerlinde   spear + tender
Gertraud, Gertrud, Gertrude Gert, Gerta, Geertke, Trude, Trudi, Trudl, Trudel, Trudchen spear + strength
Gilberta, Gilbertina, Gilbertine   fem of Gilbert
Gisa, Gisela  

gisil pledge

Griselda, Griseldis, Grizelda Grisel, Griselle, Grizelle, Selda, Zelda grey + battle
Gudrun, Kudrun   ON god + secret lore
Gunda   fem of Gunnar
Gustava   fem of Gustav
Halda, Haldi, Haldis, Haldisse Hallie?  
Haralda, Harilda   fem of Harold
Hedwig, Hedvika, Hadwigis Hedva contention + war
Heinrike, Hendrika, Henrietta, Henriette, Harietta, Hariette, Harriet, Harrietta, Harriette Heike, Eike? Rietta, Hennie, Hettie fem of Heinrich
Helga, Hella   ON heilagr prosperous
Hermengild   whole + sacrifice
Herta, Hertha   from the goddess Nertha/Njord?
Hilda, Hilde   battle
Hildegard, Hildegarde, Hildagard, Hildagarde    
Hlodovicia, Luise, Louisa, Lovada?   fame + warrior
Huetta, Huette   fem of Hugo
Ida, Idalia  

id work

Inge   Ing, Norse fertility god
Ingrid   Ing + fair
Irma, Ima?   whole/entire
Irmelinda   whole + tender
Irmina, Irminia, Hermine   fem of Herman
Karlotte, Karla, Karola, Karolina, Karoline, Carla, Carlin, Carola, Carolin,Charlotte Lotte, Lottchen, Lina, Line, Linchen fem of Karl
Kremhild, Kriemhild  

grim mask + battle

Kunigunde Kinge

kuoni brave + gund strife

Leonarda   fem of Leonard
Leopolda, Leopoldina, Leopoldine   fem of Leopold
Ludovica   fem of Ludovic
Lura, Lurette, Lurleen, Lurline    
Mathilda, Mathilde, Matilda, Matilde, Mechtilde, Mectild Tilde, Thilde  
Norberta   fem of Norbert
Odelia, Odella, Odellia, Ottilia, Ottilie, Otila, Otillia, Odila, Odile, Odilia Odetta, Odette, Oti, Otti

od/ot prosperity

Otthild   prosperity + battle
Ragnhild, Ragnild   ON advice + battle
Raimunde   fem of Raymond
Reinheld, Renilda, Renilde    
Ricarda Rikchen, Rike, Rica, Ricca, Ricka, Rikki fem of Richard
Roderica, Rodericka   fem of Roderich
Rolanda   fem of Roland
Rosalinde   horse + tender
Rosamond, Rosamund, Rosamunda, Rosamunde, Rosemonde   horse + protection
Roswitha   fame + strength
Siegfrieda, Sigfreda   fem of Siegfried
Sieglinde   victory + tender
Siegrid, Sigrid   ON victory + fair
Swanhilda, Swanhilde, Swanhild   swan + battle
Swenja   fem of Sven??

theod people/race

Ulrike Ulli, Uli fem of Ulrich
Uta, Ute  

uodal prosperity

Valtraud, Waltrude   rule + strength
Walburg, Walpurgis, Vaubourg   rule + fortress
Wigburg Wibe, Wiebke war + fortress
Wilfreda   Fem of Wilfred
Wilhelmina, Wilhelmine, Willamina, Willa, Wilma, Helmine, Helma, Mina , Mina, Mine, Minchen, Minna, (love in MHG) Minne, Minetta, Minette Fem of Wilhelm

German Names of Biblical Origin


Given Name and Variants Diminutives English form if different
Anders, Andreas   Andrew
Axel   Absalom
Balthasar, Baltzer    
Baptist   Lat from Gk baphein 'to dip'
Barnabas   Barnaby
Bartholomaeus, Bartholomäus Bartel, Barthel, Barthol, Bertel Bartholomew
Christian, Krischan Karsten, Carsten Christli  
Christoph, Christopher Stoffel, Stoppel, Töffel  
Elia, Elias    
Immanuel, Emanuel Manuel  
Hesechiel, Ezechiel   Ezekiel
Hieronymus, Jerome    
Hiob   Job
Isaak   Isaac
Jakob   Jacob
Jeremias   Jeremiah/Jeremy'
Joachim, Jochem, Jochen, Jochim Achim  
Johann, Johannes, Hans, Hannes Jan, Jen, Jens, Giobane Hanno, Hanschen John
Jonas   Jonah
Josef Pepi, Sepp, Seppel, Sepperl, Seppi Joseph
Josias   Josiah
Josua   Joshua
Kaspar   Caspar
Lucas, Lukas   Luke
Markos, Markus, Marcel   Mark
Mathäus, Mathias, Matthaeus, Matthäus, Matthes, Matthia, Matthias, Matthis Mathe, Mathi, Matz, Teis? Matthew
Michael, Michel, Micha    
Nathaniel Thaniel  
Nikolaus, Nicklaus, Nicolaus, Niklaas, Nikolas Niko, Nickel, Claas, Claus, Klaas, Klaus Nicholas
Paul, Paulin    
Peter, Petrus, Per    
Ruben   Reuben
Sem   Shem
Simeon, Simon    
Stefan, Steffen, Stephan Steffel Stephen/Steven
Thaddäus, Thaddeus    
Thomas Thoma  
Timotheus Timo Timothy
Tobias   Toby
Zacharias   Zachary


Given Name and Variants Diminutives English form if different
Anna, Hana, Hanna, Hannah, Hanne Anita, Anja, Anke, Antje, Annchen, Annike, Annette, Hannchen, Nanette, Nannerl, Nanni, Netti, Nettchen, Nina Anne
Kristina, Kirsten, Kirstin, Kerstin, Kristin, Christiana, Christiane, Christine Christa, Christel, Krista, Kristel, Kika? Tina, Tine, Tinchen Christina
Daniela   Fem of Daniel
Elisabeth, Elisabetha, Elsbet, Elsbeth, Elsebeth, Elizabeth Elise, Elsa, Else, Elsie, Elli, Lies, Liesa, Liesbeth, Liese, Liesl, Lisa, Lisbeth, Lise, Lisette, Lilli, Lili, Bettina, Betti, Betty  
Esther, Eszter, Esteria    
Eva Evchen Eve
Gabriele, Gabriella Gabi Fem of Gabriel
Johanna, Johanne, Hansine, Hanselle Jana, Janna, Joanna/Jane
Josefa, Josepha, Josephine Pepi Fem of Joseph
Judith Jutta, Jutte  
Lea   Leah
Magdalena, Magdalene Magda, Madlen, Mady, Alena, Lena, Lene, Lenchen, Marlene  
Maria, Miriam, Mirjam Marianne, Mariel, Marike, Marion, Maike, Meike, Maja, Maren?, Mia, Mieke, Mieze, Mitzi, Mizi Mary
Marta, Martha    
Michaela   Fem of Michael
Nicole   Fem of Nicholas
Paula, Paulina, Pauline   Fem of Paul
Petra   Fem of Peter
Rahel   Rachel
Rebekka   Rebecca
Sara   Sarah
Sefanie, Stephanie Steffi Fem of Stephen
Simone   Fem of Simon
Susanna, Susanne, Susen Suse, Susi Susannah
Seraphina Phinchen? 'seraphim'
Tabea   Tabitha?

