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Orcs are the ravagers, bandits and slavers of Feyworld and are viewed as an enemy to all but the most depraved non-orc. They are also brave beyond belief and able warriors. Most people do not realize, however, that orcs are highly intelligent, even cultured beings who believe that they are fighting for their very survival as a race.

Personality: Orcs tend to be blunt, honest and more than a bit aggressive. They are also highly honorable and consider personal honor to be the definition of their being. Orcs believe in a structured, hierarchical cycle where the strong and cunning are most fit to rule. They seem to live for combat, but know when to avoid an impossible situation.

Physical Description: Orcs stand about 6’ tall on average and weigh around 200 to 250 pounds. They are of a very muscular stature and often wear ritual scars with pride. Their hair is almost unerringly black and oily, though it is often braided in complex designs and held in place with colored rope and war trophies. Their skin ranges from deep olive to pitch black, with black skin being the most honored. Their noses are upturned, with wide nostrils, and their foreheads are thick. Clothes tend to be dark, with black most common and wearing armor, even in relatively peaceful times, is commonplace.

Relations: It could be argued that orcs get along with no one. Elves are viewed as dishonorable and weak-boned. Humans are weak-bodied and disorganized. Hobbits are fat and lazy. Dwarves, surprisingly enough, are viewed with respect and are seen as their most dangerous enemies because of their strength and honor. Orcish opinion of other races are usually given in Epicurean terms: elves are gamey, humans take to spice well, hobbits are a tender delicacy and dwarves are tough and slow to cook.

Orcish lands: Orcs do not often organize in groups larger than a clan, though periodically a great leader will arise that can unite the clans and lay waste to the surrounding countryside. Orcs are practically born in the saddle and many orcish “nations” are merely roaming grounds for nomadic clans. There are orcish cities, however, often dark, dank stone cities filled with smoke and grime. Some orcish clans even take to the seas, and they are the most fearsome pirates that ride the waves.

Religion: Orcish religion is a mystery to most scholars. In truth, it is dominated by Darcingetorix, an ancient dragon who has taught the orcs that, one day, the Great War will sweep across the world and only the strongest race will survive to dominate. The orcish propensity towards warfare is merely practice for them, in the hopes that this War will take place in their lifetime and they will stand ready. Orcs are assured by their dragon-deity that when they have defeated all other races, there will no longer be a need for weapons and they can live in peace and harmony in the world. Most scholars would be shocked into silence to learn that the closest thing to an orc’s heart is an impassioned yearning for peace.

Language: The orcish language is harsh and gutteral but is short and to the point. They do not have words that they have no need for (for example, the word for foreigner, non-orc, dishonored orc and slave is the same). They only rarely learn another language, and then only if it provides them with a tactical advantage.

Names: Orcish names are given at birth, though they may change at any point in an orc’s life. Honorifics are common. The orc’s clan name is most significant, but they can be their actual family name or the name of a clan that has adopted him.

Male Names: Bor’kal’, Cho’dan, Kal’gor, Kegrin, Kurg’al, Grum.
Female Names: Dim’ra, Ker’ga, Kol’ga, Mak’la, Pern’la,
Surnames: Blackskull, Bloodgore, Deepreaver, Goretooth, Treebiter

Adventurers: Because orcs do not get along with other races well, orcs rarely adventure in mixed parties. Those few who do tend to be those who have been somehow dishonored and have fled orcish lands to avoid harsh punishment. Orcs love a challenge of any sort, particularly from beyond the grave, and orcs tend to make the most enthusiastic dungeon-delvers.

Orcish Racial Template

Original article: Orcish Racial Template
35 points

Attributes: HT+2 [20], ST+1 [10]

Secondary Attributes: None

Advantages: Hard to Kill 1 [2], Hard to Subdue 2 [4], High Pain Threshold [10], Infravision [10], Reduced Consumption 2 with Cast-Iron Stomach [2]

Disadvantages: Appearance (Ugly) [-8], Social Stigma (Monster) [-15]

Features: None

Orcish Cultural Templates


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