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The Netherlands (Nederland)

Capital : Amsterdam

Drenthe, Flevoland, Friesland, Gelderland, Groningen, Limburg, Noord Brabant, Noord Holland, Zuid Holland, Overijssel, Utrecht, Zeeland

Size: 1600 sq m Popn: 15 178 000


The Low Countries, inhabited by Celts and Germanic peoples, were on the eastern border of Celtic Gaul, the Roman province of Gallia. The land south of the Rhine was brought under Roman rule in 51 BC by Julius Caesar as governor of Gaul. The Frisii and Batavi were within the Empire as part of the province of Germania Inferior from AD 14 but the Saxons to the north of the Rhine remained independent. The Frisians and Saxons were among the Germanic tribes who invaded Britain after the Romans left, many of them settling permanently and establishing new kingdoms.

Both Frisia (784-5) and Saxony (772-804) were eventually incorporated into the Frankish Empire and converted to Christianity. As the Empire was weakened by Viking and Magyar raids, Frisia became divided into Hainault, Brabant and Upper Loraine. Like Saxony, they were part of the Kingdom of Germany after the C10th and remained within the Holy Roman Empire despite French annexation of neighbouring Flanders. Local feudal lords, headed by the Count of Holland and the Bishop of Utrecht, were almost independent although they owed allegiance to the HRE. In the late C14th and early C15th, the Dukes of Burgundy built up a chain of territories which included the 17 separate provinces of the Low Countries, some of the richest lands in Europe, but the defeat of Charles the Bold prevented further expansion. His daughter and heiress, Mary, married Maximilian of Austria and all the Netherlands were in Habsburg hands by 1543, forming part of their grandson Charles V's huge hegemony.

In 1566, 1572 and 1576, the Dutch rebelled against the central government of Philip II in Spain which they feared was destroying their traditional liberties. They were led by William the Silent and his sons Maurice and Frederick Henry. The seven northern provinces were united as the Northern Provinces by the Union of Utrecht in 1579 and armed opposition continued until 1609, forcing Spain to recognise them as independent as the Dutch Republic under the Treaty of Westphalia. The remaining area to the west, now Belgium and Luxembourg, was reconquered by Spain and was known as the Spanish Netherlands. In the Republic, there was long struggle between the Orangist or popular party under the Prince of Orange, as chief magistrate or stadholder, and the oligarchal or states' rights party which seized control under Johann de Witt in 1650. William of Orange (III of England) regained the position of stadtholder with the French invasion of 1672.

France and England had already weakened the country through commercial competition and attacked the country during the C17th. The Dutch Republic or United Netherlands remained independent but some of the Spanish Netherlands was lost to France in the late C17th. Despite the wars, the Dutch managed to be a world power in trade, art and science and to found an empire in the East and West Indies. In the early C18th, the Netherlands were exhausted by wars with French under Louis XIV and the country welcomed the revolutionary army in 1795. Under Napoleon, the whole area was briefly under direct rule from Paris with the title of 'King of Holland' being given to his brother, Louis, replacing the 'satellite state' of the Batavian Republic.

The Congress of Vienna united the north and south Netherlands but the south broke away in 1830 to become independent Belgium. The Dutch colonial Empire established in the C19th included Dutch Guiana in South America and much of Indonesia. Many Dutch settlers went to South Africa where their language, Afrikaans, is still very similar to Dutch. Until the Second World War, the Netherlands pursued a strictly neutral policy but after occupation by Germany in 1940-5, it began to co-operate with its neighbours, joining the Western European Union, NATO, the Benelux Customs Union, the European Coal and Steel Community, the European Atomic Energy Community and the EEC.

There was increased immigration and unemployment after the granting of independence to former colonies (Indonesia 1949, adding W New Guinea 1963, Surinam 1975). All governments have been coalitions since 1945 and the parties' main differences concern economic policies. The monarchy continued with the three Queens, Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix, who have established a tradition of abdicating in favour of their successor in order to enjoy retirement. In 1989, the Christian Democrats under Ruud Lubbers won most seats and formed a coalition with the leftist Labour Party.