German Names of Latin Origin


Given Name and Variants Diminutives English Form if different
Anton, Antonius Toni, Tunis Anthony
August   Augustus
Augustin   Augustine
Aurel   Aurelius
Benedikt, Benedikte   Benedict
Cäsar   Caesar
Cölestin   Celestine
Constantin, Konstantin   Constantine
Crispus   Crispin
Dominik   Dominic
Egidius   Giles
Emil, Amil    
Eugen, Eugenius, Augen?   Eugene
Florenz   Florence
Franciscus, Franciskus, Franziskus Franck, Frank, Franke, Franz, Fränzchen, Franzi Francis
Gregor, Gregorius, Grigor   Gregory
Hilarius   Hilary
Julian, Julianus, Julius    
Justin, Justus Jost, Yost  
Kai, Kay    
Kayetan   Caetanus?
Klemens, Clemens   Clement
Kornelius   Cornelius
Lorenz Lenz Laurence
Marker   Marcus
Mauritius, Mauritz, Moritz   Maurice
Maximilian Max  
Patrick, Patrizius    
Sebastian, Sebastien Bastian, Bastien  
Severin, Soeren, Soren   Severinus
Silvan, Silvanus    
Silvester, Sylvester    
Sixt   Sixtus
Terenz   Terence
Urban, Urbanus    
Valentin, Valentine, Velten    
Victor, Viktor    
Vincens, Vincenz, Vinzenz   Vincent
Vitus, Veicht, Veit    


Given Name and Variants Diminutives English form if different
Adria, Adriane   Fem of Adrian
Angelika, Angelike   Angelica
Antonia, Antonie Toni  
Beata, Beate    
Beatrix Trixi Beatrice
Benedikta   Benedicta
Blanka, Bianca   Blanche
Cäcilia, Cäcilie, Cäcille Silja, Silke Cecilia
Eliane Liana, Liane Aeliana
Emilia, Emilie, Emelie   Emily
Eugenie   Eugenia
Felicie, Felise   Felicia
Flora, Florenz    
Franziska, Franziske, Fransiska Fränzchen, Franze, Ziska, Zissi Frances
Julia, Juli, Julie, Jill Julchen  
Juliane, Julianne   Juliana
Juni   June
Kaia   fem of Kai
Kamilla Milla Camilla
Klara, Clara   Clare
Konstanz, Konstanze, Constanze, Constantia Connie, Stanzi Constance
Kordula, Cordula    
Kreszenz, Crescentia Zenzi  
Lätitia   Letitia
Leona, Leonie    
Lilium, Lillion   Lily
Lora, Lore, Laura Lorchen  
Lucia, Luzie   Lucy
Lukretia   Lucretia
Mercedes   Mercy
Natalie, Nathalie, Natascha    
Patricia, Patrizia    
Regina, Reina, Raina    
Renate   Renata
Rosa Röschen, Rosel Rose
Sabine Bina, Binchen Sabina
Sidonia, Sidonie, Sidony    
Silvia, Sylvia, Sylvie    
Ursula, Urzsula Ursi, Uschi, Ursel  
Verena, Verina    
Virginie   Virginia
Zölestine   Celestine?

German Names of Greek Origin


Given Name and Variants Diminutives English form if different
Alexander Sander, Sascha  
Äneas   Aeneas
Anicho   Aniketos
Arsene   Arsenios
Asmus   Erasmus?
Cyrill   Cyril
Dionysius, Dionys, Denis    
Eustathius   Eustace
Gayorg, Georg, Jeorg, Jörg, Goeran, Jeroen? Jürgen, Juergen, Jorn   George
Gereon   Gerontius?
Hektor   Hector
Homerius   Homer
Horaz, Horazo   Horace
Ignaz Natius, Natz Ignatius
Isidor   Ignatius
Pheodor, Fedor, Tewdar, Theodor   Theodore
Phillipp, Filipp   Philip


Given Name and Variants Diminutives English form if different
Agatha, Agathe    
Agna, Agnethe   Agnes
Alexa   Fem of Alexius
Alexandra Lexi, Sandra Fem of Alexander
Aloisia, Aloysia, Alisha?   Fem of Aloysius
Arianne   Ariadne
Barbala, Barbara Bärbel  
Cosima   Fem of Cosmo
Dora Dorchen, Dorette  
Dorothea Dortas, Dörte, Dörthe, Thea Dorothy
Georgine   Fem of George
Helena, Helene    
Irene, Eirene Eirni?  
Jolante   Yolanda
Katharina, Katharine, Katherina, Kathrine, Kathrin, Catharina, Karen, Karin, Carina Kathe, Kätchen, Käte, Käethe, Kati, Katya, Kitta? Trine  
Lenore, Leonore, Eleonora, Eleonore, Elena   Eleanor
Margareta, Margarete, Margaretha, Margarethe Margit, Margot, Marga, Greta, Gretal, Gretchen, Grete, Gretel, Grethe, Gretl, Gritt, Gritta, Marit, Marita, Meret, Meta, Rita Margaret
Olympie   Olympia
Phillipine   Fem of Philip
Phöbe   Phoebe
Sibylle, Sybilla   Sibyl
Sophia, Sophie, Sofia, Sofie Sonja  
Theresa, Theresia, Therese, Tereza Reserl, Resli, Resi  
Veronika, Veronike Vroni Veronica

Low German Names (Platdeutsch)

These dialect forms are closer to Dutch and are still commonly found in Northern Germany. Some are now becoming more popular in the rest of the country.


