The Long Night

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The Long Night, also known as the Second Interannum, began with the defeat of Math Mathonwy by Cuchulainn about three thousand years ago. It lasted just shy of a thousand years, ending with either the foundation of Zeth or Neptaris (depending on which historian you ask). Chaos, disease and isolation reigned across much of humanity at this time, as the Tuatha took steps to ensure that the wars of the Second Age of Man would never happen again with the Curse of Ten Tongues (there are legends that the Tuatha laid other curses upon humanity as well, though the nature of these curses is generally unknown). Throughout the Long Night, the Tuatha went through several changes of leadership and internal conflict, but generally interfered much less directly in the affairs of Man. It would not be until the return of the Elder Gods somewhere near the foundation of Neptaris or Zeth that the Long Night would come to its conclusion and the Tuatha fully recede from the world.


Original article: The Long Night Timeline
1620 B.I. 5006 A.C. 869 B.F. The Dagda becomes ruler of the Tuatha de Dannan as Ogma steps down
1527 5099 776 B.F. The Goblet of Gundagor is stolen, presumably by a human. Peace between humans and dwarves is shattered.
1520 5106 769 B.F. Nuada becomes ruler of the Tuatha de Dannan after the Dagda disappears
1008 5618 257 B.F. Bres, a half giant, elected ruler of the Tuatha de Dannan after Nuada loses his arm in combat and is judged unfit to rule
989 5637 238 B.F. Bres is overthrown by Nuada, who has been restored by Macht.
750 5876 1 N.C.