Rulers of the Netherlands


Name Reign Family Spouse
Dietrich II 985-8    
Arnulf the Great 988-1004    
Florence V -1296    
John I 1296-9 + Zeeland    
John of Avesnes 1299 uncle of John I  
William IV -1345 + Hainault    
Margaret 1345- sister of William IV Lewis the Bavarian HRE


Name Reign Family Spouse
William the Silent -1584 Prince of Orange

Count of Nassau

William II -1650   Mary, daughter of Charles I of England
William (III Eng) 1650-1702 son of William II Mary, daughter of James II of England
William V c 1786    


Name Reign Family Spouse
William I -1840 abd.    
William II 1840-9 son of William I  
William III     Emma
Wilhelmina 1890-1948 abd. daughter of William III  
Juliana 1948-80 abd. daughter of Wilhelmina Bernhard Lippe-Beisterfeld
Beatrix 1980- daughter of Juliana  

Dutch Names

Dutch names are also common in former colonies such as Surinam and South Africa. They are often similar to Low German names from northern Germany and pet forms are very common. The Flemish speakers of Belgium also use a similar stock. The letters j, y, and i are virtually interchangeable.

Naming Patterns

Children were often named after members of the family.

Eldest son Paternal grandfather or mother's 1st husband if she was widowed
Second son Maternal grandfather - eldest son if more important socially or dead
Eldest daughter Paternal grandmother
Second daughter Maternal grandmother


For male names, these are just a shortened form of the original name. Endings such as -je, -tje, -ie, -ke are also added. They are commonly used for children or to differentiate between a father and son with the same first name (the father might be 'Jan' and the son 'Jantje').

Common feminine endings are -the, -ke, and -ken. For girls, the usual diminutive suffixes -je and -tje (pronounced 'ch') are often used for the given name if the girl is being named after someone and are also used to create a feminine form of a masculine name, especially in Friesland. For example, the male name 'Hendrik' (Henry) has the shortened form 'Henk' and the feminine forms 'Hendrikje' and 'Hendrickje'.

Dutch Names of Germanic Origin


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Meaning
Arnold, Arnoldus, Arnout Arend, Arent, Ard  
Barthold, Berthold Bartol  
Bert, Burt, Bertus    
Boudewyn, Boudewijn   Baldwin
Boye   OG Bodo messenger/tidings
Derrick, Diederik Dirck, Dirk, Tiede Theodoric/Derek
Edmond   Edmund
Eduwart Evert Edward
Ernst   Ernest
Faas   OG Fastred
Frederik, Frerik Freek Frederick
Geeraard, Geerard, Geerd, Geert, Gert   Gerard
Gerolt   Gerald
Gervaas   Gervase
Godlef   'god + love'
Godfried, Godrie   Godfrey
Gustaaf Guus, Staaf Gustav
Gysbert, Gyslbert   Gilbert
Harbert, Harbrecht, Herbert    
Harman, Harmannes, Harmannus, Herman, Hermannus    
Hendrick, Hendrik, Henrick Henk, Henni, Harrie Henry
Hild, Hildo   OG 'battle'
Hubertus, Hubrecht Huub, Huib Hubert
Hugo   Hugh
Humfried   Humphrey
Karel, Carel, Kerel   Charles
Koenrad Kort, Koen Conrad
Lammert   OG 'land + bright' (Lambert)
Lieb, Lieve, Lieven   'love'
Lodewijk, Lodewyk Loes Louis/Ludovic
Ludger   'people spear'
Richard, Rykaard    
Rodolf, Rudolf Roel, Roelf, Roelof, Ruud  
Tiebout   Theobald
Vaast   Lat 'Vedastus' from OG Widogast
Veit   OG widu wood or wit wide (Guy)
Waldemar, Woldemar    
Werner Wessel  
Wilhelmus, Willem, Guillim Wilm, Wim William
Wouter, Wolter Wout, Weit Walter


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Meaning
Adelheid, Aleida, Aleydis, Aletta Aalt, Aaltje, Adda, Elke, Heide, Leida Adelaide
Aefje, Eefje   Elfreda

amal 'work/labour'

Bloeme   'flower'
Dirkje   Fem of Dirk
Emmetje   Emma
Femke, Femme, Femmeke, Femmetje    
Frieda   Freda
Gerda   ON goddess Gerd (gardr 'enclosure')
Geertruda, Geertruida, Geertruyd, Gertrude, Gertruida Geerta, Geertje, Geertke, Giertje  
Gisela Geesje Fr. Giselle 'pledge'
Griseldis, Grishilda   Griselda
Hendrickje, Hendrika, Hendrike, Hendrikje, Henriet Hennie, Rika Henrietta
Hild, Hilda    
Hillegonda, Hillegont    
Karlotte Lotje, Lotte Charlotte
Kunigonde, Cunegonde   OG 'brave + strife'
Ludovica   Fem of Ludovic
Machtel, Mechtilde Metje, Mette Matilda
Roosje   OG hros 'horse' (Rose)
Saskia   sachs a Saxon
Trui, Truida, Truytje    
Veerle   OG Farahilda 'travel + battle'
Wibe, Wibeke   OG 'war + fortress'
Wilhelmina, Willempje Myntje Williamina
Ydje   Ida