Barthold Börries lat Liborius Carsten
Detlef Detlev Diederick
Dries Eggert Evert
Fester Frederik Gebberd
Gerrit, Geert Johan, Hanke, Henning Henrik, Hinrich, Heiko, Hanke, Henning (Henry)
Horst Jobst Jürgen
Lammert Ludger Merten
Rötger Tönjes, Tönnies (Antonius) Rikert, Rickert
Ro:tger Steffen Uwe


Aaltje Aaltruide Aleit
Aleydis Alke Anke
Antje Frauke frau 'lady' Geerta, Gesa
Greet, Greetje Griet, Grietje Henrike, Heike
Imma, Imke (Irma) Mechtilde, Mette Silke
Sofie, Fieke    

German Names of Foreign Origin


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Origin
Artur   Celtic
Boris Bobo Slavic
Brandeis, Brendis    
Hannibal   Phoenician
Jobst   Breton Iodoc 'lord'
Kevin   Irish
Oscar, Osker   Irish (Ossianic)
Stanislaus, Stanislav, Stannes   Slavic
Wenzel   Slavic
Xaver   Basque


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Origin
Anitra   Inv by Ibsen in Peer Gynt
Brigitte, Brigitta, Birgit, Beret, Berette, Berit, Britta, Brita - Bridget   Irish Celtic
Genoveva   Celtic
Ilise, Ilse, Ilyse   Elizabeth?
Ines   Spanish form of Agnes
Isabella, Isabelle, Isabeau   Spanish form of Elizabeth
Isolde   Celtic
Jasmine   Arabic
Jennifer, Jenifer   Celtic
Jette Jettchen  
Malwine Malchen? Ossianic invention 'Malvina'
Marlies, Marlis    
Monika, Monike, Monica Mona  
Nadja   Slavic
Tanja   'Tatiana'
Viviane   Celtic
Wanda   Slavic
Wendi, Wendie    

Combined Names


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Origin
Hans-Jorg, Hansjoerg    


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Origin
Anneliese, Annelise, Annalisa    
Hannelore Hannele? Hanneli?  
Liselotte Lilo  

Old German Names

These names are often in Latin form as that is how they were recorded by medieval authors. It is unlikely that this would be the spoken form and the '-us' or '-is' endings would probably have been dropped. They are similar to the Frankish names of early medieval France which later became popular with the Normans who brought them to England in the invasion of 1066.


Abelard Adalbert Adalbrecht
Adalfuns Adalhard Adelstan
Adelulf Adso Aganbold
Agid Agin Agino
Aigo Alaricus Albertus
Albgast Albirich Aldo
Alimahus Amalrich Amalricus
Ambrico Ambricus Amo
Ampho Anafrid Andhari
Ansehelm Ansgor Anshelmus
Ansila Ansobert Aranold
Arcavius Archembald Archimbalt
Arenvald Arnald Arnegis
Arnoald Arnoldus Arnwald
Ascalo Ascila Aspuanis
Athalwolf Audegar Audila
Audo Autgar Avila
Azzo Baldavin Baldemarus
Baldewin Bardo Baro
Baso Bazzo Berahthraben
Berhdoldus Berhtolf Berico
Beringaer Beringer Berinhard
Bernardus Bero Beroald
Berthar Bertilo Berwelfus
Bezilo Binizo Bisinus
Blanko Bobo Bodenolf
Bodo Bodolev Bodoloff
Boiorix Bovo Burchard
Burconius Burgundus Burkardus
Carbo Ceubasnus Chacili
Chazili Chlodovech Chlodowig
Chonrad Chretzo Chrezzo
Chustaffus Ciprianus Clarebald
Clarembald Cobbo Cornel
Cristianus Crotila Cuno
Cunradus Dagilo Dailus
Dammo Deigenhardus Didericus
Dimarus Ditmarus Ditwinus
Dolleo Draga Drogo
Dudo Duihna Eberhardus
Eburhart Eckardus Edelstein
Eginolf Eidhart Eigio
Einolfus Embrico Emelricus
Emercho Emicho Emmerich
Endemannus Ercanbald Ermenoldus
Ernolf Ernust Eutha
Everwinus Facco Fadiko
Faramund Fastred Fato
Fersio Fersomeris Filibert
Fizzilo Flaco Flanbert
Folkher Folkmod Franco
Fraomanius Fridebertus Fridebraht
Fridericus Fridurih Frilo
Frithuric Fulco Fullofaudes
Gabo Gadfrid Gaido
Gairbert Gairebold Gairhard
Gairovald Garibald Gastne
Gaufrid Gautbehrt Gautelen
Gautzelin Gauzelen Gauzpert
Gawin Gebahard Gebhard
Gelfradus Gelther Gerbertus
Gerbodo Gerbotho Gerhardus
Gerhart Gerlach Gerlacus
Gernandus Gerulf Gerwald
Gevehard Gigo Gimmo
Giselberdus Gisfrid Gisilbehrt
Gisilbert Giso Glaumunt
Glauperaht Godafried Godehard
Godesmannus Godila Godohelm
Godscalcus Goldkopf Gomeric
Gosbert Gotteschalk Gottschalk
Gotwinus Gotzstaf Grawo
Gundobald Gunnulf Guntard
Gunterus Guntmar Guntramus
Gunzelinus Gusso Hagarih
Hagilo Haimirich Haimo
Halo Hanno Hano
Hapertus Haribehrt Hariberct
Hariman Harimann Hariwald
Harpernus Hartmannus Hartmudus
Heidolfus Heimerich Heinricus
Helfricus Helgaud Helmhart
Heribehrt Herilo Herman
Hermannus Herminafrid Hertwicus
Hetzkinus Hildeberht Hildebrandus
Hildegaud Hildibrand Hiruz
Hluodohari Hluodowig Hnaufridus
Holo Hraban Hremfing
Hroch Hrodebert Hrodgar
Hrodger Hrodo Hrodric
Hrodrich Hrodulf Hrotmar
Hrudolf Hruodiger Hruodland
Hruodpehrt Hugi Hugo
Hugubehrt Hugubert Hunberct
Hunfrid Huolo Hupertus
Hurmio Isenbard Iso
Ivvanus Jofridus Johannes
Joppo Jordanes Judbert
Judo Kacili Kuonrat
Laico Lallo Landebert
Landico Lando Landoberct
Lanzo Launobaudus Launus
Lentfridus Leonhard Leudbald
Lewenhart Liukardis Liutbalt
Ludewicus Ludoldus Luitfridus
Luitgarde Luitpold Lvfridus
Madulnus Magahard Maganhard
Maginfred Maginrad Malbert
Malger Mallobaudes Malo
Mangod Manifred Mansuetus
Mantio Manzio Maricho
Maricus Marquardus Maso
Masso Matto Maus
Mazo Mazzi Meffridus
Meinfridus Meingotus Mello
Mengotus Merobaudes Mezzi
Milo Muato Mundo
Munifrid Munio Munizo
Nadilo Nagal Neozzo
Nibelungus Nidungus Niuzilo
Nordemann Oggod Ortolfus
Ortwinus Otho Pizzo
Poppa Quito Radulf
Raffo Rafold Raganald
Raganfrid Raganhard Raganher
Raginhart Raginmund Raimer
Rammius Rampo Ratilo
Rautio Reinboldus Richart
Ricohard Ripertus Riso
Roricus Rubertus Rudegerus
Rudolfus Runo Rusto
Ruthardus Sarilo Sconea
Shilgen Sibertus Sibico
Sibilo Siboldus Sibragtus
Sibratus Sidimund Siegmyrth
Sifridus Sigenandus Sindo
Sito Situli Snaracho
Snarung Snato Snazi
Stallo Starchari Sumar
Sunno Suppo Swikerus
Tadica Tallo Teutobod
Thancharat Thancheri Theodbald
Theodemar Theodericus Theodilacus
Theodoric Theudobald Theutlich
Thieme Thiemmo Thiudorieks
Trafstila Trapsta Trostheri
Trostila Truhtilo Ucco
Ulricus Ulta Unsenis
Vagdvaraestus Varin Vidans
Waibilo Waido Walahfrid
Waldhar Waldhere Waldibert
Waldomar Walhbert Waliko
Waloco Walpurga Wandilo
Warenheri Warinhari Wazo
Wecelo Weidheri Weila
Welp Welpo Wercha
Wercrata Werdo Wernerus
Wezilo Wibil Widargelt
Widigast Wido Widogast
Widradus Wigandus Wigo
Wikerus Wilhelmus Willahelm
Willamar Willehelm Winebaud
Winicho Wintar Wintherus
Wintri Withari Withekindus
Wocco Woco Wolkan
Wortwinus Wracwulf Wultgar
Wunnihad Wurm Zinzo


Ada Adala Adalberta
Adalheid Adalheidis Adalind
Adalindis Adallindis Adalmut
Adalrada Adaltrutis Adaluuidis
Adalwara Adalwif Adda
Addela Adela Adelaidis
Adelheidis Adeltrudis Adhela
Adila Adwala Aebbe
Agentrudis Agglethrudis Albelenda
Alberad Alberadis Albrad
Albrade Albruga Alburch
Alburg Alda Aldguda
Aldgudana Aldruth Aleidis
Alfgarda Alfild Alflent
Alia Alverat Alvered
Amalberga Amalberta Amalbirga
Amalfriede Amalgunde Amoltrud
Amulberga Anselda Ansitruda
Anstruda Aschilt Athala
Athela Aua Auacyn
Auekin Auin Auina
Auriana* Aurildis Austrechildis
Ava Avacyn Avekin
Avelina Aveza Avin
Ayla Baltelda Balthechildis
Balthildis Bauin Bava
Bavacin Bavin Bechte
Belegardis Berehta Bergard
Bergundis Berhta Beriungis
Berna Bernewief Bernewif
Berta Bertaida Berthildis
Berthlenda Bertildis Bertliana
Bertrada Bertruda Bertswinda
Betlindis Bettin Binhildis
Blitekin Boltiarda Bova
Boviardis Bytzel Childebertana
Chlotichhilda Chunegundis Cilia*
Clodauuiua Clotrada Conegont
Conegundis Conegunt Constantia
Contzel Crapahildis Cristehildis
Cristemburga Cristemia Cristyne
Cunegund Cunegundis Dadin
Dagarada Danburga Demuth
Dilli Dillo Doda
Dodda Duda Eberhild
Ebertana Eburhild Eburhilt
Edeberga Edeborg Edila
Ega Egecin Egeluuara
Egesburga Egesloga Ehgelhild
Ehgeluuara Elftrudis Else
Elsebeth Emecin Emeludt
Emma Engelgard Engelsuit
Engeluuara Engelwara Enna
Erchembrog Eremburgis Ereprad
Erkembrog Erkenbrog Erkenburoc
Erkenrad Ermandrud Ermecin
Ermegardis Ermengarda Ermengardis
Ermentrudis Ermeswindis Ermina
Erpsuid Errictruda Ethelchif
Ethelgard Ethelgarda Eue
Euerloga Eurildis Eurohildis
Everelda Evereldis Evfemia
Farahilda Flouerana* Folclind
Folclinda Folcrada Folcuuara
Folgarda Folsuindis Folsuuendis
Fordola Fortlifh Frauuara
Fredeburgis Fredegonde Frederada
Fredeuuara Frethegard Frethesuinda
Frethesuindis Fridegundis Fridesuenda
Fridewiga Frisburgis Frithelinda
Frouuin Frouuina Fye
Gailan Gailana Geila
Gelduuara Gele Geneva*
Gerberga Gerburg Geredrudis
Geretrudis Gerharde Gerhild
Gerlent Gerlinda Gersenda
Gersuenda Gersuinda Gertruda
Gertrudis Geruuara Geua
Geva Gisela Gisila
Gisla Glismodis Godalinda
Godeca Godecin Godelda
Godelinda Godildis Goduuara
Gothuuera Grede Gredechin
Grimuuara Grishild Guda
Gude Gundichild Gundrada
Guodhelda Guodlia Gyel
Gyszel Hadaken Hadewidis
Harwara Hazeca Hedewigis
Heidindrudis Heilewif Heilswinda
Heldeburga Heletradana Heleuuidis
Helewidis Helinda Heltrada
Hengelsenda Herden Herdin
Herenborg Herenfrida Herlindis
Herlinda Hermana Hermengarda
Hette Hildberta Hildborg
Hildcardis Hildeberga Hildeburg
Hildeburgis Hildegard Hildegardis
Hildelana Hildemunda Hildeswindis
Hildeuuara Hildeuuif Hildewara
Hildewif Hildrada Hildwara
Hiltrude Hirmenlind Hostaruuara
Hruodgarda Hruotberta Ida
Idasgarda Ideslef Idesuuif
Ideswif Idisiardis Imicina
Imma Ingela Ingelswindis
Ingeluuara Ingelwara Iodberta
Iolitha* Irmele Irmengard
Irmenhild Irmenlind Isa
Isburch Isold Judda
Kordel Kordula Kungund
Landburuga Landgarda Landrada
Lanthildis Lantuuara Lavena
Lavina Lebdrudis Leddinga
Leuekin Leuuich Liaueld
Lidiardis Liedrada Liefhun
Lieftet Liepmayt Lietgarda
Lietgardis Lietuuif Lieuuara
Lifgarda Linda Lindi
Liodburga Liodgard Liodrada
Litburh Litgardis Litiardis
Lucardis Lugardis Lype
Lyse Machtildis Madelrada
Madhalberta Magthildis Magtildis
Mahthild Mahthildis Malasintha
Malasuintha Margarete Markuuara
Mathildis Mauriana* Meckil
Megenberta Megendrod Megenhelda
Megenlind Megenlioba Megensind
Megensinda Megenuuara Meinburg
Meinnelda Meinsent Meinswindis
Menborch Methdin Methild
Methildis Minna Murina*
Nidlebis Niesenn Nordrada
Oda Odala Odburga
Odela Odgiva Odguda
Odgudana Odila Odilia
Odlenda Odriana* Olburgis
Olga Orieldis Osgarda
Osgiua Otberta Otgiua
Otgiva Otilia Oydela
Pharahildis Radagundis Radborg
Radburg Radburgis Radegund
Radeken Radgert Radlia
Radsuinda Rainilda Rainildis
Ramburga Regana Regenburuga
Regenelda Regenlind Regenset
Reginsuint Regneuuig Reinewif
Reingard Reingardis Reingart
Reingaud Reingod Reinhedis
Reinsuent Relindis Renburgis
Rennewief Riberta Richelda
Richildis Riclindis Ricsuinda
Rikildis Rinelt Rinilda
Rodburga Rodgarda Rodgardae
Rofsind Rosamunda Roslindis
Roswitha Rotburga Rothin
Rotlenda Seburg Seburga
Siborch Siburg Sigarda
Sigberta Sigeberta Sigeburgis
Sigethrod Sigiburgis Snelburch
Stenburch Stilleuuara Strilleburg
Suitburgis Syardis Syele
Teudsindis Thancuuara Theaduuara
Thedela Theodelinda Thidela
Thieda Thietgarda Thietuuich
Thietwara Thiodsind Thiodsuinda
Thiutuuara Thrasborg Thrudberga
Ticekin Tietlenda Tietza
Trhutborgana Trudlinde Trutilda
Ualdburg Ualdethruda Uda
Ueremund Uerenburoc Uiburgis
Uindborog Uinebarga Uireda
Ulgarda Uoldolberta Veleda
Vrowecin Vualdberta Vualdedruda
Vualdetruda Vuifken Vuinetberta
Vuiuechin Waldburg Warehild
Wavin Wiblind Wiburgis
Wifhildis Wihted Wilberga
Wilgeva Willelda Willesuindis
Wivecin Wivin Wlbergis
Wlbgis Wlfildis Wlgert