Dutch Names of Biblical Origin


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Meaning
Abraham Bram Abraham
Adam Daam Adam
Andre, Andries Dries Andrew
Balthazar Balt, Baltus  
Bartholomeus, Bartolomeus Bart, Bartel, Meus, Meese Mewis Bartholomew
Caspar, Kasper   Caspar/Jasper
Christiaan, Kristiaan   Christian
Christoffel Stoffel Christopher
Daniel Daan Daniel
Jacob, Jacobus, Jakob, Jakobus, Jokob Kobie, Kobus, Cobus, Coos, Jacco, Jakko, Jaap Jacob/James
Jochem, Jochen   Joachim
Johannes, Johannus, Joannus, Johan Jan, Jannie, Joop, Hannes, Hannus, Hans, Hansie John
Jordaan Joord Jordan
Josef Joop, Jos Joseph
Jozua   Joshua
Lucas, Lukas   Luke
Mark, Marko, Marcus, Merkus   Mark
Matthijs, Matthys, Mathias, Mattias Thijs, Thys, Tice, Tijs Matthew
Paul, Paulus, Powles   Paul
Peter, Petrus, Pieter Piet Peter
Ruben   Reuben
Siemen   Simon
Steven   Stephen/Steven
Thomas Maas Thomas


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Meaning
Anna, Anne Annaatje, Annatje, Annet, Annetje, Anneke, Anneken, Anouk, Antie, Antje, Antye Anne
Christyntje   Christina
Elizabeth, Lysbet Betje, Elsje, Lysje, Lisa Elizabeth
Estie, Hestie, Hestrie   Esther
Eva   Eve
Jacaomyntje, Jacomina, Jacomyntje, Jacquemine Jaapje Fem of Jacob/James
Joane, Joanna, Johanna, Johanne Hanna, Hanneke, Hannie, Hansje, Janna, Janneken, Jannetje, Jannie, Janny, Jantje Joanna/Jane
Josina Josyntje Fem of Joseph
Judith Jutka, Jutte, Juut Judith
Magdalena, Marjolijn, Madelon Magda, Lena Magdalene
Maria Marieke, Marietje, Marijse, Mariken, Maaicke, Mieke, Miep Mary
Paulyntje   Pauline
Sara Saar, Saartje Sarah
Suzanne   Susan

Dutch Names of Greek Origin


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Meaning
Alexander Sander  
Dary   Persian 'Darius'
Deneys, Dennis, Denys, Dionijs Nijs, Nys  
Erasmus Rassie  
Filip, Filips, Philip    
Gillis, Gellis, Jillis   Giles (Lat Aegidius from Gk Aigidios agidion kid/goat)
Ireneus   Lat Irenaeus from Gk Eirenaios
Jeronymus, Jeroen   Jerome
Joris, Joren, Jurg, Goris   George
Nikolaas, Nicolaes, Niekolaas Klaas, Claes, Nico, Niek Nicholas
Theodorus, Theodoor Thedo Theodore


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Meaning
Agatha Aaghie  
Agnes Agnietje  
Ariaantje   Ariadne
Barber   Barbara
Corien   Corinna
Dorothea Doortje Dorothy
Engeltje   Angela
Heleen, Heleentje, Helena, Leonora Lena, Lene, Lenneke, Leentje, Liene Lientje Helen
Irena   Irene
Katrien, Katrijn, Katryne, Karin, Catharina , Catalyntie Katrijnje, Katryntje, Kaartje, Kaatje, Trijntje, Trintje, Tryntje Katherine
Klaasje, Klasyne, Claasje, Clasina   Fem of Nicholas
Koris   Choris
Margreet, Margretha, Margriet, Margrietje, Margritje Greet, Gret, Griet, Grietje, Greetje, Gretje, Margje, Margo, Marit, Marita, Maritje, Marritje, Marytje, Margaret
Pheabea   Phoebe
Sandra   Alexandra
Sofia, Sofie, Sophia Sonja (Rus) Sophie
Steentje, Styntje   Stephanie

Dutch Names of Latin Origin


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Meaning
Adriaan   Adrian
Anthonius, Anton, Antonis, Antonus, Antoon Theunis, Teun, Teunis, Ton, Toni, Tonnis, Toon Anthony
Benedikt Benk, Benno Benedict
Clemens   Clement
Constand   Constantine
Cornelis, Cornelius Cor, Kees, Cees, Niels, Nelis  
Feel   Felix
Florensz, Floris   Lat Florentius
Frans, Ferrins   Francis
Horats   Horace
Ignaas Naas Ignatius
Joost, Joos   Lat Justus or Bret Jodocus
Laurens   Laurence
Mannes, Mannus   Magnus
Marcel   Marcellus
Martijn, Marthinus, Matijn, Mertijn, Maarten Mart Martin
Maurits   Maurice
Max-Emilian   Maximilian
Patrick, Petric    
Rinus Rintje Marinus
Sebastiaan Bastiaan, Bas Sebastian
Servaas   Lat Servatius 'saved, redeemed'
Valentijn   Valentine