Thincsus - a god like Mars

Ancient Hungary



German Surnames

Modern Germans follow the same system as Britain, with one or more given names followed by an inherited family name. In pre-Roman times the system was similar to most early societies - one personal name only with perhaps a nickname for easier identification. Upper class families often precede their surnames with 'von' or 'zu' or even both but these prefixes also indicate places of origin. Gustave Aschenbach of Thomas Mann's 'Death In Venice' becomes Gustave von Aschenbach when he is enobled.

Abse Abt Ackermann
Adelung Adenauer Adler
Ahlmann Aigner Albers
Albertz Alhmann Allbach
Altaner Althusser Altmann
Alzen Amlinger Amstadter
Anger Angerhausen Angermann
Angermeier Angrenny Anhauser
Anschitz Apel Apenzeller
Arendt Arentz Argelander
Argerich Arlt Armborst
Arndt Arnim Arnold
Arrau Artz Aschenbach
Auch Auerbach Ausborn
Austerlitz Axmann BØ ellman
BØ sendorfer Bò tow Baal
Baatz Babbel Babel
Bachert Bachman Bacht
Bachus Backstadt Backstedt
Baeker Bagula Bahnsen
Baier Baigelman Balck
Baltz Balzer Bambach
Barkai Barna Barth
Bartolf Basler Bastnagel
Batte Bauchennss Baudendistel
Bauer Bäumer Baumgaertel
Baumgart Baumschlager Baune
Baur Bayerl Bayerlein
Bayt Bechmann Bechstein
Beck Becker Bedurftig?
Beer Beerbaum Begerow
Behle Behner Behrendt
Behringer Beimler Bek
Benscheidt Bentele Benz
Berens Bergen Berger
Berghahn Bermont Berneker
Bernhoffer Bernstein Berthold
Besse Bethmann Betker?
Betsch Beyer Bezzenberg
Biebow Biele Bielenberg
Bielenstein Bierhoff Bihlmeyer
Binder Binus Birnbaum
Bischoff Bischoffshausen Bittenbinder
Bittinger Bittner Blò mel
Blassneck Bleeker Blenker
Bloch Block Bloeckner
Blum Blume Bock
Bockhold Bode Boden
Bodenheimer Boderode Boerth
Bogen Bohland Bohlen
Bohm Bohman Böhmer
Bohringer Boller Bolm
Bonner Borgeling Bormann
Bosler Bosse Brò ggen
Brò nnow Braasch Bracher
Brack Brackmann Brandl
Braun Brauner Braunsberger
Braunsteiner Brecht Bregar
Brehmer Brehn Breinlich
Breitling Breitmayer Brem
Brendel Brenden Brenner
Brennicke Breu Breuer
Brink Brockhaus Brott
Bruch Brück Bruckner
Brugger Brugmann Bruhne
Brunner Bruns Bucer
Buchalter Buchert Buchholz
Buchner Bucholtz Buder
Buettner Bugge Buhle
Buhler Bunge Burchard
Burgdorf Burghardt Burgsmuller
Burmann Burnstein Busald
Busch Buschmann Busemann
Buser Buss Büttner
Cananis Cerfas Christ
Cimerman Cimmerman Classen
Cresp Creuzfeldt Cullmann
Cunk? Czudaj? DØ hring
Dahrendorf Damaske Dankers
Dapper Daschke Dautzenberg
Dautzenburg Deardorff Decker
Dehmel Dehmer Denhardt
Denk Dernesch Derr
Deschu Deutscher Diebus
Dieckmann Dieing Diesel
Dieskau Dieterle Dietsch
Dietz Dietzsch Diffenderffer
Dill Dillhoff Dimaske?
Dindorf Disl Dittmar
Dittrich Doepker Döhl
Dolder Dolmetsch Dombrecht
Donis Dopfer Dorn
Dornacher Dostthaller Draeger
Dreekmann Dreher Dreifelds
Drescher Dreschler Drexel
Drum Duba Duhr
Dümmler Durkheim Durlacher
Dziomba? Ebner Eckener
Eckert Eckholdt Eckstein
Edelman Edelmann Edvrch
Egerman Eggen Ehle
Ehlers Ehlinger Ehmsperger
Ehrenburg Ehrnsperger Eich
Eichendorf Eichhorn Eichmann
Eick Eifert Eilts
Einbund Einsidel Einstein
Eirich Eler Elsesser
Emrich Endress Endresz
Engel Engemann Engl
Ensslin Eppstein Erdei
Erdmann Ereiwitz Erhardt
Erhart Erk Erlang
Erndt Ernst Ersler
Ertl Esch Eschenbach
Escz Essig Esterl
Ettenhoffer Ettinger Ettingshausen
Ettmuller Eubel Ewen
Ewig Fabel Falck
Fallmerayer Farbman Farmand?
Fasch Fass Fassbaender
Fassbinder Faulhaber Fauner
Faust Faustmann Fehrenbacher
Feimer Feinblatt Feistkorn
Feiter Feitz Felder
Feldhahn Felke Feller
Fendler Fenner Fernau
Ferschtman Fersten Fetscher
Fette Feynman Fichte
Fichter Fillinger Finkbiner
Fischer Fischhauer Fischler
Fissler Flegmann Flesch
Flicke Fliegle Fliehman
Foch Foerster Fogel
FrØ be FrØ hnel FrØ hnes
Fraenckel Franke Frankenheimer
Frankenstein Frankl Frauenfelder
Freigang Frenkiel Frenzel
Freude Freund Fried
Friedberg Friedeck Friedek
Friedel Friedensburg Friedlander
Friedmann Frielinghaus Fries
Friesinger Fritsch Fritsche
Froberger Froebel Froehucher
Fromme Frommel Fruehwirt
Fruhwirth Fuchs Funck
Funk Funke Gò daschke
Gò ttler Gaebler Gan
Garbrecht Gardemeister Gastenveld
Gaubatz Geglein Gehrig
Geiberger Geier Geilinger
Geisheimer Geiss Gellhaus
Gephart Gerasch Gerbeck
Gerber Gereke Gerg
Gerhard Gerhardt Gerold
Gerstaecker Gesell Geserer
Gespeck Gessler Geswein
Gette Gettelfinger Gibsch
Gier Gietl Gillich
Gimelstob Gisler Gislinge
Glaber Gladisch Glaise
Glass Glauber Gleber
Gleitsch Glotz Gnass
Göbelbecker Goebel Goehler
Goehr Goellner Goermer
Goethe Goettinger Goetz
Goetzer Gogele Gögler
Göhler Gohmann Goldenberger
Goller Göller Goltz
Gorz Goslar Gott
Gottlieb Grò ndgrens Graf
Gramm Graupnar Grbech
Greiner Greiser Griem
Gries Grieshop Grill
Grillmeier Grimme Grisar
Grob Grobler Groebe
Groezinger Grogloth Gross
Grossman Grotefend Gruber
Grueter Grumach Grumel
Grundherr Grundmann Grupa
Gruppe Gudereit Guendler
Guenthner Guggenberger Gugler
Guldenschuh Gulp Gunsche
Günter Gunther Guschlbauer
Gutensohn Guth Gutman
Gutsche Guttfreund Hò bsch
HØ gel Haar Haas
Habe Haberfeld Haberlands
Habermas Hackl Haertel
Haessler Haeusl Haeusler
Hafonstaangel Hagel Hagelauer
Hagen Hagenlocher Hagner
Hahn Hahne Hahnel
Halder Haller Halmer
Hals Haltzel Hamann
Hambitzer Hammerich Hammerle
Hammerstein Hammes Hampe
Hampel Hanfman Hannawald
Hansmeier Hapsberg Harnock
Hartinger Hartl Hartleben
Hartlieb Hartwig Hartz
Hartzer Haschke Haselrieder
Haslinger Hasseroeder Hassler
Hauch Haug Hauser
Haussmann Haverfldt Hax
Hazelzet Hecht Heck
Heckmair Heffner Hegel
Heger Heiden Heidenfelder
Heidingsfelder Heidloff Heidt
Heigel Heil Heimer
Heimpel Heindel Heine
Heineman Heinemann Heinen
Heinkel Heinrich Heins
Heinzel Heldt Helfenbein
Helfkin Helfrich Helfter
Helgenberger Hellekant Hellen
Hellfritzsch Hellinger Hellmann
Hellmich Helmer Helmerichs
Helwich Hempel Hengst
Hengstenberg Henkel Henschel
Hense Hentsch Heofle
Herber Herberhold Herberich
Herbst Herde Herder
Herdfeld Hergenröther Herhard
Herold Herzfeld Herzl
Herzog Hess Hesse
Hessler Hester Heu
Heumann Heusinveld Heusler
Heymann Heynemann Hicke
Hiebl Hiebsch Hieke
Hiemer Hier Hieronymus
Hietsch Hilgarth Himmler
Hinetze Hintermeier Hintz
Hinz Hipp Hipper
Hirsch Hirschauer Hirschfeld
Hirtreiter Hitzfeld Hoch
Hochlat Hoebig Hoechst
Hoefling Hoern Hoetker
Hofer Hoffmann Hofmeihr
Hofstater Hogler Hohenleutner
Höhne Hollinger Hollmann
Hollweg Holthausen Holtzmann
Holz Holzhauser Homeier
Hooss Hopfer Höpken
Hoppe Horas Horn
Houtmacker Huber
Hubner Hübsch Hugel
Huke Humbert Hümmel
Hunkoos Hunsberger Huntziger
Hupetcoff Hupetri Huporkorny
Hurtgen Husmann Husserl
Hutflötz Huthwohl Huwiter
Idesheim Ilgner Imelmann
Immelman Inken Isecke
Isekenmeier Isekenmeir J¬ ger
Jaeke Jaekle Jahnet
Jakobs Jancke Jancker
Janz Jedin Jerratsch
Jesser Joachimsthaler Jost
Jotten Jülicher Jungh¬ nel
Kò chle KØ hlund Kò hn
KØ rner Kaempfer Kahl
Kahn Kaiser Kalkbrenner
Kallabis Kallenbach Kallenberger
Kallisch Kammerling Kandarr
Kani Kapitan Kapp
Kappmeyer Karbacher Karge
Kasler Kastner Kegel
Kehler Kehr Keifer
Keitel Kelleners Keller
Kemle Kemner Kemper
Kempf Kenter Kerndl
Kessing Kessler Kestelmann
Kettenacker Kezer Khelsch
Kiefer Kielgass Kiemle
Kiemlen Kiemlin Kiep
Kierkegaard Kihlstedt Kimmel
Kinkel Kirch Kirchbach
Kirchenbauer Kircher Kirchheim
Kirchhoff Kirsch Kirschner
Kirschofer Kirshbaum Kirsten
Kisslinger Klaeber Klah
Klais Klauber Klauschen
Klazens Klebel Kleber
Klee Kleiber Kleiman
Klein Kleinendorst Kleinert
Kleinpaul Kleinschmidt Kleitsch
Klemert Klewitz Klimmer
Klinck Klingberg Klinger
Klinsmann Klohse Klöpsch
Klosel Klosner Klostermann
Klozbücher Klug Kluge
Knippel Knipper Knippschild
Knittle Knoll Knueven
Ko Kobs Koch
Kochta Koehl Koehler
Koehneman Koelmel Koesters
Kohler Kohlmann Kohlruss
Kohlsaat Kohn Köhncke
Kohning Kolb Kolf
Koller Konrad Kopke
Koppen Korff Korner
Kost Köster Kostner
Kota Kowarsch Kraatz
Krabbe Krafstein Krahmer
Krall Kramer Kraus
Krause Kraushaar Krausse
Krauthammer Krautheimer Krebs
Krech Krehbiel Kreissig
Krenckel Kresch Kreuger
Kreutzer Kreutzwald Kriebl