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Meaning
Adriaantje, Hadriana Adri Adriana
Anthonia Teuntje, Toontje Antonia
Benedikta   Benedicta
Bianca   Blanche
Cornelia Cokkie, Nelleke, Corrie Kee Neeltje, Neeltge  
Floortje   Flora
Francyte, Francytje, Franscyntje, Fransien, Fransientje, Fransisca, Fransiska, Fransje Siska Frances
Gratia   Lat 'grace'
Klara Klaartje Clare
Martiena, Martyntje   Martina
Nora Noortje From 'Honora'

Dutch Names of Various Origins

Many of these seem to be diminutives but I haven't worked out which given names they belong to yet.


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Meaning
Arie, Arien, Arjen    
Japic, Japie    
Juriaen, Jurian    
Killiaen   Irish 'Killian'
Riaan, Riian    


Given Name and Variants Diminutives Meaning
Chantal   St Jeanne de Chantal
Fytie, Fytje    
Gwendy   Celtic 'Gwen'
Sanne, Sanneke, Santje    
Sien Sientje  
Sytie, Sytje    


Frisian names are similar to those of the rest of the Netherlands but some different forms occur. Many of these are taken from a poem printed in the 'Ostfriesche Nachrichten'.


Aalef Berend Bohle
Boje Bonne Borchert
Borjes Bouke Broder
Brune Brunte Casjen
Cozard Danje Decke
Detlef, Tjalf Dicke Dirk, Tjark
Dodo Dorjes Ecke
Ede Edzard (Eckehard) Ee
Eggo Ehren Eicke
Eicko Eielt Eiffe
Eilert Emme Engelke
Enne Enno Esdert
Eteus Eute Eve
Evert Fehde Fiehe
Fiepto Focke Foke
Folkert Freert Frerich
Garbrand Garrelt Gerrit, Garrit, Geerd, Geertt
Joris, Joren, Jurg (George) Geffe Geike
Gerjet Girk Haat
Habbe Habbo Hano
Harber Harm Hauwe
Hedlef Heine Hemmo
Hene Henffen Henko
Hennsmann Hibbe Hibbo
Hilfert Himel Hinrich
Hootje Ifebrand Ihmel
Jabbe Jabbo Janto
Jarto Jelde Jellrich
Jellste Jibbe Jibbo
Jilde Julf Jurke
Kai Klaes Koert
Koob Krino Lammert
Leert Liebte Loert
Louth Lubbert Luhre
Luppe Lutet Lutjen
Mamme Mehme Meiel
Meimert Meine Melchert
Melmer Meme Menke
Menne Mennte Meus
Mimke Nanno Ocke
Odo Oltmann Onke
Onne Onno Onntje
Ottig Otto Poppe
Poppens Pupt Reipert
Remert Remier Remmer
Renko Rickert Roolf
Sede Seven Siebrand
Siefke Sikke pet from of Sig- names Sjamme
Soke Staas (Anastasius) Steffen
Stielf Suntje Sweert
Swirt Swittert Tamme
Tardu Tato Tebbe
Tettrino Thaleus Thee
Thilko Tiele Tinnelt
Antonius Tone, Tönjes Ubben Ucke
Uelert Uidt Ulert
Ulfert Ulpt Uno
Untel Uptet Watje
Weert Weffel Weinert
Weintje Wene Wenert
Wiebrand Wiebt Wilcke
Wilko Wirtje Wobias
Woltje Zebe Zobe


Aafte Aalfte Aaltje
Abte Almt Almuth
Amke Annke Antje
Barber Bartje Baufte
Bauke Becke Bena
Berenda Bete Betje
Bilda Boke Boukje
Brechtje Dever Diene
Dirtje Eimde Ejte
Elmerich Elske Engle
Feentje Feike Sofie, Fieke
Focktje Gebke Geelte
Geerta, Gesa, Geertke, Geertje, Gertje Geske Margriet, Gretje, Grietje
Silke Harmke Haute
Hemke Hiemke Hientje
Hilka Hilke Hille
Hinte Imte Infe
Jantje Jeike Jellfte
Jenningtje Jilfte Kea
Knellste Lamke Lientje
Lieste Lootje Lubje
Lubke Lumka Lumke
Maria, Maike, Maiken Manna Meemte
Meifte Meite Mientje
Mina Moder Moderte
Ockje Olligtie Peta
Petje Rante Reenste
Reeste Reimerich Rerte
Reta Rieke Rinne
Rinnett Roste Samke
Sarke Sieber Sieverte
Sina Sjante Soberich
Stientje Stina Sunna
Swantje Tatje Tede
Thalke Thea Theeste
Tiede Tina Tjabbend
Tjalde Tonna Truda
True Wea Weertje
Wemke Wendel Wibke
Wiemda Wilmke Wocbke
Wubcke Wumke Zwaante dim of names with 'swan'