Krin Kroeger Krohn
Kroner Krueckel Krug
Krugman Krull Krumel
Krumholtz Krummenacher Kruppa
Kruyer Kubel Kuegler
Kuehn Kuehne Kuerten
Kühnemund Kuhnt Kuijken
Kulhberg Kumbernuss Kümblin
Kümlin Kuntz Kunz
Kupkat Kuszmann Lackenbach
Lackner Lacksz Lahr
Lambeck Lambrecht Lammesfelder
Lamper Lampl Landauer
Landgut Landler Landwerlen
Lanerd Lang Langen
Langenkamp Lankes Lassen
Laszmann Lau Lauchart
Lauterback Lector Ledermann
Leese Leffler Lehman
Lehmann Lehner Lehnich
Lehr Leib Leibbrandt
Leibenguth Leiber Leidholdt
Leimann Leitenberger Leitinger
Leitner Lengnisch Lenz
Lessing Letzetter Lickliter?
Liebenthal Lieber Liebermann
Liekmar Lietzke Linden
Lindenmaier Linder Lindulf
Linesch Linge Lingeman
Lingen Lingens Linneberg
Linster Lippelt Lippold
Littman Litzmann Ljankes
Lobinger Lobsien Lobstein
Loef Loeffelmann Loffler
Loheit Lohmann Lohmer
Lohmeyer Lohner Lohse
Lopper Lorenz Lorre
Loth Löwe Loy
Lubitsch Ludeker Ludeman
Ludendorff Ludentz Lugar
Luhrman Lung Lurhmann
Lustgarten Lüz Mò hlbach
Maazel? Maczey? Madler
Maehl Magel Mahlenkamp
Mahler Mahlke Maichel
Maier Mair Maj
Majer Majerhoffer Makk
Mallenbrandt Malz Mann
Manstein Manzenberger Marunde
Maske Massuthe Mast
Masur Mathes Mattern
Matzenkopf Mauelshagen Maurer
Mauser Medtner Meerapfels
Meidl Meier Meimberg
Meinecke Meise Meisner
Meiss Meissen Meissner
Meistreich Mellenthin Mendel
Mendelsohn Mengele Merk
Merkel Merklein Merkler
Merschdorf Merstorff Meser
Messerschmidt Messmer Metelman
Metterling Metting Mettler
Metz Metzler Meunecker
Meurer Meyer Meyerbeer
Michels Miedl Mierisch
Milde Millberg Mirbt
Mirwald Misch Mittermayer
Moellendorff Moeller Moelling
Möhler Mohr Mohrhaus
Moller Morgenthau Morlock
Mosbauer Motevassel Mronz
Muehlberg Muehlegg Mueller
Muessig Mühle Mulch
Mullenhoff Muller Munchow
Münster Munz Nachbauer
Nadelhoffer Naegeli Narr
Naumann Nebe Neckel
Nederstatter Neezer? Nerius
Nerlinger Nesselman Nessler
Neubert Neumann Neumayer
Neuss Neustatter Nickel
Nieberg Niedernhuber Niederstatter
Niemann Niemeyer Nienaber
Nimtz Nitschke Nitze
Norling Nussbaum Nyffenegger?
Oberacker Oberhammer Oberhofner
Oberle Oberman Odenthal
Oelsner Oertel Ohrenstiel
Oldekop Olinger Ondruj
Ophoven Oshin Ostendarp
Ostendorp Osterloh Ottke
Overresch Pajonk Pakula?
Palen Pallenberg Paschke
Patzwahl Pechsteinn Peiser
Peissel Pepke Perathoner
Perls Pesch Pesseingimpel
Peterhansel Pfaff Pfaller
Pfeiffauf Pfeiffer Pfeil
Pfeiler Pfister Phiesel
Pichner Piech Piel
Piller Pilsner Pischetrieder
Pistohlkors Plage Plankensteiner
Platz Platzdasch Platzer
Plöchl Pohl Posch
Poschner Potthof Preiss
Presser Pretzsch Priebke
Priemer Prinosil Probst
Prokler Prugger Puetz
Putzer Quebbemann Quint
RØ hl Raab Raeder
Raindl Rainer Rangosch
Ranicki Rantzen Rasch
Rassow Rau Rauch
Rauh Reber Rebholz
Reck Recker Regel
Rehberg Rehn Reich
Reichel Reicher Reichhardt
Reiler Reinelt Reiner
Reinhardt Reinke Reiss
Reize Reizenstein Remmel
Rener Renoth Renzenbrink
Reski Retzner Reusing
Reuter Ribbe Ribhegge
Richter Rickert Riedel
Riederer Riedle Riedman
Riefenstahl Rieff Riege
Rieger Riehl Ries
Rihm Rilla Rippel
Rippner Riske Rith
Ritschel Ritter Rittinger
Robel Rochkes Rockmeier
Rödinger Roerich Roethlisberger
Rohlander Röhm Rohre
Röhricht Rohwer Rollenhagen
Rolnik Rommel Rond
Rosch Roschmann Rosen
Rosenbaum Rosener Rosenfeld
Rositzke Roskopf Rosler
Rosmer Rosner Rossen
Rosskopf Rösslar Rotheberg
Rothfels Rotholz Rotsch
Rottenberger Rotzsch Ruchendorf
Rucker Rüdiger Rueckl
Ruehe Ruff Ruge
Rumpelmeier Rundstedt Runggaldier
Rupp Rupprath Ruschin
Rust Ruth Sachs
Sachse Sack Sackel
Sagebrecht Saggau Salzenstein
Sammer Sandel Sandschulte
Sarrazin Sassmanshausen Sattler
Sattmann Sauer Sauerland
Sawallisch Scacht Sch¬ fer
Sch¬ ffer SchØ nle Schacht
Schachte Schact Schactschneider
Schaecter Schaeffer Schaenzer
Schaffhauser Schams Schantz
Scharping Schaub Schavillie
Schbert Schechter Scheer
Scheffers Scheideler Scheidler
Schell Schellenberg Schelling
Schenck Schenk Schenkel
Schepfel Scherich Scherpenberg
Schied Schiemann Schiff
Schiller Schilling Schillinger
Schimmel Schindelar Schindewolf
Schindler Schinkel Schlarp
Schlauch Schleisher Schlesser
Schliefen Schlieffen Schliemann
Schliessmann Schlneicher Schlomer
Schlöndorff Schlotterbeck Schluep
Schluetter Schmaltz Schmelling
Schmetzer Schmidinger Schmidling
Schmidt Schmitt Schmitz
Schnabel Schneider Schnell
Schnerb Schnicker Schnurre
Schockemohle Schoencher Schoene
Schoettlekotte Schoffel Scholkopf
Scholl Schollenberger Scholze
Schone Schonenberger Schonlebe
Schöpp Schopper Schramm
Schreiner Schriter Schroder
Schroff Schroter Schuch
Schuck Schuerbrock Schulberg
Schuld Schulden Schuler
Schulhauser Schuller Schult
Schulte Schulten Schültz
Schumann Schummer Schuncke
Schuster Schutte Schuttler
Schwacke Schwaiger Schwarz
Schwarzacher Schweisser Schwetschenau
Scragenheim Seelig Segel
Seibel Seiberling Seibold
Seidel Seidelman Seidl
Seiler Seitz Seizinger
Sell Senglin Seppelt
Serkin? Settlemeyer Shaefer
Shrapnel Sieb Siebert
Siebke Siebmacher Siebold
Siedlmayer Sievers Sievert
Silde Simmendinger Singer
Sinner Sippel Sittig
Sittler Slesina Smelser
Smerdel Soergel Sokoll
Somm Sommer Sondheim
Sonn Sonnenberg Sonntag
Sophus Spaneth Spätling
Specht Spee Speker
Spengler Sperl Speth
Spielberg Spindler Spitzer
Spitzy Spon? Sprecher
Sschwendt Staatsrat Stabler
Stadelman Stadler Stahl
Stahlberg Stahlecker Staier
Stamm Stammel Stanfelj
Stangel Stankalla Staubel
Stauber Stauss Stegar
Stehle Steigauf Stein
Steinbauer Steinberg Steinem
Steiner Steinhauser Steinhoffel
Steinschneider Stenger Stenhammar
Stenz Stephan Stepperfellt
Stergar Sternfeld Sternhagen
Stettin Steuer Steur
Stich Stickl Stirnemann
Stiteller Stober Stoffels
Stoffler Stolle Stoltz
Stolz Storp Stortebeker
Stötzer Straub Strauss
Strazzer Strege Strick
Stritter Stroebel Strolin
Strossmayer Strub Strunz
Stuckenschmidt Studer Stuhmiller
Stuhrepenberg Stuiber Stumpfer
Sturmer Sturms Styger
Sundhaussen Switzer Szalai
Szelig Taegert Tammerk
Tampke Tannenbaum Tarkmann
Tarnat Taube Taubernberger
Täubl Taudenrauch Tauler
Tauscher Tebbel Teichmann
Teischer Tellenbach Teller
Terenther Teschendorff Tettelbach
Tettelback Tetzel Teubert
Teubner Thò rmer Thaner
Theile Theiner Theloke
Theusen Thiessen Thode
Thoma Thoms Thon
Thonis Thorner Thost
Thuel Thul Thurneysen
Tiedtke Tieleman Tietmeyer
Tilele Till Timmer
Tintner Tippold Titschinger
Titz Toba Tölle
Tolzmann Topp Toth
Traultmann Trauner Trauttmann
Treppel Trettel Troger
Tschetter Tschopp Tuch
Tuegel Tuttwitz Uhlirz
Uiberall Ule Ullmannn
Umstaedter Unger Unterzuber
Upert Utpadel Van Heune
Veith Vendelin Verst
Videk Vielhaber Vincentz
Vinck Voeller Vogt
Vogts Volker Volkert
Volkmann Vollmer Vollner
Volz Von Ettingshausen Von Freidenreich
Von schroeder Von Stroheim Von Tirpitz
Von Trotha Von Zitzewitz Vorburger
Voss Wachholz Wachtsmuth
Wacker Wackerle Wagner
Wahlberg Waigel Waldenmaier
Wallauer Wallfisch Wallishauser
Wallroth Walma Wander
Wanneck Wappler Wassel
Wassenaer Wasser Wassermann
Wassersug Wassmeir Weber
Wecker Wedding Wegener
Wegl Wehe Weibrecht
Weidner Weigl Weigle
Weiglein Weil Weinbrecht
Weingertner Weinschrott Weinsheimer
Weinstein Weirather Weisbrantz
Weisensteiner Weisflog Weishoff
Weiss Weissensteiner Weisskeit
Weiz Weizmann Weller
Wellisch Welter Wenck
Wendelin Wendlinger Wendorf
Wendt Wenelin Wenger
Wening Wentz Wenz
Wepper Werdman Werner
Wernicke Wert Wessel
Wesselingh Westmann Weygrand
Widmann Wieck Wiedeking
Wiedemann Wiedl Wiegand
Wiens Wiese Wiesenbauer
Wiesenthal Wildhaber Wilhelm
Wille Wilmetz Wimmer
Wimmers Winckelmann Winkelhock
Winschermann Winter Winterhalter
Wirtz Wise Witmeyer
Wittman Wittram Wleber
Wodarg Woerns Woetzel
Wohlgemuth Woile Wolf
Wolfensberger Wolfer Wolfert
Wollenberg Wollheim Wolter
Wooge Worns Wotzel
Wuestenhagen Wuhl Wulker
Wullenweber Wulschner Wunderlich
Wust Yäcklel Yahnel
Zabel Zahn Zech
Zechlin Zehb Zettel
Zetter Zetterberg Zieff
Ziege Zielke Ziesemer
Ziewe Zimmerman Zimmermann
Zipperling Zobel Zoeber
Zoecke Zoeggler Zoeller
Zoepfel Zoepfl Zurbrugg

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