Surnames from the Netherlands

Patronymics were common until English rule began in 1687 and despite new guidelines on surnames being introduced, were largely retained until the Napoleonic period when everyone had to register a family name. As a result, many Dutch surnames are based on patronymics which had the endings '-se', '-sen', or '-szen' for a son (often abbreviated to '-z') and '-x' or '-dr' for a daughter. The prefixes '-van' and '-van der' indicate that the surname is adapted from a placename.

Aarland Aartse Abrahamse
Acker Adriaens Adrianszen
Advocat Aertsen Ageet
Ager Albertse Albertszen
Alger Aliee Aljie
Alyea Amerman Amient
Andries Anseyving Antoniszen
Arbaugh Arendse Arendsz
Arents Assuerus Aten
Auke Ayer Ayers
Baal Baans Bacher
Bachuijs Badie Bahn
Bakel Balk Banckert
Bant Banta Barberie
Bare Barentse Barentstochter
Barentsze Barneveld Bartels
Barth Bartholds Bartholf
Bateu Beakes Beal
Beam Beeres Begemann
Behney Bekker Belgraver
Bellier Benda Benson
Berchoven Berdan Berden
Berens Bergkamp Bertholf
Bertotten Bervoets Bester
Beukema Beyleveld Bezuyen
Bills Blaikie Blanck
Blank Blasser Blauvelt
Bleekemolen Bleom Bleyck
Blijlevens Blind Blinkerhof
Bloem Blom Bloodgood
Blumberger Bocquet Boeke
Boertgens Bogaardt Bogaert
Bogarde Bogardus Bogart
Bogert Boje Bomberger
Bonen Bongaert Bonger
Bongert Bonn Bonnel
Boogaard Boogert Boome
Boomer Borden Borgond
Born Bos Bosch
Botes Botha Boucquet
Boud Bougart Bouscholte
Bouwer Bovie Boymans
Braconie Bradt Brattbakk
Bredder Bredenbent Brentjens
Breughel Breukink Brevort
Breyandt Breytenbach Brink
Brinkerhoff Brits Bronckhorst
Brout Brouwer Brower
Brubaker Brugmans Bruijn
Brune Brunner Bruyn
Buikema Buma Burdg
Burger Burgis Burkholder
Burpo Burtis Buys
Cadmus Calitz Camac
Canniff Carolus Casjouw
Caspers Cassou Celer
Christoffel Christus Claar
Claesen Claessen Clap
Clapgut Classut Clauss
Clein Cleine Clemens
Clement Clenen Cleyn
Cocu Coejeman Coers
Coerten Coetsee Cogh
Coolhaas Cootzee Corleis
Corlies Cornel Cornelis
Cornelisda Cornelissen Cornell
Corniel Coteel Coustodis
Cresson Cronenburgh Cronk
Crouse Crouter Cruse
Cruyff Cuvilje Cuyper
Cyper Dò bbeldam Dahm
Dalling Darlang Dater
Davids De Baen De Bane
De Baun De Boer De Boog
De Boogh De Bruijn De Camp
De Cow De Forest De Goeij
De Goey De Graff De Grauw
De Graves De Graw De Groot
De Haan De Haes De Heere
De Herville De Houtman De Jager
De Jongh De Klerk De Kook
De Maree De Marest De Nijs
De Pre de Randt De Remis
De Ruine De Sille De Veaux
De Vlaming De Voe De Vol
De Voor De Vouw De Vreese
De Vriend De Waart De Witt
De Zeeuw De Zoete Deburghraeve
Decker Declark Dedekind
Dedkind Dedrick Dejong
Dekker Dekkers Delamater
Delamontagne Delavigne Delorme
Den Bakker Dennies Dennysen
Derksen Derr Dey
Deyoe Didricks Dierman
Dircks Dirksdr Doars
Dobbelaere Dominicus Doorn
Doremus Dorer Dost
Doull Douwesen Drabbe
Drats Drebbel Dret
Drotske Druppers Dubbeldam
Dubou Dudok Duisenderb
Dumarteene Durfee Durje
Dutoit Duyking Duzant
Dyckman Ebersole Eby
Eckhart Eckhaus Edema
Egbertse Egborts Ekker
Elting Eltingh Emans
Embich Emden Enck
Engel Engelsman Ennes
Ennis Ensminger Epke
Epkese Erasmus Erb
Eschelm Esterhuysen Etsels
Evers Everse Everts
Evertszen Ewout Exel
Faas Fassnacht Feake
Ferseur Fersyeur Fessler
Fesyeur Fies Fleck
Flierboom Floris Fluitsma
Fobes Fonda Fones
Foos Foshuer Francen
Frans Franse Fransse
Franssen Fransz Fredericks
Frederiks Fredrick Fredricks
Fredrickse Fredrickszen Frena
Froelich Frohlich Fruytiers
Fugard Galle Garber
Garrabrant Gassert Geerlingh
Geertz Geingob Gerber
Gerberich Gericke Gerlach
Geroe Gerrebrantse Gerrits
Gerritsdr Gerritse Gerritzen
Gerryts Gesner Gessel
Geurts Gheeraerts Gies
Gieysztor Gillam Gisze
Goetschius Goosen Goosens
Gootblod Goubau Graaf
Groen Groeneveldt Groethuysen
Groff Groll Groos
Groote Grupp Gurnee
Gurtrich Gysbrechts Haacke
Haag Haarhuis Hackenbroch
Haeckle Hafte Hageman
Hagerman Hahlo Haight
Haldron Hals Hanekom
Hanse Hansen Harden
Harding Haring Harman
Harmanse Harmense Harmse
Harnish Hartje Hartmanse
Hartshorne Hasbrouck Haward
Hecht Heekeren Heevink
Helmigse Hendrick Hendricks
Hendrickse Hendricksen Hendrickson
Hendrickszen Hendrix Hendrykxx
Henion Henning Hennion
Henrard Herbrüggen Hermans
Herque Herr Herring
Hershey Hersman Hertje
Herty Hesp Hess
Hessels Hesselse Heynkes
Hibon Hiddink Hoebacke
Hoefnagel Hoegersteyer Hoekstra
Hoff Hofman Hofmeyr
Hofstra Hol Holbein
Holdrum Holst Honig
Hoogduytscher Hoogeveen Hooglandt
Hoornik Hooten Hoover
Hoppe Hoppen Hopper
Horenbout Hornstra Horsch
Horst Horstink Hostetter
Housman Hout Hoy
Huber Hugesson Hulit
Hulse Hunsberger Hurgronje
Huster Huybertszen Huyghen
Huyler Iani Ignatius
Isselsteen Jacobse Jacobusse
Jans Jansdr Jansen
Janssens Jeuriaens Jewell
Jimmink Jonge Jongejans
Jongman Jongmans Jonk
Joosten Jopie Joralemon
Jorise Joriszen Junghuhn
Jurcks Jurckse Jurcksen
Jurckx Jurcx Juroksen
Jurrie Kalff Kalkman
Kamerling Kamps Kamstra
Kanschra Kapt Karaay
Karch Karremans Kauffman
Kayser Keemer Keizer
Kempers Kendig Kepper
Kerck Kern Ketel
Keurvorst Khoza Sa Kiers
Kiersen Kierstede Kieslaer
Kiess Kiestra Kindt
Kinne Kipp Klausman
Kleynhans Klock Kluivert
Klusener Knaus Knippschd
Koch Koekkoek Köella
Koemans Koenradt Koertzen
Koler Konight Koninck
Koning Konink Konnight
Koopman Koopmans Kornmann
Kortright Korving Koshney
Kosters Kough Krajicek
Kramer Kreider Kreitz
Krey Krige Krijnen
Kroes Krom Kruger
Kruyt Kuipers Kulmus
Küng Kuyper Lafeber
Lambrechts Lander Landis
Lansink Laros Lashier
Lawrenson Leedt Leenhoff
Leeuwangh Leffert Leiter-Nijpels
Lent Lepper Lewin
Leydecker Lieuwes Linckford
Lintweaver Loers Lootens
Loots Lorine Losier
Louw Louwerense Louwman
Lovica Lozier Lubbe
Lubberts Lubbertse Lubertson
Lucieer Lueders Lutjens
Lutkens Lutz Lutzenius
Luyt Luz Lydecker
Maart Maase Mabie
Mackelyck Maertens Maisinger
Malan Mandeviel Mangin
Mans Mantanye Manus
Marais Mares Maris
Maritz Markgraaf Marsellis
Marsellise Marsuryn Marteling
Martense Maston Mathis
Matthijse Matthyssen Maurhoffer
Mauritzen Mauve Maysinger
Meens Mees Meesen
Meet Meeuws Mehrtens
Meilink-Roelofsz Melchiot Memlinc
Mennes Merri Merselis
Merselius Mervis Messeker
Metsalaer Metsys Meulmans
Mey Meyer Meyers
Meynderts Meysinger Michielszen
Mickler Miedema Minnaar
Mjoberg Moerenhout Moleg
Molenaar Mollema Montanje
Mor Morisett Mouritse
Mouwerson Mowerson Mulder
Muller Muntz Muskens
Musser Myers Mylin
Mytens Naertens Nagel
Nagle Nainkin Naude
Naugle Nedry Neethling
Neth Neuwenschwander Nieuwenhuys
Niewendyk Nixon Noldt
Nolt Noordholt Noorlander
Nordhagen Nordien Norval
Noteboom Numan Nyssen
Oberholtzer Oosterhuis Oosteroom
Oostinge Ophuysen Oprel
Oremans Ostenstad Ostrum
Oudshoorn Ouijer Ouke
Overmars Paers Paesen
Parlevliet Paulen Paulse
Paulus Peers Peeters
Peiffer Peterse Peterson
Petilon Peu Pienaar
Pier Pierterse Pieters
Pieterse Pietersen Pieterszen
Pitje Plettenburg Ploegmakers
Poeze Pooe Poortman
Postma Postmael Potgeiter
Poulse Poulsen Poulus
Pouwelse Powelse Pretorius
Prins Provoost Prys
Pukstys Pulis Pulisfelt
Quackenbosch Quasten Ramaalas
Rapalje Rapareillet Rau
Redeker Reichard Reiff
Reijerss Reimer Reiss
Reitz Reiziger Reizinger
Remmelts Rendich Renimen
Resink Rettan Reyer
Reyers Reyner Rhoodie
Ricklefs Riddenaer Ridnaer
Rienks Rijkaard Rindel
Ristenbatt Ristenblatt Ritsma
Robberts Roding Roeloffs
Roelofs Roelofse Roggeveen
Rohland Rohrer Rom
Rombley Romeyn Romme
Romp Ronhaar Roorda
Roos Roosmalen Rorendaal
Rosendaal Rossouw Rottier
Rouestoff Ruegsegger Ruimschoot
Rulon Rumpff Rupp
Rutan Ruychou Rycke
Ryer Ryersen Ryke
Saal Saarloos Sabin
Sanderse Saraulla Sauvagie
Savich Saylor Schad
Schaedel Schaeffer Schaers
Schaffrot Schalken Scharer
Scheepers Scheffler Schefold
Scheltens Schenck Schenk
Schermerhorn Schillebeeckx Schluchter
Schmalhausen Schmitt Schoeman
Schoert Scholey Scholl
Scholten Scholters Schonen
Schoon Schoonmaker Schott
Schouten Schuiling Schulster
Schulte Schultz Schulze
Schut Schuyler Schyourt
Scrots Seedorf Sensenig
Seran Serontein Serven
Seubering Seyerling Seyouche
Sherk Shermer Shiebel
Shirk Shrantz Shreve
Shurte Shurtze Sickedr
Siemerink Sipkens Sips
Sjoerte Skindstad Sljivich
Sloothaak Slot Smedes
Smeets Smidt Smit
Smuts Sneden Snoek
Snyder Snyman Soete
Sohier Some Somer
Sonnefeld Sooy Soutendijk
Speer Speicher Spier
Spijkers Springsteen Staats
Stacye Stam Stapel
Stauffer Steck Steenbeck
Steffy Stegg Steinmets
Stenneke Sterling Stevens
Stevense Stille Stimets
Stoll Stompe Storback
Stot Stoutenburgh Straet
Stratemaker Straut Street
Strijdom Stroo Struycken
Stryckers Strydom Stucker
Stuwaert Stuyvesant Stypers
Suffern Suvaal Suzman
Swaim Swanepoel Swarr
Swart Swartwout Swin
Swits Switser Sybrandt
Sykes Symons Syourt
Taelman Talens Tantum
Tappan Tappen Taument
Teerlinc Teetaert Teeuw
Teeuwe Teichmann Ten Boom
Ten Brink Ten Velde Ter Bork
Ter Haar Ter Linden Terheun
Terhune Terpstra Tersteeg
Terwilleger Teunis Teuniszen
Thacher Theis Theunis
Theysson Thiel Thijs
Thomasse Thyssen Tibbets
Tibout Tice Tichelman
Tiele Tieleman Tiemessen
Tietsort Tilba Tilborch
Tilburg Timmer Toers
Toors Tops Torion
Touers Traphagen Treurnicht
Trichardt Trico Tromp
Tschanz Tullier Turck
Tuyl Uitgeverij Underdonk
Ungerer Valen Valentijn
Valleau Van Der Linde Van Aernhem
Van Alstyne Van As Van Aulen
Van Baal Van Balkom Van Biesbrouck
Van Blercom Van Blerkum Van Bon
Van Brevoort Van Buren Van Bussen
Van Cleve Van Coeneen Van Couvenhoven
Van Daalen Van Dalsen Van Dansich
van de Sanden Van Delinde Van Den Brul
Van Der Beek Van Der Berg Van Der Bilt
Van Der Bogaerde Van Der Broek Van Der Burgh
Van Der Capellen Van Der Elst Van Der Goot
Van Der Hagen Van Der Heyden Van Der Hoef
Van Der Hoek Van Der Hoof Van Der Kuyp
Van Der Leur Van Der Linde Van Der Meer
Van Der Poel Van Der Sanden Van Der Sar
Van Der Schueren Van Der Schurr Van Der Straaten
Van Der Vlucht Van Der Voort Van Der Walt
Van Der Wath Van Der Zant Van Deuen
Van Dien van Dishoeck Van Doorn
Van Driesten Van Duurse Van Duyne
Van Dyck Van Dyk Van Eck
Van Elsland Van Emburgh Van Ert
Van Eydestyn Van Friesland Van Gelder
Van Giesen Van Ginkel Van Goens
Van Gysse Van Heekeren Van Heemskerck
Van Heer Van Heerden Van Heutz
Van Hien Van Hooijdonk Van Hooren
Van Houten Van Imbroeck Van Imburgh
Van Kol Van Koperen Van Kortrijk
Van Labberton Van Laer Van Lare
Van Leur van Liew Van Linschoten
Van Lottum Van Male Van Mook
Van Mourik Van Ness Van Nest
Van Nieuwkirk Van Noorstrant Van Norden
Van Nostrand Van Nuys Van Oblenis
Van Orden Van Patten Van Pelt
Van Rees Van Reynne Van Rhyn
Van Rie Van Riebeck Van Riebeek
Van Rijn Van Riper Van Roden
Van Rooyen Van Rypen Van Ryper
Van Saun Van Schaick Van Schalkwyk
Van Schyven Van Seyl Van Sigelen
Van Slyk Van Slyke Van Soust
Van Staden Van Suydtbroek Van Swol
Van Syle Van Tassel Van Tiemh
Van Tienhoven Van Tijn Van Tilburgh
Van Tonder Van Valen Van Vlissigen
Van Vlissingen Van Voorhees Van Vorst
Van Waert Van Waerwijk Van Wagenen
Van Weert Van Winckel Van Wooglum
Van Wyck Van Wyk Van Ydersteyn
Vanderzee Vansteenburghe Van't Veer
Varick Vedder Vedeker
Veens Vehaarst Veldkamp
Veldman Venneker Vennemars
Venter Verbeek Verhoeven
Verhoog Verhulst Verken
Verkuhl Verlinden Vermeulen
Vermilye Verplanck Verplancken
Versfeld Verspagen Verstappen
Versteeg Verster Verstoerod
Verstraeten Vervey Verwey
Verwoerd Veseur Vever
Viebranz Vilas Viljoen
Vink Vis Visagie
Vlekke Vlieghuis Vliese
Vlok Voelker Voienne
Volck Volckert Volkertszen
Von Hengel Von Hoesslin Von Maarsen
Von Saher Von Tunzelmann Vonk
Voorhees Voorhis Vorderman
Vorster Vos Vreeland
Vries Vriesde Vrije
Vroeman Vroom Vrooman
Vuuren Waerdt Wagner
Wagter Wakelin Walingse
Walraven Wannemacher Wannemaker
Wanner Wapnick Wassen
Weber Weekveldt Weimer
Wenger Wenne Wenzler
Wertheim Wessel Wessels
Westerhof Westerhout Westerveldt
Westervelt Westhuizen Wibier
Widlak Wiekens Wiese
Wijnberg Wijnhard Wilgus
Wilken Willems Willemse
Willets Wilnis Wind
Winne Winnink Winter
Witschg Wittstock Witwer
Wizzelpenning Woeder Woelffs
Woertman Woglom Wolpe
Wolthers Woodmansee Wortendyke
Wortmann Wouda Wouterse
Wouterson Wustgen Wyckoff
Yeager Yeoumans Yonkman
Yost Zabriskie Zeelenberg
Zenden Zetterlund Zie
Zijlstra Zimmerman Zink
Zuyderwyk Zweistra  

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